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    Server Update 02/17/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, This week has been quite hectic. I was so caught up working on re-writing the databases for our website after the small set back we had in the beginning of the week. It had me realize that Pre-Scape truly is growing at an exponential level, and that we do finally have eyes on us, and some people just do not want to see us grow. (This weeks Peak: 81 Unique IP Addresses On At Once, 92 Players) As the owner, it's my job to keep pushing forward through thick & thin, so a good majority of my time this week was focused on making sure that Pre-Scape could be prepared for anything. With that being said, I was still able to push out a good portion of QoL updates. ( I'm also already in the works for next weeks update log, where I'll have more time to make sure there is unique quality content prepared for all of you) I appreciate all the support everyone was giving the server this week, truly thankful for each and every one of you. Here are the changes made since the last update log. As per player request, I have gone ahead and moved Glod to a more open area with better pathing. Lancelot & Fawk, were kind enough to help us get new trivia questions alongside fixing all the grammar mistakes that were in the old ones. In total there are now 200+ Trivia Questions Dragonbone Bolts have been added to the 1/50 Blood Reaver Drop (QTY: 100) Dragonkite Shield Buffed to: Trident of the Seas has been buffed by 25% Accuracy & Damage Trident of the Swamp has been buffed by 25% Accuracy & Damage Trident of the Swamp now has +20 Magic Damage added to the stats. Players will not be able to empty their blowpipe now on accident. Players can now De-Iron their account by speaking to the Account Manager at home. It will change your game mode to Knight. The only game mode that does not work with this, is the Pker Game Mode. Vesta's Spears have been added to Revenants Drops Zaryte Bow will now only smite the player for 50% instead of 100%. Zaryte Bow will now take 100% Spec Usage from 50%. As per player request, you will now be given a warning when redeeming donator scrolls. This will prevent players from accidentally redeeming. Removed the teleport tablet check for Wilderness, per players request that the suggestion that was implemented awhile ago, was not appealing at all. Updated Corporal Beast, and allowed some weapons such as Zamorakian Spear to hit harder against the Boss. Creating Overloads will now require 4 doses, and you will be given a full four dose overload. Players were getting upset that it took (3) doses, so I have changed it to 4. Regular Donator Benefit Added: When creating overloads you will now receive 1x Extra Overload Potion Corporal Beast Hitpoints is now 15,000 from 20,000. Added ::Droprate command that allows players to read a short general information regarding all the benefits and bonus %'s in Pre-Scape. If for some reason I missed something, let me know I'll add it in. But for the most part this gives a good idea of everything for all new players. Reduced the attack speed of Steel Dragons, due to players complaining they were attacking too fast in comparison to regular hits. Korasi Spec has been buffed by 15%. Trickster has been given a 15% Damage Hit Increase to its Critical Strikes bonuses (Inside & Outside the Wilderness) If you have a 15% Drop Rate Box active when typing ::Droprate it will let you know you have it active Blood Hound Pet now gives 15% Drop rate from 5%. (Obtainable from Scratchers) Regular Donators will now have 5% Drop Rate Bonus instead of only Instances Ultimate Donators will now have 25% Drop Rate and Premium Donators will have 35% Adjusted Golden Scratchers to make them more appealing. As is, they are already one of the best things you can get from the Store, but I want to keep listening to everyone's suggestions to keeping them worth it. Common +Ahrim's set +Guthan's set +Karil's set +Torag's set +Verac's set +Seers' ring (i) +Archers' ring (i) +Berserker ring (i) +Warrior ring (i) + 5x Legendary Mystery Box -Dragon boots -Regular Mystery Boxes Uncommon +50m coins -Seers' ring (i) -Archers' ring (i) -Berserker ring (i) -Warrior ring (i) Rare +150m coins +Basket of Eggs +Blue h'ween mask +Red h'ween mask +Green h'ween mask Legendary +Aqua partyhat +Pink partyhat +Lava partyhat +Aqua santa hat +Pink santa hat +Lava santa hat +White santa hat +Lime santa hat +Purple santa hat +Yellow santa hat +Aqua h'ween mask +Pink h'ween mask +Lava h'ween mask +White h'ween mask +Lime h'ween mask +Purple h'ween mask +Yellow h'ween mask Connection handlers will now be executed multi threaded, so when connections are throttled the server does not pick up any disconnection issues. When multiple players login at once there would be a brief interruption, this has now been fixed. When the database previously picked up information from the server, there would be a 2-3 second delay, now it will be nearly instant. Overall, the way our server works with our data base systems will now work at more appealing speeds, so as we continue to grow throughout the next few months, we should not experience any major problems. As any server, when you continue to grow, you tend to start having DDoS attacks, by god knows who it could be, so I wanted to make sure that I prioritized the safety and protection of the server, so we do not experience any downtime issues. Such as what we experienced this past week. I will be working with multiple players and staff to hit this next update log with some nice content, keep tossing me the QoL suggestions, and I'll continue to keep getting them your way too. We've been online for 2 official months now, and I must say again, the consistency I've kept up with these logs would not be possible without the support of everyone in the community. Because of you all, I always remember where we came from. The struggle, the setbacks, the grind, the sleepless nights, and all the hours put into the game. Pre-Scape and everyone here is my family, a family I am ready to grow with. ❤️ Thank you for your love & support. Best Regards, Kade
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    boss points shop

    What the.
  3. Kade

    Server Update 02/10/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Thank you for the on-going support you all have been showing the server. Pre-Scape has been hitting daily peaks of up-to 80+ players the past couple of days and I am so appreciative for each and every single one of you. I have been keeping up with weekly updates almost every week since we officially re-launched, and I plan to continue to keep up the momentum in hopes to bring nothing but positivity throughout the community and satisfy you all. Last week I brought you all some nice juicy content so this week I decided to get some smaller things fixed but a good portion were nice QoL updates that many of you have been suggesting. Here are the changes made since the last update log. Elder Maul Re-Work A lot of players complained that this maul was not as good as it should have been so I went ahead and did some upgrades to push an incentive for it to be used and obtained. Elder Maul Spec Now Requires 100% Special to be used. Deals 15% Stronger Damage than Regular Max Hit with Special Special Boost doubles accuracy of hit. (How hard it hits) Furious Flames appears below Targets Feet. Heals 100% for whatever you hit on your target with the special. Max Hit : 875 (87.5) (Spec) - With Gear Players can obtain and use within the wilderness. Malediction Ward has been buffed by +6 Magic and +2 Magic Damage Ring of the Gods is now +18 Prayer To make things a lot simpler for players I have gone ahead and added ::Well which automatically opens the Dialogue for the Contribute to Well Option. This will allow players to easily contribute to the well and then continuing off with whatever task they were doing. Kodai Wand has been added to the Ord Drop. Blood Reaver has been nerfed by reducing its attack speed and making it equivalently strong as the rest of the new wilderness bosses that were added last update. Previously Zuriel's Robe Top was significantly weaker than Ahrim's Robe Top this has now been changed. Primal Gauntlets are now tradeable. Tool kits value has been bumped to 10,000 gold. As stated a few days ago Zaryte Bow was nerfed but was still balanced out to be a well off weapon. Removed Obsidian Cape in F2P Mode and replaced with Team Cape. Removed Ring of Recoil in F2P and replaced with F2P Ring. Removed Prayer Potion in F2P Mode and replaced with additional food. Added 1 more Restore Flask to Brid Mode Added Vanguard Mode to Free for All Below is a gif that shows what the minigame will start you out with when "Vanguard" is selected. Added Battle of Gods (3) Mode to Free for All Battle of Gods allows players to be randomly selected to serve a god. If they are selected for example, Zamorak they receive the designated item gear and slot holds. Vice Versa, Saradomin, Guthix, etc. Players are not all selected to serve the same God, it will randomize within the arena, one player may be Guthix, and the other may be Saradomin. Ring of Wealth(i) has been given 5 million coin value in order to be given more protection value within the wilderness. Scorpia's Special has been nerfed drastically. It was hitting far too high on higher tier armor to begin with. Reduced Ganodermic Beast's Speed by 50%, as it was hitting far too often and it was noted that it hit you 3 times in comparison to hitting once with a chaotic rapier. God Halos has been added. Zamorak Halo This halo has an increased Drop Rate of 10% while battling any Zamorak Creature or Boss This Halo can be obtained by the Vote Points Store for 150 Points. This Halo has been added to the Rare Drop Table in Free for All Mini-game Guthix Halo This halo has an increased Drop Rate of 10% while battling any Guthix Creature or Boss This Halo can be obtained by the Vote Points Store for 150 Points. This Halo has been added to the Rare Drop Table in Free for All Mini-game Saradomin Halo This halo has an increased Drop Rate of 10% while battling any Saradomin Creature or Boss This Halo can be obtained by the Vote Points Store for 150 Points. This Halo has been added to the Rare Drop Table in Free for All Mini-game Flask Creation Potion Flasks have been added to the game. Potion Flasks can be obtained from the new Wilderness Bosses from the last update log. They have been added to all of the drop tables to receive 25-30 each at a 1/25 Drop Added +5 Prayer Bonus to All God Dragonhide pieces. Ring of Suffering now has the Ring of Recoil Effect to make it worth obtaining. Thank you for your on-going support, please be sure to post as many suggestions as possible, I listen to what the community has to say every week, and I make sure I get a good amount of work done that gets suggested my way. Love all of you for showing your support daily, Best Regards, Kade
  4. Kade

    Server Update 02/03/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, As promised to all of you, here is a juicy update log prepared for all of you within a week. These past few weeks we've tried to balance everything out and I just want to say thank you so much for sticking by my side and showing your love and support daily. Here are the changes made since the last update log. Content Update: Spino has been introduced to Pre-Scape. Spino is a Wilderness Boss Located in Level 48 Wilderness Multi. This boss uses magic attacks against its opponent to weaken its defense per hit. For most players using prayer against the boss should allow to bring some easy kills in, but upon slaying this boss players will be notified across the game that you have slain the boss. So watch out for the Pkers who will try to come and crash you within the Multi Zone. This Boss's main drop are the Heroic & Demonic Death Capes, that have been prolonged for delivery for quite some time. Be sure to check the rest of the drop table by visiting it via ::drops Spino also has a designated Pet that can be found in ::Pets Spino's ideal drops will be the long awaited Heroic & Demonic Death Capes, Elder Maul, and our new Best-in-Slot gauntlets: Primal Gauntlets. Alongside Elder Maul Primal Gauntlets Here are the drops for Spino: Demonic Ape has been introduced to Pre-Scape. Demonic Ape is a Wilderness Boss Located in Level 45 Wilderness Multi. This boss uses melee attacks against its opponent that will sometimes critically strike through prayer. So be careful! Often when other enemies are around it may also stun you from moving for 1 second before leaving the area. Demonic Ape can attack multiple targets and will switch targets within the area. For most players using prayer against the boss should allow to bring some easy kills too just like Spino, but upon slaying this boss players will be notified across the game that you have slain the boss just like Spino. This Boss's main drop are the Zenyte Jewlery. These items have been delayed release via in-game drops besides from Scratchers, and Demonic Ape is behind the key to getting them. Demonic Ape also drops the newly released Weapon. Heavy Ballista, originally we were planning to make the weapon require pieces to make, but we thought it would be a lot simpler just to grind out to get the weapon, alongside the other drops that are within the drop table. Heavy Ballista may be one of the top tier range weapons after this release, however Twisted Bow will still remain up there. Below is a gif on how Heavy Ballista Performs. Demonic Ape also has a designated Pet that can be found in ::Pets Ord has been introduced to Pre-Scape. Ord is a Wilderness Boss Located in Level 45 Wilderness Multi. This boss uses melee attacks against its opponents. Occasionally it may turn your prayer off so watch out for that! For most players using prayer against the boss should allow to bring some easy kills in, but upon slaying this boss players will be notified across the game that you have slain the boss. Ord's Ideal drops will be the following: Ancestral Robes Kodai Wand Zaryte Bow (Buffed Version After this Update) - Max Hit 75-80 with Special ( Max Gear ) Here is the list of drops from Ord: Ord also has a designated Pet that can be found in ::Pets Blood Reaver has arrived to Pre-Scape Blood Reaver is located in the Wilderness Level 46. It origins from the Blood Bone Cave and should not be in the wilderness and is looking for war. Opponents who attack this Boss will be poisoned and must be prepared for insane attack speed hits. Blood Reaver hits with melee, so we advise you to stay cautious and be prepared for watching your Prayer. However the Boss Can most definitely be soloed too, if you do it properly. Here are the drops for Blood Reaver With the arrival of Blood Reaver, this boss has brought back some of the loots from the Blood Cave. Blood Reaver has introduced the Dragon bone Ranging Armor, along with the crossbow. Blood Reaver also has its own designated Pet. Recently we have been gaining quite the new faces here at Pre-Scape and one of the most enjoyable things to do on the server is to PvM. Players enjoy chasing and striving towards unlocking not only rare drops but also designated pets for each boss. We have gone ahead and added tons of new pets in the game for players to now have new goals of unlocking them. Below are some of the new 15 Boss Pets you can unlock. We'll leave some of them for you to discover Kraken Skotizo Glod Lava Dragon Lizardman Shaman Miscellaneous Updates: All 4 new bosses have added to Wilderness Boss Slayer Tasks Zaryte Bow has been buffed slightly to make it worth getting. Zaryte Bow now has 2 Specials Attacks 50 No matter how many accounts of realism you make, your character will now always receive the realism lamp for 1 99. Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneers teleport added to Dungeons Teleport One of our biggest combat updates that negatively impacted our community in the past has now been reverted. Players will be dealt 80% less damage from 40% due to some bosses being extremely impossible to fight against, leading to a very unappealing environment for our newcomers. Dragon Javelines will now work with Heavy Ballista Only. Heroic Death Cape & Demonic Death Cape moved to Rare Table on Scratch Cards Golden Scratch Cards from Drops will now announce To make things easier for new boss releases, latest bosses will overtake the first page of the boss teleports page every update. Skotizo now requires 2 players to do instead of 3 as per request from multiple people within the community Frost Dragons have been added to Premium Donator Island Ultimate Donator + will now have the benefit of receiving bonus frost dragon bones while killing Frost Dragons Boss Slayer Store has been re-worked, and prices have been adjusted Now when you type ::Pets and click a pet it will display its drop rate. Golden Scratch Cards purchases from the store for $50 + purchases will now automatically give bonuses on a 1/2 chance basis. You will get notified of this bonus reward once you claim your donation, and no more errors will occur with them. Multiple bosses have been added to Wilderness Slayer Tasks. Free for All Minigame will now reward the winner 5 PvP Points. Thank you as always for your love and support. Best Regards, Kade
  5. Kade

    Server Update 1/25/19

    Of course, it really sucks having content in the game that doesn't really appeal to our players. Players suggested to reduce the price and I didn't have a problem with it, so hope you all enjoy the changes
  6. Kade

    Server Update 1/25/19

    Gonna keep improving per update log brother
  7. Kade

    Server Update 1/25/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, My main focus this past week has been to continue working on QoL updates along with fixing issues that may impact gameplay negatively for our players. Here are the changes made since the last update log: Re-wrote the anti-venom strategy formula that was implemented by our previous developers. Anti-venom potions will now work as designed to when drinking them. Previously players would only be able to block 1 hit of Anti-Venom. Now I have allowed it to block a few minutes of Venom every dose Zulrah's Venom attacks will now be counted as being blocked with the new anti venom strategy Re-wrote the way certain skilling rewards could be retrieved. Skills such as Mining or Woodcutting which allowed certain pieces to duplicate before giving the complete set (ex: not receiving all of the lumber jack pieces) Players will no longer be allowed to Multi Log within in the Free for All Minigame Players who kill another opponent inside FFA will now receive up to an entire full inventory of Food Restock, so players who sit in the back and do not participate in the battle are not given an advantage over the others Wrote an entire new drop rate system that can be used in a scenario that required a hot fix to target npcs that have had issues following the old patterns and scripts our previous developers wrote Skeleton Hell Hounds Drop Rate for keys have been adjusted to follow the drop rate pattern correctly Abyssal Demons will now have a drop rate of 1/250 for Abyssal Whips, these monsters are also on the new drop rate pattern script Adjusted administrator commands and added some new sanction commands to better handle players who do not follow the rules On the F2P game mode players will receive Swordfish restock instead of Rocktails. Implings for Hunter had a very long re-spawn time, I have went ahead and adjusted some of them so it is not nearly as long as before Adjusted some general store values for certain items Zombies on Slayer Tasks will no longer attack opponents the damage amount that is used in the Zombies mini-game Dungeoneering Experience Lamp is no longer tradeable sorry for any inconvenience this caused Barrows Brothers have been added behind Mage Bank I have also added an incentive for Super Donator + to receive each designated Barrow Brothers Set when killing these npcs in the wilderness ONLY with a drop rate of 1/150. This will hopefully create not only an incentive to support the server and receive this perk to help players obtain another way to make money and also of course collect barrow pieces, but this allows other players to target players in this region for a chance of PvP activity increase too. Added some more suggested loot to Golden Scratch Cards and removed some items that were not necessary to be in there to allow more of an incentive for players to try them out. Good luck with them! Check out what you can get here: Fixed an exploit that allowed a certain amount of ticks to cause a player to crash their console / game Added proper checks to make sure those spam ticks to not have any negative effects towards other players in the region Replaced Claws in FFA with Armadyl Godsword due to the fact Dragon Claws are so inconsistent because of the gear that is used within that game mode, so it'd be best to add something more viable to account for There was bug regarding Boss Pets sometimes not being on the drop table when players were killing them. Sorry for the inconvenience and I just wanted to make sure I kept it fair to those who have been grinding lately, so the drop rate to receive all boss pets has been reduced significantly for a limited time only. Trident of the Swamp has been added due to a large amount of players suggesting it to be brought in. Trident of the Swamp has the same statistics as Trident of the Seas, however a 15% Bonus Damage Increase and Accuracy Iron Man accounts can now access the Zombies Point Store Zombies Points Store Items have been reduced to 1000 points from 5000. Thank you for your continuous support, expect another update log very soon. Best Regards, Kade
  8. Kade

    Server Update 01/16/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, It has officially been an entire month since we re-launched Pre-Scape. Pre-Scape re-launched December 16th, 2018. This first month I must say has been one damn ride for not only me but everyone on the team as well. Thank you so much for sticking by our side and a big round of applause to those who were here all of 2018 patiently waiting for us to get through out "beta" stages; we really appreciate your continual support. Pre-Scape has finally reached a stage to where we are up and running day and night, with rarely any issues, loads of events, and nothing but positivity throughout the community. I have decided to take some time off from school and not sign up for as many classes as well, so that I can dedicate more time to make Pre-Scape the best it can be. I will be dedicating and creating a daily schedule so updates are made for the community. Not only have I been alone pushing out updates myself, I also have to make sure that the server continues to see light everyday. For those who speak to me daily, you are aware of what I go through everyday, and man seeing all the love and support is what keeps me pushing. I have spent countless hours working on advertisements, email campaigns, writing my own email scripts, working with marketing companies such as Facebook and Instagram to promote our server, talking to top list owners, searching for content creators, speaking to them, then hiring them, then making sure the quality of content is adequate for players to enjoy, talking to my staff members daily, double checking with my management throughout the day to make sure that Pre-Scape is in the right direction daily, and on top of all that I have to make sure proper updates, and of course your voice and suggestions are pushed out every week. I know this last week I have not pushed out anything, but that's because I have had so much on my plate, but I pushed through it all and now the server sees almost 50-80 players daily. Although it's not the highest number in the world, we did once only have 5 players online for months, and I still didn't let that demoralize me. So once again, thank you for this wonderful blessing you all helped me achieve and are part of too. Here's to an amazing and successful 2019, that I hope we together all will reach. Here are the changes made since the last update log, not the biggest update log, but now since I've prepared a solid schedule to balance out, you'll start seeing more and more updates pushed out and written Changes made to the dice bag have been made so you can no longer roll a 0 Added additional commands and adjusted new ones that needed to be changed Added 16.67% Accuracy Damage to Slayer Helmet while on Task Full Slayer Helmet will only have damage bonus while on Slayer Tasks Ava's accumulator effect will now work with BlowPipe Glacor boots will be used on the crystals now to make them worth actually obtaining 20% Ranged Bonus has been added to Pegasian Boots Twisted Bow has received a 35% damage bonus and accuracy bonus Armadyl Crossbow has received a 15% damage and 15% accuracy bonus Fixed an expoit that allowed players to abuse thieving stalls without the Donator Rank Lizardman Shaman drop rate for Dragon Warhammer has been changed to 1/1000. You can only teleport out of the wilderness using Wilderness Teleport to Home Tablets Virtus has been given a 25% damage boost (8.3% to all pieces) Hardcore Iron Man will no longer lose their status in reported safe zone areas such as Inferno / Multi Fixed a bug that allowed Duradel to accidentally choose non boss slayer tasks Skeleton Hellhounds will now have a 1/20 Drop Rate for Keys. Duradel will now only give your character Boss Slayer Tasks Added Nex to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Kraken to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Glod to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Lizardman to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Jad to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Cerberus to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Dung XP Lamps to Dungeoneering Store. Realism accounts will receive 500,000 Dungeoneering Experience and all other game modes will receive 5,000,000 Dung Exp for 100k tokens Crystal Keys have been added to Vote Point Store Imbued Ring have been added to Vote Point Store Adjusted combat formulas for Magic to enhance determining attacks Player Owned Shops NPC has been added to Edgeville Bank Draconic Visage has been added to the Lava Dragon Drop Table Each Donator Rank will receive bonus Slayer Points upon completing slayer tasks now. You now also have a 50% chance to receive 2-3 extra Golden Scratch Cards when donating for the packages Thank you for your love & support. Best Regards, Kade
  9. Kade

    Staff Updates - 01/09/2019

    Congratulations to all.
  10. Kade

    Announcement 01/06/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Just wanted to take the time to write up this thread to keep you all in the loop of what has been happening here at Pre-Scape. Advertisements & Market have been amazing, we've seen SO many new players login daily and the results are phenomenal. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has donated and have promised to continue showing their support, without you all, well shit..we wouldn't be able to accomplish these numbers below. I've spent nearly 95% of all donations on advertisements and I keep of course just enough to make sure the server is up and running the next month and if anyone has doubt for that, I can surely take the time out of the day to show you more in-depth analytics ❤️ To the real juicy information, 2019 holds a lot for Pre-Scape, and I'm so thankful for all of you. I have decided, I'm going to start handpicking players who I believe know the game inside & out to work more in depth with everyone weekly (MYSELF) and implement Quality of Life updates based on their opinion, after of course running through everything with my management team. These players will not be staff or hold any power but their hard work and time will be rewarded nevertheless over time. These individuals will be expected to have TeamSpeak / Discord so we can spend up to 3-hours everyday discussing new ideas, daily agendas, and what needs to be focused on a priority level. We have seen nothing but amazing results for Pre-Scape, and I must say in the past year this has been the absolute best state and condition the server has been in. I am not going to take that for granted one bit and therefore I want to start taking actions on what needs to be implemented first, and creating a set DEDICATED daily amount of time and task everyday to put out for Pre-Scape. I'm going Full Time with Pre-Scape, so this will be my overall daily priority setting aside everything else from outside businesses, school, for the next one or two months due to free time on my hands. Gamble is the most active among the administrators right now, so I'll be mostly in voice chat with him and the rest of the members I pick for this group working and prioritizing a list with details to work on daily for Pre-Scape. I'm looking forward to this next week, as that is when I'll start communicating and beginning our weekly tasks. As of currently we have; Juice Knight Two individuals who know Pre-Scape inside and out, and I'm thankful they're willing to spend hours with me behind the scenes to bring out content, updates, bug fixes, etc your direction. There is no application, we'll be picking out those we feel comfortable working with, but this is purely informational so we can keep you all in the loop that we are focused and have a game plan. It could've fairly well been the end for Pre-Scape months, ago, but because we had a game plan we recovered and now we're heading no where but the top. ❤️ Development Notice: I have also contacted 2 more developers who will be prioritizing content updates and will work on specific updates that I ask. These two developers will be working behind the scenes with me and both having 5+ years of experience in not just RSPS, but in multiple languages. In regards to Arithium; Unfortunately Arithium had personal issues IRL to take care of, so his time here at Pre-Scape has came to an end. But I want to take the time to say Thank you to him, without his hard work and dedication, well.. I must say there would be no Pre-Scape right now. He made this game 1000% more stable, and did more work in less time than any 6-7 developers I hired in the past year could even come close to accomplishing He played a very large impacting role in bringing life back into Pre-Scape, so if any of you ever see him around the community, please take the time to say thank you to him ❤️ I have nothing but love for him, and I'm sure if we ever communicate or work together, there'll be nothing but positive vibes. With that being said, the first week of January is nearly complete, and we are going to hope that we are here at the end of 2019, looking back at this thread smiling knowing we accomplished all our goals we had set to reach. Thank you to everyone for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
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    Hello Pre-Scape

    Nice to see you Justin!
  12. Kade

    Server Update 01/03/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Not the biggest update log, because for the most part we have not ran into any major issues since my time recently has been invested in maintaining our player base and pushing out advertisements, marketing, etc. These are simply some bug fixes we prioritized to get knocked out of the way so a big thank you to those who brought these issues to light. Here are the changes made since the last update log. Fixed a bug related to Zulrah's Scales duplicating Slayer Tasks (Wilderness Npc) will now tell you how many you need to kill when spoken to. Duel Arena Add X Amount will now work. You can not duel players with your inventory space not being within the necessary required slots. Prayers for Npc's will no longer be completely 0% damage. Monsters will deal 60% Less damage, and you will be hurt for 40%. Fixed an ID issue with Mithril Dragons Reported Delay for Bolt Making has been fixed. Increased the delay for Jads magic/ranged attacks so they are accurately represented. Fixed reported Prayer Delay Issues Fixed Jad becoming unresponsive at certain stages Reported Exploits that were found with Lava Dragons have been fixed Vesta's Spear will be weak to Corporal Beast similar to Zamorakian Spear Also, our developer Arithium has returned from his short break, and we plan to continue pushing our daily updates and focusing more on content that you the community suggest Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
  13. Kade

    Server Update 12/29/18

    Hahah ofc.
  14. Kade

    Server Update 12/29/18

    Nerfed to only 1
  15. Kade

    Server Update 12/29/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made since the last update log. Thankfully, we have reached the stage of our server where we will be prioritizing more content every week. 2018 for us has been a huge pile of non stop bug fixes and stability issues, and to finally reach a point where we can be creative and focus primarily on doing so is a blessing. This update log will be one of the first of many to come that will be prioritized on releasing new content. Lava Dragons Have Been Released: Lava Dragon's are accessible by obtaining 3 Silver Keys. These Keys will be dropped by the Greater Skeleton Hellhounds that protect the Lava Dragon's Lair above its territory Above are the drop rates to obtain the following keys. Once you have obtained the 3 Keys, and they are placed in your inventory, you may click the chest and you will be automatically teleported to the Lava Dragons's Lair You will not be allowed to use Prayer within the area You will not be allowed to ::Restore within the area You will not be allowed to open your Bank within the area You will not be able to use Saradomin Brews within the area There will be 3 Lava Dragons that you can choose to attack from, and keep in mind Dragon's Breath Effect does also come into play here, so we highly advise you bring an Anti-Dragon Fire Shield. Lava Dragons will drop the following: A lot of you have made it quite clear that in order to get some higher tier cosmetics its most often based on donating. So I have gone ahead and added 3 new cosmetics dedicated to only being obtained by in-game. This will allow all players an equal amount and fair challenge to obtain these. These are the Lava Cosmetics: Lava Halloween Mask Lava Santa Hat Lava Party Hat Misc Bug Fixes: Added Bonuses for Vanguard Gloves Fixed miscellaneous combat reported bugs. Rock Cake is now in Iron Man Shop Fixed small Quest Tab issues Zulrah effects have been adjusted Fixed various bugs related to the Scheduled Multi Event minigame that will be discussed within the next few days Multiple Null Point Errors have been fixed. Manually added a new lever for KBD Lair entrance. This concludes today's update log. I want to say thank you to those who have pushed so many ideas and suggestions my way. This is going to be an amazing next week, as I can finally dedicate time on pushing out content that so many of you will enjoy. I plan to focus on making each game mode worth playing, so a possibility of realism, hardcore, iron man "dedicated bosses" etc is looking good So much in store for Pre-Scape, and let's not forget the new year is on the rise. Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade