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    Hi all, Due to some unforeseen circumstances I have decided to step down as acting manager for Pre-Scape. I feel that I no longer have the server's best interests in mind due to the motivation that I'm lacking. I have enjoyed my time here and I'm glad that I have managed to stick with my friends throughout this journey. It saddens me to leave but I feel my replacement, Operative, will do a superb job. I would like to take this time to thank Kade for the opportunity & the rest of the management and staff team who have made my long stay here a very welcome one. I will forever be grateful for the relationships that I have built and I wish everyone good health and fortune in the future. I want nothing but the best for Pre-Scape and I'm hoping that my decision to step down will make a positive impact on the server's success. All the best, Jake
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made to the game since the last update log. I decided to spend these last couple of days focusing on something challenging and worth the grind for our community members to participate in. Many of the community members have suggested that they really wanted something new and appealing, so that's exactly what I've been working on ❤️ Today's update includes the Chamber of Stones. You may begin the Chamber of Stones (Mini-Raid) by teleporting via the Teleport interface. Once you have arrived you must speak to the Chamber Guardian What is this place? Triumph Room: The cost to enter is 10,000,000 M. Once you have began the mini-raid, you will be teleported to Room 1, where you will be required to obtain all 3 stones. You will then be teleported to the Triumph Room to begin killing the Chamber Boss Overall the entire mini-raid will require around 15-30 minutes and the loot drops are most definitely rewarding. After a few hours of testing, the update is now live. Here is also the drop table of the Mini-Raid Boss Everyone's fan favorite Twisted Bow is now obtainable to the public. Thank you to everyone who has supported this server the past few weeks, truly has been an amazing time working with everyone and especially hosting all these events. Can't wait to see all the positive feedback this one gets Misc Changes Server engine has been tweaked to hold more capacity and data. Fixed an exploit that caused players to go invisible Fixed a bug that was reported for Vetion vanishing Completionist Cape has stats have been adjusted Magic Formulas have been re-worked Multiple combat bugs have been fixed thanks to Beast Honorable Mentions: Gemini, Arkem, Hc Alex Next week our dedicated developer will be working on implementing OSRS content, so for those of you who have suggestions and feedback to give, be sure to join our discord and use #suggestions Thank you to everyone who has spent multiple hours with me in voice chat since the launch of the server, a lot of things happen behind the scenes and I wouldn't be able to keep pushing without all of you. Best Regards, Kade, Operative, Fawk, Yor
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    Hey guys it's Yeti here you can call me Yeti or Joe either one is cool with me! I come from Zamroak back in the day and am going to try and get back into it! Feel free to say what's up in game I'm pretty laid back and am always down to have a conversation! Hope to see you guys in game and can't wait to start putting more time in here!
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    Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll. The results have surprised me. Those of you that have left ideas, thank you. You've certainly given us some things to think about. The winners of the Golden Scratch Tickets will be announced here at 7pm on Wednesday 24th July.
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    Sad seeing you go Jake, we'll miss you on the team brother 💔 No better man to take up the job than @Operative. We all wish you the best with your future endeavours ❤️
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    I'll contact you in-game regarding this.
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    Username(s): Astro Timezone (GMT): Currently in Afghanistan, will be in EST in a week Language(s): English, little spanish Do you have any staff experience? Server name(s): I was a server support once but i cannot remember the name of the server. it was a long time ago. Your role and responsibilities: Server Support Reason why you no longer work there: I joined the army and eventually deployed, I did not have the time to invest in the server that was required of me. Why would you like to join the staff team?: I like to help others as much as I can and help make the server a better environment for the players What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: Leadership, trustworthiness, and dedication. I'm in the US Army so I understand what it takes to work as a team to make things better for everyone. How many hours can you put into Pre-Scape weekly?: anywhere from 15-35. realistically it will probably be around 25 a week Have you ever been sanctioned before? If yes, explain: no Do you have Skype?: yes Time Played (screenshot): upon editing this i am at 44 hours.
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    Not sure if this application has been forgotten but Astro's playtime has increased a significant amount and has been actively putting forward suggestions for the server as well as assisting new players. I may be a bit bias because Astro has offered to help me on many occasions after I 1: lost my blood necklace due to an ss member and 2: got cleaned during gambling. It really does help to just have someone to boss with when you are either poor or kind of down in the dumps due to members of the community taking advantage of you. Astro has always been more than fair when interacting with all members of the community and that's why I support him becoming a part of the team
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    Sad to see you leave the staff team I wish you the best of luck.
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    sad to see you leave, best of luck buddy.
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    How would you even know?? You're never even on. Stay in your lane.
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    wish only the best for you, hope to see you around!
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    Unfortunately I don't think that bossing idea would work as if there was tons of people and only 4 GWD Bosses it wouldnt be very fair and would probably encite a lot of flaming imo as people will fight over the bosses and even if it didn't it wouldnt be a very good event as only X could participate with the limited amount of time + bosses there would be. As far as ideas I believe there is many ideas that could potentially work but as far as short term same day events there isnt nearly as many. I think there could be PVM ideas where the staff team could elude to where a boss would spawn randomly in Pre-Scape and that boss could have an enormous amount of HP with fairly decent drop rates, although make it so anything OP could not be used (insta kill darts, or anything over a certain item set that way its fair for new players as well) As far as skilling i think it would be very cool to see like an event where people were teleported into an area and all their stats would be 1 and they must train their stats to complete a certain amount of tasks to create items that then is given to the staff team and once their tasks are complete and items given then they win (x must get 99 mining + x amount of runite, addy, mith etc ore. applies to anything like wcing, fletching etc)
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    I really like the kind of the skill idea @Oblv Jordan mentioned however i would tweak it a bit. I think all fresh accounts should be in realism mode to make the grind of getting levels and xp harder. I think winner should be how it is on old school, whoever has the highest total level. There should also be a secondary away for whoever has the most experience in a single skill. The competition should span across 3 days. Trading with main accounts is eligible for disqualification. Another idea i have is for a bossing event. I used to watch Runeshark back in the day and I think it would be awesome to have an event to see who could get the first godsword from scratch. Start with a fresh account, realism or knight, your choice. And race to get the hilt and blade piece drops and create your own godsword. First one to smith it together wins. Lastly another pvm event that I think would be fun is to have a mass skotizo just to have the community together and give everyone a chance for a rare drop.
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    Hey! Glad to see so many old faces turning back up. Hope you enjoy your stay and if you ever need help just pm me in game or on discord
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    If you need any part or the whole set I can get it for you for the right price
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    Fawk lmk if you still need a purple phat
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    one the the friendliest guys i have met in prescape hes nice and active aswell always helps players when he can you definitely got my support buddy!
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    Sad to see you go Jake and hope that Operative can make as big of an impact as you did! Hope to see you around dude!
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    Op is never active lmao
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    id really like to see some boss masses. staff and players killing all the bosses together. maybe this gives new players the chance to see wildy bosses for the first time without fear of being attacked. also its a good time to show boss mechanics to neweer players. a skiller based comp is a little harder. maybe a hide and seek but bring items you have to make? eg 5 coal and 3 iron ore? or a potion that you need to make? as for pvp kade put on the DH fight in multi the other day and i thought that was pretty amazing. pvp events where players dont have to use their own items would draw in a bigger crowd imo.
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    Way to go , I love you both and what a great idea to take a poll hope everything goes smooth and I’m here to assist whenever is necessary, great work! @Gemini
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    I have two idea's for events that would span over several days depending how long you wanted the event to run for. My first idea is like OSRS's king of the skill. You had X amount of days to train stats and get the highest total level possible. Think this would be a fun idea depending on the game mode you chose. Say the event was based on knight mode maybe you have 48 hours to get as much xp possible in those 48 hours of gametime, not IRL time. My second idea would be starting on fresh accounts and and you had lets say a week of playing and getting drops and at the end of it, the person who has the biggest bank value wins. No donating and everyone would have to be on the same style account to make everything fair.
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    I have to disagree with Creation (sorry) on this one. I've seen you in-game quite a bit and although, yes, your play time is low at the minute - your knowledge of the game does not reflect this. For someone with 44 hours played, you seem to have picked up a lot very quickly and I've been surprised at how much you know about various aspects of the server and it's mechanics. You seem keen to share this knowledge with other players too which is great. I don't think we can fault you based on the hours played right now as we've only been live for a few days and we've already started asking for applications from players - we can't realistically expect everyone who applies to already have 100 hours + play time. My only criticism would be, like Creation said, try to be a little more active on the forums. Maybe set some goals out in a forums post or introduce yourself to the community (if you haven't already). I wish you the best of luck with your application. Lancelot
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    Donating RSGP Donation Rates: 1.25m OSRS = $1 8m RS3 = $1 Minimum $10 donation. If you donate less than $10 worth of GP, you will only have the respective amount added to your total donated. No other rewards, such as donator points, will be applied to your account. If you donate more than $10 worth of GP, you will be given the respective amount in donator scrolls, which will allow you to redeem donator points. How to: In order to donate RSGP, you will need to contact a member of staff. The current staff members who can handle RSGP donations are: Kade Operative If neither Kade or Operative are online, please contact an Administrator or Forum Administrator. These staff members can also handle RSGP donations but should only be approached if Kade or Operative are offline. If none of the above staff are online, contact any member of staff who is online, telling them that you wish to donate RSGP. Bare in mind that these staff members CANNOT handle donations, but they can relay your request to someone who can. *DO NOT DONATE RSGP WITHOUT SPEAKING TO ONE OF THE LISTED STAFF MEMBERS FIRST* Donating Prepaid Cards We accept a variety of prepaid gift cards, such as iTunes, Amazon Gift Cards, etc Please contact Kade to move forward with these types of transactions.