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    • Awesome updates XD  - Any news on summoning being released?  
    • Devalues my ffa pkp reward only vesta's spear.   Good update though. Now I don't need to be scared of attacking people with Zaryte in the Wilderness.
    • Awesome update, you're the man!
    • Solid updates, keep up the great work!!
    • Greetings Pre-Scapers,   This week has been quite hectic. I was so caught up working on re-writing the databases for our website after the small set back we had in the beginning of the week. It had me realize that Pre-Scape truly is growing at an exponential level, and that we do finally have eyes on us, and some people just do not want to see us grow.   (This weeks Peak: 81 Unique IP Addresses On At Once, 92 Players)   As the owner, it's my job to keep pushing forward through thick & thin, so a good majority of my time this week was focused on making sure that Pre-Scape could be prepared for anything.   With that being said, I was still able to push out a good portion of QoL updates.  ( I'm also already in the works for next weeks update log, where I'll have more time to make sure there is unique quality content prepared for all of you)   I appreciate all the support everyone was giving the server this week, truly thankful for each and every one of you.      Here are the changes made since the last update log.    As per player request, I have gone ahead and moved Glod to a more open area with better pathing. Lancelot & Fawk, were kind enough to help us get new trivia questions alongside fixing all the grammar mistakes that were in the old ones. In total there are now 200+ Trivia Questions   Dragonbone Bolts have been added to the 1/50 Blood Reaver Drop (QTY: 100) Dragonkite Shield Buffed to:  Trident of the Seas has been buffed by 25% Accuracy & Damage Trident of the Swamp has been buffed by 25% Accuracy & Damage Trident of the Swamp now has +20 Magic Damage added to the stats. Players will not be able to empty their blowpipe now on accident.  Players can now De-Iron their account by speaking to the Account Manager at home. It will change your game mode to Knight. The only game mode that does not work with this, is the Pker Game Mode. Vesta's Spears have been added to Revenants Drops Zaryte Bow will now only smite the player for 50% instead of 100%. Zaryte Bow will now take 100% Spec Usage from 50%. As per player request, you will now be given a warning when redeeming donator scrolls. This will prevent players from accidentally redeeming. Removed the teleport tablet check for Wilderness, per players request that the suggestion that was implemented awhile ago, was not appealing at all. Updated Corporal Beast, and allowed some weapons such as Zamorakian Spear to hit harder against the Boss. Creating Overloads will now require 4 doses, and you will be given a full four dose overload. Players were getting upset that it took (3) doses, so I have changed it to 4.
      Regular Donator Benefit Added:  When creating overloads you will now receive 1x Extra Overload Potion Corporal Beast Hitpoints is now 15,000 from 20,000. Added ::Droprate command that allows players to read a short general information regarding all the benefits and bonus %'s in Pre-Scape. If for some reason I missed something, let me know I'll add it in. But for the most part this gives a good idea of everything for all new players. Reduced the attack speed of Steel Dragons, due to players complaining they were attacking too fast in comparison to regular hits. Korasi Spec has been buffed by 15%. Trickster has been given a 15% Damage Hit Increase to its Critical Strikes bonuses (Inside & Outside the Wilderness) If you have a 15% Drop Rate Box active when typing ::Droprate it will let you know you have it active Blood Hound Pet now gives 15% Drop rate from 5%. (Obtainable from Scratchers) Regular Donators will now have 5% Drop Rate Bonus instead of only Instances  Ultimate Donators will now have 25% Drop Rate and Premium Donators will have 35%     Adjusted Golden Scratchers to make them more appealing. As is, they are already one of the best things you can get from the Store, but I want to keep listening to everyone's suggestions to keeping them worth it.
        Common +Ahrim's set
      +Guthan's set
      +Karil's set
      +Torag's set
      +Verac's set
      +Seers' ring (i)
      +Archers' ring (i)
      +Berserker ring (i)
      +Warrior ring (i) + 5x Legendary Mystery Box
        -Dragon boots -Regular Mystery Boxes   Uncommon +50m coins
      -Seers' ring (i)
      -Archers' ring (i)
      -Berserker ring (i)
      -Warrior ring (i)   Rare +150m coins +Basket of Eggs +Blue h'ween mask
      +Red h'ween mask
      +Green h'ween mask   Legendary     +Aqua partyhat +Pink partyhat +Lava partyhat +Aqua santa hat +Pink santa hat +Lava santa hat +White santa hat +Lime santa hat  +Purple santa hat +Yellow santa hat +Aqua h'ween mask +Pink h'ween mask +Lava h'ween mask +White h'ween mask +Lime h'ween mask +Purple h'ween mask +Yellow h'ween mask   Connection handlers will now be executed multi threaded, so when connections are throttled the server does not pick up any disconnection issues. When multiple players login at once there would be a brief interruption, this has now been fixed. When the database previously picked up information from the server, there would be a 2-3 second delay, now it will be nearly instant. Overall, the way our server works with our data base systems will now work at more appealing speeds, so as we continue to grow throughout the next few months, we should not experience any major problems.   As any server, when you continue to grow, you tend to start having DDoS attacks, by god knows who it could be, so I wanted to make sure that I prioritized the safety and protection of the server, so we do not experience any downtime issues. Such as what we experienced this past week.   I will be working with multiple players and staff to hit this next update log with some nice content, keep tossing me the QoL suggestions, and I'll continue to keep getting them your way too.    We've been online for 2 official months now, and I must say again, the consistency I've kept up with these logs would not be possible without the support of everyone in the community. Because of you all, I always remember where we came from. The struggle, the setbacks, the grind, the sleepless nights, and all the hours put into the game.    Pre-Scape and everyone here is my family, a family I am ready to grow with. ❤️    Thank you for your love & support.   Best Regards,   Kade
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