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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, As of today our entire website has now been completely re-designed. All features within our website have now been modified to match our current theme, this includes our community forums as well. I made a promise that once we would finally be out of the constant bug fixes stage, we would push out content updates, and work on areas within Pre-Scape that need our attention. We know a websites design has a big impact on first impressions, and we did not want to go any longer without a high quality detailed website. This design is custom made and is one of its kind, and we are so glad to have it be used here at Pre-Scape, if you find any issues or errors that need our attention leave a reply below, or message a staff member or myself as soon as possible. Thank you for your love & support. Best Regards, Kade
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    Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via opening the Crystal Key Chest Common (1/1): 1M Coins 20x Frost dragon bones 40x Dragon bones 100x Raw rocktails 3x Crystal keys 15x Super combat potions 20x Saradomin brew flasks 20x Super restore flasks 20x Super potion sets 1x Mystery box 200x Magic logs 40x Runite ore 1000x Coal 1x Monkey nuts Uncommon (1/30): 5M Coins 40x Frost dragon bones 500x Raw rocktails 3x Dragon boots 1x Treasure island key set 1x Abyssal whip 1x Dark bow 1x Uncut onyx 50x Super restore flasks 3x Mystery boxes Rare (1/150): 1x Legendary mystery box 10x Crystal keys 1x Ring of wealth 1x Archers ring 1x Warrior ring 1x Berserker ring 1x Seers ring 1x Dragon hatchet 1x Dragon pickaxe Super rare (1/750): 1x 3rd Age bow 1x 3rd Age wand 1x 3rd Age longsword 1x Omni-talisman staff Ultra rare (1/2000): 1x Christmas cracker 1x Monkey nuts ( ) When opening the chest, an uncut dragonstone will always be received alongside a drop from the above table.
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Recently Slayer has decided to resign from his position as our community manager, as he is unable to put adequate amount of time in-game. His reasoning on leaving was due to IRL / personal matters. We all wish him the absolute best. These past few days the entire team of Pre-Scape has been deciding on what the right route to take would be moving on. Obviously our community is very young and still growing, but it is still very important to have a manager who is able to make time for the community. As of today, Finch has been promoted to Manager of Pre-Scape. He has been with myself for about 2-3 years now, and I'm certain he will do a fantastic job interacting with all of the community. Best Regards, Kade
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, We have have just recently added another boss into Pre-Scape. Lizardman Shaman has been released. You can travel to its area by teleporting via the Boss Teleport page in your spell book. Its drop rate table can be found via ::Drops Just a quick update thread to notify everyone Expect a more detailed update log in the next few days. Best Regards, Kade
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    Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via winning the FFA minigame Common (1/1): 100x Super restore potions 75x Super combat potions 100x Saradomin brews 250x Cooked rocktails 250x Cooked karambwans 1x Abyssal whip 1x Amulet of Fury 1x Fire cape 1x Dragon Defender 2x Mystery box 3x Crystal key 1x Dragon boots Uncommon (1/30): 1x Dharok's set 1x Ahrim's set 1x Torag's set 1x Karil's set 1x Verac's set 1x Guthan's set 1x Flameburst defender 1x Vesta's longsword 1x Vesta's chainbody 1x Vesta's chainskirt 1x Vesta's spear 1x Statius' platebody 1x Statius' platelegs 1x Statius' full helm 1x Statius' warhammer 1x Zuriel's staff 1x Zuriel's hood 1x Zuriel's robe top 1x Zuriel's robe bottom 1x TokHaar-Kal 1x Berserker ring 1x Warrior ring 1x Archers ring 1x Seers ring Rare (1/150): 1x Infernal cape 1x Legendary mystery box 1x Ragefire boots 1x Steadfast boots 1x Glaiven boots 1x Dragonfire shield 1x Abyssal vine whip 1x Berserker ring (i) 1x Warrior ring (i) 1x Archers ring (i) 1x Seers ring (i) 1x Amulet of Fury (or) 1x Bandos chestplate 1x Bandos tassets 1x Armadyl helmet 1x Armadyl chestplate 1x Armadyl chainskirt Very rare (1/500): 1x Dragon claws 1x Armadyl godsword 1x Korasi's sword 1x Spectral spirit shield 1x Arcane spirit shield 1x Elysian spirit shield 1x Zaryte bow Super rare (1/750): 1x Torva full helm 1x Torva platebody 1x Torva platelegs 1x Pernix coif 1x Pernix body 1x Pernix chaps 1x Virtus mask 1x Virtus robe top 1x Virtus robe legs Ultra rare (1/2000): 1x Christmas cracker 1x Black partyhat 1x Pink partyhat 1x Basket of eggs 1x Sled 1x Partyhat & specs Winners always receive 1M coins alongside a drop from the above table.
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    So I've been saving up keys since the new minigame; Treasure Island, was released. I saved enough keys to open 100 chests and here's the result. The audio quality on the parts I commentate over is very patchy because it was recorded on my phone. I'll have my proper microphone back or the next video all going well. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated & leave a suggestion of what sort of video you might like to see next. Enjoy!
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, All reported issued in regards to our voting system have now been resolved. Players can now successfully vote on all sites that are listed on our voting page. https://pre-scape.com/index/vote Here is an example, showcasing that all websites went through with no issues. Best Regards, Kade
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    Welcome to the Treasure Island guide. This guide will highlight any and all relevant information that you may want to know about this minigame. Contents Location Bosses Chest Rewards Video Walkthrough Additional Information Location So, how do you get to this location? All you need to do is go to your spell book, select the minigames teleport, go onto the next page and click on the "Treasure Island" option. This will take you directly to the minigame and you can start straight away. Bosses There are 4 bosses involved in this minigame and each of them drop a different key (Sagittare, Unholy, Riftsplitter and Necrolord). You can use these keys to open the chests that are planted at the centre. These bosses are very easy to defeat, typically taking about 20 minutes to kill all 4 of them, but this is dependant on what setup and gear you are using. Providing you pray against their attacks, you should find this minigame very easy! Sagittare // Difficulty: Easy Combat level: 483 Attack style: Ranged, Magic Prays: Ranged Aggressive: No Poisonous: No Weakness: No Weakness Drops: Sagittare Key Unholy cursebearer // Difficulty: Easy Combat level: 475 Attack style: Melee, Magic Prays: Nothing Aggressive: No Poisonous: No Weakness: No Weakness Drops: Unholy Key Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter // Difficulty: Medium Combat level: 582 Attack style: Melee, Magic Prays: Nothing Aggressive: No Poisonous: Yes Weakness: No Weakness Drops: Riftsplitter Key Necrolord // Difficulty: Easy Combat level: 495 Attack style: Magic Prays: Nothing Aggressive: No Poisonous: No Weakness: No Weakness Drops: Necrolord Key Chest Rewards In order to open the chests that are planted in the centre, you must acquire all of the keys from each of the 4 bosses. The Necrolord, Unholy cursebearer, Sagittare and Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter all drop their own keys, and you must have one of each in your inventory in order to open the chest. Common Uncommon Rare Video Walkthrough Additional Information - There are 4 chests in the centre, but they all provide the same chances of getting any of the rewards - Don't be scared because the bosses have high combat levels. As long as you pray their attacks, your setup/gear shouldn't be much of an issue - Be sure to check out Rob's thread where he opened up a total of 100 chests Credits Credits to Hash for creating the title for me Credits to 1994k for providing me with information regarding the minigame Credits to Finch for allowing me to borrow some gear to record a walkthrough and for providing me with the full rewards list Happy Scaping, Jake // Gamble.
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made since the last update log. With it includes a bunch of misc bugs and fixes, however we have decided after a long time to finally add some more donator benefits to the server. We're not trying to focus too much on it, but there is no doubt that we do need funds to keep the server up and running smoothly, and we just want to do what we can to also keep everything balanced too. You cannot use Sir Owen's Sword with Drygore Weapons in PvP You cannot use Sir Owen's Sword with Drygore Weapons agaisnt Npcs Corporal Beast will no longer drop unnoted Tuna Potatoes The last thieving stall will now require 99 Thieving Corporal Beast has now been added to the Donator Monster Zone located towards the right as you enter near the implings When a player is killing or battling a monster / boss within the Wilderness, their drop rate will be significantly increased by 10%. Donator Store Prices have been reduced to match equivalency of a 50-100 player base server. We originally had prices based on what a 200-400+ player server would have. Donator will have a 1/12 chance to receive (2x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Super Donator will have a 1/10 chance to receive (2x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Extreme Donator will have a 1/8 chance to receive (2x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Legendary Donator will have a 1/6 chance to receive (3x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Ultimate Donator will have a 1/4 chance to receive (3x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Premium Donator will have a 1/2 chance to receive (4x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Donator will now receive 5% Drop Rate during Instance Bossing Changed lizardman drop rates, dwh is now 1/1500 Lizardman Shaman will count for boss points Buffed lizardman hitpoints to 2510 Buffed lizardman defence Fixed weapon animation when you win ffa Infernal capes aren’t tradeable anymore After ffa you will now have normal spell book Added zulrah,cerberus and vetion to ::drops Dialogue will now close when you sacrifice fcape Fixed slayer helmet stats Fixed full slayer helmet stats Buffed infernal cape Fixed claimed auths spam Removed dds game mode from ffa After killing someone in ffa you will now get 5-12 food (random) After killing someone in ffa, you will get full health, full prayer, full spec, you wont be poisioned anymore Buffed zaryte bow Added new ckeys loot Fixed zulrah venom Best Regards, Kade, Bane
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes that have been made since the last update log. Be sure to thank our developer, Bane who has been working hours and hours on pushing out these updates for the entire community. Since we have started advertising, we want to make sure that our focuses tend to balance out from Bug Reports, and overall adding new content. Which you will see below, is what we have been doing now. Content Update: Treasure Island has been added as a new mini-game to Pre-Scape a guide can be found here Inferno has now been added to Pre-Scape, you can begin your journey there by speaking to the Infernal Guide located in the Edeville Graveyard. After defeating Inferno, you will be rewarded with its designated cape. "Infernal Cape" We have released our Free For All mini-game. Each free for all will give players unique items and equipment to compete against each other. Last one standing will be redeemed the winner. Information on rewards can be found here. You can enter the Free For All mini-game by typing ::ffa Particles have been implemented to the client Rendering & Buffering changes to make character models smoother have now been implemented Textures have now been improved on the client Fog has been disabled to create a more RuneScape Look. Client Details: We hired a client developer to work on our client and improve multiple issues and areas within it. Some areas that you will see a dramatic difference is the overall game play and smoothness within Pre-Scape after this update is release. Models, textures, should all be buffered and rendered at a much nicer rate. Misc Changes / Updates: Removed Slayer requirement for Cerberus We have implemented a new MYSQL System that will help stabilize the server even further Multiple lag issues that were reported have now been fixed. Duel Arena is fully functional once again with no errors reported Pest control is fully functional once again with no errors reported Cerberus will now longer vanish randomly Cerberus can now be attacked by melee. Ring of Recoil is now added which will deal 10% damage dealt back Drygores attack statistics have now doubled. Chaos Elemental is no longer the wrong NPC Ring of Recoil will now properly work The correct magic fang will now be dropped from Zulrah Website Update: The homepage will no longer continue to read everlasting text Web Store has been updated with new cosmetics Web Store now has a proper information page that is there to guide players if needed. As you can tell our focus for these past couple of days has been working on releasing new content. We understand there are still bugs that need our attention, however, we want to also take it step by step now that we are a lot more stable. Thank you. Best Regards, Kade (This update will be pushed to the live server within the next 24 hours)
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    I have known Abdul for years and am a great supporter of his projects. Both him and Finch offered me Forum Moderator a number of times in the past (given my track record), but I wasn't interested in a staff role at the time. Now that it's a different story, they didn't hesitate to promote me. I spoke to Kade a lot outside of Pre-Scape Forums/In-game to discuss suggestions and such, which is why you may not see my post as much on the Forums as others. Regarding the post count, it is no longer a requirement as the Forum Moderator role is no longer a position that you can apply for. These members are handpicked. As for my activity, I am always on the Forums as I'm a Forum addict, so I will be available pretty much any time during the day/night (unless I'm sleeping). My in-game activity shouldn't be focused on as my priorities are with the Forums. I do play the game, even though I don't have to, and I maxed out pretty early on. I'm currently looking for something else to do so it gives me a reason to connect with the in-game aspect of the community. Regarding 1994k, if you have an issue with his promotion then you should provide evidence to support your points. You just calling him toxic and not explaining yourself doesn't really help. As far as him 'botting' goes, he was auto-clicking a stall (as far as I'm aware) so his application was declined. He applied for a staff position before he broke that rule. We are all for second chances, so we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Besides, autoclicking isn't the worst rule he could've broken. We believe he will succeed in a Server Support position so you should at least give him a chance! If you truly do wish the best for the server then you should just enjoy yourself and play the game. A large portion of the server's well-being has to do with the community and how toxic the environment is. You should focus on the positives and leave the negatives aside. Everything will sort itself out in the long run, just be patient. Thanks, Jake // Gamble.
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    Was figuring out on how to use Bandicam and caught a juicy spec on Operative (Sorry for the background noise, my fiancee was watching Friends lol)
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    Currently, lizardman shaman's are too easy to kill and drop items too frequently. They're listed under boss teleports, have 150 hp and honestly don't feel like a challenge at all. I suggest fixing all the Zulrah helms so they actually stop venom and poison as they all should, then go about giving this boss more hp. 150 is too low for a boss with a drop such as a dragon warhammer which has a massively beneficial spec for PvM. Once ou can stop the vemon damage, I think you can justify making this npc more of a challenge. Pre-Scape has been flooded with drops from this boss ever since the release. There won't be any eco for dragon warhammers or dragon pickaxes if this goes on much longer.
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    Hello, I would like a few things to be added/changed. Runecrafting 1 or - 10 each time gives u more fragments then doing 27+ at a time dont think this was intended. Sir kay is owner for the IM (iron man) supplies make it adam or someone people who play im actually know. Pets for skills like 07 and rs3 atm have pets cosmetic only but that will give you a good feeling and give people a meaning to go beyond 13m xp. Dungeoneering make it cb based when entering as a lvl 3 you get instantly 1 shot by the 54 wizard who is waiting to nuke your ass. Make an option to deposit pure essence into your bank while its full in your inventory so you dont have to deposit empty it and then deposit again so you can mine pure essence faster would help starting im out with mage training and rcing. Custom skill cape perks make skill cape perks wich will help people after they reach 99 and maybe some that will help to 120. Make x10 hp and prayer an option some people dont like it as much since it is a pre-eoc. Slow down on the FFA spam with 10 seconds remaining it goes red before my eyes. Make premium npc for bank on skilling locations instead of ::bank teleport so u actually can feel the grind if going for an item To be continued ❤️
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, We have gone ahead and made some changes and improvements to our online store. Which can be visited here https://pre-scape.com/index/store You will see an information page that has been implemented to help and guide any new players on donating. Along with a cosmetic section filled with new items. We'll also be adding other categories once we have more time and ideas developed by the community. As this is our first real month of advertisements and campaigns, we expect a busy month ahead of us, along with expenses that will need your help being paid for. We're not asking you to donate, but we appreciate anyone who is willing to. Thank You. The Pre-Scape Team Kade
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    Since our full release on August 1st, there have been several changes to the Pre-Scape staff team. Promotions Finch has been promoted to Manager Hades has been promoted to Forum Administrator Operative has been promoted to Administrator Gamble has been promoted to Forum Moderator Yor has been promoted to Moderator Jarred has been promoted to Server Support Demotions/Resignations Slayer has resigned from Manager due to IRL issues. Nivo has been stood down from his position as an Administrator due to inactivity. Vhalid has been stood down from his position as a Server Support due to inactivity. We wish Slayer, Nivo and Vhalid the best in their future endeavors. Best regards, Pre-Scape Management.
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    I could've sworn we had that. I'll get it added back in.
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    Been grinding and well RNG was in my side AND YES im showing off my achievement of getting them extremely lucky and humble !
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    Although revenant monsters drop the coveted pvp armor and weapons, they are rarely killed. Through my experience, this is for 2 reasons. 1) The Revenants (the ones worth killing anyway) deal an overwhelming amount of damage, even when using the soulsplit curse or using protection prayers since the revenants attack using all 3 attack types. My proposal is to add an item like in Old School that would negate most of that damage, via a bracelet known as a Bracelet of Ethereum. The amount of damage to be reduced can be completely up to staff. I'd suggest maybe having the bracelet just negate the damage from the range and magic attacks(or at least 2 of the 3). And for the second reason.... 2) The degradation of the pvp armors and weapons. As I've spoken with many Pre-Scape players about why pvp armors aren't sought out on this server, is because they degrade. My suggestion would to make them not degrade at all, but only break upon death (whether killed by another player OR getting safe killed by an NPC). I believe this would help spruce up the list of monsters that are worth killing for a profit and could even spice up the PK scene since the location of Revenants is in the wilderness. On whether making it so you can repair these items or not would be would be completely up to staff and I think there are pros to either choice. Other Thoughts On Revenants Another suggestion I have for revenants is to have them drop the same statuettes you get from killing your bounty target (not with every revenant kill of course, but maybe somthing like 1/25?). I believe this will add to the incentive of killing the revenants and be helpful to the community as a whole since many are apprehensive about entering the wilderness. This will further add to more to the stakes of risk versus reward when deciding to kill revenants for profit. Thank You for reading my suggestion thread and please leave any comments whether you agree, disagree, or just want to leave your input on the matter 😁 EDIT: As far as to how to obtain a bracelet, I think adding them to the drop tables of the revenants would work so you would still have to grind to get one, most likely by killing the weak ones.
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    Well you have your reasons but you also advertised another server before leaving due to losing out on gambling... so I'd question your motives.
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    Lower the prices in donor shop is retarded Kade. If u dont remember it was tooo much nex sets in "beta" and now u do the same misstake? I dont get it lol.
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    Yeah I agree these should be reworked massively, there are xp lamps which are the best thing, as for third age I don't support, maybe could add some skilling outfits which give xp when full set is achieved? Might give people intensives to get the keys especially realism players. Frost dragons bones I would rather stay out of the chest they should be farmed and hard to get. Would love to see some secondary ingredients for herblore in there! Non-Tradable Magic sectors for farming=20% more herbs
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    •Add game message filtering so we don't get spammed chats like this. •Also add bank presets so its easier for skilling, so we can remove items with 1 hit of a button. •A way to upgrade Sir Owens for realism mode so it could give overload effect from special attack instead of super atk + str, nothing easy maybe charge with 10k ovls or something like that. •Portable skilling stations, or some items with the effects of them, like with portable well u have a chance to make 2 potions or save a secondary ingredient. - http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Portable_skilling_stations •Hazelmeres signet ring, or just rename any ring like that or other name, basicly a ring that is extremely rare, works like a row and has a tiny chance of doubling the drops. - http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Hazelmere's_signet_ring •Instead of adding OSRS content add some rs3 content, like noxious bow and staff, hydrix jewelry instead of zenyte jewelry with the effects, since this is pre-eoc prioritize pre-eoc content instead of osrs, make a unique server which attracts players not another one thats practically the same as anything on the toplists. •Make decanting possible not just to make (4) dose potions but also let us decant from (4) to (3) and so further. •Don't wait weeks to release updates, instead release small updates when u have finished them so the game becomes more and more playable, theres so many stuff to be fixed it would be better for the players that you released small updates that would fix stuff and it would be available to players to do already instead of waiting unknown time. •Either add noted secondary herb ingredients or move the herblore shop to home area, useless time waste. •Add range and mage versions of tokhaar kal •Add empty flasks to shops so we can make flask overloads and other shiz •Add prayer renewals and a way to make them
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    Something like this, to do after completionist cape or somt like that. Boss titles for completing the droplogs