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  1. Kade

    What do you want to see?

    This idea is pretty nice, mind letting me know in more detail about it? I'll try to add something similar next update.
  2. Kade

    hello commynity!

    Welcome Back Miksi. It's good to see ya bud.
  3. Kade

    Website Index Back Online

    Sorry for the delays once again guys
  4. Kade

    Server Update 10/15/18

    Glad to have you back on the team brother. Hopefully everything works out just as good as last time around.
  5. Kade

    Welcome Apache Ah64

    Fortunately he's the only person who hasn't let me down as a developer.
  6. Kade

    Welcome Apache Ah64

    Of course man, we are in this far too long to give up now.
  7. Kade

    Welcome Apache Ah64

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been showing so much support towards the project after our last inconvenience regarding our ex-developer. It was a tough decision for me to take, and I cannot say how much I appreciate the fact that so many players along with old veterans that have logged in or sent me a message to check up on me and the state of the server. Moving forward, I have created a game plan on what exactly needs to be done, and the staff team and I will be working on pushing all of these changes towards the server. After all the ups and downs regarding this server, I made a promise I will not give up, and keep looking forward. Now, after a long conversation, today I am glad to say, that we now have a new dedicated developer who will be working alongside me in taking Pre-Scape to the top. Apache Ah64 is now part of the development team of Pre-Scape. He will be will working as our Website Developer / Server Developer. Not only was Apache one of the co-founders of my last Project, Zamorak, but he allowed it to recover it to its full potential and helped it prosper with me for 3 years straight. I am excited for what the future of Pre-Scape holds, and I hope this time we will not run into situations where our developer is not consistent and true to its word. I have no doubt Apache alongside being my good friend, will help us where he can. Thank you for your love & support. Best Regards. Kade
  8. Kade

    Goodbye Bane.

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, It's a sad day to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances Bane is no longer part of the development team nor affiliate with Pre-Scape whatsoever. This may not come to a surprise to many of you, but Bane was not a reliable developer to have here at Pre-Scape. With constant mood swings, not willing to hear his flaws, and overall being incompatible with the rest of the staff team, Bane just wasn't the right fit as a developer here at Pre-Scape anymore. When we had first opened this project, I closed down my previous project Zamorak, in hopes to create something new, alongside allow Bane to be a part of it. Putting in the initial money, paying him out of my pocket for helping get everything together and going 50/50. I allowed him an opportunity to make a good earning from his hard work which he most definitely at the time did showcase for Pre-Scape. Afterwards those of you who remember, we had our first fall after Bane suddenly went MIA, and was not capable of putting in the correct amount of time for the server, leading to our first decline. Due to not knowing this was going to happen, and overall not being able to prepare for such issue, Bane's excuse at the time was he was preparing for exams, but I would assume something that is bringing you income, you would most definitely put out time for such an occurrence.. Bane was our website developer, and at the time our website had went down for about 2-3 weeks, because he could not find time in his 24 hour time frame, to help bring back the website. I ended eventually getting the certificate for the website renewed, which then brought us back online. Now due to the downtime, multiple users had charged back, along with our top 3 donators at the time, who accumulated around 15,000 USD worth of donations. Keep in mind all of this had happened after I had paid Bane his 50/50 split. Which was well over 5,000 + USD if you included payments before the end of the month payment. Now, after keeping my end of the deal, bringing in players, putting the initial money in, and managing the community with my management team, Bane is paid, but then vanishes and barely responds to any of my messages or able to put time for Pre-Scape. I was left with my end of the 50%, which then was overtaken, because I was handling the payments through my PayPal, and the website was offline, when these donators charged back, I had instantly lost, because there was no website to use as evidence that our service / game was even online, let alone the transaction went through. Now after all this, I became negative 15,000 USD in debt, yet I still pushed through because I kept a promise with all of you that I will keep running this server and attempt to take it to the top. The server has been running for 2 months straight now, and although updates were not on the levels of expectation, I still promised to keep this server up. Now through the past 2 months, I would like you all to know what myself and the rest of the staff team have had to go through with our ex developer Bane. Now anyone who has been staff, or is on the staff team, without being biased whatsoever, can 1000% without a doubt agree that everything I have stated and am going to say has been true. Bane cannot handle criticism, if you point out his flaw or a mistake / problem he will get easily offended. Random acts of rage and disrespect towards staff members who are clearly joking. When he jokes around he expects the rest of the staff team to be okay with it, but when people make jokes about him or any remarks, he is easily offended creating such an awkward environment for staff. Refusing to communicate when asked to join voice communications, multiple and countless times. Has been caught lying saying he is unable to make time to code, but then caught playing games such as RS3... Bane spent an entire 11 days working on improving and making combat "387% better" which ended up making it so anyone with level 1 combat could not hit or train combat.. Because of this every single new player we had during the next 14-16 day period where Bane was "sick" we did not keep and our advertisements were wasted. One of the largest and biggest mistakes I was extremely disappointed was, as you all may have noticed, Bane worked on what he wanted to work on, and made his own schedule. He wasn't following protocol, and was his own person. Nearly a month or so ago, you all remember when we uploaded our new website theme and forum, at the time prior to nearly a week I had asked Bane if he could do it and he completely shoved it to the side..I pushed it a couple times but I had already expected he was going to say no. So then one day out of the blue Bane said, can you grab a back up, "I'm going to spend today to upload the new website and make it compatible". At the time I was impressed, I was so suprised he was interested in spending and dedicating time to something like, because recently he hadn't. Now, after not even 3-4 days, I find out that the website we used before that, was live and uploaded here https://vendrarsps.com/ ("I do not recommend you play this RSPS") just placing the link so you can see it as well. Bane claims that he was going to tell me, and at the time not only was I furious but everyone in the staff team felt betrayed. I tried looking past it, but then he went on to tell me that the owner paid him for the website, and then the owner of the website had claimed he did not pay him. Stories were contradicting one another, and it was obvious they were trying to play me. But anyways, after I exposed Bane for doing all this, I want you all to know, that I originally had paid for that website, from someone else, who eventually did released it on Rune-Server. But, I owned the content of all Pre-Scape material as the owner, and I should have definitely been asked before anything like this even occurred. I had paid Bane to work on the website, he was working on behalf of Pre-Scape, and that does not give him the rights to sell it without my permission. After that day, it was clear that I need to make sure Bane stops fucking up, Bane apologized countless times, but it was clear that after everything he put me through, that he clearly chases and goes where the money is. Now, fast forward, after the combat update, Bane suddenly became ill, at this time Vendra RSPS, the server he works for is in beta stage development, for about 2-3 weeks, Bane claims he was ill, however the website and server seems to be being prepped for release. A week ago the server was released, and after the server was released, suddenly Bane comes back to feeling better. He pushes out a nice quick update thread, and then the next day vanished again. I asked Bane, if he is able to fix our hiscores and do website services, because I know so many of you have been worried about it and it is a huge aspect for the game. He tells me that he is doing services because he needs money. Then this is the line that triggered me the absolute most. Where he had the courage to ask me for money, after he knows our situation and how he has not dedicated any time in the past 2-3 WEEKS. And the last update he pushed out made it so we could not grow our server because no new player could train. You would think that someone who has been paid nearly 5000+ USD by me, and using your donations, would find the reasoning and time to work on a project he originally committed to then go for quick money on a website. Not even a couple hours later, https://vendrarsps.com/index/highscores Their hiscores are fully functional. This was the last trigger straw my mind could handle. This man had the audacity to ask me for more money, after everything I've helped him with, and he has put not only me, the staff team, and the entire community through. I am being clowned, and this whole time, I have tried my absolute best to give this man a chance to make money. I have been in the RSPS Scene for 8 years +, not once did I ever charge back a single person I paid for work, whether it be a developer or a youtuber, not once. As of yesterday night, I submitted my first charge back and dispute towards a seller. Thankfully as I write this post, Paypal has given me nearly every penny back into my balance, and I will most likely use it to help pay off my debt, that originally occurred due to the first event I stated earlier in the thread. Most of you are probably like, how could I let it go silent that Bane sold the website behind my back, and no one was alerted, I am sorry for hiding this from you, I just wanted the best for you all, and I know if you knew that, that happened and he was still on the team, you would bash him everyday. In conclusion, he has been revoked of all his rights, and privileges on Pre-Scape. I am not too certain if he plans to attack us or whatever, I could care less. I just wanted the best for Pre-Scape and still do. We are still trying to determine what our next move from this point on will be. This was not planned, and it was sudden, you can only imagine how I feel, and Bane knows along with the entire staff team, that everything I have said and stated is the ounce of truth. Best Regards, Kade
  9. Kade

    Server Update 10/09/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, After a rough couple of weeks with Bane unfortunately becoming ill, the updates being pushed out were postponed till we could productively bring them forward. Here are the changes that will be applied in the next update, which will be pushed within 24 hours of this thread. When planting Mithril seeds players will now automatically move one step back. New Players will now be put into the Help Chat as they join Pre-Scape Reported Bugs related, to the Wilderness agility course, pipes, steps, and log balance, have been fixed. "You can only use this command at Edgeville" - Players should no longer run into the issue of standing in certain areas at edgeville where this does not work. FFA has better rates for rewards Dragon Defender, Fire Cape, Tokhar Kal, have been removed from FFA Ava's Accumulator effect should now work correctly (We did not find any real issue with it when tested) We have replaced Super Restores in FFA with Flasks. Infinite Prayer has been removed from Ultimate Donators+ during FFA. There is now a FFA timer that will be displayed We have removed the 5-1 Timer for FFA. Free for all should now be more randomized to favor different modes. Bork should no longer melee across the map Sometimes when trying to add money to pouch it chooses the drop option right below, dropping the cash onto the ground. (This should now be fixed) Auto Retaliate on NPCs should now work. There was another auto retaliate skulling bug reported, which has now been fixed. King Black Dragon will now drop the proper items You are now able to teleport out of King Black Dragon The back to search selection feature on POS is now fixed. Smithing gives a set amount of exp per bar for all equipment except platebodies. When making a platebody you only receive experience for 3 out of the 5 bars used. (Fixed) You will no longer accidentally receive double Pest Control points while the well is off. When clicking through the teleport list, if you click on a teleport before the menu has fully loaded, the interface will freeze and force you to walk a space to reset the menu and go from the start.(This is now fixed) The banker at mage bank has a pathing issue where you can stop 1 or 2 spaces infront of the npc when trying to bank stopping you from accessing the bank until you reposition your character. (This is now fixed) Global Moderator Crown is now fixed Thank you to so many of you as always for your love and support. October is turning out to be an incredible month, we appreciate so many of you everyday logging in and giving us your time & feedback. Most importantly, we are glad so many of you are enjoying the game, because at the end of the day, if you aren't having fun, then we aren't doing it right. Best Regards, Kade
  10. Kade

    Advertisements 10/05/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, As promised we have invested in some advertisements and marketing campaigns to get traffic rolling in our favor once more. I want to say thank you to those of you who have decided to help support the server by donating, without your donations this server truthfully would not be up and running right now. Thank You. I can confidently say we have seen a dramatic increase already. Hopefully the month of October continues to stay in our favor, and we can please many of you with our upcoming changes and updates to Pre-Scape. This thread is purely informational and I want to make a change this month by keeping you all in the loop every single time something involving our community arises. Best Regards, Kade
  11. Greetings Pre-Scapers, As October has arrived we have alas reached our two month mark of being consistently online and for that I am so excited to see what our future holds. These past two months have been compiled amidst a large list of changes and progress, and although the past couple of weeks have not been the most promising or in our favor, we here at Pre-Scape do not plan on giving up. Analyzing what needs to be changed, receiving endless amount of community support, has not only strengthened what we have to offer, but has also made a very positive impact for Pre-Scape. Seeing so many of you showing love & positivity our way just keeps pushing us harder to chase our game plan. As Bane has been ill it has come to an understanding and has opened my eyes dramatically that if we continue to rely on one developer this project will always be grasped behind and not reach its full potential. Do not get me wrong, we have accomplished a lot having Bane by our side, and he is not going anywhere. But we surely do need to find another candidate or two, who can actively push out content and updates for this community. So expect another developer joining us here in the next few days. What does the month of October hold? We plan to continue sending out advertisements as we have been alongside continue searching a way to broadcast our server to the public as much as possible. It's going to take time, patience, and most importantly funds to make all of it happen. But the most important part is that you all show your support by voting and helping our name get out there, and telling as many of your friends to hop on board. I enjoy communicating with all of you so very much, and although I have not done the absolute best lately, I will try to talk to as many people in-game and Discord when I can to keep you all in the loop more often. With that said ❤️ Happy October 1st, 2018 Best Regards, Kade
  12. Kade

    Where is this server going?

    Oh trust me we know 100% that we lack development. We're working on that.
  13. Kade

    Where is this server going?

    And to follow up my last reply, I do want to say we are in fact looking for another experienced developer to work alongside Bane because it has been proven multiple times now, that we just cannot get this server up on its feet with one single developer on board. So stay tuned for that as well.
  14. Kade

    Where is this server going?

    I'm a little concerned with the fact that just because we take a break here and there everyone decides to get extremely worried with the state of the server and its direction. We have had a game plan for this server since the beginning, we did in fact spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook advertisements alongside Instagram too. However, this only got us from 5-10 players to 20-40 a day. If you did not read my thread earlier this week, where I announced the ill condition of our developer Bane it will answer your question to why no development has been made or progress pushed out. The idea and thought of us giving up really needs to be vanished from your mindset at this point. If we really wanted to pack our bags, we would leave already. The server bills and website bills were being paid even during our previous long term downtime, if you believe we're just going to throw away everything and leave, you are mistaken. It is sad to say that we did not receive the turn out from those advertisements we paid for, but they did in fact grow our player base exponentially compared to the average of 1-5 players that we did have to start. Now in terms of hitting 100 + players everyday like we once used to, the only reason that even happened, is because we had an original hype, which died out and cannot be expected to occur again, considering the fact the turnout was so bad afterwards and we did in fact disappoint a lot of community members, whom may very well probably never return til the server reaches a large turning point. Now looking in the past, continuing to be worried, being curious what our goals are, and doubting if the server is even going to be up the next day or week, is just going to bring headaches yours way. Granted I haven't done the absolute best in keeping everyone aware of what we are doing lately, but have trust that we do want this server to succeed just as much as everyone else. Thank you for creating this thread, it does showcase that you truly do care for the server, otherwise you wouldn't have even taken time to really write a thread like most people, and have just quit. Best Regards, Kade
  15. Kade

    Announcement 09/26/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, We are aware some of you are concerned with the state of our development progress as we have not released or pushed any new update out recently. Unfortunately Bane has been ill these past few days and is taking a break from development temporarily while he takes this time to recover. We plan to be back in motion before the first of next month, and are still preparing and working on new ways in growing our community. Best Regards, Kade