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  1. Kade

    Server Update 08/17/19

    Greetings, Here are the changes made since the last update log. Update client rendering via FTP server to reduce the amount of black screens users experienced at random Fixed more reported safe spots that were found inside the Chamber of Stones Manually updated reported combat formulas for certain weapons that players were showing concerns for Applied Zombie Mini-Game patch that should help with the waves from freezing. Updated Trivia Store Prices You can now craft Onyx Bolt Tips There was a bug reported for certain interfaces, that when clicking behind they wouldn't close properly, this has been fixed. There seemed to be a duplicate model for Serpentine Helmet that implemented ages ago, and because of this one model had the correct abilities of Serpentine Helmet, and one did not. Both models will now work as they should. Wilderness Bosses will now drop noted Overload Flasks instead of regular Overloads (non noted) Reported In-Game interfaces will now work in Resizable mode. Phoenix has been added to the New Drop Rate System implemented in a prior patch Vorkath has been released to the public for beta testing, this following week, we will try to implement mechanics to make it more difficult and balanced. Leave your suggestions via our Discord Fixed reported crash during teleport interface being opened. Fixed experience drops that were being reported missing. Began implementing a new object route tracing system, that will help pathing in future patches Hand Cannon damage has been boosted. As always, thank you for the on-going support towards the server. Don't forget that suggestions make a huge impact on the server. So be sure to join our Discord and start leaving your feedback. There is also a huge goodie bag event that will end this Sunday, August 18th, 2019. (Don't miss it) Thank You Best Regards, Kade
  2. Kade

    Staff Updates 08/15/19

    Greetings, Below is a list of the most recent changes made to our staff team. Promotions Operative has Been promoted as the new Manager of Pre-Scape. Rob has been promoted to Administrator. Gemini has been promoted to Global Moderator. Beast has been promoted to Server Support. b o n e has been promoted to Server Support. Astro has been promoted to Server Support. MrChristmas has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations Jake has resigned from his position as Manager. We would like to thank Jake for all his dedication to this community and wish him the best with his future endeavours. Demotions Squirrel has been demoted due to inactivity. We would like to thank Squirrel for his time on the staff team and hope he may return once he can increase his activity. As we expand and look to move forward with other forms of advertisements we're going to need to bring more players into the team. If you feel you're a suitable candidate and have a keen interest in joining our staff team, please submit an application here. Best regards, The Pre-Scape Team Kade Operative Fawk Yor Rob
  3. Kade

    Drop Logs

    another one..
  4. Kade


    I've been working with pkers such as Beast to figure out a way to come up with solutions
  5. Kade

    Server Update 08/06/19

    Greetings, Here are the changes made since the last update log. Implemented all 2018 OSRS Models / Cache / Animations / Gfx in preparation for future content. Successfully Created Vorkath Instancing Method Implemented Vorkath Map Data to continue working on it via live testing. Implemented Vorkath Model Data Implemented completely new drop rate system, explanation via discord was announced, and only positive feedback has been given back since the update. In short; Your hard work will be rewarded, the old system had certain flaws where players could go on insane dry streaks without receiving a rare drop. We noticed this needed to be changed, so I dedicated hours on resolving all the issues. Fixed multiple safe spot bugs and issues with CoS. Glory Teleport bug has been resolved King Black Dragon will no longer poison you Fixed the ::searchdrops command, and removed the ::getitemdrop command for any confusion for players Fixed multiple combat bugs, and more magic formula adjustments thanks to Beast Misc Changes: Infinity Robe Set Box will now work correctly. Removed Smouldering Stone from Drop Table Zaryte Bow -> 500 Pkp Vls -> 350 Pkp Imbue Scrolls -> 150 pkp Zulrah Scales bumped to 300-600 Korasi to 300 pkp Reduces Abyssal Whip protection value Fixed Typo for ultimate donator perk Fixed Daily Reward, so you are required to have 3 slots open rather than 2 Eye Rings lowered to 300 in Boss Store Glacor Boots, reduced to 200 Boss Points Ranger Boots reduced to 50 Boss Points Robin Hood Hat reduced to 15 Boss Points Staff of light reduced to 75 slayer points Ags / Claws reduced to 500 slayer points Ring of wealth reduced to 200 slayer points Ring of wealth i reduced to 1000 slayer points Armadyl Armor reduced to 100 slayer points Crystal key reduced to 20 slayer points Overall, this last week has been prioritized on being able to work with and implement content to our server. One of the biggest issues we had in our past was not being able to cater to our community members with updated content, so I have focused incredibly on being able to implement data and new content for all of you ❤️ A big thank you to everyone who has continued to support the server, it has officially been one entire month of our server release, and anyone who has been playing since the beginning can easily vouch that this release has been nothing but an overall incredible outcome. We're growing daily, and the analytics are only going up. Thank you, Best Regards, Kade Operative Yor Fawk
  6. Kade

    Max Grind......Finished

    Congratulations man, I am extremely proud of you. Keep up the great work!
  7. Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made to the game since the last update log. I decided to spend these last couple of days focusing on something challenging and worth the grind for our community members to participate in. Many of the community members have suggested that they really wanted something new and appealing, so that's exactly what I've been working on ❤️ Today's update includes the Chamber of Stones. You may begin the Chamber of Stones (Mini-Raid) by teleporting via the Teleport interface. Once you have arrived you must speak to the Chamber Guardian What is this place? Triumph Room: The cost to enter is 10,000,000 M. Once you have began the mini-raid, you will be teleported to Room 1, where you will be required to obtain all 3 stones. You will then be teleported to the Triumph Room to begin killing the Chamber Boss Overall the entire mini-raid will require around 15-30 minutes and the loot drops are most definitely rewarding. After a few hours of testing, the update is now live. Here is also the drop table of the Mini-Raid Boss Everyone's fan favorite Twisted Bow is now obtainable to the public. Thank you to everyone who has supported this server the past few weeks, truly has been an amazing time working with everyone and especially hosting all these events. Can't wait to see all the positive feedback this one gets Misc Changes Server engine has been tweaked to hold more capacity and data. Fixed an exploit that caused players to go invisible Fixed a bug that was reported for Vetion vanishing Completionist Cape has stats have been adjusted Magic Formulas have been re-worked Multiple combat bugs have been fixed thanks to Beast Honorable Mentions: Gemini, Arkem, Hc Alex Next week our dedicated developer will be working on implementing OSRS content, so for those of you who have suggestions and feedback to give, be sure to join our discord and use #suggestions Thank you to everyone who has spent multiple hours with me in voice chat since the launch of the server, a lot of things happen behind the scenes and I wouldn't be able to keep pushing without all of you. Best Regards, Kade, Operative, Fawk, Yor
  8. Kade

    Jake's Resignation

    One of the best managers that have ever been by my side. ❤️
  9. Kade

    Server Updates 07/16/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, First and foremost, I can't express to you all how much of a blessing it is to see so many satisfied community members actively playing the game since the day of release. With no disconnection issues, delays, or even errors of any kind, the release went perfect. There were so many concerns & doubts, and the fact that we pulled it off, and have gotten even this far is one blessing to be thankful for everyday. For those of you who have supported us since day one, I want to genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being here for Pre-Scape. Our future is bright, and with the help of many of you, we can bring changes and updates to improve the game overtime and overall a future filled with success. Here are the changes made recently: Reported issues with Player Owned Shops such as freezing interfaces, trades not being deposited, and withdrawn, has been fixed. Reported Slayer Task errors, such as giving slayer tasks that players cannot complete with the proper slayer task has been fixed. Woodcutting Task issue where players logs would not be properly received in their inventory has been fixed Realism Dialogue errors with overlapping texts has been adjusted Ultimate Donator Island has been added, along with benefits which can be found at the Donator Benefit Island thread. Cerberus has been removed from the Slayer Tasks Arrays Reported Pathing bug with object interaction has been fixed. Reported Pathing bug involved with switching weapons on a certain tick and selecting the map acting up has been fixed. Korasi Special will now apply experience drops on the opponent on Npcs & Players Shooting Star previously would have players teleport to the region upon the rock, causing players to get stuck (reported: Varrock Location) the teleport handler has been changed to fix this Rune Dart Tips has been added to Smithing. Book of Ingredients has been added to the Iron Man Shop Reported issues with Frost Dragons and their bones has been fixed. Previously certain bones wouldn't apply towards the tasks, and there would also be different stacks. Voting Auths can be claimed up to 20 from 10. Reported Drop issues such as certain items not being properly noted, has been fixed. We're actively working on working on new content, along with finalizing our custom raids, so if you would like to give your suggestions and input on that, be sure to share your opinions via Discord #Suggestions or on our forums. As you can see almost everything that has been reported via our Discord, has been fixed within the first week, and I seriously can't stress this enough, this release has been truly astonishing. Thank you to everyone who has continued to show their support, and has also contributed towards the server. None of this would be possible without any of you. Best Regards, Kade
  10. Hey everyone, Pre-Scape will be Online here within the next 30 minutes. You may download the launcher or client by visiting our play page. https://pre-scape.com/index/play Make sure you have the latest client version once you've finished downloading. Client Version: 5.39 Once the timer hits 0, you will be able to login and begin your journey. Thank you to everyone who has constantly supported us, without you we would have not been able to reach here. You do not need a forum account to play. Please hold your donations for until the server is online, as it appears players are already purchasing items from our store in advance. Thank you regardless, but we want to make sure we can provide an good gaming experience for all of you first. Don't forget to also join our Discord. https://discord.gg/HUS8Vb2 Time for new milestones, Best Regards, Kade
  11. Good to see you back brother.
  12. Greetings Pre-Scapers, We listened to your requests, concerns, and suggestions and we are back to strive for success. Before you join us at Pre-Scape, please take the time to read this thread in its entirety: Many of you may recall all the stages Pre-Scape went through prior to this launch, and all the amount of work put towards this game to finally place us at a point where we can begin to make our next move forward. The last time we had any sort of launch was when we were just getting out of beta, however we never really moved on the right path due to an array of issues always pulling us back. Given the circumstances, our only two options were either to close everything down and move on, or work harder than ever to improve our game and prepare for launch. This past year & a half has been one hell of a journey for our server. For all the new players who have no idea what Pre-Scape is, we are a Pre-Eoc RSPS packed with content and suggestions implemented from over hundreds of beta players prior to this release. Throughout all the bumps in the road we continued striving and pushing for a better future for our server, and that future has finally arrived. This is where we begin and there will be no turning back, so we hope you all are ready. During our downtime we were able to work on the game directly and make sure that what we have to offer is much more appealing to a larger audience. We want something that will be long lasting and allow players a game to continue playing over a period of time without getting bored or demotivated. Below is a Pre-Launch Update Thread, that includes all updates, suggestions, and bug fixes that have been made on this game since our last stage. We hope you take a good time reading it and understanding that this release has been one of our most anticipated and worked on projects. Launch News On July 6th, 2019 1 PM CST Pre-Scape will open its doors once again to the public, with all advertisement methods in place, we expect to see hundreds of players re-join us to begin their grind here at Pre-Scape. All accounts that have participated in our past development / up time stages will be reset, and all players will begin their grind from scratch. This has been a difficult decision for us to take, but we want the best for our server's future, and the best way to attract players is starting fresh and having a grind to participate in, which will include among hundreds of other players. After discussing with the handful of players who still cared about the community and played, we all have decided this is the best course of action. Certain players who have stuck by our side since the very beginning, however, will be contacted and spoken to regarding their reimbursement and rewards. If you have any questions regarding any other matter, contact myself via Discord, and I will happily sit down and resolve any issue with you. https://discord.gg/HUS8Vb2 Giveaway & Prizes - $450 USD In celebration of our release Pre-Scape will be hosting the following giveaways for new players. First Realism Account to Max will receive 50$ PayPal or BTC or OSRS GP First Hardcore Iron Man to Max will receive 50$ Paypal or BTC or OSRS GP First Pker to receive 100 Kills will receive $50 Paypal or BTC or OSRS GP Each winner above will also receive a $100 Scroll In-Game. If players would like in-game credits instead that can also be handled. We would like to wish the players who participate in these events good luck, and we will be on the lookout for rewarding each individual. Events: Our administration team will be hosting events every day the first week of launch, so if you are interested to participate don't get behind and login. Events will include Multi Events, Free for All, High Risk Events, Hide & Seeks, Trivia Questions, and much more. Keep in mind our server has been in development for the past 1.5 years, and throughout everything our only goal has always been to provide something fun and enjoyable to the public. Be sure to join our community discord, as events will be hosted in there as well from time to time along with important information. https://discord.gg/HUS8Vb2 Until then, introduce yourself to the community, and get to know one another as we prepare for the big release. Thank you, The Pre-Scape Team Kade, Jake, Yor, Fawk
  13. Kade

    Prelaunch Updates

    Hey everyone, We hope you respect the countless hours and months that have been put into the making of this server, and with the release of the server, we will only have more of a reason to keep striving. Here are the updates made in preparation for this Launch. (We will continue to update it until day of release) Customized Raids has been implemented and worked on. Fixed Mithril seed pathing Lunar Altar added at home Updated Method of Pking Hiscores Added Button Options to Skip Dialogue Added 1,2,3,4 options for keyboard Dialogue Added New Login Box & Login BG Complete Re-Work of all Donator Islands Added Ultimate Donator Island Complete Re-Work of Majority of all reported Drop Rates and Cash Drops Correct animations and hot fixes for certain weapons that were spotted wrong have been adjusted. Improved Game Client FPS by 50%. Issues regarding stability have been improved. Checks to maintain server up time have been added. New Server Engine Implemented. Memory Usage Decreased by 50% Golden Scratchers have been adjusted to allow more of a balanced change and eco friendly environment long-term. Customized Teleport Interface added. Upon clicking the designated Skill in the skilling interface, it can also be used as a skilling teleport, you will be moved to the location of where you can train that skill Only shops that have items inside the Player Owned Stores will be displayed to players. Placeholders have been added. Settings Enhancements have been added. Timers for Pking such as vengeance, barrage, freeze, have been implemented. Added Player Owned Store History Button Log. - Will display the last 10 items that were purchased from your store at what value. Premium Donators can now type ::Star and will teleport straight to the shooting star, legendary donators can use this command and it will display where it is located Once your character has left the wilderness you will be automatically unteleblocked. Players who are able to escape from their opponent and log out, upon login their teleblock will be removed. Players will always have double experience whenever inside the Wilderness. Insta-Kill Darts have been introduced to Pre-Scape. Using this dart upon any boss besides Zuk will instantly kill the npc and release the drop. Reaper Collection PVP Drop has been implemented Players will now have to pay a price to obtain their untradeables back. This can occur by speaking to the reaper at home. All untradeables are 1,000,000 each. If a player kills an opponent who had an untradable on them upon death, the player will receive, 500,000 GP added to their pouch as a reward. Search Drops has been added to allow players to see what npcs drop what item You can now use all commands without using -'s New Bosses Implemented: Demonic Hellhound Spino Scorpia Glod Venenatis Callisto Barrel Chest Lava Dragon Blood Reaver Ord Vetion Chaos Fanatic Crazy Archaeologist Skotizo Lizardman Shaman Free for all mini-game will now announce what game mode it is in global chat without having the requirement to type the command and teleport there first. Torags have been added to the WIlderness behind Mage Bank Torag's in the Wilderness will also drop the Torag's set bonus similar to the rest of the brothers (Forgot to add this brother when initially made the update) Re-wrote the way barrow brothers respawn handler works: Direct fixed Ahrim Brother not re-spawning Pet Rewards for Free for All that were added in the previous patch; It will now also give other rewards along the pet such as gold, and pk points. Zaryte Bow Special has been re-worked. -> It will now only remove Overheads from your opponents Prayer Book. The amount of damage it dealt has been kept at what it was. View the gif below: Donator Zones have been re-worked and have been quite the invested time in this update log. Removed all God Dhide sets from the Super Donator Store Removed Rune Bars Removed Magic Logs Added Mystery Boxes (contain all of these content in large variations) for 5 million. (Alongside with adjusted rewards to make them more beneficial) Legendary Donator Shop Removed all Dragon Pieces except for boots and changed the prices to 3m. Added Abyssal Whip for 10m. Add dk rings (warrior, seers, archers, berserker) for 5m each Increased the Stock of Dragon Arrows and Extreme Potions Premium Donator Shop Reduced Barrow Sets prices to 15m from 20m. Add imbued dk rings (warrior (i), seers (i), archers (i), berserker (i)) for 25m ea Added row for 10m each. Added White Armor to Premium Donator Shop http://prntscr.com/mzcreo White Armor has the same statistics as each respective Dragon Armor Piece. Dragon Platelegs, platebody, full helm, sq shield, dragon boots These pieces can only can be worn by Premium Donators Adjusted stock of overloads and dragon bones Regular Donator Island Island has been re-worked 2 Runite Ores, 2 Adamant Ores have been added Shop upgrades have been made Fishing stall in this location is just as good as the last stall at edgeville, however the requirement is 98 Thieving. This stall gives 2x Dragon Scimitars, in 1/15 chance. Furnace is located here One thing that has been a problem for Donators is the incentive given by Woodcutting, Mining, and Fishing. Each one of these skills performing the task to obtain each represented (Log, Ore, Fish) each rank was given a bonus amount of each. However at times this would be a hassle because you'd have to continue to bank the item and return to continue your task (If on one) now your extra received incentives are instantly placed in your Bank, and give you a message of doing so. Revitalizing Wilderness Bosses: As cash has been something that new players have recently been struggling to achieve, and with the addition of those new wilderness bosses; Spino, Blood Reaver, Ord, Demonic Ape, that were added awhile ago and are primarily camped in the Wilderness, we've gone ahead and added a PERMANENT, 500_000 Cash Drop for each kill achieved. Each kill will be announced, and globally announced Occult Necklace has been given +20 Attack Magic +20 Magic Damage. Considering you can only obtain it from Golden Scratchers. Considering Free for All has been one of the most exciting things to do when activity is at peak, we've decided to go ahead and add a few Free For All pets for players to aim for. These are placed in the Uncommon Table in FFA Rewards, and have been each added twice into the table for higher likelihood. Reaper of FFA http://prntscr.com/mzelfe Monty http://prntscr.com/mzf3z5 Sphinx http://prntscr.com/mzfa38 Odysseus http://prntscr.com/mzfqg9 Players will now receive Daily Task Points after finishing their task: (1 Point Per Task) A thread asking for your suggestions on what to place inside the store will be made. So please leave your input on this. A thread will be posted at the release of this log. Ultimate Donator Island has been given an Island, however we would like more input on what you would like placed here, alongside what should be re-vamped about the Legendary Donator Island. A thread will be posted at the release of this log. Miscellaneous Updates: Mystery Boxes -> 20 Points (Trivia Store) Legendary Mystery Boxes -> 75 Points ( Trivia Store ) Free for All Exit has been Patched. Dragon Boots have been removed from the Trivia Store. Drop Rate Box has been added to the Trivia Store for (1250 Points) Ring Imbue Scroll has been added to the Trivia Store (900 Points) Updated Trivia and fixed all errors that were spotted. - Lancelot Added Feature to allow Ring Imbue Scroll to work on Regular Ring of Wealth to create Ring of Wealth (i) Simply click the scroll, and then on the Ring, and you will create your Ring of Wealth (i) Added 500M Coins to Legendary Drop on Scratchers Skotizo requirement message fixed. Added a referral system to track larger marketing strategies that I have planned for the near future. Re-wrote achievement point system to prepare initiating for new achievements that players have been suggesting to add. You no longer need the Cooking Requirement to access the Bank at the Cooking Guild Trickster helm now has its proper defense requirement of 85 to wear. Glacors Task has been changed from a maximum of 125 to 30. Frost Dragons will now have their own pet. Pheonix has been relocated to a better pathing position. Making Overloads with (3) Doses was changed last update, but players suggested both routes should work, so I went ahead and added both methods Daily Task Reward has been upgraded to 1 Legendary Mystery Box and 2 Dragonkin Lamps. I have fixed the problem where there were 2 different ID's for Frost Dragons circulating around. Mining Coal in the Wilderness will now count towards your Daily Task. Re-Wrote Augury so it correctly adds your bonuses Dragonbone Bolts have been added to the 1/50 Blood Reaver Drop (QTY: 100) Dragonkite Shield Stats Buffed to: Trident of the Seas has been buffed by 25% Accuracy & Damage Trident of the Swamp has been buffed by 25% Accuracy & Damage Trident of the Swamp now has +20 Magic Damage added to the stats. Players will not be able to empty their blowpipe now on accident. Players can now De-Iron their account by speaking to the Account Manager at home. It will change your game mode to Knight. The only game mode that does not work with this, is the Pker Game Mode. Vesta's Spears have been added to Revenants Drops Zaryte Bow will now only smite the player for 50% instead of 100%. Zaryte Bow will now take 100% Spec Usage from 50%. As per player request, you will now be given a warning when redeeming donator scrolls. This will prevent players from accidentally redeeming. Removed the teleport tablet check for Wilderness, per players request that the suggestion that was implemented awhile ago was not appealing at all. Updated Corporal Beast, and allowed some weapons such as Zamorakian Spear to hit harder against the Boss. Creating Overloads will now require 4 doses, and you will be given a full four dose overload. Players were getting upset that it took (3) doses, so I have changed it to 4. Regular Donator Benefit Added: When creating overloads you will now receive 1x Extra Overload Potion Corporal Beast Hitpoints is now 15,000 from 20,000. Added ::Droprate command that allows players to read a short general information regarding all the benefits and bonus %'s in Pre-Scape. If for some reason I missed something, let me know I'll add it in. But for the most part this gives a good idea of everything for all new players. Reduced the attack speed of Steel Dragons, due to players complaining they were attacking too fast in comparison to regular hits. Korasi Spec has been buffed by 15%. Trickster has been given a 15% Damage Hit Increase to its Critical Strikes bonuses (Inside & Outside the Wilderness) If you have a 15% Drop Rate Box active when typing ::Droprate it will let you know you have it active Blood Hound Pet now gives 15% Drop rate from 5%. (Obtainable from Scratchers) Regular Donators will now have 5% Drop Rate Bonus every where instead of only during Instances Ultimate Donators will now have 25% Drop Rate bonus and Premium Donators will have a 35% bonus Adjusted Golden Scratcher rewards to make them more appealing. Connection handlers will now be executed multi threaded, so when connections are throttled the server does not pick up any disconnection issues. When multiple players login at once there would be a brief interruption, this has now been fixed. When the database previously picked up information from the server, there would be a 2-3 second delay, now it will be nearly instant. Overall, the way our server works with our data base systems will now work at more appealing speeds, so as we continue to grow throughout the next few months, we should not experience any major problems. Elder Maul Spec Now Requires 100% Special to be used. Deals 15% Stronger Damage than Regular Max Hit with Special Special Boost doubles accuracy of hit. (How hard it hits) Furious Flames appears below Targets Feet. Heals 100% for whatever you hit on your target with the special. Max Hit : 875 (87.5) (Spec) - With Gear Players can obtain and use within the wilderness. Malediction Ward has been buffed by +6 Magic and +2 Magic Damage Ring of the Gods is now +18 Prayer To make things a lot simpler for players I have gone ahead and added ::Well which automatically opens the Dialogue for the Contribute to Well Option. This will allow players to easily contribute to the well and then continuing off with whatever task they were doing. Kodai Wand has been added to the Ord Drop. Blood Reaver has been nerfed by reducing its attack speed and making it equivalently strong as the rest of the new wilderness bosses that were added last update. Previously Zuriel's Robe Top was significantly weaker than Ahrim's Robe Top this has now been changed. Primal Gauntlets are now tradeable. Tool kits value has been bumped to 10,000 gold. As stated a few days ago Zaryte Bow was nerfed but was still balanced out to be a well off weapon. Removed Obsidian Cape in F2P Mode and replaced with Team Cape. Removed Ring of Recoil in F2P and replaced with F2P Ring. Removed Prayer Potion in F2P Mode and replaced with additional food. Added 1 more Restore Flask to Brid Mode Added Vanguard Mode to Free for All Added Battle of Gods (3) Mode to Free for All Battle of Gods allows players to be randomly selected to serve a god. If they are selected for example, Zamorak they receive the designated item gear and slot holds. Vice Versa, Saradomin, Guthix, etc. Players are not all selected to serve the same God, it will randomize within the arena, one player may be Guthix, and the other may be Saradomin. Ring of Wealth(i) has been given 5 million coin value in order to be given more protection value within the wilderness. Scorpia's Special has been nerfed drastically. It was hitting far too high on higher tier armor to begin with. Reduced Ganodermic Beast's Speed by 50%, as it was hitting far too often and it was noted that it hit you 3 times in comparison to hitting once with a chaotic rapier. God Halos has been added. Zamorak Halo This halo has an increased Drop Rate of 10% while battling any Zamorak Creature or Boss This Halo can be obtained by the Vote Points Store for 150 Points. This Halo has been added to the Rare Drop Table in Free for All Mini-game Guthix Halo This halo has an increased Drop Rate of 10% while battling any Guthix Creature or Boss This Halo can be obtained by the Vote Points Store for 150 Points. This Halo has been added to the Rare Drop Table in Free for All Mini-game Saradomin Halo This halo has an increased Drop Rate of 10% while battling any Saradomin Creature or Boss This Halo can be obtained by the Vote Points Store for 150 Points. This Halo has been added to the Rare Drop Table in Free for All Mini-game Potion Flasks have been added to the game. Potion Flasks can be obtained from the new Wilderness Bosses from the last update log. They have been added to all of the drop tables to receive 25-30 each at a 1/25 Drop Added +5 Prayer Bonus to All God Dragonhide pieces. Ring of Suffering now has the Ring of Recoil Effect to make it worth obtaining. Zaryte Bow has been buffed slightly to make it worth getting. Zaryte Bow now has 2 Specials Attacks 50 No matter how many accounts of realism you make, your character will now always receive the realism lamp for 1 99. Chaos Dwarf Hand Cannoneers teleport added to Dungeons Teleport One of our biggest combat updates that negatively impacted our community in the past has now been reverted. Players will be dealt 80% less damage from 40% due to some bosses being extremely impossible to fight against, leading to a very unappealing environment for our newcomers. Dragon Javelines will now work with Heavy Ballista Only. Heroic Death Cape & Demonic Death Cape moved to Rare Table on Scratch Cards Golden Scratch Cards from Drops will now announce Skotizo now requires 2 players to do instead of 3 as per request from multiple people within the community Frost Dragons have been added to Premium Donator Island Ultimate Donator + will now have the benefit of receiving bonus frost dragon bones while killing Frost Dragons Boss Slayer Store has been re-worked, and prices have been adjusted Now when you type ::Pets and click a pet it will display its drop rate. Golden Scratch Cards purchases from the store for $50 + purchases will now automatically give bonuses on a 1/2 chance basis. You will get notified of this bonus reward once you claim your donation, and no more errors will occur with them. Multiple bosses have been added to Wilderness Slayer Tasks. Free for All Minigame will now reward the winner 5 PvP Points. Re-wrote the anti-venom strategy formula that was implemented by our previous developers. Anti-venom potions will now work as designed to when drinking them. Previously players would only be able to block 1 hit of Anti-Venom. Now I have allowed it to block a few minutes of Venom every dose Zulrah's Venom attacks will now be counted as being blocked with the new anti venom strategy Re-wrote the way certain skilling rewards could be retrieved. Skills such as Mining or Woodcutting which allowed certain pieces to duplicate before giving the complete set (ex: not receiving all of the lumber jack pieces) Players will no longer be allowed to Multi Log within in the Free for All Minigame Players who kill another opponent inside FFA will now receive up to an entire full inventory of Food Restock, so players who sit in the back and do not participate in the battle are not given an advantage over the others Wrote an entire new drop rate system that can be used in a scenario that required a hot fix to target npcs that have had issues following the old patterns and scripts our previous developers wrote Skeleton Hell Hounds Drop Rate for keys have been adjusted to follow the drop rate pattern correctly Abyssal Demons will now have a drop rate of 1/250 for Abyssal Whips, these monsters are also on the new drop rate pattern script Adjusted administrator commands and added some new sanction commands to better handle players who do not follow the rules On the F2P game mode players will receive Swordfish restock instead of Rocktails. Implings for Hunter had a very long re-spawn time, I have went ahead and adjusted some of them so it is not nearly as long as before Adjusted some general store values for certain items Zombies on Slayer Tasks will no longer attack opponents the damage amount that is used in the Zombies mini-game Dungeoneering Experience Lamp is no longer tradeable sorry for any inconvenience this caused Barrows Brothers have been added behind Mage Bank I have also added an incentive for Super Donator + to receive each designated Barrow Brothers Set when killing these npcs in the wilderness ONLY with a drop rate of 1/150. This will hopefully create not only an incentive to support the server and receive this perk to help players obtain another way to make money and also of course collect barrow pieces, but this allows other players to target players in this region for a chance of PvP activity increase too. Fixed an exploit that allowed a certain amount of ticks to cause a player to crash their console / game Added proper checks to make sure those spam ticks to not have any negative effects towards other players in the region Replaced Claws in FFA with Armadyl Godsword due to the fact Dragon Claws are so inconsistent because of the gear that is used within that game mode, so it'd be best to add something more viable to account for There was bug regarding Boss Pets sometimes not being on the drop table when players were killing them. Sorry for the inconvenience and I just wanted to make sure I kept it fair to those who have been grinding lately, so the drop rate to receive all boss pets has been reduced significantly for a limited time only. Trident of the Swamp has been added due to a large amount of players suggesting it to be brought in. Trident of the Swamp has the same statistics as Trident of the Seas, however a 15% Bonus Damage Increase and Accuracy Changes made to the dice bag have been made so you can no longer roll a 0 Added additional commands and adjusted new ones that needed to be changed Added 16.67% Accuracy Damage to Slayer Helmet while on Task Full Slayer Helmet will only have damage bonus while on Slayer Tasks Ava's accumulator effect will now work with BlowPipe Glacor boots will be used on the crystals now to make them worth actually obtaining 20% Ranged Bonus has been added to Pegasian Boots Twisted Bow has received a 35% damage bonus and accuracy bonus Armadyl Crossbow has received a 15% damage and 15% accuracy bonus Fixed an expoit that allowed players to abuse thieving stalls without the Donator Rank Lizardman Shaman drop rate for Dragon Warhammer has been changed to 1/1000. You can only teleport out of the wilderness using Wilderness Teleport to Home Tablets Virtus has been given a 25% damage boost (8.3% to all pieces) Hardcore Iron Man will no longer lose their status in reported safe zone areas such as Inferno / Multi Fixed a bug that allowed Duradel to accidentally choose non boss slayer tasks Skeleton Hellhounds will now have a 1/20 Drop Rate for Keys. Duradel will now only give your character Boss Slayer Tasks Added Nex to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Kraken to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Glod to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Lizardman to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Jad to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Cerberus to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Dung XP Lamps to Dungeoneering Store. Realism accounts will receive 500,000 Dungeoneering Experience and all other game modes will receive 5,000,000 Dung Exp for 100k tokens Crystal Keys have been added to Vote Point Store Imbued Ring have been added to Vote Point Store Adjusted combat formulas for Magic to enhance determining attacks Player Owned Shops NPC has been added to Edgeville Bank Draconic Visage has been added to the Lava Dragon Drop Table Each Donator Rank will receive bonus Slayer Points upon completing slayer tasks now. You now also have a 50% chance to receive 2-3 extra Golden Scratch Cards when donating for the packages Fixed a bug related to Zulrah's Scales duplicating Slayer Tasks (Wilderness Npc) will now tell you how many you need to kill when spoken to. Duel Arena Add X Amount will now work. You can not duel players with your inventory space not being within the necessary required slots. Prayers for Npc's will no longer be completely 0% damage. Monsters will deal 60% Less damage, and you will be hurt for 40%. Fixed an ID issue with Mithril Dragons Reported Delay for Bolt Making has been fixed. Increased the delay for Jads magic/ranged attacks so they are accurately represented. Fixed reported Prayer Delay Issues Fixed Jad becoming unresponsive at certain stages Reported Exploits that were found with Lava Dragons have been fixed Vesta's Spear will be weak to Corporal Beast similar to Zamorakian Spear Added Bonuses for Vanguard Gloves Fixed miscellaneous combat reported bugs. Rock Cake is now in Iron Man Shop Fixed small Quest Tab issues Zulrah effects have been adjusted Fixed various bugs related to the Scheduled Multi Event minigame that will be discussed within the next few days Multiple Null Point Errors have been fixed. Manually added a new lever for KBD Lair entrance. Magic Exp Drops will now be similar to OSRS Exp Drops within the Wilderness Invisibility issue regarding Duel Arena mid teleport a stake has now been fixed. If there are anymore issues be sure to let us know. Free for All is now every 15 minutes Super Restore/ Combat Potions have been added to the Decanter. The Ignore List feature bug reports have been fixed. Removed Knights Cape from Starters. Knights cape can only be worn by Knights, for some strange reason the code had it reversed. Fixed barrows npcs not giving the kill to the player if they leave too soon. Overload Flask's are now 100,000 in the Premium Donator Shop Adjusted Entangled Spell to hold for 15 seconds from 12 Entangle Spells will only work when the animation / gfx is shown Added more accurate storm of armadyl spells PVP Items will no longer Degrade. These include Morrigans, Statius, Vesta's, Zuriel, etc. Properly added the Prayer checks for Free-For-All so the prayers are actually usable this time Anti poison potions stop you from being venomed in Zulrah’s lair - (This will no longer happen) Multiple Infernal / Zuk bugs that were reported have been fixed. Your character will no longer accidentally move 2-3 tiles away from the spot that it is presented dead. Changed FFA Timer to 15 minutes instead of 30, to create an incentive to look forward to it more often. Full Slayer Helmet's strength bonus has been removed Re-Worked Accuracy for Melee Combat. Barrows Npcs at ::Di (1) will no longer despawn after killing them. Premium Donator Island has been released. Pking Hiscores bug regarding not displaying the right statistics has been fixed Storm of Armadyl has been added When you kill someone inside FFA there will be an immunity of 5 seconds where you cannot attack another opponent When Magic Attack Bonus is less than 0 the chances of you splashing is 95%. And if you do manage to land an attack, the highest hit will be a 10. Fixed a Diagonal Bug where if an opponent was frozen diagonally they could still attack with melee Your levels in Free For All will no longer change when earning XP Protection prayers are disabled for FFA except in the Brid Game Mode Announcement Speed has been reduced by 50% Adjusted FFA Modes to have correct Prayers & Stats from yesterdays update Free for all will now reset your prayer after you exit the game Oziach has been moved closer to Edgeville PvP Store prices have been adjusted to adequately match our economy and player base. These prices will increase over time. The $100 Donator Rank Island will no longer have npcs that are fully aggressive. Knight Lamp has been changed to Realism Lamp. For some strange reason I don't know why this was even designed this way to begin with. Apologies Thieving Bot Check has been adjusted to be more effective. Donator Island Npcs should no longer agro players upon login Npcs at Edgeville are now re-named to represent their shops Dragon Claws have received a 50% accuracy buff as the ratio to ever land a spec before was so little. Arrows should no longer affect Blowpipe, Darts, or Knifes. The accuracy while Dharok Effect is activated has been buffed by 30%. Added the Old School Wilderness level interface Glacors will now be weak to Fire Spells Removed venom immunity from poison. Added venom immunity to anti venom. Realism Game Mode will now drain prayer 20% slower Free for all Minigame will now have proper set levels for combat and game modes. Your players stats will also reset upon dying of the minigame, and restore back to what they were. Monk Robes have been disabled till we fix the models for the next cache update Settings in the client will now save upon clicking them There was a bug report where players would stay stuck at 0 HP and remain nulled. This was simply a null pointer issue, and has been fixed Players should no longer be invincible during FFA randomly You can now type within interfaces You are able to withdraw x with no problems now You can now enter Dungeoneering with only a Ring of Kinship When you switch between weapons, it places the switched weapon on the top space of inventory - this is now fixed. "If Interface doesn't show up" for golden scratch cards has now been fixed When using a shop for a roaming NPC like the crafting NPC or the banker at the woodcutting teleport, your character follows the NPC while in the interface. - this is now fixed Bounty Hunter interface will now tell you what level your opponent is in. Iron man mode players will no longer get loot from loot share Donator Islands have now been re-worked. Information regarding these will be posted on the Donator Benefits Thread. So far we've heard nothing but positive feedback. We have now added a Drop Rate Increase Box to the Donator Tokens Shop The Drop Rate Increase Box will cost 30 points and grants a permanent DR increase of 15% to your account Loot share will now show your clan members what your loot was. The Healer at home will now heal you every 2 minutes (Spec / Prayer / Hitpoints / Run Energy) Referral Codes will only work one per account. The entire point of referrals is that, you were referred to the game. Added multiple bosses to be naturally aggressive Fixed a bug that caused extra damage to be added for certain ranged weapons. e have added a referral system where players will receive rewards by entering the ::referral-code example (::referral-runelocus) This will be used within the next week when YouTubers launch their videos to help promote the server. Scorpia will now attack with melee when in melee range, and range when out of melee range. You can customize your F keys by speaking to the account manager in the Edgeville Bank Players will now have an immunity of 3 seconds before they can be re-frozen by Barrage. Re-Arranged some Npcs at home By default the escape button will now close any interface opened. Pker Game Mode will now be able to set their combat levels. By using ::setlevel-(1-8)-(-1-99) Added some more buffs to Cerberus Boots While fighting against players your experience drops will now be displayed to adequately match OSRS rates. Tormented Bracelet now has its missing 5% magic damage boost. While you attack an opponent mid teleport, the hit splat previously showed a "0" but now it will be "null" so it just does not show anything now. There is now a command to toggle bounty hunter interface ::togglebh Your experience lamp no longer continues running when you log out When using the exchange function with the tool leprechaun you can now note every farming ingredient. Glacors will now be weak to Fire spells. All Cerberus Boots have been slightly buffed. Kalphite Queen bug related to protection overheads has been fixed. Serpentine Helmet has been buffed. Slayer Helmet has been nerfed from players suggestions. Daily Challenges should work in the Wilderness now While withdrawing items from your Bank you will no longer have to re-click the item to bring up the interface back up again. (Problem Before: Running out of distance after freezing your target will unfreeze your opponent While using Magic, Ranged Melee, experience drops will be instant therefore you are now able to accurately do combos. We have added a 15 Range Stat Boost on Armadyl Cross Bow Make Over Mage is now functional none of the models will make you invisible now. Darts have been added to the Ranging Store so Blowpipe is usable You are now able to enter the Dungeon for Dungeoneering Virtus + Blood Barrage will now allow you to go above 99 Hitpoints Necklace of Anguish has had +2 Range Strength +5 Range Bonus added Ring of Suffering has had +2 Prayer added Twisted Bow now has +40 Range added Kodai Wand now has +5 Magic added Amulet of Torture now has +2 Strength added Malediction Ward now has +6 Magic added Odium now has +3 Range added Blood Necklace will now have double the amount of healing. Blowpipe will now allow you shoot it even if there is nothing in your Quiver Occult Necklace now has 10% Magic Damage Increase Ancestral now has a 2% Magic Damage Increase per piece. And an overall +10 magic stat to the set Peg Boots now have + 5 Range Strength and + 3 Range added Toxic Staff of the Dead, and Tridents are now stronger than Chaotic Staff You will now be able to customize your hot keys to your liking. Pre-Scape now has Pking High Scores in-game, for you to be part of the hiscores simply obtain a kill / death and it will automatically insert your information / arrange the top 50 pkers on Pre-Scape. Click the scoreboard near the edgeville ditch to view the top pkers. Glod has now been added to Pre-Scape. This is a team boss, and you must not stand in the same spot while attacking this boss. It is designed to have you move around along with it turning your prayers off randomly too. Dragon Kiteshield has been added to Pre-Scape and can be obtained from Glod. More information regarding Glod's Drop table can be viewed with ::drops Kraken has been added to Pre-Scape. This is part of the new instancing boss system we've implemented. To start this boss you must speak to the new NPC located inside the Edgeville Bank and it will automatically teleport you to begin the boss. Kraken is known to drop the Trident of the Seas, this is a magic weapon that requires no runes, and will automatically cast similarly to the Polypore Staff. More information regarding Glod's Drop table can be viewed with ::drops. Removed the dialogue for healing. Global messages will now tell players to join "Help" clanchat. Can now walk while harvesting farming patches 1 tick combat delay after eating has now been fixed. Made it so only bosses can hit through prayers Renamed Jad pet. Added plant cure to farming shop. Fixed duplicate lines on player panel. Fixed lever in Kbd lair. Decanting now works correctly. You can no longer ::restore during combat (tried to add a double check so this does not occur) Failure to Withdraw items after searching for them has now been fixed. A visual bug regarding pking where anywhere below 5 hp was appeared as 0 Hp "Red Bar", has now been fixed Ava's accumulator not working accordingly with Red Chins has been resolved. It will adequately match RuneScape's system. Fixed chinchompas not adding tracked damage. Fixed Kalphite queen not being tracked. Toxic Blowpipe will now require Darts and Scales to be used. New actions have been placed on the Toxic Blowpipe to do so. Fixed attack distance for npcs, this fix resolved multiple safe spots that were reported and still active within the game An anti-bot system has been added for activities regarding thieving. This will prevent players from leaving on auto clickers or ghost mouses for long periods of time. Pker game mode will no longer insert new accounts on the Hiscores. (Report any accounts that are on there and I will remove them accordingly) Fixed the Completionist Cape not opening correctly due to another bug caused. When using Blood Necklace with Torva, it will no longer drain your Hitpoints back to 99. Polypore will now chain and be automatically autocasted when being used instead of constantly needing to click while in combat. Logging out within the inferno cave will now remove you on login. Twisted bow now uses dragon arrows. Adjusted twisted bow and Armadyl crossbow bonuses. Removed Golden Scratch Cards from ALL NPC drop tables. Zombies Mini-game Added If you have an overload active in a pest control game, once the game is over, the overload effects are fully removed no matter how long of the 5 minute timer of the effects remain. (This is now fixed) Found a major issue in Duel Arena - Sometimes you can’t see if the opponent has red crossed the armor out which means sometimes they can scam. (Fixed) Mage bank spider webs and lever, if you double click the lever without chopping down the spider webs it will ignore them and teleport you into mage bank regardless [sometimes you will have to cut down the first spider web] (Fixed) Using Bolts with Throwing Ranged Weapons such as Knifes or Darts will no longer add damage to the Weapon. When you’re following a player and try to execute an action, you’re drawn back to the player you were following after you take 1-3 steps away from them. I was following my alt while trying to thieve a stall in the example below. Patched a reported path finding bug related towards Zulrah Players will no longer get stuck when applying death during combat in the Wilderness There was a bug where if a player dies, they could not log out, this has now been fixed. Stopped another texture rendering crash from happening (needs a proper patch though). Updated shopping so you can see how much items cost again as well as making all items default to 1gp. Equipping and removing items will now reset combat. Clicking an object while following will now reset following instead of running back to the person. Updated the combat following system to hopefully make it work far more productive than it was before. Fixed an issue where you could range from 9 tiles away but enemies cannot hit from further than 8. Fixed following and parts of pathfinding that were overall extremely broken, which made combat simply unbearable. Wilderness Rope Swing is now properly functional. In the future we will probably re-write agility so none of these problems start out to begin with. Npcs will properly be frozen now if attacked with frozen effects Npcs are properly following their opponents now, their path finding has also been fixed. Removed Wilderness Slayer Task Attacking Block. (You can actually attack npcs in the wilderness regardless of being on a task) Fixed constantly following npcs in puro puro. Removed any code that effects attack timers. Small adjustments added to improve walking around the Wilderness Agility You can no longer click abuse. alching/enchanting or fletching while doing pvm or any other skill Fixed osrs maps not being loaded correctly. Fixed the issue regarding spam clicking smelting bars. Npcs will now properly follow their target in order to get within attack distance range. Replaced some objects in mining with iron ore Fixed mining so it will now find a pick you can actually use instead of stopping on the highest one. Removed the interface check for dropping items. When selling noted items to shops, if the unnoted value is higher, the noted items will sell for the higher value Fixed the annoying banker moving all over at woodcutting. Players can now activate the customizable comp cape interface while equipped. Completionist Cape will no longer crash your client at certain angles when being zoomed in. Problems with the customizable interface have now been fixed so it actually works properly. Cooking at the Range in Catherby and clicking the bank has been fixed. A problem where when leveling a skill a lot of actions seemed to be frozen; Item dropping, fire making, ores on furnace, etc (This is now fixed) Fishing will now be a bit faster as players reported it was slow. Allowed the ability for admins to disable 2 step authentication to assist players Fixed the correct ordering of the Quest Tab " I have + " option Max cape & Completionist Cape will now have the ava's accumulator effect You can now sell Opals to the general store Removed unnecessary dialogues such as, Donator Island NPC, Crafting Npc, Agility. Shards of Armadyl are now tradeable Removed the restriction on selling certain items to general stores such as Hilts and Dragon Full Helms Fixed hit queue to process the hits sooner instead of waiting so long. Pretty much players will now attack Npcs a lot faster than before Fixed a null pointer in regular following of npcs. Increased cerberus attack distance to 12 and removed projectile clipping in the room. Dharok Effect has been added to match OSRS. Fixed safe spotting on some npcs when attacking from too far away on the east side of them. Zulrah Safe Spot Fixed Cerberus Safe Spot Fixed Lizard Shaman Safe Spot Fixed Inferno Safe Spot Fixed Corporal Beast Safe Spot Fixed When you range or mage outside the range of an NPC or Player, your character is SUPPOSED to run within the distance. until it can attack again and launches the attack. BUT currently if you are OUTSIDE the range, your character runs directly to the NPC and Player until it is directly RIGHT by it. (This has now been fixed) Your player will reset now if you try to attack someone while you are outside the Wilderness. Increased the render distance by 1, seemed to cut out to soon. Combat is now reset after casting a spell without autocast. Reduced Curses Prayer Drain by 50%. (Actually fixed this time) Global Moderator Crown has been fixed. Players will no longer have issues picking up drops after killing Npcs for their first tick. Npcs should no longer be invisible we - believe this was just a small error from our last update Skotizo can no longer be attacked via Dwarf Multi Cannon A null check was added for Walking Packet Queue When planting Mithril seeds players will now automatically move one step back. New Players will now be put into the Help Chat as they join Pre-Scape Reported Bugs related, to the Wilderness agility course, pipes, steps, and log balance, have been fixed. "You can only use this command at Edgeville" - Players should no longer run into the issue of standing in certain areas at edgeville where this does not work. FFA has better rates for rewards Dragon Defender, Fire Cape, Tokhar Kal, have been removed from FFA Ava's Accumulator effect should now work correctly (We did not find any real issue with it when tested) We have replaced Super Restores in FFA with Flasks. Infinite Prayer has been removed from Ultimate Donators+ during FFA. There is now a FFA timer that will be displayed We have removed the 5-1 Timer for FFA. Free for all should now be more randomized to favor different modes. Bork should no longer melee across the map Sometimes when trying to add money to pouch it chooses the drop option right below, dropping the cash onto the ground. (This should now be fixed) Auto Retaliate on NPCs should now work. There was another auto retaliate skulling bug reported, which has now been fixed. King Black Dragon will now drop the proper items You are now able to teleport out of King Black Dragon The back to search selection feature on POS is now fixed. Smithing gives a set amount of exp per bar for all equipment except platebodies. When making a platebody you only receive experience for 3 out of the 5 bars used. (Fixed) You will no longer accidentally receive double Pest Control points while the well is off. When clicking through the teleport list, if you click on a teleport before the menu has fully loaded, the interface will freeze and force you to walk a space to reset the menu and go from the start.(This is now fixed) The banker at mage bank has a pathing issue where you can stop 1 or 2 spaces infront of the npc when trying to bank stopping you from accessing the bank until you reposition your character. (This is now fixed) Global Moderator Crown is now fixed You can no longer trade inside FFA arena. You can use ::yell and ::answer commands while in FFA Dungeoneering equipment that is used inside FFA doesn't have skill requirement anymore. Changed 3rd age bow and wand prices in general store Fixed global moderator crown You can use dragon arrows with twisted bow and 3rd age bow now You cant open scratch tickets in wilderness anymore Serpentine helmet will now protect you from poison and venom Fixed two major FFA exploits Bows that don't require ammo won't stack with ammo strength bonus anymore Bandos Godswords special attack will now have correct effect Dragon Warhammers special attack will now have correct effect Removed Crystal key drops from Spiritual Mages Increased skull-back timer from 1 minute to 5 minutes Possibly fixed Zulrah turning into ogre and hans Increased Zulrahs maximum hit from 41 to 410 Bork shouldn't be able to hit you across map anymore. Vengeance wont hit you back before your hit registers anymore Fixed getting total donated after purchasing an item from store (was hotfixed like 8 days ago already) Fixed scratch ticket notification Fixed drop inferface (super rare and extra rare were switched up) Fixed bug that displayed object ids and type on right click Fixed login screen issues Removed blue rectangle in the corner of chat area Fixed report an issue button Enabled/disabled x10 hp will now show correct value over head. Removed [$] on right click Fixed textures Added client version back to client title Fixed ::doninfo command Doors are now fixed You can now use all saved accounts not just first one Added rank icons next to player name Added shift drop Fixed highscores link on client Fog is now enabled by default Error code wont show anymore when clicking guide on farming Added players online on website Added trivia points to quest tab Added well bonuses to quest tab Fixed punishments time Banned players wont be able to login with new account anymore Highscores will now show correct ranks Owner, manager and developer ranks wont be added to highscores anymore Added a simple way to find NPC's drops You can do ::getdrop-<npc name> to open npc's drop table Made magic combat formula more similar to OSRS Changed magic accuracy formula a bit Chinchompas multi effect now works Barrows should drop legs more often now You can now kill zamorak gwd for greater demon task You cant use images or text colors in clan chat anymore Fixed bug that caused server to crash Added new logger to help staff moderate server drop log pickup log pvp log duel log login log punishments log command log some more logs i cant think of atm Fixed highscore saving Game mode and rank will now update Added slayer helm effects Made slayer helmets untradeable Bandos tassets in boss shop now have a price Removed old donator island dialogue Rewrote equipment bonuses Ferocious ring gives 4% damage boost in Kuradals dungeon Void armour gives 5% accuracy and damage boost Elite void armour gives 10% accuracy and damage boost Full slayer helmet gives 12% accuracy and damage boost to monsters on slayer task DHaroks armour Full DH armour is done according to wiki. Damage is boosted by 1% for every 1 (10) hit-point lost Elysian spirit shield It has 70% chance to reduce 25% damage now Divine spirit shield Reduces damage by 30% and drains prayer equal to 6% of damage dealt Corrected full slayer helmet bonuses Prometheum maul now requires 90 attack to wear A'abla will now heal to full hp (previously it didn't heal bonus hp from nex armour) Ava's accumulator should now save 70% of arrows Ring of fire now gives 12% experience boost You can now use other spells to attack while autocasting Fixed bug where you were able to attack wildy slayer npcs without task (You could spell on them. That started combat between you and npc) Extended skull timer from 10 minutes to 20 Rewrote skull system Prison trousers will now go to correct equipment spot Iron men can now buy things from boss shop and stardust shop Iron men can now get herblore secondaries from ruined backpacks ruined backpacks can be dropped by every npc with 1/30 chance of being dropped made ground mud runes stackable Donators will now lose prayer points in wilderness. Made sir owens sword faster by 1 tick Fixed clipped firemaking fires When object is despawned, clipped object tiles should now despawn to so you can walk where object used to be. fixed some issues with magebank webs Fixed attacking people through walls You can no longer use objects through walls that fixed magebank teleporting from the outside of magebank Fixed polypore staff, it now has its own attack Fixed gilded dragon pickaxe Added server announcements Added trivia trivia happens every 6 minutes at the moment you can access trivia shop by talking with Oziach Added Hardcore ironman Added hardcore ironman highscores if you die you turn to regular iron man Added boss pets! All boss pets give you 15% bonus drop rate (which stacks with other drop rate bonuses) on the pet boss. You can access pets interface by typing command ::pets You can dismiss your pet by right clicking on summoning orb and clicking dismiss If you have jad pet item you can unlock jad pet by clicking on that item All bosses drop pets with drop rate of 1 in 5000 I completely rewrote punishments system. Staff will now be able to moderate server properly. I completely rewrote staff help tools Added option to reset barrows mini game for individual person Added option to check pin We will continue to add on as we prepare for our official Launch. Best Regards, The Pre-Scape Team Kade, Jake, Yor, Fawk
  14. Kade

    Golden Scratch Cards

    Golden Scratch Cards Golden Scratch Cards are similar to our Mystery Box / Legendary Box system, however the rewards have a larger variety of value. Golden Scratch Cards are like actual scratch off cards that you purchase in real life. You scratch off 3 sections within the card, and based off of what you get lined up in a row, you are awarded a prize. Attached with a link is all the rewards from Golden Scratch Cards: Below is an example of myself opening 5 Golden Scratch Cards (The list of rare items are endless and include all Old School / Raid Items as well from RuneScape) All ornament Armour gained from Golden Scratch Cards gives 5% drop bonus You can purchase Golden Scratch Cards from our Donator Store: https://pre-scape.com/index/store#information
  15. Hello, i am having trouble downloading the launcher. When i download it, i open a win.rar file with no application to execute. There are just random files and i dont know which one to press to play the game.


    1. Kade


      Glad to see you resolved the issue, if you run into anymore issues let me know.