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    There will not be an economy reset. We are aware a lot of players are worried that there is a huge influx of items in the economy, but these past few weeks there has been well over thousands of charge backs on the items that were brought into the economy to begin with. So we will be going through and running a scan that wipes all the items regardless of what player has them currently based off the charge backs. So this should solve a majority of your worries anyways, because since the item was charged back via transaction, it should not be in the game anymore. We'll be doing a wipe on any item that was donated for and the customer charged back. Regardless if that item is on someone else's account, if it was donated for, and the original person charged back, we apologize but we'll be wiping it. This may seem unfair, but it is also unfair to keep those items in the economy. With the player base we had, we believe it cannot possibly upset that many players considering there really was no significant count of players.