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    Greetings, Alongside the announcement earlier this week, I would like to follow up on something even larger that will aid us in not only marketing but also a prosperous growth in the coming days. As most of you know, prior to Pre-Scape we were once known as Zamorak RSPS. Without stroking my ego too much, I can confidently say that Zamorak was among one of the largest servers back in the day. The community, the marketing, the activity, and overall environment was at a level that we could only strive to reach now. However due to unforeseen circumstances, when reaching a certain level of success back then, situations were not so stable and under control as they are today. After an up-time of nearly 5 years straight and having over 800,000 character files created on our game, we had to switch directions and open under a new name. That name as you all know, for nearly the last 2 years, is Pre-Scape. The idea behind Pre-Scape was to advertise as one of the leading Pre-Eoc content packed Runescape Private servers. (Pre-Scape, hence the name. I know, "quite original"), and welcome our fellow users from Zamorak along the way to the best capability we could without altering the domain and registrars to the full extent. To say the least, Zamorak.Net has basically been unavailable for me to use legally for the last 2 years, to the full potential I wanted to. But after battling it out with the company behind my domain and name servers, I can finally market and use it to its full potential. During the last 1-2 years I have been completely focused on Pre-Scape and building the base to be as stable as possible and most importantly even more enjoyable than what Zamorak already was. Pre-Scape essentially became a working area for me to continue enjoying what I do and allowing players to continue their gameplay here. The handful of people who followed along the way definitely made their way here, but THOUSANDS of others have been unable to realize and understand that Pre-Scape has essentially been Zamorak this whole time. The main question that everyone will have is what's going to happen to Pre-Scape. Now, one thing I have is integrity, and I refuse to do this the way I have seen multiple servers do in the past. They would close their server down, and re-open their "Nostalgic" name completely fresh, and basically say "fuck you" to the players who played their game, donated, and dedicated endless amount of hours. I genuinely care about my community, and I love everything I have built these last 1-2 years within Pre-Scape. With that being said, nothing is changing aside from using and switching our brand to our Original "Zamorak" and use its full potential to finally hit the RSPS Community of the fact we are back. I believe everyone here would agree, it would be the smartest decision to use all our resources where we can to make sure that Quarter 4 of this year goes as planned. No one will lose their progress, in fact if you've noticed, I've already made the adjustments on the website practically everywhere, the server has still been online and running smoothly, and the only few changes that will occur are the names server wise and our client (will happen soon) Everyone on the website will remain functional, now the only thing moving forward is to set up advertisements, and let the RSPS Community know we are back. In fact, we have already started to see a growth in player base these last few days and that's only from word of mouth. For those who want an idea of how strong our community on Zamorak truly was, well go ahead and do some research on youtube and you'll see hundreds if not thousands of videos from content creators across the entire RSPS community uploaded over the last few years. In regards to some marketing stuff, I have gone ahead and re-uploaded our original Zamorak RSPS promotional video from 2016 to help bring some traffic back to our subscribers and other users across the community The link will be uploaded soon. The original video has been unlisted. I also cannot thank you all enough for sticking through everything, and I am so grateful for those of you who did not give up on me and the server. https://zamorak.net is now active and will be the main source of traffic for our website. However, https://pre-scape.com will remain functional and in use for our OG's. Best Regards, Titan / Kade
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    Donator Benefits of Pre-Scape You can purchase item(s) from our store via paypal, after you have completed the transaction you may claim your item(s) automatically by typing the command ::claimstore in-game. Due to large request: We accept display name changes in exchange for a $10 scroll/donation. This only implies to in-game as you're able to change your display name on the Forums free of charge. -> You get ( Donator ) status once your account has a total of $10 donated. -> You get ( Super Donator) status once your account has a total of $50 donated. -> You get ( Extreme Donator ) status once your account has a total of $100 donated. -> You get ( Legendary Donator ) status once your account has a total of $300 donated. -> You get ( Ultimate Donator ) status once your account has a total of $500 donated. -> You get ( Premium Donator ) status once your account has a total of $1000 donated. -> You get ( Supreme Donator ) status once your account has a total of $5000 donated. Donator Scrolls When a player purchases a Donator Scroll, they will be prompted with the following option: However, as you grow higher in scrolls, each Donator Scroll will start to give bonus tokens. $50 Will give your account +10 Bonus Points $100 Will give your account +20 Bonus Points $500 Will give your account +100 Bonus Points Scrolls are the only way to obtain donator points on Pre-Scape. After you have donated you can use your points by visiting the Pre-Scape Donation Dwarf located inside edgville Bank. All Donator Islands are accessed via ::di $10 Donation (Donator) Donator Title Red Donator Sign next to the Name The Ability to use ::Yell with a 30 second cool down timer Access to switching your spell book using ::ancients, ::modern, ::lunar Target Search is reduced by 20% for normal Donators 1 Bonus Pest Control Points per game Extra 5 slayer points Bonus 5% Drop Rate Bonus 5% Bonus Dungeoneering Tokens A 1/12 chance to receive (2x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Island #1 by typing ::Di $50 Donation (Super Donator) Super Donator Title Purple Donator Sign next to the name The Ability to use : :Yell with a 15 sec timer. Access to ::Di Access to Donator Skilling Zone filled with mining ores, trees, implings, and much more. Bonus 10% Drop Rate Bonus 2 Bonus Pest Control Points per game Extra 7 slayer points 10% Bonus Dungeoneering Tokens A 1/10 chance to receive (2x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Access to Super Donator Store $100 Donation (Extreme Donator) Extreme Donator Title Green Donator Sign next to the name The Ability to use ::Yell with no timer Bonus 15% Drop Rate Bonus 3 bonus pest control points per game, Extra 9 slayer points 15% bonus dung tokens 1 extra pk point per kill 3x vote points ::Recharge (restores prayer) A 1/8 chance to receive (2x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Access to the Monster Donator Zone (Filled with almost every NPC) neccessary for small to mid tier bosses Island #2 ::Di $300 Donation (Legendary Donator) Legendary Donator Title Blue Donator Sign next to the name The Ability to use ::Yell with no timer Bonus 20% Drop Rate Bonus Access to ::Bank You can use ::toggleprayer to change between curses or normal prayers. 4 bonus pest control points per game Extra 12 slayer points 20% bonus dung tokens 2 extra pk points per kill 4x vote points A 1/6 chance to receive (3x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Access to Legendary Shop which has various supplies including Ores, Logs, Potions and Rings, etc. $500 Donation (Ultimate Donator) Ultimate Donator Title Donator Sign next to the name Earn 50 zombie points when you kill the Demonic Hellhound in the wilderness. The Ability to use ::Yell with no timer Bonus 25% Drop Rate Bonus Unlimited prayer (Disabled in the Wilderness) 5 bonus pest control points per game Extra 13 slayer points 25% bonus dung tokens ::Restore (restores spec, hp, prayer) 3 extra pk points per kill 5x Vote Points A 1/4 chance to receive (3x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Permanent (3x Bonus) Mining Ore + Logs at Ultimate Donator Island 1/250 Chance to receive a Insta-Kill Dart while mining / woodcutting (Only at Ultimate Donator Island) $1000 Donation (Premium Donator) Premium Donator Title Donator Sign next to the name The ability to use ::yell with no timer Bonus 35% Drop Rate Bonus 6 bonus pest control points per game Extra 15 slayer points 30% bonus dung tokens 3 extra pk points per kill 5x vote points A 1/2 chance to receive (4x Bonus) Ores / Logs / Fish Access to Premium Donator Shop, which is still being developed on as more suggestions within the community are given Access to purchase Overload flasks, Barrows Sets, Rocktails, Dragon Bones, and Red Chins. Supreme Donator - $5000 Total Donated Orange Donator Sign Permanent Double Drops Permanent Double Experience Permanent PVM Defense Bonus (4 hrs a day) Critical Chances in PVM increased. In-game Donator Stores Store 1: Ironmen only have access to Store 1. Store 2: Drygore weapons can ONLY be used in PvM situations. Regular Party Hats can ONLY be obtained via Golden Scratch Cards. Thanks again for choosing to donate to Pre-Scape. If you would like to donate via OSRS GP, or Prepaid Gift Cards speak to myself Kade Custom donations can also be discussed such as 1 in-game, etc. (A list of those will be made later on)
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    Greetings Pre-Scapers, First and foremost I wanted to take the time to give a big thank you to each and every single individual who has continued to show their support towards the server throughout this year. The fact the server is still here is only because of those who have believed in the project and continued to dedicate time to play it everyday. This thread will cover information that will help you understand and prepare for what changes are going to be made within the next few months in this last quarter of 2019. None of the progress we have made would of been possible without all of you. If you have been here with us since day one, you would know just as much as anyone else, how far we truly have came from the era of where not a single day could go by without the server breaking and running into major issues. These last two months for myself have took a lot out of me, and in regards to dedicated content development we haven't had anything new worked on or pushed other than Vorkath, that will be finalized and pushed out fully with a drop table here soon. However, the biggest blessing that came out of all of this is that the dedicated community of 30-50 players have still stayed by our side and logged in and enjoyed the game. They've continued to vote, they continued to grind, and every single person I've talked to has shown nothing but love towards our community. For that I am truly blessed and thankful for. This community to me is like a family, and although I've undergone a busy time these last few weeks, I owe it to my community to bounce back and get our gears back in motion, and continue on with Q4 to grow once more, and push out even more content than before. Expect things to look brighter for Pre-Scape in the coming days, and as all of you know advertisements play a big role in our game plan, so to those who have continously donated and shown their support, know that I cannot be more thankful to know I have such a strong community backing us up. Cheers to Quarter Four of 2019, Best Regards, Kade
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    Welcome to the Official Price Guide for Pre-Scape. We will try to stick to this thread as much as we can and keep it updated as much as possible to ensure that players are getting the most out of their items. We will regularly be checking up with members of the community to work alongside the staff team to ensure the prices listed in this thread are accurate. If you wish to give input on prices, please contact a member of Administration. Last updated: 20th of February, 2019. To search for your desired item, please use CRTL + F. Bandos chestplate 15-20m Bandos tassets 20m Statius’s full helm 30m Statius’s platebody 30m Statius’s platelegs 30m Vesta’s chainbody 40m Vesta’s plateskirt 40m Torva full helm 100m Torva platebody 100m Torva platelegs 100m 3rd age full helmet N/A 3rd age platebody N/A 3rd age platelegs N/A 3rd age kiteshield N/A Dragon full helm (g) 4-10m Dragon full helm 20m Dragon platebody (g) 4-10m Dragon platebody 10m Dragon platelegs (g) 4-10m Dragon plateskirt (g) 4-10m Dragon scimitar (g) 4-10m Dragon sq shield (g) 4-10m Dragon defender (g) 15-20m Serpentine helm 50m Magma helm 50-70m Tanzanite helm 50-70m Armadyl helmet 10m Armadyl chestplate 20m Armadyl chainskirt 20m Morrigan’s coif 30m Morrigan’s body 30m Morrigan’s chaps 30m 3rd age range coif N/A 3rd age range top N/A 3rd age range legs N/A 3rd age vambraces N/A Pernix cowl 70-100m Pernix body 70-100m Pernix chaps 70-100m Ganodermic visor 10m Ganodermic poncho 10m Ganodermic leggings 10m Zuriel’s hood 30m Zuriel’s robe top 30m Zuriel’s bottoms 30m Virtus mask 70-80m Virtus body 70-80m Virtus legs 70-80m Ancestral hat 150-200m Ancestral robe top 200-250m Ancestral robe bottom 200-250m 3rd age mage hat N/A 3rd age robe top N/A 3rd age robe N/A Infinity hat N/A Infinity top N/A Infinity bottoms N/A Infinity gloves N/A Infinity boots 30m Dharok’s helm 4-5m Dharok’s platebody 4-5m Dharok’s platelegs 4-5m Dharok’s greataxe 4-5m Guthan’s helm 4m Guthan’s platebody 4m Guthan’s chainskirt 4m Guthan’s warspear 4m Torag’s helm 3m Torag’s platebody 3m Torag’s platelegs 3m Torag’s hammers 3m Verac’s helm 4m Verac’s brassard 4m Verac’s plateskirt 4m Verac’s flail 4m Karil’s coif 3m Karil’s leathertop 5m Karil’s leatherskirt 5m Karil’s crossbow 3m Ahrim’s hood 3m Ahrim’s robetop 5m Ahrim’s robeskirt 5m Ahrim’s staff 3m Battle-mage helm 100-120m Battle-mage robe 100-120m Battle-mage legs 100-120m Battle-mage gloves 100-120m Battle-mage boots 100-120m Trickster helm 100-120m Trickster robe 100-120m Trickster robe legs 100-120m Trickster gloves 100-120m Trickster boots 100-120m Vanguard helm 100-120m Vanguard body 100-120m Vanguard legs 100-120m Vanguard gloves 100-120m Vanguard boots 100-120m Abyssal whip 2.5-5m Abyssal vine whip 15m Abyssal tentacle N/A Vesta's longsword 75-100m Vesta's spear 150-200m Statius's warhammer 60-80m Dragon warhammer 30-60m Armadyl godsword 45-60m Saradomin godsword 10m Bandos godsword 8-15m Zamorak godsword 7-10m Zamorakian spear 40-50m Korasi's sword 60-80m Drygore rapier 350-400m Drygore rapier (offhand) 350-400m Drygore longsword 300-325m Drygore longsword (offhand) 350-400m Drygore mace 300-325m Drygore mace (offhand) 300-325m Dragon claws 50-60m Elder maul 150-200m Dark bow 5m Armadyl crossbow 150-200m Zaryte bow 150-200m Hand cannon 3m Toxic blowpipe 150-180m Twisted bow N/A Dragon arrow 3k ea Dragon dart 8-10k ea Diamond bolts (e) N/A Ruby bolts (e) 5-7k ea Dragonstone bolts (e) 5k ea Onyx bolts (e) 10k ea Morrigan's javelin 100k ea Morrigan’s throwing axe 80-100k ea Master wand 10-15m Kodai wand 800m-1b Staff of light 5-10m Staff of the dead 90-110m Toxic staff of the dead 150-200m Trident of the seas N/A Trident of the swamp N/A Armadyl battlestaff 450-500m Zuriel’s staff N/A Polypore staff N/A Divine spirit shield 800-1b Elysian spirit shield 110-125m Arcane spirit shield 80-100m Spectral spirit shield 50-75m Dragonfire shield 20-30m Dragon kiteshield NA Mage’s book 5-10m Malediction ward 5-10m Odium ward 5-10m Dragon boots 3-5m Bandos boots N/A Steadfast boots 25-30m Glaiven boots 25-30m Ragefire boots 25-30m Primordial boots 120-150m Pegasian boots 90-110m Eternal boots 80-100m Amulet of fury 5-7.5m Amulet of fury (or) 40-50m 3rd age amulet N/A Blood necklace 150-200m Necklace of anguish 150-200m Tormented bracelet 150-200m Amulet of torture 150-200m Ring of suffering 150-200m Berserker ring 10-15m Berserker ring (i) 30-40m Warriors ring 3-5m Warriors ring (i) 5-10m Seers ring 5-7m Seers ring (i) 5-10m Archers ring 5-7m Archers ring (i) 5-10m Ring of wealth 10m Ring of wealth (i) 100-150m Eye of the warrior 30m Eye of the ranger 20m Eye of the mage 30m Ring of the gods N/A Treasonous ring N/A Tyrannical ring N/A Dragon hatchet 7-10m Dragon pickaxe 6-8m Dragon pickaxe (or) 10m-13m Coal 700-1k ea Living mineral 5k ea Magic logs 3-5k ea Rune bar 15-20k ea Uncut ruby N/A Uncut diamond N/A Uncut dragonstone N/A Uncut onyx 7.5-10m ea Raw shark 3-4k ea Raw rocktail 8-10k ea Pure essence 1k ea Stardust 1k ea Dragon bones 50-100k ea Frost dragon bones 200-250k ea $10 Scroll 90-120m $50 Scroll 450-600m $100 Scroll 900-1.2b $500 Scroll 4.5-6b Scratch ticket 80-100m 3rd age bow ~150m 3rd age wand ~150m 3rd age longsword N/A Magic fang 20-50m Omni-talisman staff 50-70m Mystery box 2m ea Legendary mystery box 8-10m ea Auth codes 2-3m ea Crystal key 2-3m ea Godsword blade 3-5m Holy elixir 5-10m ea Rainbow partyhat 2-3b Christmas cracker 400m Pink partyhat 800-1b Black partyhat 800-1b Aqua partyhat N/A Lava partyhat N/A Red partyhat 400-500m Blue partyhat 400-500m Green partyhat 500m Yellow partyhat 500m Purple partyhat 500m White partyhat 500m Partyhat & specs 1b Black halloween mask N/A Red halloween mask 120-180m Blue halloween mask 120-180m Green halloween mask 120-180m Santa hat 150-200m Black santa hat 400-500m Third-age druidic set 800-1b Sled 600m Scythe 50m Bunny ears 200m Skeleton mask 20m Skeleton shirt 20m Skeleton leggings 20m Skeleton gloves 20m Skeleton boots 20m Web cloak 20m Jack lantern mask 80m Basket of eggs 600m Demonic death cape 300m Heroic death cape 300m Rubber chicken 75m Fox 75m Pink flippers 85m Black flippers 85m Aqua flippers 85m Red flippers 85m Lime flippers 85m White flippers 85m Purple flippers 85m Top hat 85m White top hat 85m Pink top hat 85m Purple top hat 85m Lime top hat 85m Aqua top hat 85m Red top hat 85m Anger sword 20m-40m Anger mace 20m-40m Anger spear 20m-40m Anger battleaxe 20m-40m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Infinity hat (recolour) 40m Infinity top (recolour) 40m Infinity bottoms (recolour) 40m Monkey greegree 80-140m Ninja monkey greegree 80-140m Gorilla greegree 80-140m Zombie monkey greegree 80-140m Credits to Knight, im D, dzuma and Gemini for the help. Thanks, Gamble.
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    Hi all, Due to some unforeseen circumstances I have decided to step down as acting manager for Pre-Scape. I feel that I no longer have the server's best interests in mind due to the motivation that I'm lacking. I have enjoyed my time here and I'm glad that I have managed to stick with my friends throughout this journey. It saddens me to leave but I feel my replacement, Operative, will do a superb job. I would like to take this time to thank Kade for the opportunity & the rest of the management and staff team who have made my long stay here a very welcome one. I will forever be grateful for the relationships that I have built and I wish everyone good health and fortune in the future. I want nothing but the best for Pre-Scape and I'm hoping that my decision to step down will make a positive impact on the server's success. All the best, Jake