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    Economy Reset

    Should there be an economy reset on the Full Release of Pre-Scape? This means everything will be completely wiped. Everything. Stats, Banks, Inventories, Ranks, etc. Donations will be refunded.
  2. Kade

    Economy Reset

    There will not be an economy reset. We are aware a lot of players are worried that there is a huge influx of items in the economy, but these past few weeks there has been well over thousands of charge backs on the items that were brought into the economy to begin with. So we will be going through and running a scan that wipes all the items regardless of what player has them currently based off the charge backs. So this should solve a majority of your worries anyways, because since the item was charged back via transaction, it should not be in the game anymore. We'll be doing a wipe on any item that was donated for and the customer charged back. Regardless if that item is on someone else's account, if it was donated for, and the original person charged back, we apologize but we'll be wiping it. This may seem unfair, but it is also unfair to keep those items in the economy. With the player base we had, we believe it cannot possibly upset that many players considering there really was no significant count of players.
  3. Greetings Pre-Scapers, I want to start off by apologizing for being so quiet these past few weeks without any real announcement about where the direction of our project is heading or whether it was headed any direction whatsoever. This project was started with the idea that our lead project developer Bane would be able to adequately push out updates for the run time during our Stage 1 & Stage 2 progress, but due to personal issues and school work coming up, this plan was not able to followed as planned. As the owner of this project putting together the development team, funding the entire project, and handling the overall direction of this project I take full responsibility of not being able to successfully follow the plans as promised to this community. Regardless whether the development team was not able to do as promised, I should have been able to step up sooner and find a solution for the community. For all of this I am truly apologetic, and I plan to do everything to get us back on track that I originally planned on doing. These past few months have been a sort of open beta for our community, and much different than other projects out there. We released to the public March 31st, 2018 (Open Beta) without any marketing or advertising in play and continued to do development as our members logged in daily to play our game. The plan was to finalize the prioritized game breaking bugs and focus on brand new content to be delivered as soon as possible, but as stated earlier, the development team Bane & Stan both had work that needed their attention IRL, and I had to respect both of their decisions. Now with all this being said, I want to address the game plan from this point on. I have decided that on June 8th, 2018 19:00 CST Pre-Scape (Open Beta) will officially close down and all character files and progress will be saved up until the last minute. After we shut down Open Beta that has been running these past few months, our developer Stan, the management team, and I will determine what to prioritize in the time length where the server will be offline. We will work together and have fresh new content, bug fixes, new and improved client enhancements, etc done, in preparation for the Full Release of Pre-Scape. The staff team and I have already got together a lengthy list that the vast majority of the community has already mentioned from time to time, and we will make sure that big aspects of the game will be worked on for the Full Release. Here is just a small list put together, but much more will definitely be addressed. Re-Works Drop Rates Pay to Win aspects reduced Donator Benefits Re-Worked More Cash Flow opportunities Gambling Scene Re-Work Donator Shops New Content Wilderness Bosses Instances Zulrah OSRS Items Possible New Mini-game Misc Bug Fixes Once we come to a determination of when a proper date to have our Full Release, we will re-add the timer to the site of Pre-Scape, and an announcement addressing that will be made. On the day of our Full Release, we will anticipated a larger release than before, in hopes of more players, and a lot more satisfied community members. Now although there will be no economy reset, there will still be a sense of hype, as the amount of new players will be much larger than old. I hope you all respect my decision with the game plan of Pre-Scape's future, and I cannot wait to continue taking this project to the top. I would like to also address that our developer Bane should make a re-appearance in July, so hopefully until then we can get everything put together correctly with the help of Stan Thank you for understanding, Best Regards, Kade
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    was a good run. take care.
  5. Kade

    It's Content Time

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, So the time has finally come to where we will be pushing out some content updates for the community. I understand that there have been so many bugs and glitches that have needed Bane's attention to the point where it has been hard for him to focus on adding anything new. Although with that said, we have reached quite the stable stage, where we can finally make time to bring content updates to the community. We have already planned to bring out Multiple OSRS Wilderness Bosses, Instance Bosses starting out with Zulrah, and its items - which was determined by the community's input on our last poll. I would like to hear everyone's input on what they want to see in the next update so we can focus on that accordingly. I understand that we need to release a good amount of content updates, so we'll be choosing the most appealing content update suggestions. Whether it be a new mini-game you want added, or a fully working clue scroll system, placeholders, etc. Let us know so we can make a prioritized list and spend the next week or so on getting them out as soon as possible, with what we already have planned. Thank you so much to everyone who has stayed patient with us, we promise it will all be worth the wait. Best Regards, The Pre-Scape Team Kade,Bane
  6. Kade

    Patch Notes 1.9

    Great dedication all around Glad to see so many of you satisfied. We will only continue to go up from here.
  7. Kade

    Huge list.

    Will see if we can do this next update.
  8. Kade

    My name Rakeesh

    That's all I'll say.
  9. Kade

    Gnome Strip Club

    This was one of a kind.
  10. The amount of time you took to write everything out in detail really means a lot. Thank you for showing your support on the server.
  11. Kade

    Mithril Seeds

    You can purchase mithril seeds from the online store. We don't want players to prioritize gambling with mthrill seeds as scamming is more likely. That is why we push forward the Duel Arena over gambling. Once the player base picks up gambling will pick up too.
  12. Greetings, Here are the changes made since the last staff update thread. Devyn has been demoted from his position as Server Support due to advertising another server through his initially designed specifically for "Pre-Scape" stream. He also has been removed from the server permanently. Taking advantage of his staff position and promoting his stream to our community was fine if his intentions were to stay with us and strictly promote Pre-Scape content, but it would be completely unprofessional for us to allow him to be with us while he took advantage of his position and advertised other servers through his stream. There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing another server, but the fact you are staff on a different server, and promoted your stream through your rank and that server to obtain your audience, and have the audacity to go stream another server on that same youtube channel, that right there is absolutely ridiculous. Vhalid has been promoted to Server Support We believe he will make a great candidate so a warm welcome to him! We wish Devyn all the best, despite our dispute and past, we here at Pre-Scape wish him the best with his future endeavors wherever they may take. However, we would like to request everyone who has subscribed to his stream to unsubscribe if you do not wish to watch his non Pre-Scape related content, and we apologize that you were even brought upon this situation. Best Regards, Kade
  13. Kade

    Before you advertise

    Thank you for your suggestion <3
  14. Kade

    Devyns POV.

    Devyn was demoted due to advertising to our players. He took advantage of our players and represented Pre-Scape as an official streamer by his staff rank. Other players are streamers as well, but they do not hold a staff position on the server which allow players to earn their trust easier. They trust you, give you more attention because you are a staff member. Devyn had every right to play any other server, but streaming it on an account which he advertised initially as "Pre-Scape Stream" and now another server, you must think we are idiots if we are not going to take action. I banned him from Discord then he complained why I did that, and I responded saying because you already advertised using your stream, whose to stop you from dming players in Discord. I allowed him to play in-game, and then started getting upset and making false accusations lol. Why would we fake our player count when we barely have the numbers yet to even bother with that stuff. Example: https://gyazo.com/f66d2824caf01a162b63a08aa3f3bb96 I believe in that gyazo we have 21 online, and there's 20 in help cc. Congratulations, we have a + 1 multiplier (sarcasm) Thought I'd clear things up considering as I always say, I will remain transparent as much as possible. Oh and if you really want to go more in depth, he tried creating a "fake donation war" for his stream with im D just so he can get him to donate more against a "random fake player. No comment. If you think I am wrong for taking the actions I took go right ahead and speak up.
  15. Kade

    VPN Voting Solution

    Greetings, I am creating this poll to see what you all think of the following ideas to resolve vpn voting. With as large of a community we currently have every small aspect such as this can lead to a long term negative impact. So therefore we want to find an appealing solution as soon as possible. The ideas are listed above, I’ve gone ahead and asked a few members and staff, but I rather cast a poll so therefore there is not an uproar when the change is made. Best Regards, Kade
  16. Kade

    Forum/GFX Giveaway!

    high key that looks great, ima use it for now, let me see what the other fellas got to offer
  17. Kade

    VPN Voting Solution

    Removed the last option as it wasn't really a solution to VPN Voting. The 6 players who voted, if they could please re-cast their vote, it would be appreciated.
  18. Kade

    VPN Voting Solution

    Thanks for letting us know. We’ll see what changes need to be made once we have a good amount of votes in.
  19. Kade

    VPN Voting Solution

    Thank you for your feedback.
  20. Kade

    Cannonball mould

    I'll see what the rest of the staff team think about this.
  21. Kade

    More bosses

    We'll be working on a lot more Donator Incentives once we manage to fix everything that requires priority. Bane is working extremely hard on keeping up with all the major things.
  22. Kade

    Add A Searchbar to Drop Table

    This will be added soon, we have already taken note of it.
  23. Kade

    Content Poll 04/09/18

    We will be releasing Pets &Hard Core Ironman, in the next update, along with a bonus content update (trivia). Thank you for your feedback on our first content poll of Pre-Scape! We will push this update live sometime tomorrow.
  24. Kade

    Content Poll 04/09/18

    Greetings Pre-Scape! As our first week of launch was a success we promised after we would knock out a good portion of bugs we would start polling content that many of you have suggested. Above I have listed a few content ideas we plan on releasing, but first we want to see what you as the community feel about it, before taking any steps further. Don't hesitate to discuss everything in the comment section, we will be reading all the replies. Best Regards, The Pre-Scape Team Kade, Bane
  25. Kade

    Flowers' Goals for 2018

    Glad to see you have taken interest in playing the game now Great things surely await you <3