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    This event is Hide and Seek with a twist: a gamble! RULES 1.The host hides and announces that the first person to find them will win a prize. This could be a skilling supplies loot bag or something extra special such as high tier armour. The prize all depends on what the host wishes to use. 2. Once found the host can offer the winner an opportunity to boost their winnings by picking a number OR the winner can take the original loot without gambling it (but where's the fun in that?) 3. The host rolls the dice (dice bag) or uses the Random Number Generator (in the quest tab) and if the winner guessed a number that is within (x) of the number rolled on the dice they win double the original loot OR something extra such as a mystery box (at the discretion of the host). The parameters will be set by the host. 4. If the number they selected is not within the bracket - the finder will win nothing. 5. Repeat and have fun! There is no set time or date for this event. It can be used by any player who wishes to host a fun event at any time. I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM!