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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, I want to start off by apologizing for being so quiet these past few weeks without any real announcement about where the direction of our project is heading or whether it was headed any direction whatsoever. This project was started with the idea that our lead project developer Bane would be able to adequately push out updates for the run time during our Stage 1 & Stage 2 progress, but due to personal issues and school work coming up, this plan was not able to followed as planned. As the owner of this project putting together the development team, funding the entire project, and handling the overall direction of this project I take full responsibility of not being able to successfully follow the plans as promised to this community. Regardless whether the development team was not able to do as promised, I should have been able to step up sooner and find a solution for the community. For all of this I am truly apologetic, and I plan to do everything to get us back on track that I originally planned on doing. These past few months have been a sort of open beta for our community, and much different than other projects out there. We released to the public March 31st, 2018 (Open Beta) without any marketing or advertising in play and continued to do development as our members logged in daily to play our game. The plan was to finalize the prioritized game breaking bugs and focus on brand new content to be delivered as soon as possible, but as stated earlier, the development team Bane & Stan both had work that needed their attention IRL, and I had to respect both of their decisions. Now with all this being said, I want to address the game plan from this point on. I have decided that on June 8th, 2018 19:00 CST Pre-Scape (Open Beta) will officially close down and all character files and progress will be saved up until the last minute. After we shut down Open Beta that has been running these past few months, our developer Stan, the management team, and I will determine what to prioritize in the time length where the server will be offline. We will work together and have fresh new content, bug fixes, new and improved client enhancements, etc done, in preparation for the Full Release of Pre-Scape. The staff team and I have already got together a lengthy list that the vast majority of the community has already mentioned from time to time, and we will make sure that big aspects of the game will be worked on for the Full Release. Here is just a small list put together, but much more will definitely be addressed. Re-Works Drop Rates Pay to Win aspects reduced Donator Benefits Re-Worked More Cash Flow opportunities Gambling Scene Re-Work Donator Shops New Content Wilderness Bosses Instances Zulrah OSRS Items Possible New Mini-game Misc Bug Fixes Once we come to a determination of when a proper date to have our Full Release, we will re-add the timer to the site of Pre-Scape, and an announcement addressing that will be made. On the day of our Full Release, we will anticipated a larger release than before, in hopes of more players, and a lot more satisfied community members. Now although there will be no economy reset, there will still be a sense of hype, as the amount of new players will be much larger than old. I hope you all respect my decision with the game plan of Pre-Scape's future, and I cannot wait to continue taking this project to the top. I would like to also address that our developer Bane should make a re-appearance in July, so hopefully until then we can get everything put together correctly with the help of Stan Thank you for understanding, Best Regards, Kade
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    Been staking since the server came out! This is my juicy bank tab
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    I'd love to see an ECO reset, but in saying that I'd only want the items/banks reset.. Not everyones stats/time played and what not, as many people have grinded for hours to get to where they are.. I think removing things like the torva sets and spirit shields from the donations store could be a good start to making the eco a little bit better if there is no reset.
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    I care about people making selfish decisions over RSPS pixels, its about having fun not staring at your torva sets. the IDC was about the 10 players that still play pre ruining it for the potential new players to come HAVING DONATED 500 MYSELF. sometimes you gotta take 1 for the team
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    Poseidon liked your comment and he has a bank pic up with 22 nex sets in it.. stop protecting your bank by voting against something that will help the server in the long run, smh. w/e tho, idc
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    i'm voting no, for the one factor of stats reset. 350 hours of grinding realism, i can't part way with that so easily..
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    No one person or entire game has 50 nex sets or 20 phat sets. Those with monopoly over these items will probably not even sell for cheap and wait until new players can afford with the new changes that are going to be implemented to increase cash flow. People will once more start grinding or donating for these items.
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    Tried my best fam, hope you like it <3
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    Nonono, thats stupid
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    YE, and ironmen who spend over 700 hours will loose all progress. People who payed 1.000$ wil loose there investment. I understand the fact tht people are to rich already, maybe get cosmetics first so the eco would be more stable
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    I think not doing an eco reset is a huge mistake. People holding 50 nex sets and 20 phat sets on the ''day of release'' is a huge no. I'd advise having a poll on this, since after all thats the least you can do after what has happened
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    I'm happy the site is back up ❤️ for kade and team!
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    Nice bank mate
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    I felt like making you one so here you go @Hades <3.
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    What's really the point in adding another staff member when there is like 15 or so active players? Soon we will need to call the server "staff-scape" I think if the servers player base picks up than sure go for staff but right now, there is absolutely no need for another staff member (in my opinion)
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    Thank you for holding my bank for me Pos, i'd like to take one of my Torva sets and one of my Elysians back for now if you don't mind? Jokes aside, nice bank bro, can't wait to win it from you
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    What a clean tab! now all you have to do get is max cash stack (2147m), to complete it for now.
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    Yes, I would like to order 2 partyhat sets, and uhm 3 nex sets and a sled for dessert. Thank you.
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    Very impressive. Don't forget to h00k haha
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    Decent bank mate! Keep it up! Time to hook me up with some of that divines😉
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    nice bank m8 close to mine
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    Guicy af, show all tabs, get skill suplies etc. looks even better then!
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    That's insane
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    Wow, looks insane. Keep it up dude
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    Very nice bank man.