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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, These past few months, I must admit development has not met satisfactory levels. Despite the issues that occurred with our past developers, it is and always will be my responsibility as the owner of Pre-Scape to stand up when needed. I started this server out in hopes to create something fresh and appealing, a new environment that is long lasting, and most importantly, enjoyable - a server that will not only push our community to stay, but attract new audiences to come try us out too. I want to acknowledge that I am still committed to this and do not intend on abandoning Pre-Scape. We have had nothing but a roller coaster of events starting since day one, but here I am, still strong and motivated, in hopes that after all these lows, we will surely achieve our high. Taking everyone's suggestions into consideration, I have been working together on a very well written and thorough game plan, and have laid out what needs to be done to help Pre-Scape prosper. Not only have we already began implementing that plan, but we may just be a few steps ahead too There is no doubt that our player base is one of the most loyal ones out there, but realistically who would want to play on a server that hasn't been worked on efficiently in months? Despite this, however, we still average a good amount of players online everyday. Not the numbers we want to stay at, but still a plus side to all of this to acknowledge. Furthermore, Pre-Scape has been in Active Development for the last week, and usually I take time to publicly announce these types of things ahead of time, but I did not want to get everyone's hopes up and the off chance things didn't go as planned, break them. We now have an active working developer alongside myself who will be working part time on Pre-Scape, whom you can discuss with or chat via our Discord for any questions or concerns. One of the things I want to acknowledge and also respect is that he isn't really here to socialize or communicate with all of you, he's simply here to get the job done and keep all of you satisfied. You suggest content, and report issues, I tell him which ones to prioritize, and we go from there, etc. Which I believe is the best route to take too, as our previous developers have had some bad experiences with doing such. He has been working rigorously in getting Pre-Scape the quality updates and changes it has desperately been striving for, and for that I want to say Thank You, Arithium. I want to thank the Staff Team of Pre-Scape. ALTHOUGH you may not see all the individuals online everyday, they are still constantly volunteering their time to help improve the quality of its game play behind the scenes, and making a lot of the progress happen as well. And, most importantly, I'd also like to extend my gratitude to all of you who have helped me compile such a hefty amount of things that needed to be worked on. Without your constant push to see a positive impact made on this server, nothing would have been accomplished. With all that being said, here are the first set of updates for this week since active development has started. I have no doubt that so many of you will continue to support the server. And although things have been extremely difficult for me financially, I have stayed true to my word, and have kept this server up and stuck through thick & thin. Here are the changes made since the last update log; Server Update Log 11/7/18 If you have an overload active in a pest control game, once the game is over, the overload effects are fully removed no matter how long of the 5 minute timer of the effects remain. (This is now fixed) Found a major issue in Duel Arena - http://prntscr.com/j1dgjv Sometimes you can’t see if the opponent has red crossed the armor out which means sometimes they can scam. (Fixed) Mage bank spider webs and lever, if you double click the lever without chopping down the spider webs it will ignore them and teleport you into mage bank regardless [sometimes you will have to cut down the first spider web] (Fixed) Using Bolts with Throwing Ranged Weapons such as Knifes or Darts will no longer add damage to the Weapon. When you’re following a player and try to execute an action, you’re drawn back to the player you were following after you take 1-3 steps away from them. I was following my alt while trying to thieve a stall in the example below. https://gyazo.com/28dd26663883a127c7145de695dd1a17 (This is now fixed) Patched a reported path finding bug related towards Zulrah Players will no longer get stuck when applying death during combat in the Wilderness There was a bug where if a player dies, they could not log out, this has now been fixed. Stopped another texture rendering crash from happening (needs a proper patch though). Updated shopping so you can see how much items cost again as well as making all items default to 1gp. Equipping and removing items will now reset combat. Clicking an object while following will now reset following instead of running back to the person. Updated the combat following system to hopefully make it work far more productive than it was before. Fixed an issue where you could range from 9 tiles away but enemies cannot hit from further than 8. Fixed following and parts of pathfinding that were overall extremely broken, which made combat simply unbearable. Wilderness Rope Swing is now properly functional. In the future we will probably re-write agility so none of these problems start out to begin with. Npcs will properly be frozen now if attacked with frozen effects Npcs are properly following their opponents now, their path finding has also been fixed. Removed Wilderness Slayer Task Attacking Block. (You can actually attack npcs in the wilderness regardless of being on a task) Fixed constantly following npcs in puro puro. Removed any code that effects attack timers. Small adjustments added to improve walking around the Wilderness Agility You can no longer click abuse. alching/enchanting or fletching while doing pvm or any other skill Fixed osrs maps not being loaded correctly. Fixed the issue regarding spam clicking smelting bars. Npcs will now properly follow their target in order to get within attack distance range. Replaced some objects in mining with iron ore Fixed mining so it will now find a pick you can actually use instead of stopping on the highest one. Removed the interface check for dropping items. When selling noted items to shops, if the unnoted value is higher, the noted items will sell for the higher value Fixed the annoying banker moving all over at woodcutting. Players can now activate the customizable comp cape interface while equipped. Completionist Cape will no longer crash your client at certain angles when being zoomed in. Problems with the customizable interface have now been fixed so it actually works properly. Cooking at the Range in Catherby and clicking the bank has been fixed. A problem where when leveling a skill a lot of actions seemed to be frozen; Item dropping, fire making, ores on furnace, etc (This is now fixed) Fishing will now be a bit faster as players reported it was slow. Allowed the ability for admins to disable 2 step authentication to assist players Fixed the correct ordering of the Quest Tab " I have + " option Max cape & Completionist Cape will now have the ava's accumulator effect You can now sell Opals to the general store Removed unnecessary dialogues such as, Donator Island NPC, Crafting Npc, Agility. Shards of Armadyl are now tradeable Removed the restriction on selling certain items to general stores such as Hilts and Dragon Full Helms Fixed hit queue to process the hits sooner instead of waiting so long. Pretty much players will now attack Npcs a lot faster than before. Before: After: The Wilderness Ditch will now walk and jump your character across. Fixed a null pointer in regular following of npcs. Increased cerberus attack distance to 12 and removed projectile clipping in the room. Dharok Effect has been added to match OSRS. Fixed safe spotting on some npcs when attacking from too far away on the east side of them. Zulrah Safe Spot Fixed Cerberus Safe Spot Fixed Lizard Shaman Safe Spot Fixed Inferno Safe Spot Fixed Corporal Beast Safe Spot Fixed When you range or mage outside the range of an NPC or Player, your character is SUPPOSED to run within the distance. until it can attack again and launches the attack. BUT currently if you are OUTSIDE the range, your character runs directly to the NPC and Player until it is directly RIGHT by it. (This has now been fixed) Your player will reset now if you try to attack someone while you are outside the Wilderness. Increased the render distance by 1, seemed to cut out to soon. Combat is now reset after casting a spell without autocast. Reduced Curses Prayer Drain by 50%. (Actually fixed this time) Global Moderator Crown has been fixed. You can now click objects while you are in combat. Before players would get stuck. Quick Prayers are fully functional now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Content Dart Making has been added. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skotizo has been introduced to Pre-Scape. This boss is designed to be one of the first bosses on Pre-Scape which will need about 3-4 players, if not more, to actually kill it. As you all have for so long suggested a difficult and worth doing boss, we hope this will be the first of many to satisfy that requirement. The requirement to kill this boss is that AT LEAST 3 members within your current clan channel must be in the same area as Skotizo before you can even attack it. Skotizo can be found under the Boss Teleports Skotizo Drop Table : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A large suggestion that has been pushed for so long is the idea of introducing more tiers of equipment into Pre-Scape. For this update we have re-introduced some of our fan favorites that made our last project incredibly successful within the Pre-Eoc Scene. However, instead of adding permanent effects, we have decided to implement hit chances for the special effects to activate as described below. (The idea is to keep it balanced in some perspective, but also worth getting) Disclaimer: We are working on introducing a Boss for each of these in the future, we understand it can be frustrating for players to not be able to obtain certain gear without "donating", so do not be alarmed, we do promise to release bosses for these. As of right now players have a 1/300 Chance while Pking to obtain these pieces when killing someone. They are also located in the Donator Shop for Purchase. All three of these sets will have 0 value within the Wilderness / PvM. Vanguard has been added to Pre-Scape Special Effect: When INSIDE the Wilderness, Players will have a 20% chance to deal a Melee Attack that is 15% stronger than normal (Allows for Melee Max Hit to be Increased by 15%). When OUTSIDE the Wilderness, Players will have a 50% chance to deal a Melee Attack that is 15% stronger than normal (Allows for Melee Max Hit to be Increased by 15%). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battle-Mage has been added to Pre-Scape Special Effect: When INSIDE the Wilderness, Players will have a 20% chance to deal a Magic Attack that is 15% stronger than normal (Allows for Magic Max Hit to be Increased by 15%). When OUTSIDE the Wilderness, Players will have a 50% chance to deal a Magic Attack that is 15% stronger than normal (Allows for Magic Max Hit to be Increased by 15%) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trickster has been added to Pre-Scape Special Effect: When INSIDE the Wilderness, Players will have a 20% chance to deal a Ranged Attack that is 15% stronger than normal (Allows for Ranged Max Hit to be Increased by 15%). When OUTSIDE the Wilderness, Players will have a 50% chance to deal a Ranged Attack that is 15% stronger than normal (Allows for Ranged Max Hit to be Increased by 15%) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heroic & Demonic Death Capes have returned from our previous project. They were routinely suggested to be brought back, and due to lack of development we never got around to it. Our goal was to always focus on knocking out the bugs and important stability issues in improving our gameplay before we ever even decided to add content like this. However, with the push of this update, we do strongly believe this gives us more room to add custom and unique content back into the game as time goes forward. We understand that some players may be upset that this is being put directly into the donator shop, but do not worry, we are doing everything we can to balance out items from the our shop, and introducing opportunities to also achieve them in-game. Demonic Death Cape Heroic Death Cape These capes will be disabled from the Wilderness against Players. The two of them will be one of the top tier capes to be distributed into the Pre-Scape community. We are organizing another group boss that will drop these capes, but as of right now they are only obtainable through the Donator Points Shop. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blood Necklace has been introduced to Pre-Scape Our goal is to add unique drops for bosses that have been simply too dry and not worth the grind for, so expect changes in that direction to be made soon too. Blood Necklace Effect - This is designed to give back 5% health back based on the amount of damage you deal (PvP & PvM) You can obtain this as a drop from Kalphite Queen ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GreeGrees have been added to Pre-Scape Our goals for these will be to introduce Demonic Gorillas that will be located in the Wilderness, to give a slight incentive for players to also enter it. This future boss will allow players an oppurtunity to obtain them as a drop. As of right now they are located in the Donator Shop for purchase. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donator Benefit / Incentives Added When donators are thieving the last stall, they will now have access to retrieving extra amount of gold per inventory. Each Rank achieves a larger amount. Regular Players who will thieve this stall will retrieve somewhere around 100,000 out of 1/50 per click. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This update was designed to hit nearly all the spots of Pre-Scape that have been lacking since the very first day of release. We understand we are no where near perfection, but I can assure you we are here to strive for it. Running Pre-Scape has not only brought financial difficulties, but after going through so many disappointments, the only thing I remember is that I made a promise to my community to keep pushing. That has always been my mindset, and no one is to thank besides everyone here at Pre-Scape for giving me that reasoning to do so. Thank you for your love & support, and here at Pre-Scape we will once again continue to deliver weekly updates. Best Regards, Yours Truly, Kade
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, The amount of support you all have been sharing since the release of our last update has been phenomenal. I'd also like to inform you all that since we now have a dedicated part time developer who will be working on Pre-Scape with us, you can expect weekly updates to be pushed out from our end. (This will also include misc, and smaller updates pushed at certain times as well, depending on the situation.) Here are the changes that have been made since the last log: We have implemented a new system to improve the overall user experience and game play for all of our players. This will allow for a dramatic change to be spotted when playing on Pre-Scape. Packets have been improved to register at faster speeds; Examples of this will be opening and interacting with certain parts of the server - including the arrival of Instant Switches. Our game plan since the beginning has been to focus on the bugs that were piled up, and then make our way to different directions inside the server, one of which was combat. Our last update impacted combat tremendously, but there are still aspects that we want to perfect. And we will head towards one step at a time as our goal for the future is to allow our environment to be Pker friendly just as it is for Skillers and Pvmers. Below is a gif, of before and after this update was pushed: Before After: Logging in and out will be instant Sending chats through chats will be instant Opening Dialogues and Interfaces Instant The only delay now will be from the latency of the dedicated servers Region- Netherlands Players will no longer have issues picking up drops after killing Npcs for their first tick. Npcs should no longer be invisible we - believe this was just a small error from our last update Skotizo can no longer be attacked via Dwarf Multi Cannon A null check was added for Walking Packet Queue This update will require you to download the latest client. As always, a big thank you to our developer Arithium for his continuous hard work. Best Regards, Kade
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    As I am now taking time out of my schedule to dedicate time on this project, I wanted to start off first by asking what everyone is interested in seeing here at Pre-Scape. What are things that bother you, and what do you want to see added or changed. Kind Regards, Apache Ah64
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    1.Get rid of innactive staff members, what's the point of having staff that does nothing. 2. Fix combat most importantly, you can afk like half the bosses, like corp and nex which are supposed to be hardest ones since they give the best rewards. 3.Add more dungeoneering floors, and just more ways to skill, like tree farming, pickpocketing, agility rooftops etc, otherwise this is just like another ruse leech with a little bit of more content. 4. Make original content, not stuff like every third server has, make custom minigames, that has good reward potential which impacts the gameplay instead of having like cosmetics or w/e. 5. If you pay youtubers to make videos to attract players, tell them to actually show some content instead of just talking nonsense and opening boxes, people don't watch those videos, they just do them for the giveaways. 6.Make voting more rewarding so people feel like voting, instead of just getting lamps. 7. Add droplogs, collections, so after people comp they have some other goals. 8.Add double weekends xp/drops so people play more often, atleast on the weekends, so if they get some good progress on the weekend they have a reason to come back the next day. Less important: *Make it so u can see donator icon + gamemode on people instead of just donator.
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    hello old and new friends and no friends old know who i am =D so.. im old player from zamorak where rest of players come from if im right. (making fun) from finnish funny humor guy! who love every one xd. i think some days ago to hop back in after reset.. i agreed i cant get donator's back. .. i cant wait to see old mates online! @Slayer sad to see ur gone =( and many others =( so...
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    Below is a list of the most recent changes made to our staff team. Promotions Gamble has been promoted to Administrator. Tremor has been promoted to Forum Moderator. dzuma has been promoted to Server Support. Demotions/Resignations JaySlay has resigned as Server Moderator due to IRL issues. Best regards, Pre-Scape Management.
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    Hello gamers! Sadly I'm here to announce the end of my time here. I've been working for a few months but suddenly started with studying again. I'll be starting tomorow with 'toegepaste informatica (ned.) applied informatics (eng.)'. I had an amazing time here and will miss a lot of people. I'v achieved almost everything I wanted to complete. I also did 2 rlly stupid things that most people didn't like but some of u still supported me after those things happened. I'll rly miss u. will be back in few month or maybe never xxx I'll make this short so special thanks to: - @LT SURGE - @A - @Yor - @Operative - @Kade - @Hades - @Permedd - @Finch - @dzuma - @Poseidon - @Vhalid - @Blank - @Eat - @JaySlay - Many more-love u all Corebe2no out.
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, We have officially created our advertisement thread on Rune-Server. Rune-Server is used as a way to get our name across. Leave your feedback on our thread and show some support. https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/advertise/680421-pre-scape-rsps-your-adventure-starts-here.html Best Regards, Kade
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    After months of agony and pain. Sufferings, torture, and everlasting sorrow. Alas all that can finally be put in the past as the time to showcase your adventure here at Pre-Scape has finally returned. My dear shrimp fishers, and flax pickers, today is a very special moment in Pre-Scape history. As we have finally achieved functional hiscores once more. Together we shall rise to the top, the kingdom is ours, and the gold is just a grasp away. Players can now select which game modes to view in the hiscores The proper game modes will be connected to each player A bug that was related to inserting new accounts into the database of our hiscores was debugged and resolved Icons that were out of place have been fixed when viewing player profiles The Search Function has been added You are now able to view more than 2 pages of accounts Hiscores will be updated instantly without causing any issues to the main game server https://pre-scape.com/index/highscores Global Mod, Forum Mod, Forum Admin, are now all on the Hiscores and Players Online Page If you believe you should be on the hiscores and are not, please attempt to login, and try to search yourself again. Dear Community, I understand these past few months have not been the brightest for us, due to so many developers giving up so quickly, and not providing adequate amount of time this project needs to succeed, but thankfully we have now a full time developer who has spunk and is here to stay. I've lost money, and so much time, but I have not left your side, and nor will I. I have faith in you all to continue to support this project, and I know you have faith in me to take this to the top. With that being said, Dexter Morgan has arrived to Pre-Scape, please give him a warm welcome, and pour your heart out in the suggestions section, or contact me personally to get a bug or content idea pushed out. A game plan has been written out and discussed with the entire management team, and we are here to satisfy all of you. I understand how important having a hiscores is for a competitive game such as RSPS, when it comes to training your skills, maxing, etc, and the fact that it took us 8 months to have fully functional hiscores, is an embarrassment. Unfortunately that is the blunt truth, so I went ahead and even decided to make a little lore out of it, and look past it all. Look forward to upcoming updates, because oh boy they are coming. Thank you for your love & support. Best Regards, Kade
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    A custom donation is separate from a regular donation for donator scrolls or buying anything directly from the store. These donations allow you to donate for cosmetic items that you are unable to obtain in-game or through the store any other way. If you wish to donate for custom items you must contact Kade. The owner is the only person on the staff team that can handle these types of donations, but you are more than welcome to contact any member of the staff team if you wish to know more about the process/have any questions. There will be no sorts of deals for custom weapons or armour with damage bonuses, drop rate bonuses or anything that can directly jeopardise the gameplay for other members of the community by giving you a distinct advantage over them. Single item: $150 Custom set: $350 We offer bundle deals if you wish to purchase more than one custom: Single item + Single item: $250 (Save $50) Single item + Custom set: $450 (Save $100) Custom set + Custom set: $550 (Save $150) If you wish to discuss offers beyond what is listed above, please contact Kade. If you have something specific in mind that hasn't been listed below, contact Kade. Single items Thok's sword Defender icon lvl 5 Attacker icon lvl 5 Collector icon lvl 5 Healer icon lvl 5 Zanik's crate Ornate katana Santa hat (recolour) Halloween mask (recolour) Partyhat (recolour) Reindeer hat Silverlight Darklight Giant's hand Easter carrot Custom sets Lord Marshall Set Prisoner Set Chicken Set Moonclan Set (body currently bugged) Vyrewatch Set Primal Set Promethium Set Gorgonite Set Katagon Set Celestial Set Sagittarion Set Christmas Ghost Set If you are interested in donating for a custom item or set and do not wish for others to be able to do the same, then you can expect the price of that custom donation to be higher. Custom donations are used strictly to obtain cosmetic items. You are free to donate with RSGP/07GP as an alternative form of currency. No adjustments will be made once the custom donation has been purchased. Thank you, Gamble.
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    Communication Flaming, Harassment and Disrespect Flaming will not be tolerated within the help clan chat or over yell, any racist remarks or discrimination of any sort in any chat will be punishable also, continuous flaming or harassment could result in a punishment depending on the staff member(s) discretion. Disrespecting or harassing a staff member will not be tolerated, a staff member will be respective to the community and the same will be expected in return. Yell Chat & Help Clan Chat You are not allowed to flame, troll, flame-bait, discuss inappropriate topics or lure other players over yell. You aren't allowed to lure other players, use icons or troll in the help clan chat. Spamming Spamming will not be tolerated, acts of such feats will be acted upon accordingly by the staff members of Pre-Scape. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on Pre-Scape and respect others wishes as well, those who continue to do such feats will be removed from Pre-Scape if needed. Auto-typers are tolerated as long as there's at least 8 seconds delay. Advertising Advertising other servers in-game is strictly prohibited (Including Discord servers) Misleading Links Misleading links are not tolerated on the server or on forums. If you post a YouTube link, we expect it to lead to YouTube. Threats DDoS threats, hacking threats and real-life threats will not be tolerated. DDoSing & DoSing DDoSing/DoSing is not tolerated and is a federal offence in many countries. False Accusations Falsely accusing someone of breaking a rule(s) may it be scamming, flaming or any other rule is not tolerated. Disruptive Text Using any type of disruptive text e.g. colour or crowns will not be tolerated. Luring As stated in above; luring isn't tolerated over yell or help cc. We do not tolerate luring or attempting to lure staff members via private message either. Botting, Macroing & Bug Abuse Third Party Software We do not tolerate any use of outside software to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This includes botting clients, cheat clients, auto clickers etc. Use of Mouse Keys is tolerated. Auto-typers Pre-Scape does allow players to use auto-typers to aide in selling & buying items. All auto-typers must be set to a 8 - 10 second delay. Bug Abuse Abusing any bug that is detrimental to the integrity of Pre-Scape's economy, harms players or ruins the game in anyway is not tolerated. Please report all bugs. Duping Any player caught attempting to duplicate items will be punished severely. Threatening to dupe will also lead to action being taken. Please contact a staff member if you discover a dupe, you will be rewarded. Glitched Items Attempting to sell or buy any glitched item, whether from a minigame, achievement or elsewhere, is not tolerated. Accounts Selling & Buying Accounts Not under any circumstance is it tolerated to buy/sell or give away a Pre-Scape account. Hacking Hacking a players forum or in-game account will not be tolerated. Inappropriate Usernames We do not tolerate any inappropriate usernames, including racism. Starter Packs Abusing your starter pack you receive on creation of your account in any way will result in a permanent mass ban from the server. Real World Trading Trading Pre-Scape Currency You're not allowed to trade Pre-Scape currencies for anything other than Pre-Scape currencies, doing so would be considered real world trading, which is a permanent UID Ban. The only exceptions are if you are using an Administrator or Developer to donate RSGP. Impersonation Staff Impersonation Any player caught impersonating a member of the staff team will not be tolerated. Player Impersonation Any player caught impersonating another member will not be tolerated. Wilderness Ragging Ragging in/close to Edgeville is against the rules, if a player feels he is being harassed while trying to pk, it is up to the staff's discretion to handle the situation. PvP Farming Farming player kills in the Wilderness is not tolerated Refunds Scamming Refunds If you lose items due to a scam, you will only be refunded if you have solid evidence. Only video evidence is accepted as proof. Anything else will be leading the case to be dismissed and no action will be taken by staff. Glitch or Disconnection Refunds Glitch or disconnection refunds will only be granted if the member has a recording of him/her losing the items. Hacking Refunds Hacking refunds will not be granted as it's the players responsibility to make sure their account is secure. Lent Items Lending out items is at your own risk, we will not be refunding anyone who is scammed doing so. Misc Item Scamming Attempting to or scamming items will not be tolerated. Evading Bans/Mutes Evading a punishment will only result in an extension of the current punishment. Muling A low level account that has been barely trained that is caught with a large sum of value will be investigated and possible wiped. Abusing Voting Using any way to switch your IP to sell codes or receive multiple vote rewards is not tolerated. All items and XP gained from voting may be removed from your account, and a week-long ban will be applied to the account(s) involved. Multi Logging Multi-logging in any minigame, boss, or at the Star location is against the rules. If caught, ALL rewards/drops earned will be removed from your account(s). Repeat offenders will be banned. Having multiple accounts in the Wilderness for any PvM/PvP purpose is also forbidden. Discord All applicable rules including (but not limited to) flaming, advertisement and ban evasion are enforced on our official voice servers. Anyone caught breaking these rules will face a possible ban. Agreement By being on the server (this being implied that you've already read the rules), you understand that you are responsible for your own actions. You understand that the rules stated above will be enforced at all times and the administration has the ability to further the punishment despite what it states above, this is the administration's discretion. We have permission to do what we want with your account as they are a property of ours and you are merely 'playing' on it. You understand that when a rule is broken,your account will be dealt with accordingly and fairly as possible through the system that we have made for the staff team and how people are dealt with. These rules are subject to be changed at any time by the staff team. If something goes wrong under your IP or account you will still be held responsible. It does not matter if your mom, dad, little brother, vengeful girlfriend or dog did it. You understand that donations made to the administration of Pre-Scape are final, and the administration is under no obligation to refund such goods from our services. You understand that actions made by the administration for the donation system and processes are final, and no exceptions are made. You understand that there are little to no refund policies made unless done by an administrator member who can handle these situations themselves. You understand that if a donation is lost through a glitch - it will be refunded, however, if a member is hacked then you understand it is less likely to be refunded to not at all at the discretion of the administrator member (who can handle these type-of situations).
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    Happy halloween! To celebrate the occasion, we will be hosting a small event. What: To be guaranteed a prize, you will firstly have to choose between Option A and Option B. Option A: Receive a Halloween mask of your choice (Red, Blue, Green) after bringing me a specific item (variable) Option B: Do NOT recieve a Halloween mask (guaranteed), but take a roll at the below goodie bag after bringing me a specific item (variable) *50$ Donator Scrolls* How: Simply drop any staff member a PM in-game to make them aware of your option, they will then assign you a specific item to fetch. Once you have obtained your specified item, return it to myself to redeem your prize. If I am not online when you wish to redeem your prize, drop me a PM either here on the Forums, or on Discord @ Finch#0474 and I will attend to you ASAP. *Only one entry per person* When: The event will commence at 10:00PM GMT +0 / 11:00PM server time, and will run for 24 hours. Convert this to your timezone here. Apologies on behalf of the staff team and I for making this such short notice, as well as only being able to host a small event due to unforeseen circumstances.
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    How about implementing an achievement point shop or direct rewards from completing each one? Skilling tasks could reward skilling items like uncooked fish etc. Just a thought to give players incentive to complete the achievement list.
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    currently when you log out and come back later and some of your stuff is sold in pos you cant see what items it was, i personally really hate that i cant keep track on what items ive sold since i have a bunch of bones and cant really remember what items i even had in pos. Also i think it would be nice to have a POS on foruns so you can see what items are being sold in POS, like have a new section with it inside. think that would be very nice. obviously there are some updates that needs to be done before this one, however i think this would be very nice😊
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    Hi im tremor, im a new player thats never played many other RSPS, hope to start a new journey here.
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    Below is a list of the most recent changes made to our staff team. Promotions Dexter Morgan has been promoted to Developer. Hades has been reinstated as Forum Administrator. Yor has been promoted to Administrator. Rob has been promoted to Global Moderator. Grimjo has been promoted to Server Moderator. Demotions/Resignations N/A Best regards, Pre-Scape Management.
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    so yeah evrything is said in the vid
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    we definitely need ways to obtain ancestral, twisted bow, kodai wand, zaryte bow, elder maul etc and not in only golden scratches, we need bosses and minigames that you can do to obtain them.
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    I agree with almost all of the suggestions mentioned above. My top changes/fixes would be: 1) Fix the makeover mage ASAP. I've seen a lot of new players be immediately turned off when they see this feature isn't functional 2) Fix hiscores 3) Rework the combat system 4) Add a boss that drops drygores 5 and 6) ^ 100% agree with this Don't want to make it seem like I'm calling you out, but I wanted to address some of what you've said in your post above, corebe2no. The talisman staff is a purely cosmetic item and therefore does not need any stats; abs on the other hand needs stats. This was implemented so that the staff team could better monitor voting and prevent vpn voting/voting on random accounts (i.e. people mass voting on a random acc in a desolate location). I'll look into this and send Kade a fixed list of questions within 48 hours. Cheers, Hades
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    Glad to see the new Devs and yourself are keeping up and working hard for this great update!
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    Thanks for the info virgin xd
  22. 3 points
    Register on Rune-Server, and be sure to leave a thanks on the thread. It helps us a lot https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/advertise/680421-pre-scape-rsps-your-adventure-starts-here.html
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    you can easily go on the bug/suggestion section and write all the bugs/suggestions there no need to pm him or anything, no hate stop trying to show off. deleted the stuff that i wanted to be fixed etc cba helping anymore
  24. 3 points
    All I ask for is hiscores to be updated and working again. Once again, welcome to the server and look forward to everything you will bring. I've heard many people speak highly of you
  25. 3 points
    -PM notifications fixed -Make x amount of potions for Herblore. -the comp cape needs to be fixed so it doesn't make people lag/DC. -I would love to be able to change the color of my private chat. -Highscores fixed. -Safe spots fixed. -I think we would all love to see a combat update as some bosses are way to easy while others feel way to hard. -Several items have been listed that need to be buffed, Drygore longsword, polypore staff etc. Sorry if I have repeated anything that has been listed previously these are just some QOL updates off the top of my head. Much love. ❤️ and thank you