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    Greetings, Here are the changes made since the last update log. Update client rendering via FTP server to reduce the amount of black screens users experienced at random Fixed more reported safe spots that were found inside the Chamber of Stones Manually updated reported combat formulas for certain weapons that players were showing concerns for Applied Zombie Mini-Game patch that should help with the waves from freezing. Updated Trivia Store Prices You can now craft Onyx Bolt Tips There was a bug reported for certain interfaces, that when clicking behind they wouldn't close properly, this has been fixed. There seemed to be a duplicate model for Serpentine Helmet that implemented ages ago, and because of this one model had the correct abilities of Serpentine Helmet, and one did not. Both models will now work as they should. Wilderness Bosses will now drop noted Overload Flasks instead of regular Overloads (non noted) Reported In-Game interfaces will now work in Resizable mode. Phoenix has been added to the New Drop Rate System implemented in a prior patch Vorkath has been released to the public for beta testing, this following week, we will try to implement mechanics to make it more difficult and balanced. Leave your suggestions via our Discord Fixed reported crash during teleport interface being opened. Fixed experience drops that were being reported missing. Began implementing a new object route tracing system, that will help pathing in future patches Hand Cannon damage has been boosted. As always, thank you for the on-going support towards the server. Don't forget that suggestions make a huge impact on the server. So be sure to join our Discord and start leaving your feedback. There is also a huge goodie bag event that will end this Sunday, August 18th, 2019. (Don't miss it) Thank You Best Regards, Kade
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    This event is Hide and Seek with a twist: a gamble! RULES 1.The host hides and announces that the first person to find them will win a prize. This could be a skilling supplies loot bag or something extra special such as high tier armour. The prize all depends on what the host wishes to use. 2. Once found the host can offer the winner an opportunity to boost their winnings by picking a number OR the winner can take the original loot without gambling it (but where's the fun in that?) 3. The host rolls the dice (dice bag) or uses the Random Number Generator (in the quest tab) and if the winner guessed a number that is within (x) of the number rolled on the dice they win double the original loot OR something extra such as a mystery box (at the discretion of the host). The parameters will be set by the host. 4. If the number they selected is not within the bracket - the finder will win nothing. 5. Repeat and have fun! There is no set time or date for this event. It can be used by any player who wishes to host a fun event at any time. I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM!