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  1. Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made so far during the re-work downtime. In the past we've taken long periods to get larger updates out, but as you can see this time we have the proper development and time to do so faster. A large majority of suggestions were implemented already, and we plan to continue pumping out content and re-working many areas of Pre-Scape for when we go back online. Until then, I will be posting logs after we've completed here and there, to keep all of you in the loop of what we've been up to and what to expect. Expect more logs as we continue reaching completion points. Hunger Games Fully Working Mini-game: Customized Teleport Interface Only shops that have items inside the Player Owned Stores will be displayed to players. Right Click View Drop-Table Placeholders Settings Enhancement Vengeance / Teleblock / Barrage timers have been added. Barrelchest Boss (Instanced) Barrelchest Anchor has been added with its special. Giant Mole has been added. (Group Boss) Added Player Owned Store History Button Log. - Will display the last 10 items that were purchased from your store at what value. Premium Donators can now type ::Star and will teleport straight to the shooting star, legendary donators can use this command and it will display where it is located. Once your character has left the wilderness you will be automatically unteleblocked. Players who are able to escape from their opponent and log out, upon login their teleblock will be removed. Players will always have double experience whenever inside the Wilderness Insta-Kill Darts have been introduced to Pre-Scape. Using this dart upon any boss besides Zuk will instantly kill the npc and release the drop. Reaper PVP Collection Store: Players will now have to pay a price to obtain their untradeables back. This can occur by speaking to the reaper at home. All untradeables are 5,000,000 each. If a player kills an opponent who had an untradable on them upon death, the player will receive, 2,500,000 GP added to their pouch as a reward. Search Drops has been added to allow players to see what npcs drop what item You can now use all commands without using -'s That's all for this log, be sure to expect a lot more in the coming days. Share our re-work changes with your friends and old Pre-Scape members so we can be one step closer in being successful. Thank you for the love & support, Best Regards, Kade
  2. Kade

    Major Re-Work / Temporary Downtime

    What do you mean. We're just doing updates lol.
  3. Greetings Pre-Scapers, For those of you who have still stuck by our side for the longest amount of time, we are pleased to inform you that we have finally been able to get proper development work done for the server. Content updates such as bosses, mini-games, and fancy UI work are all in store for Pre-Scape in the coming weeks. Changes such as new interfaces, quality of life updates, new content suggestions and ideas that have been tossed around back and forth thus far will also be addressed and pushed forward to the game. For the next couple of days, the server will remain offline as we prepare for this large re-work, an update log regarding all changes and adjustments will be pushed out prior to the release for users to take a read at and a more detailed schedule of our downtime will be made available shortly after this post is live. Advertisements are scheduled, along with campaigns to be sent alerting all our players regarding this change. We are also thrilled to announce that we officially have planned to start working on Raids 1 & 2 and focus more on OSRS releases in the near future. Although Raids is a larger long term project, we do estimate that it should be completed within a months time once started on. This re-work that we'll be pushing will not include Raids, but it will have some notable changes such as placeholders, interface work, content suggestions, wilderness rejuvenation, and a lot of smaller quality of life updates too. We want Pre-Scape to be a server that can compete with the other larger tier servers, and this is just a step forward in that direction. Please be sure to leave a comment below of what you want to see added as well. Thank you to those of you who have continued to show your support, Stay around for 2019 Preview of some work we've had done so far:
  4. Greetings Pre-Scapers, The start of the new month has arrived, which means voting sites have reset! Recently, I had to speak to both RSPS-LIST & RuneLocus owners and apologize on our behalf, due to the fact the amount of VPN votes were increasing monthly. Although getting a ton of votes is not a bad thing, but it is also important to know that these top lists are heavily monitored, and we want to make sure we don't set off any red flags. Their jobs are to make sure the ranks are matched accordingly throughout the entire scene, so every now and then they have to manually remove our votes if we receive too many, and sometimes they even temporary remove us from their top list. They have to do this, not because they have anything against us, simply because if they didn't the entire top list would be a mess. I've added a cap on RSPS-LIST and a cap on RuneLocus, for how many daily votes can be added through our site to theirs, so that not only we can monitor our votes more sufficiently, we don't accidentally set off red flags due to a random player wanting to use a VPN to claim more votes, and potentially flagging us from the top list. Be sure to vote everyday, but I would like to remind you once again, please do not use VPN votes, as majority of the time they'll get removed from the top list and only set us back more. Top Lists such as these are one of the main ways to receive traffic our way, so if you continue to do so, it will only put us at a disadvantage. Thank you ❤️ Happy April. Best Regards, Kade
  5. Kade

    Server Update 03/31/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made since the last update log. I was not able to do much this week due to my schedule being rather busy with personal matters but I did notice a lot of you enjoyed the PvP rejuvenation changes, so I wanted to add another boss in the mix for this log, and spent a couple hours of free time to spice it up for players to grind and fight against each other for the boss within the Wilderness. Demonic Hellhound has been released to Pre-Scape. Location: Wilderness Level 45 / Multi Can be visited via the Boss Teleports Page (2) Features: Melee Combat Based Boss In perspective as Strong as Blood Reaver Boss is located on top of a hill top surrounded by mini demonic hell hounds Includes designated Pet. Incentives: Each Kill rewards players 2,500,000 Million GP Boss includes exclusive Wilderness Cash Box (Box can open anywhere between 1-500m GP) (HOLY SHIT RIGHT) Examples of opening 28 of these boxing are displayed below. Keep in mind you can open anywhere from 1 GP TO 500,000,000 GP The drop rate to receive this box is 1/1000 and ONLY from Demonic Hellhound Demonic Hellhound will reward 50 Zombie Points to every player who kills it with 500 Total Donated or more. Designated Significant Drops: Abyssal Dagger p++ (Can be used in PvP) Occult Necklace: + 40 magic Damage Bonus Drop Table Preview: Thank you for those of you who have been so supportive. You know me, I always want to take a good part of the log to say thank you and show my appreciation. Thank you to those who continue their contribution towards the server, you are the reason we are where we are. All the love and support, Kade (Expect another log here soon, with misc bug fixes, additional suggestions added, and more content as well) Client Version 5.29
  6. Kade

    Store history

    Brilliant. I'll add a command that will read the definition of the item in the chat of what was sold.
  7. Kade

    Server Update 03/18/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made since the last update log. Free for all mini-game will now announce what game mode it is in global chat without having the requirement to type the command and teleport there first. Torags have been added to the WIlderness behind Mage Bank Torag's in the Wilderness will also drop the Torag's set bonus similar to the rest of the brothers (Forgot to add this brother when initially made the update) Re-wrote the way barrow brothers respawn handler works: Direct fixed Ahrim Brother not re-spawning Pet Rewards for Free for All that were added in the previous patch; It will now also give other rewards along the pet such as gold, and pk points. Zaryte Bow Special has been re-worked. -> It will now only remove Overheads from your opponents Prayer Book. The amount of damage it dealt has been kept at what it was. View the gif below: Baby Chaos Elemental has been added to the Pets Table: Callisto has been added to Pre-Scape. Callisto is located in Level 29 Wilderness Callisto Cub has been added to Pre-Scape Callisto will drop Tyrannical Ring Crush Bonus Attack / Defence : 20 Treasonous Ring Adjustment: Stab Bonus Attack / Defence: 20 Super Donator Bonus: Added ::toggleprayer Switches between Prayer Books. As promised, I'm going to try and knock out as much as I can this week almost every day, up until the weekend. Throw your suggestions in the community section, and there's plenty more coming. This update will require a client update. Look for Client Version 5.28. Old Client Versions will no longer work after this update. Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
  8. Kade

    Server Update 03/17/19

    This really made my day. Thank you for being among the people who understand where I am coming from. All love ❤️
  9. Kade

    Server Update 03/17/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, First and foremost, For some strange reason players have been upset to why there hasn't been an update thread in the past 3 weeks. If you all read what I wrote in the last few announcements, I mentioned the fact that I was focusing mainly on stability and longevity of the servers future. Writing threads to explain every single small detail of information that was changed in the process in this area would have been a waste, as majority of players would probably not even understand what I was referring to. Updates were being made towards the back-end department of the server such as MYSQL processes, database procedures, and stability adjustments to maintain our player base in-game. As we continued to grow larger, more secured servers were required and upgrades were in desperate need to make sure we maintained our conditions. What's the point of grinding out updates if later down the road something could occur to put us 3 steps behind. I dedicated time to make sure that later in the future, a problem would not arise our direction. Non-stop updates were being made every week, and still were, just not the updates players were used to seeing, so there was no point in creating a thread. This past week, I had prioritized suggestions and updates that players had made, and I wanted to host as many events for Spring Break. In fact I went ahead and allowed every staff member to host events for all the time zones throughout this week, so players would have an opportunity to grind out and enjoy these events specifically. It's upsetting that some players still have doubts towards my relationship with the server, I have spent over a year working on this server and stuck through thick and thin, and was hurt financially multiple times and put into situations I never even imagined. After all the upsetting events that happened in our timeline, I have not given up on this server, and have only stayed sincere and true to everyone in the community. I understand your concerns with the server and my appeared inactivity, but I assure you I am working behind the scenes as often as I can. Remember that I have a life outside of Pre-scape, I commit as much time as humanly possible to this server and to it's health and you need to trust me when I say things are being done. Please don't expect miracles, I am always working behind the scenes, whether or not you think I am. Stick with me, there are good things coming. I am writing all of this, as it occurs many people have produced doubt in their minds, and I am here to set aside all that and reassure you, for god knows for the 100th time, that Pre-Scape has been a passion of mine, and I am going to continue grinding out everyday along with the rest of the management team in hopes of continuing to bring prosperity and success our direction. Although we may not have hundreds of players, I am more than satisfied with where we are headed, and the direction of our server. Thank you to those of you who read this entire part of the update thread, I owe you all this reassurance because without you all, we wouldn't have even gotten this far to begin with. Here are the changes made to the server since the last update log: Donator Zones have been re-worked and have been quite the invested time in this update log. Removed all God Dhide sets from the Super Donator Store Removed Rune Bars Removed Magic Logs Added Mystery Boxes (contain all of these content in large variations) for 5 million. (Alongside with adjusted rewards to make them more beneficial) Legendary Donator Shop Removed all Dragon Pieces except for boots and changed the prices to 3m. Added Abyssal Whip for 10m. Add dk rings (warrior, seers, archers, berserker) for 5m each Increased the Stock of Dragon Arrows and Extreme Potions Premium Donator Shop Reduced Barrow Sets prices to 15m from 20m. Add imbued dk rings (warrior (i), seers (i), archers (i), berserker (i)) for 25m ea Add row for 10m each. Added White Armor to Premium Donator Shop http://prntscr.com/mzcreo White Armor has the same statistics as each respective Dragon Armor Piece. Dragon Platelegs, platebody, full helm, sq shield, dragon boots These pieces can only can be worn by Premium Donators Adjusted stock of overloads and dragon bones Regular Donator Island Island has been re-worked 2 Runite Ores, 2 Adamant Ores have been added Shop upgrades have been made Fishing stall in this location is just as good as the last stall at edgeville, however the requirement is 98 Thieving. This stall gives 2x Dragon Scimitars, in 1/15 chance. Furnace is located here Prayer Altar located. Lizardman Shaman & Kalphite Queen Removed One thing that has been a problem for Donators is the incentive given by Woodcutting, Mining, and Fishing. Each one of these skills performing the task to obtain each represented (Log, Ore, Fish) each rank was given a bonus amount of each. However at times this would be a hassle because you'd have to continue to bank the item and return to continue your task (If on one) now your extra received incentives are instantly placed in your Bank, and give you a message of doing so. Revitalizing Wilderness Bosses: As cash has been something that new players have recently been struggling to achieve, and with the addition of those new wilderness bosses; Spino, Blood Reaver, Ord, Demonic Ape, that were added awhile ago and are primarily camped in the Wilderness, we've gone ahead and added a PERMANENT, 1,000,000 Cash Drop for each kill achieved. Each kill will be announced, and globally announced Occult Necklace has been given +20 Attack Magic +20 Magic Damage. Considering you can only obtain it from Golden Scratchers. Considering Free for All has been one of the most exciting things to do when activity is at peak, we've decided to go ahead and add a few Free For All pets for players to aim for. These are placed in the Uncommon Table in FFA Rewards, and have been each added twice into the table for higher likelihood. Reaper of FFA http://prntscr.com/mzelfe Monty http://prntscr.com/mzf3z5 Sphinx http://prntscr.com/mzfa38 Odysseus http://prntscr.com/mzfqg9 Players will now receive Daily Task Points after finishing their task: (1 Point Per Task) A thread asking for your suggestions on what to place inside the store will be made. So please leave your input on this. A thread will be posted at the release of this log. Ultimate Donator Island has been given an Island, however we would like more input on what you would like placed here, alongside what should be re-vamped about the Legendary Donator Island. A thread will be posted at the release of this log. Miscellaneous Updates: Mystery Boxes -> 20 Points (Trivia Store) Legendary Mystery Boxes -> 75 Points ( Trivia Store ) Free for All Exit has been Patched. Dragon Boots have been removed from the Trivia Store. Drop Rate Box has been added to the Trivia Store for (1250 Points) Ring Imbue Scroll has been added to the Trivia Store (900 Points) Updated Trivia and fixed all errors that were spotted. - Lancelot Added Feature to allow Ring Imbue Scroll to work on Regular Ring of Wealth to create Ring of Wealth (i) Simply click the scroll, and then on the Ring, and you will create your Ring of Wealth (i) Added 500M Coins to Legendary Drop on Scratchers Skotizo requirement message fixed. I also would like to address that this week specifically, I have taken time off my IRL activities to focus more on Pre-Scape. It is confident to say you will see another update log here soon, as there a lot of updates planned out more to introduce. I have brand new bosses planned out, a ton of content, and a lot more QoL updates, and of course community input is required on the Islands, and Daily Task shop, so be sure to respond to those threads. I hope I cleared a few things up with everyone, and you enjoy what your time here at Pre-Scape. Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade (Client Update is Required, so be sure to reload your Launcher)
  10. Greetings Pre-Scapers, In reference to the latest update thread, I would like your opinions on what you'd like to see added to the Daily Task Point Store. What items you want in the store, and what value you'd like to see the items be placed at. If you can get me input, I can get this done within the next update log ❤️ Best Regards, Kade
  11. Greetings Pre-Scapers, In referance to the latest update thread, I would like your opinions on what you'd like to see added on the Islands. Please list the npc's you'd like to see there and or objects, spots, etc. If you can get me input, I can get this in within the next update log ❤️ Best Regards, Kade
  12. Kade

    Spring Break 03/11/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers! Spring Break has arrived and we're trying to make this week an active one. Advertisements have been on the go as usual. But this week, I've gone ahead and dipped into the funds a bit more and purchased a total of 10 advertisements. These ads have been activated throughout social media sites, such as (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) and targeted RSPS Players. Although they were quite expensive, I want to make sure the game has the amount of activity you all deserve. ❤️ Your funds are what help grow the server. OH, and be sure to greet all the new players nicely, we don't want to scare them all away The past two weeks, I've been working behind the scenes with the rest of the management team, and although there hasn't been a public update thread, it's due to the fact, majority of development has been made on stability of the server to help continue growing it. Finding out things that will or could cause issues in the future and focusing on them. For example last week a ton of miscellaneous changes to the game were made, but nothing too significant to make a thread, I've always tried to make sure our updates are tier one, and as we continue to grow, it's important that more time is put into them, instead of constantly putting something out every week. Quality is important, and I've kept a good streak of many weeks of doing so, and it wouldn't have been without the help of everyone in the community. However, This week, we are going to be going around and asking everyone input regarding their suggestions and expecting some in depth feedback regarding some of your suggestions. The management team and I have been working on a detailed list on what to edit, and we may also ask your opinion on the changes, to get a better idea of what needs to be adjusted too ❤️ Pre-Scape has had one hell of a ride these past 3 months, and I want to make sure we do what we can to continue growing it and pushing out quality and unique updates that you all will enjoy. So, before we push something that a couple players suggest, we want to make sure that there isn't anything we change or touch that can cause a stir in the pot. Everyone's opinion makes a difference, and at the end of this week, all your suggestions will be heard and written together in a document for yours truly to sit down and invest hours into getting it pushed. Along with all this being said, if you have not been keeping up with our Discord, I am hosting weekly giveaways every week in the #Weekly-Giveaway section. This weeks Spring Break Special is regarding a Twisted Bow and some Golden Scratchers. Don't miss out and read everything you need to know there ❤️ Good luck to all the people who participate, and of course thank you for contributing to the server, I only continue to put it back into the game, to help it continue to grow. This past weeks winners, be sure to contact Jake or I to redeem your prize. With that being said, Happy Spring Break, Best Regards, Kade
  13. Kade

    Miscellaneous Suggestions

    Bank Placeholders, is just because of the revision, and the fact to make such a change, I need someone far more experienced than myself, which in this day of age in RSPS is extremely hard to find and not very reliable either. But some amazing suggestions to say the least, I'll be working on some.
  14. Kade

    Donator Shop

    ofc bro no worries ❤️ All love, I'm gonna keep pushing everyday
  15. Kade

    Announcement 02/21/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, We have reached a state in Pre-Scape where it is time to make some upgrades to not only our game-server, but also our website. Our player base has continuously grown over the last two months, and I have been monitoring our traffic and reviewing what is necessary to keep everything running as smooth as it has been without any disruptions. Although it was quite costly, it was time to make the upgrade. Thank you everyone who has contributed towards Pre-Scape and getting it to where we are now. We would have not made it this far without you all. Although I will miss the small community we grew up with, growing never hurts. Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade (The upgrades have already been made, and for the small downtime we had, I apologize)