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    Below is a list of the most recent changes made to our staff team. Promotions im D has been promoted to Server Moderator. dzuma has been promoted to Server Moderator. Demotions/Resignations N/A Best regards, Pre-Scape Management.
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    Welcome to the Official Price Guide for Pre-Scape. We will try to stick to this thread as much as we can and keep it updated as much as possible to ensure that players are getting the most out of their items. We will regularly be checking up with members of the community to work alongside the staff team to ensure the prices listed in this thread are accurate. If you wish to give input on prices, please contact a member of Administration. Last updated: 3rd of January, 2019. To search for your desired item, please use CRTL + F. Bandos chestplate 30-40m Bandos tassets 40m Statius’s full helm 35-50m Statius’s platebody 50-70m Statius’s platelegs 50-70m Vesta’s chainbody 70-80m Vesta’s plateskirt 70-80m Torva full helm 80-150m Torva platebody 100-150m Torva platelegs 100-150m 3rd age full helmet N/A 3rd age platebody N/A 3rd age platelegs N/A 3rd age kiteshield N/A Dragon full helm (g) 30m Dragon full helm 20m Dragon platebody (g) 30m Dragon platebody 10m Dragon platelegs (g) 30m Dragon plateskirt (g) 30m Dragon scimitar (g) 10m Dragon sq shield (g) 20m Dragon defender (g) 50-75m Serpentine helm 50m Magma helm 50-70m Tanzanite helm 50-70m Armadyl helmet 30m Armadyl chestplate 30m Armadyl chainskirt 30m Morrigan’s coif 50-60m Morrigan’s body 50-60m Morrigan’s chaps 50-60m 3rd age range coif N/A 3rd age range top N/A 3rd age range legs N/A 3rd age vambraces N/A Pernix cowl 70-100m Pernix body 100m Pernix chaps 100m Ganodermic visor 40-50m Ganodermic poncho 40-50m Ganodermic leggings 40-50m Zuriel’s hood 30-50m Zuriel’s robe top 30-50m Zuriel’s bottoms 30-50m Virtus mask 70-100m Virtus body 100m Virtus legs 100m Ancestral hat 200-250m Ancestral robe top 200-250m Ancestral robe bottom 200-250m 3rd age mage hat N/A 3rd age robe top N/A 3rd age robe N/A Infinity hat N/A Infinity top N/A Infinity bottoms N/A Infinity gloves N/A Infinity boots 30m Dharok’s helm 5-7m Dharok’s platebody 5-7m Dharok’s platelegs 5-7m Dharok’s greataxe 5-7m Guthan’s helm 5m Guthan’s platebody 5m Guthan’s chainskirt 5m Guthan’s warspear 5m Torag’s helm 5m Torag’s platebody 5m Torag’s platelegs 5m Torag’s hammers 5m Verac’s helm 5m Verac’s brassard 5m Verac’s plateskirt 5m Verac’s flail 5m Karil’s coif 3-5m Karil’s leathertop 5m Karil’s leatherskirt 5m Karil’s crossbow 3-5m Ahrim’s hood 3-5m Ahrim’s robetop 5m Ahrim’s robeskirt 5m Ahrim’s staff 3-5m Battle-mage helm 100-120m Battle-mage robe 100-120m Battle-mage legs 100-120m Battle-mage gloves 100-120m Battle-mage boots 100-120m Trickster helm 100-120m Trickster robe 100-120m Trickster robe legs 100-120m Trickster gloves 100-120m Trickster boots 100-120m Vanguard helm 100-120m Vanguard body 100-120m Vanguard legs 100-120m Vanguard gloves 100-120m Vanguard boots 100-120m Abyssal whip 5-7.5m Abyssal vine whip 15m Abyssal tentacle N/A Vesta's longsword 75-100m Vesta's spear N/A Statius's warhammer 75-100m Dragon warhammer 30-70m Armadyl godsword 60-80m Saradomin godsword 10m Bandos godsword 8-15m Zamorak godsword 7-10m Zamorakian spear 30-50m Korasi's sword 60-80m Drygore rapier 300-325m Drygore rapier (offhand) 300-325m Drygore longsword 300-325m Drygore longsword (offhand) 300-325m Drygore mace 300-325m Drygore mace (offhand) 300-325m Dragon claws 60-100m Elder maul 200-250m Dark bow 5m Armadyl crossbow 150-200m Zaryte bow 100-120m Hand cannon 3m Toxic blowpipe 150-180m Twisted bow N/A Dragon arrow 3k ea Dragon dart 8-10k ea Diamond bolts (e) N/A Ruby bolts (e) 5-7k ea Dragonstone bolts (e) 5k ea Onyx bolts (e) 10k ea Morrigan's javelin 100k ea Morrigan’s throwing axe 80-100k ea Master wand 10-15m Kodai wand N/A Staff of light 15-25m Staff of the dead 70-90m Toxic staff of the dead 100-120m Trident of the seas N/A Trident of the swamp N/A Armadyl battlestaff 450-500m Zuriel’s staff 50m Polypore staff 40-60m Divine spirit shield 800-1b Elysian spirit shield 120-150m Arcane spirit shield 80-120m Spectral spirit shield 60-80m Dragonfire shield 20-30m Dragon kiteshield NA Mage’s book 5-10m Malediction ward 15-30m Odium ward 15-30m Dragon boots 400k Bandos boots N/A Steadfast boots 25-30m Glaiven boots 25-30m Ragefire boots 25-30m Primordial boots 120-150m Pegasian boots 80-120m Eternal boots 100-120m Amulet of fury 7.5-10m Amulet of fury (or) 40-50m 3rd age amulet N/A Blood necklace 100-130m Necklace of anguish 150-200m Tormented bracelet 150-200m Amulet of torture N/A Ring of suffering 150-200m Berserker ring 10-15m Berserker ring (i) 30-40m Warriors ring 3-5m Warriors ring (i) 5-10m Seers ring 5-7m Seers ring (i) 15-25m Archers ring 5-7m Archers ring (i) 15-25m Ring of wealth 10m Ring of wealth (i) 100-120m Eye of the warrior 50m Eye of the ranger 20m Eye of the mage 30-50m Ring of the gods N/A Treasonous ring N/A Tyrannical ring N/A Dragon hatchet 7-10m Dragon pickaxe 6-8m Dragon pickaxe (or) 10m-13m Coal 700-1k ea Living mineral 5k ea Magic logs 3-5k ea Rune bar 15-20k ea Uncut ruby N/A Uncut diamond N/A Uncut dragonstone N/A Uncut onyx 7.5-10m ea Raw shark 3-4k ea Raw rocktail 8-10k ea Pure essence 1k ea Stardust 1k ea Dragon bones 50-100k ea Frost dragon bones 200-250k ea $10 Scroll 90-120m $50 Scroll 450-600m $100 Scroll 900-1.2b $500 Scroll 4.5-6b Scratch ticket 80-100m 3rd age bow ~150m 3rd age wand ~150m 3rd age longsword N/A Magic fang 20-50m Omni-talisman staff 50-70m Mystery box 2m ea Legendary mystery box 8-10m ea Auth codes 2-3m ea Crystal key 2-3m ea Godsword blade 3-5m Holy elixir 5-10m ea Rainbow partyhat 1.2-1.5b Christmas cracker 400m Pink partyhat 800-1b Black partyhat 800-1b Aqua partyhat N/A Lava partyhat N/A Red partyhat 500m Blue partyhat 500m Green partyhat 500m Yellow partyhat 500m Purple partyhat 500m White partyhat 500m Partyhat & specs 750-1b Black halloween mask N/A Red halloween mask 120-180m Blue halloween mask 120-180m Green halloween mask 120-180m Santa hat 150-200m Black santa hat 400-500m Third-age druidic set 800-1b Sled 600m Scythe 50m Bunny ears 200m Skeleton mask 20m Skeleton shirt 20m Skeleton leggings 20m Skeleton gloves 20m Skeleton boots 20m Web cloak 20m Jack lantern mask 80m Basket of eggs 600m Demonic death cape 300m Heroic death cape 300m Rubber chicken 75m Fox 75m Pink flippers 85m Black flippers 85m Aqua flippers 85m Red flippers 85m Lime flippers 85m White flippers 85m Purple flippers 85m Top hat 85m White top hat 85m Pink top hat 85m Purple top hat 85m Lime top hat 85m Aqua top hat 85m Red top hat 85m Anger sword 20m-40m Anger mace 20m-40m Anger spear 20m-40m Anger battleaxe 20m-40m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Infinity hat (recolour) 40m Infinity top (recolour) 40m Infinity bottoms (recolour) 40m Monkey greegree 150m Ninja monkey greegree 150m Gorilla greegree 150m Zombie monkey greegree 150m Credits to Knight, im D, dzuma and Gemini for the help. Thanks, Gamble.
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Not the biggest update log, because for the most part we have not ran into any major issues since my time recently has been invested in maintaining our player base and pushing out advertisements, marketing, etc. These are simply some bug fixes we prioritized to get knocked out of the way so a big thank you to those who brought these issues to light. Here are the changes made since the last update log. Fixed a bug related to Zulrah's Scales duplicating Slayer Tasks (Wilderness Npc) will now tell you how many you need to kill when spoken to. Duel Arena Add X Amount will now work. You can not duel players with your inventory space not being within the necessary required slots. Prayers for Npc's will no longer be completely 0% damage. Monsters will deal 60% Less damage, and you will be hurt for 40%. Fixed an ID issue with Mithril Dragons Reported Delay for Bolt Making has been fixed. Increased the delay for Jads magic/ranged attacks so they are accurately represented. Fixed reported Prayer Delay Issues Fixed Jad becoming unresponsive at certain stages Reported Exploits that were found with Lava Dragons have been fixed Vesta's Spear will be weak to Corporal Beast similar to Zamorakian Spear Also, our developer Arithium has returned from his short break, and we plan to continue pushing our daily updates and focusing more on content that you the community suggest Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
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    1: I personally would love to see clan tags brought back such as they were in zamorak, i feel if we brought in clan tags and clan events like in the old days the wilderness would be more lively yes there would be a lot more banter but that would also give the staff some more work to do (not saying they don't work hard already) 2: maybe host some pvp based events maybe promote some players to event planners or make a separate role or day for these said events (i will be making a thread later for event ideas) 3: give out rewards for a "youtuber" rank if people realize that they get rewards for becoming a youtuber of the server it just brings in more content and revenue and best of all players 4: Skilling events/giveaways on discord i feel the discord can be a bit more lively and if we had a giveaway maybe every week or month people would be more active in said discord making new players feel more welcome upon joining 5: Realism maxing event: This would really promote the role of realism in a big way it would also encourage players to find different and faster ways to max in depth exploring the world of pre-scape and vasting their knowledge to help newer players 6:king of the skill event: pretty much like a 48 hour or so event whoever has the most xp based on skills such as herb or farming or smithing for example in a small period of time would recieve the kots rank and maybe a reward boosting the skillers way other then pvm and pvp so everybody has a chance to win These are just some small examples of how i could see pre-scape excelling in the future ive been in this community a long time and just want to see the server succeed even more then it is i love this server and feel we can reach rank 1 easily and overcome other servers just based on the fact that our community really cares about this server. Thanks for your time
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    So not been here that long but thought I’d put this idea forward it can only go one way or the other I suppose. oke of the things I find really enjoyable on this server is the FFA mini game which actually if I’m honest is the whole reason I came to this server in the first place. I saw an advertisement on Facebook with this server name and I went straight to YouTube to see what videos I could find and I saw one I think by vihtic or something along the lines of that name and to be totally honest I can’t remember the video at all apart from when he entered the FFA mini game which really got my attention and this is the thing. It may not appeal to everyone but I think if we can expand this unique idea we could advertise it more and I’m sure there will be more people like me who enjoy that. so a few ideas I want to just put forward are; a FFA leaderboard - make it more challenging to see who’s best! FFA events - because events are something to look forward to a team version of FFA - the more the merrier! - I personally love things like castle wars on osrs probably because I’m no good a pking or just prefer to do things as a team if we had something where you had one team v another team with the modes there are now and even add an extra one where you can pick so you could have 2 mages and 2 Charolais lets say so you could work together. and potentially something like a token each time you play FFA because sometimes it does get a bit lonely in there and not many people go to it, potentially they may not enjoy it, however, if you earned a ticket each time you played and when you win you get maybe 5 which you could then use in a ‘FFA Store’ which has good items in more people may participate. I know this focus’s on one mini game but I feel it has the potential to be much more and I think a video of all the chaos going on will bring more people who enjoy that kind of stuff to the server along with all the other amazing stuff to offer as this is only a small part of it. Thanks for reading!
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    Hi all so I’m jack 22 from United Kingdom aka “fanz” in game/discord. So I joined the server yesterday and got into it, starting with iron man and I couldn’t get on with the whole no trading thing so made another account settled down in realism eventually on “fanzxx” nothing exciting so far just been doing thieving as suggested to get some money behind my account but I can say Just from standing there clicking away I’ve met some nice people already I haven’t even seen the server fully yet to what I eventually want to do things such as pvm and pvp, with that said i have been joining some ffa now and then and that is something that really entertains me a very good mini game going on there also the trivia keeps the brain ticking whilst I’m sat clicking haha. but yeah hopefully I can make some money, get some skills going and Just team with some people and just have fun. really like the idea of the discord hopefully can get talking a bit more to people and finding some friends. cheers all!
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    My suggestion is to add a search bar to the forums. Why? to make it easier for players to find what they are looking for. i know i don't like having to look through a lot of stuff to find one thing and i think adding a search bar would make it much easier.
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made since the last update log. Thankfully, we have reached the stage of our server where we will be prioritizing more content every week. 2018 for us has been a huge pile of non stop bug fixes and stability issues, and to finally reach a point where we can be creative and focus primarily on doing so is a blessing. This update log will be one of the first of many to come that will be prioritized on releasing new content. Lava Dragons Have Been Released: Lava Dragon's are accessible by obtaining 3 Silver Keys. These Keys will be dropped by the Greater Skeleton Hellhounds that protect the Lava Dragon's Lair above its territory Above are the drop rates to obtain the following keys. Once you have obtained the 3 Keys, and they are placed in your inventory, you may click the chest and you will be automatically teleported to the Lava Dragons's Lair You will not be allowed to use Prayer within the area You will not be allowed to ::Restore within the area You will not be allowed to open your Bank within the area You will not be able to use Saradomin Brews within the area There will be 3 Lava Dragons that you can choose to attack from, and keep in mind Dragon's Breath Effect does also come into play here, so we highly advise you bring an Anti-Dragon Fire Shield. Lava Dragons will drop the following: A lot of you have made it quite clear that in order to get some higher tier cosmetics its most often based on donating. So I have gone ahead and added 3 new cosmetics dedicated to only being obtained by in-game. This will allow all players an equal amount and fair challenge to obtain these. These are the Lava Cosmetics: Lava Halloween Mask Lava Santa Hat Lava Party Hat Misc Bug Fixes: Added Bonuses for Vanguard Gloves Fixed miscellaneous combat reported bugs. Rock Cake is now in Iron Man Shop Fixed small Quest Tab issues Zulrah effects have been adjusted Fixed various bugs related to the Scheduled Multi Event minigame that will be discussed within the next few days Multiple Null Point Errors have been fixed. Manually added a new lever for KBD Lair entrance. This concludes today's update log. I want to say thank you to those who have pushed so many ideas and suggestions my way. This is going to be an amazing next week, as I can finally dedicate time on pushing out content that so many of you will enjoy. I plan to focus on making each game mode worth playing, so a possibility of realism, hardcore, iron man "dedicated bosses" etc is looking good So much in store for Pre-Scape, and let's not forget the new year is on the rise. Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
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    Cerberus (Combat-318) Hitpoints: 600 Location: Boss Teleports>4th Page Killing Cerberus If you have good gear you can try to Soulsplit and Turmoil, though it's not recommended because Cerberus can combo high magic hits, it recommended to use Protect from Magic prayer, or Deflect Magic curse, You can kill it fast enough for no special phases to appear, but there are two. Cerberus will also occassionally hit you with a range and melee attacks, the melee attack will poison you so it's recommended to bring a antipoison or anti-venom, or a Serpentine helm. Special attack #1 If below 400 hitpoints Cerberus will howl Aaarrrooooooo and three spirits will appear These spirits attack with attacks that will deal 30 damage, to protect from these hits, you can flick through prayers in this order Melee>Magic>Ranged If successful you will take no damage and can continue to kill Cerberus After this attack Cerberus will not attack you for a few seconds so you can use Soulsplit to heal your hitpoints back up. Special attack #2 If below 200 hitpoints Cerberus will growl Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr and a exploding marker will appear under your character, dealing 10 damage per tick you can negate this special attack by moving 1 square or more to any location, and it will stop, you can't use protect prayers to negate this damage. After this special attack just keep on killing Cerberus. Drops of interest 10x Dragon bones (1/5) 1x Crystal key (1/5) 100x Cannonball (1/30) Eternal crystal (1/256) Pegasian crystal (1/256) Primordial crystal (1/256) Smouldering stone (1/256) Gear and inventory Inventory is about the same for all setups Welfare Tank DPS Use of crystals You can use Primordial crystal on Dragon boots to make Primordial boots You can use Eternal crystal on Infinity boots to make Eternal boots You can use Pegasian crystal on Ranger boots to make Pegasian boots All of these boots are BIS(best in slot) items on Pre-Scape. You can use Smouldering stone on Dragon hatchet or Dragon pickaxe to make Infernal axe or Infernal pickaxe (not implemented on Pre-Scape yet)
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes since the last update log. Magic Exp Drops will now be similar to OSRS Exp Drops within the Wilderness Invisibility issue regarding Duel Arena mid teleport a stake has now been fixed. If there are anymore issues be sure to let us know. Free for All is now every 15 minutes Super Restore/ Combat Potions have been added to the Decanter. The Ignore List feature bug reports have been fixed. Removed Knights Cape from Starters. Knights cape can only be worn by Knights, for some strange reason the code had it reversed. Fixed barrows npcs not giving the kill to the player if they leave too soon. Overload Flask's are now 100,000 in the Premium Donator Shop Adjusted Entangled Spell to hold for 15 seconds from 12 Entangle Spells will only work when the animation / gfx is shown Added more accurate storm of armadyl spells - Reported Blowpipe vanishing glitch has been fixed. Fixed misc issues with Amulet of Glory's teleport dialogue More Free for All Glitches have been fixed. We have finished the Multi Mini-game Event. Information regarding how it will work are listed below, and we will also be creating a separate thread to go in detail. Multi Events will be hosted on scheduled dates by Staff These events will have 1 winner who will take home the prize that is announced prior the event Before entering the multi event, you will be placed in a lobby where players will need to wait 10 minutes until the lobby closes and sends everyone into the arena. The Area will be multi, everything will be allowed, and players will have an immunity of 30 seconds before they can attack anyone to work with their teammates or clans they bring to win. Towards the last minute of the event players will experience Toxic Gas that will then slowly kill all players or the toxic gas will automatically begin once there are only 2 players left. Multi Events will last 10 minutes after the lobby closes, and the entire arena is large enough to hold up to 100 players scattered. I designed this and had Arithium put it into the game so that in the future when we begin to grow larger we can host these events weekly and hand out prizes as well. If all goes well and we begin to push out the other updates we have planned then this will be a weekly hosted event or every couple of days. I would like to apologize for the lack of update logs, majority of our bug fixes have been miscellaneous, and we've only been prioritizing the ones that leave a large negative impact on our game. But of course we want to resolve as many issues as possible, and that is the game plan. This week has been filled with the holiday time, and our developer Arithium has been taking time out to spend time IRL with his friends and family. We plan to continue where we left off within the next day or so, and after we knock out some more bugs that need our attention, we'll start balancing every week with new content and changes that will attract not only new players, but allow our current players to continue grinding and enjoying the game too. I must say Pre-Scape has been one of the most successful server launches I've experienced and am so thankful for each and every one of you who helped make this possible. I have been putting on average 10 hours a day communicating with all of you making sure the server continues to run possible, and for those who have spent time with me finding issues too, I am truly grateful for. Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
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    I would love to have a placeholder option in bank so it can be organized properly and I don't have to use the search option to find what im looking for.
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    Bonus exp Dragonkin Lamps You can gain double experience for one hour by using a Dragonkin lamp. These are untradeable but obtainable by voting and by completing daily tasks. Well of Experience You can also obtain a further 30% increase in experienced gained by filling the Well of Experience. The well is located on Entrana which is on page 3 of the City Teleports. It costs 7.5m to fill it but mulitple people can contribute to cover this cost. Location The best place to cook between levels 1-92 is at Catherby. You can get here by using the Fishing teleport on page 3 of the Skilling Teleports. Run west from the teleport and you'll reach a bank. Use this and the range in the building to the east for fast cooking. Once you're level 92+ you can use the bank in the Cooking Guild. You can get here by using the Cooking teleport on page 3 of the Skilling Teleports. This is the closest bank to a range and will yield the fastest exp. Experience rates Shrimps and Anchovies Level required : 1 Knight : 15,000 exp Realism : 300 exp Tuna Level required : 30 Knight : 50,000 exp Realism : 1,000 exp Lobster Level required : 40 Knight : 60,000 exp Realism : 1,200 exp Swordfish Level required : 45 Knight : 70,000 exp Realism : 1,400 exp Monkfish Level required : 62 Knight : 75,000 exp Realism : 1,500 exp Karambwan Level required : 30 Knight : 95,000 exp Realism : 1,900 exp Shark Level required : 80 Knight : 105,000 exp Realism : 1,850 exp Manta Ray Level required : 91 Knight : 108,100 exp Realism : 2,162 exp Rocktail Level required : 93 Knight : 112,500 exp Realism : 1,990 exp Quantities required **PLEASE NOTE** ** The numbers below are based off of the standard rate of experience gained without benefiting from bonus experience ** Knight As a Knight you can pretty much cook whatever you like until level 80 since it won't take you long. I mean, you could just use Shrimps/Anchovies to 80 and you'd only need 133. However, I had created a rough guide to give you a bit of an idea if you're really lost. Levels 1-40 : 3 Shrimps/Anchovies Levels 40-62 : 5 Lobsters Levels 62-80 : 23 Monkfish Levels 80-91 : 38 Sharks Levels 91-93 : 12 Manta Rays Levels 93-99 : 52 Rocktails Level 99-500m exp : 4,329 Rocktails 500m-1b exp : 4,445 Rocktails Level 99-1b exp : 8,774 Rocktails Realism Levels 1-40 : 125 Shrimps/Anchovies Levels 40-45 : 21 Lobsters Levels 45-62 : 195 Swordfish Levels 62-80 : 1,102 Monkfish Levels 80-91 : 2,118 Sharks Levels 91-93 : 598 Manta Rays Levels 93-99 : 2,935 Rocktails If you're wanting to gain exp after 99 cooking, it's best to use Manta Rays as these give the most exp for Realism players. Level 99-500m exp : 225,239 Manta Rays 500m-1b exp : 231,268 Manta Rays Level 99-1b exp : 456,507 Manta Rays Fastest for Realism 1-99 Levels 1-30 : 45 Shrimps/Anchovies Levels 30-91 : 3,100 Karambwans Levels 91-99 : 3,299 Manta Rays Good luck! Credit to Rob for his help.
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    Hello and thanks for following me on this journey to be the first HCIM on Pre-Scape to achieve the ultimate goal of fully completing everything on an account! Below is the list of goals/achievements i will be working on over the next coming months on my road to comping! ~~Skilling/Combats~~ Attack: 74/99 1,156,755xp Strength: 85/99 3,287,760xp Defence: 70/99 754,865xp Range: 1/99 0xp Prayer: 72/99 936,000xp Magic: 66/99 500,000xp Runcrafting: 79/99 1,917,838xp Constitution: 74/99 1,917,174xp Agility: 66/99 520,125xp Herblore: 66/99 500,00xp Thieving: 99/99 35,619,270xp Crafting: 66/99 500,000xp Fletching: 41/99 43,290xp Slayer: 77/99 1,500,000xp Hunter: 66/99 504,875xp Mining: 95/99 8,792,378xp Smithing: 66/99 540,936xp Fishing: 89/99 5,127,082xp Cooking: 70/99 740,350xp Firemaking: 84/99 3,172,888xp Woodcutting :99/99 1,000,000,000xp Farming: 1/99 0xp Dungeoneering: 1/99 0xp Total Level: 1509 Total Exp: 1,067,346,905 ~~Achievements Completed~~ 23/99 EASY Home Sweet Home Gravedigger Deadliest Catch Beginner Cook Taste of the Sea Beginner Miner Beginner Smelter Beginner Blacksmith Beginner Lumberjack Beginner Arsonist Potion Brewer Young Padawan Robin Hood Beginner Runecrafter Explorer Crab Lover Undead Killer Fur Collector Socialising Making Friends Slaying Time Spell Master Priest Melee Kill Ranged Kill Magic Kill Beginner Warrior Beginner Archer Beginner Mage Special Damage Falling in Love MEDIUM Dragon Burial Supreme Power Intermediate Lumberjack Intermediate Arsonist Intermediate Fisherman Intermediate Cook Intermediate Miner Intermediate Smetler Intermediate Explorer Intermediate Hunter Intermediate Slayer Intermediate Crafter Intermediate Blacksmith Intermediate Thief Intermediate Padawan Climber Runes of Nature Frost Dragon Burial Gold Rush Intermediate Warrior Intermediate Archer Intermediate Mage Dragon Slayer End of the Chaos Demon Hunter The Powerful Cook Player Killer Beginner Alchemist HARD Master Gravedigger Master Lumberjack Master Arsonist Master Fisherman Master Cook Master Miner Master Crafter Enchanter Master Alchemist Master Thief Master Smelter Power Overload Contract Killer Master Warrior Master Archer Master Mage The Cape of Fire Avatar of Failure Graardor Slayer Kree'arra Slayer Zilyana Slayer K'ril Slayer The end of the Beast God of Gods Master Player Killer ELITE Blood Crafter Grandmaster Lumberjack Grandmaster Arsonist Grandmaster Fisherman Grandmaster Cook Grandmaster Miner Grandmaster Smelter Grandmaster Explorer Grandmaster Hunter Grandmaster Fletcher The Grand Jewel Max Experience Hit 700 with a Special Attack Master Slayer Feared by All PETS Corporeal Beast Ganodermic Beast General Graardor Kree'arra Commander Zilyana K'ril Tsutsaroth Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme King Black Dragon Nex Kalphite Queen Phoenix Bandos Avatar Glacor Bork Tormented Demons Tzrek-Jad Scorpia Venenatis Vet'ion Cerberus TzKal-Zuk Zulrah Beaver Baby Chinchompa Giant Squirrel Heron Rift Guardian Rock Golem Rocky Tangleroot Bloodhound
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    Press Ctrl + F to search through the list of guides below. Agility Guide created by Angel Garcia Cooking Guide created by Lancelot Crafting Guide created by corebe2no Dungeoneering Guide created by Creation Farming Guide created by Lancelot Firemaking Guide created by Lancelot Fishing Guide created by owl Fishing Guide created by Lancelot Fletching Guide created by Teddy Herblore Guide created by Teddy Mining Guide created by Teddy Shooting Star Location Guide created by G L O Runecrafting Guide created by Lancelot Smithing Guide created by Teddy Woodcutting Guide created by Lancelot Woodcutting Guide (Knight Mode) created by Angel Garcia The thread will continually be updated as more guides are created!
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, The staff team and I would like to wish all of you a happy holidays! Although not everyone celebrates Christmas today, majority of our players are out celebrating time off with their friends & family, and we hope you all have an amazing time For this years Christmas Event we initially had planned to create an event in-game for all of you to enjoy, but because of our recent release, time was not in our favor in order to prepare something fast enough, due to prioritizing bugs, content, advertisements, etc. HOWEVER, This year we have decided to go ahead and offer a special deal for our players who are interested. As many of you know Party Hats & Christmas Crackers have quite the rarity on Pre-Scape. For only a limited time from December 25th, 11:00 AM CST - December 28th, 11:59 PM CST. Christmas Crackers will be 50% off via the https://pre-scape.com/index/store#rares and will permanently return back to their original price after the sale ends. During this time the crackers will hold the following party hats upon purchase. With the Lava, Aqua, & Rainbow Party Hat being the most rare, following Black and Pink, and then of course the most common regular 6 colors. For those are not able to participate in the special above we will be giving away $100 worth of in-game total donated credit to 5 lucky individuals. To participate all you have to do is enter the community discord visiting the following link, or type ::Discord in-game. https://discord.gg/aKgXpa2 The 5 Winners will be announced December 29th, 2018. AND TO TOP IT OFF, Throughout the Christmas day we will also be giving away Golden Scratch Cards randomly, so if you want to possibly win some, all you have to do login throughout the day. It will be completely random, so your chances are only increased if you're active This will only last from December 25th, 11:30 AM CST - 11:59 PM CST. Once again, happy holidays! Best Regards, Kade
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    So far in the game ive noticed 3 different skiller uniforms, being woodcutting (lumberjack), Agility set and Runecrafting. It would be a great suggestion to add further ones such as rogues outfit obtainable from theiving stalls, Pyromancer from burning logs maybe with a higher chance to obtain while burning individual logs vs adding logs to a single fire. Anglers outfit obtainable from fishing. Prospector can be obtained from mining with a decreased chance while afk mining the crashed star. Smithing could have a small chance to spawn a golden hammer in inventory per item smithed when used would grant bonus experience. Farming have a chance to unearth magic sect's while harvesting crops. Crafting a chance to to spawn golden apron which can grant bonus exp while crafting. Also in regarded to Ironmen/HcIronmen maybe granting a shop in which a player needs to accomplish 100-200-500-1b exp in each skill which will allow them to purchase a Ironman supply chest with greater supply rewards than caskets and ruined backpacks. Not to say those are not already fantastic idea especially for those game modes but it helps give incentive to further train skills in which some people get 99 and stop. I hope you consider my suggestions and hope you all have a great day.
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    Untradeable items should be lost on death, but not permanently, it should be bought back for a fee similar as other servers, because at this point you can take 20 items in the wildy while going pking, and protect them all without paying anything, which is crazy..
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    thanks for the update and most of all thank you for putting rock cake in the ironman shop!
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    So for the most of the player base we would like coloured slayer helm to be put into the server. For me i think this is a good not too OP & fun way to introduce the coloured slayer helm into the server. It will give players something to grind for & it will also bring more people to go to the wilderness to do a slayer task which means more pking that should mean more people coming to play the server. I think think this will be a good update for both pvming & pking. I know some people would prefer to get recoloured helms from bossing but this will give the server its own uniqueness to it. So here are the current stats of the slayer helm It also gives a 15% attack and strength bonus against monsters on a slayer task. With this update using slayer points you can upgrade the slayer helmet going through the colours gaining a new bonus stat with each upgrade. After you have have got through all the colours and acquired the last slayer helm you can talk to the slayer mage to get a cool cosmetic item to show off ingame or a title as it will be a long grind to get to. (i need your guys feedback on which way we should order the helm if the poll pass) Red slayer helm - +1 on all attack bonus +2 on defence bonus +1 on Strength bonus 2% chance of getting double slayer points for completing a slayer task in the WILDERNESS! This upgrade will cost a total of 1000 slayer points. Black slayer helm - +2 on all attack bonus +4 on defence bonus +2 on Strength bonus 4% chance of getting double slayer points for completing a slayer task in the WILDERNESS! This upgrade will cost a total of 2000 slayer points. Green slayer helm - +3 on all attack bonus +6 on defence bonus +3 on Strength bonus 6% chance of getting double slayer points for completing a slayer task in the WILDERNESS! This upgrade will cost a total of 3000 slayer points. For the finally two because they are both so popular maybe do it where you can choose between the two as the finally colour, maybe even be able to switch between them both (would be dope as). Turquoise slayer helm - +5 on all attack bonus +10 on defence bonus +4 on Strength bonus 10% chance of getting double slayer points for completing a slayer task in the WILDERNESS! This upgrade will cost a total of 5000 slayer points. (same stats as the Turquoise slayer helm) Hope you guys like the Idea!!! be sure to add to the idea below with ideas on the cosmetic or title! Feedback would be greatly appreciated as it took me a while to write this out! Love the server also!!
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    smouldering stone is a rare drop from cerberus. At today's date it has still no use. suggestion: attach smouldering stone to d hatchet for double xp- or to d pick for smithing 20% or ores mined into bars- kinda similar to osrs as u know. dunno if u want price to rise or not. not to many in game yet --------------------- ------------------- ----------------- ------------------- ------------------ -------------- ------------ - - - - - - -- - I addeded this --------------------- ------------------- ----------------- ------------------- ------------------ -------------- ------------ - - - - - - -- - what about a golden hammer? uses no gold bars when making rings. and making items twice as fast? this is a random idea, but makes the server unique
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    Crafting Guide Crafting can be trained in multiple ways. I'll just explain the easiest way to get from 1-99 I will add more methodes to train for ironman who can't afford this. If u need help for ironman on this moment. Go pm @corebe2no in game or on forum or discord.Teleport to crafting guild: teleport tab --> skilling teleport --> second page 'crafting'. Go trade the Crafting Master. He will trade everything u need to get 99 . Knight's (1-99) level 1 - level 56 = 27 opals level 56 - level 99 = 187 dragonstones Realism (1-99) level 1 - level 19 = 27 Opals level 19 - level 27 = 27 Red Topaz level 27 - level 37 = 27 Emeralds level 37 - level 43 = 27 Ruby level 43 - level 55 = 107 Diamonds level 55 - level 99 = 9359 Dragonstones Opal (level 1) requirments: chisel (222 ea) Knight : 1 Opal = 7500xp Ironman: 1 Opal = 750 xp Realism: 1 Opal = 150 xp Jade (level 13) requirments: chisel (638 ea) Knight : 1 Jade = 10 000 xp Ironman: 1 Jade = 1 000 xp Realism: 1 Jade = 200 xp Red Topaz (level 16) requirments: chisel (1293 ea) Knight : 1 Red Topaz = 12 500 xp Ironman: 1 Red Topaz = 1 250 xp Realism: 1 Red Topaz = 250 xp Sapphire (level 20) requirments: chisel (1849 ea) Knight : 1 Sapphire = 25 000xp Ironman: 1 Sapphire = 2 500 xp Realism: 1 Sapphire = 500 xp Emerald (level 27) requirments: chisel (1879 ea) Knight : 1 Emerald = 33 750xp Ironman: 1 Emerald = 3 375 xp Realism: 1 Emerald = 675 xp Ruby (level 34) requirments: chisel (1908 ea) Knight : 1 Ruby = 42 500 xp Ironman: 1 Ruby = 4 250 xp Realism: 1 Ruby = 850 xp Diamonds (level 43) requirments: chisel (3744 ea) Knight : 1 Diamonds = 53 750 xp Ironman: 1 Diamonds = 5 375 xp Realism: 1 Diamonds = 1 075 xp Dragonstone (level 55) requirments: chisel (29 576 ea) Knight : 1 Dragonstone = 68 750 xp Ironman: 1 Dragonstone = 6 875 xp Realism: 1 Dragonstone = 1 375 xp Onyx (level 67) requirments: chisel (bought from other players or the tzhaar shop) Knight : 1 Onyx = 83 750 xp Ironman: 1 Onyx = 8 375 xp Realism: 1 Onyx = 1 675 xp
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    Make it so whenever you've killed someone you get full inv of rocktails and make it also that you get new pots after everykill. Right now it's kinda unfair when someone has killed like 2 people and the last one has been hiding all the time, because the one that has killed 2 people have none restores left and no prayer, which makes the fight very unfair. Full inv of rocktails when you've killed someone Restock the pots when you've killed someone.
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    I voted yes on this poll HOWEVER my yes vote comes with a condition. PvM Needs to be re-worked before summoning is introduced. With the current state of PvM, summoning would simply make it far too easy. The majority of PvM already is too easy in my opinion.