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    Server Update 01/16/19

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, It has officially been an entire month since we re-launched Pre-Scape. Pre-Scape re-launched December 16th, 2018. This first month I must say has been one damn ride for not only me but everyone on the team as well. Thank you so much for sticking by our side and a big round of applause to those who were here all of 2018 patiently waiting for us to get through out "beta" stages; we really appreciate your continual support. Pre-Scape has finally reached a stage to where we are up and running day and night, with rarely any issues, loads of events, and nothing but positivity throughout the community. I have decided to take some time off from school and not sign up for as many classes as well, so that I can dedicate more time to make Pre-Scape the best it can be. I will be dedicating and creating a daily schedule so updates are made for the community. Not only have I been alone pushing out updates myself, I also have to make sure that the server continues to see light everyday. For those who speak to me daily, you are aware of what I go through everyday, and man seeing all the love and support is what keeps me pushing. I have spent countless hours working on advertisements, email campaigns, writing my own email scripts, working with marketing companies such as Facebook and Instagram to promote our server, talking to top list owners, searching for content creators, speaking to them, then hiring them, then making sure the quality of content is adequate for players to enjoy, talking to my staff members daily, double checking with my management throughout the day to make sure that Pre-Scape is in the right direction daily, and on top of all that I have to make sure proper updates, and of course your voice and suggestions are pushed out every week. I know this last week I have not pushed out anything, but that's because I have had so much on my plate, but I pushed through it all and now the server sees almost 50-80 players daily. Although it's not the highest number in the world, we did once only have 5 players online for months, and I still didn't let that demoralize me. So once again, thank you for this wonderful blessing you all helped me achieve and are part of too. Here's to an amazing and successful 2019, that I hope we together all will reach. Here are the changes made since the last update log, not the biggest update log, but now since I've prepared a solid schedule to balance out, you'll start seeing more and more updates pushed out and written Changes made to the dice bag have been made so you can no longer roll a 0 Added additional commands and adjusted new ones that needed to be changed Added 16.67% Accuracy Damage to Slayer Helmet while on Task Full Slayer Helmet will only have damage bonus while on Slayer Tasks Ava's accumulator effect will now work with BlowPipe Glacor boots will be used on the crystals now to make them worth actually obtaining 20% Ranged Bonus has been added to Pegasian Boots Twisted Bow has received a 35% damage bonus and accuracy bonus Armadyl Crossbow has received a 15% damage and 15% accuracy bonus Fixed an expoit that allowed players to abuse thieving stalls without the Donator Rank Lizardman Shaman drop rate for Dragon Warhammer has been changed to 1/1000. You can only teleport out of the wilderness using Wilderness Teleport to Home Tablets Virtus has been given a 25% damage boost (8.3% to all pieces) Hardcore Iron Man will no longer lose their status in reported safe zone areas such as Inferno / Multi Fixed a bug that allowed Duradel to accidentally choose non boss slayer tasks Skeleton Hellhounds will now have a 1/20 Drop Rate for Keys. Duradel will now only give your character Boss Slayer Tasks Added Nex to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Kraken to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Glod to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Lizardman to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Jad to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Cerberus to Boss Slayer Tasks Added Dung XP Lamps to Dungeoneering Store. Realism accounts will receive 500,000 Dungeoneering Experience and all other game modes will receive 5,000,000 Dung Exp for 100k tokens Crystal Keys have been added to Vote Point Store Imbued Ring have been added to Vote Point Store Adjusted combat formulas for Magic to enhance determining attacks Player Owned Shops NPC has been added to Edgeville Bank Draconic Visage has been added to the Lava Dragon Drop Table Each Donator Rank will receive bonus Slayer Points upon completing slayer tasks now. You now also have a 50% chance to receive 2-3 extra Golden Scratch Cards when donating for the packages Thank you for your love & support. Best Regards, Kade
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    Staff Updates - 01/09/2019

    Congratulations to all.
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    Announcement 01/06/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Just wanted to take the time to write up this thread to keep you all in the loop of what has been happening here at Pre-Scape. Advertisements & Market have been amazing, we've seen SO many new players login daily and the results are phenomenal. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has donated and have promised to continue showing their support, without you all, well shit..we wouldn't be able to accomplish these numbers below. I've spent nearly 95% of all donations on advertisements and I keep of course just enough to make sure the server is up and running the next month and if anyone has doubt for that, I can surely take the time out of the day to show you more in-depth analytics ❤️ To the real juicy information, 2019 holds a lot for Pre-Scape, and I'm so thankful for all of you. I have decided, I'm going to start handpicking players who I believe know the game inside & out to work more in depth with everyone weekly (MYSELF) and implement Quality of Life updates based on their opinion, after of course running through everything with my management team. These players will not be staff or hold any power but their hard work and time will be rewarded nevertheless over time. These individuals will be expected to have TeamSpeak / Discord so we can spend up to 3-hours everyday discussing new ideas, daily agendas, and what needs to be focused on a priority level. We have seen nothing but amazing results for Pre-Scape, and I must say in the past year this has been the absolute best state and condition the server has been in. I am not going to take that for granted one bit and therefore I want to start taking actions on what needs to be implemented first, and creating a set DEDICATED daily amount of time and task everyday to put out for Pre-Scape. I'm going Full Time with Pre-Scape, so this will be my overall daily priority setting aside everything else from outside businesses, school, for the next one or two months due to free time on my hands. Gamble is the most active among the administrators right now, so I'll be mostly in voice chat with him and the rest of the members I pick for this group working and prioritizing a list with details to work on daily for Pre-Scape. I'm looking forward to this next week, as that is when I'll start communicating and beginning our weekly tasks. As of currently we have; Juice Knight Two individuals who know Pre-Scape inside and out, and I'm thankful they're willing to spend hours with me behind the scenes to bring out content, updates, bug fixes, etc your direction. There is no application, we'll be picking out those we feel comfortable working with, but this is purely informational so we can keep you all in the loop that we are focused and have a game plan. It could've fairly well been the end for Pre-Scape months, ago, but because we had a game plan we recovered and now we're heading no where but the top. ❤️ Development Notice: I have also contacted 2 more developers who will be prioritizing content updates and will work on specific updates that I ask. These two developers will be working behind the scenes with me and both having 5+ years of experience in not just RSPS, but in multiple languages. In regards to Arithium; Unfortunately Arithium had personal issues IRL to take care of, so his time here at Pre-Scape has came to an end. But I want to take the time to say Thank you to him, without his hard work and dedication, well.. I must say there would be no Pre-Scape right now. He made this game 1000% more stable, and did more work in less time than any 6-7 developers I hired in the past year could even come close to accomplishing He played a very large impacting role in bringing life back into Pre-Scape, so if any of you ever see him around the community, please take the time to say thank you to him ❤️ I have nothing but love for him, and I'm sure if we ever communicate or work together, there'll be nothing but positive vibes. With that being said, the first week of January is nearly complete, and we are going to hope that we are here at the end of 2019, looking back at this thread smiling knowing we accomplished all our goals we had set to reach. Thank you to everyone for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
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    Hello Pre-Scape

    Nice to see you Justin!
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    Server Update 01/03/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Not the biggest update log, because for the most part we have not ran into any major issues since my time recently has been invested in maintaining our player base and pushing out advertisements, marketing, etc. These are simply some bug fixes we prioritized to get knocked out of the way so a big thank you to those who brought these issues to light. Here are the changes made since the last update log. Fixed a bug related to Zulrah's Scales duplicating Slayer Tasks (Wilderness Npc) will now tell you how many you need to kill when spoken to. Duel Arena Add X Amount will now work. You can not duel players with your inventory space not being within the necessary required slots. Prayers for Npc's will no longer be completely 0% damage. Monsters will deal 60% Less damage, and you will be hurt for 40%. Fixed an ID issue with Mithril Dragons Reported Delay for Bolt Making has been fixed. Increased the delay for Jads magic/ranged attacks so they are accurately represented. Fixed reported Prayer Delay Issues Fixed Jad becoming unresponsive at certain stages Reported Exploits that were found with Lava Dragons have been fixed Vesta's Spear will be weak to Corporal Beast similar to Zamorakian Spear Also, our developer Arithium has returned from his short break, and we plan to continue pushing our daily updates and focusing more on content that you the community suggest Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
  6. Greetings Pre-Scapers, Today we are officially bringing back Flame Wars This was a unique concept on our previous project that players truly enjoyed being a part of. Every server has their fair share of rules to follow, but not everyone always has the patience to control their temper, and often need a place to let it all out. Rules usually are what keep players from getting in trouble, or at least are the main reason players often hold back on releasing their emotions (or should we say.. "Flame") towards another player. But all that changes with the arrival of Flame Wars - Season 1. How it works: Flame Wars will be broken into Seasons. For a period of 60 days after announcing a season arrival. Players will then have the opportunity to say whatever they want, to whomever they want, and however they want. With absolutely no restrictions or penalties, whatsoever besides avoiding involving personal information that could harm the individual outside the community forums. Rules : All material and content posted must be kept within the range of this specific section and thread. Avoid flaming in-game, or any other section on the forums, the goal is to keep it all within ONE area. Avoid including sensitive information as posted above. If you have to sit there and think twice if you should post something because of how SERIOUS / SENSITIVE it is or may be, my recommendation would be not to post it. Final Results, Rewards & More. At the end of the 60 days the management team and I will be monitoring who was the most creative and overall sent out the most "flame" throughout the given time period. The goal of this entire concept is to generate activity within our community and give all of you a place to express yourself openly. From that point on when the thread officially closes, usually within 24-72 hours the staff team and I will pick 3 winners, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and reward them the following reward options. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start Date of Season 1: November 11th, 2018 End Date : January 11, 2018 (Seasons last up to 60 days, and then are closed down for 30 days) With that being said, Happy Roasting! I'll go ahead and start it ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 3 of Week 1: 11/18/18 Tremor Colt Ext Baaail ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Server Update 12/29/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made since the last update log. Thankfully, we have reached the stage of our server where we will be prioritizing more content every week. 2018 for us has been a huge pile of non stop bug fixes and stability issues, and to finally reach a point where we can be creative and focus primarily on doing so is a blessing. This update log will be one of the first of many to come that will be prioritized on releasing new content. Lava Dragons Have Been Released: Lava Dragon's are accessible by obtaining 3 Silver Keys. These Keys will be dropped by the Greater Skeleton Hellhounds that protect the Lava Dragon's Lair above its territory Above are the drop rates to obtain the following keys. Once you have obtained the 3 Keys, and they are placed in your inventory, you may click the chest and you will be automatically teleported to the Lava Dragons's Lair You will not be allowed to use Prayer within the area You will not be allowed to ::Restore within the area You will not be allowed to open your Bank within the area You will not be able to use Saradomin Brews within the area There will be 3 Lava Dragons that you can choose to attack from, and keep in mind Dragon's Breath Effect does also come into play here, so we highly advise you bring an Anti-Dragon Fire Shield. Lava Dragons will drop the following: A lot of you have made it quite clear that in order to get some higher tier cosmetics its most often based on donating. So I have gone ahead and added 3 new cosmetics dedicated to only being obtained by in-game. This will allow all players an equal amount and fair challenge to obtain these. These are the Lava Cosmetics: Lava Halloween Mask Lava Santa Hat Lava Party Hat Misc Bug Fixes: Added Bonuses for Vanguard Gloves Fixed miscellaneous combat reported bugs. Rock Cake is now in Iron Man Shop Fixed small Quest Tab issues Zulrah effects have been adjusted Fixed various bugs related to the Scheduled Multi Event minigame that will be discussed within the next few days Multiple Null Point Errors have been fixed. Manually added a new lever for KBD Lair entrance. This concludes today's update log. I want to say thank you to those who have pushed so many ideas and suggestions my way. This is going to be an amazing next week, as I can finally dedicate time on pushing out content that so many of you will enjoy. I plan to focus on making each game mode worth playing, so a possibility of realism, hardcore, iron man "dedicated bosses" etc is looking good So much in store for Pre-Scape, and let's not forget the new year is on the rise. Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
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    Server Update 12/29/18

    Hahah ofc.
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    Server Update 12/29/18

    Nerfed to only 1
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    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    suck my dick with your momma's lips
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    FFA suggestion

    I'll make this happen.
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    Server Update 12/26/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes since the last update log. Magic Exp Drops will now be similar to OSRS Exp Drops within the Wilderness Invisibility issue regarding Duel Arena mid teleport a stake has now been fixed. If there are anymore issues be sure to let us know. Free for All is now every 15 minutes Super Restore/ Combat Potions have been added to the Decanter. The Ignore List feature bug reports have been fixed. Removed Knights Cape from Starters. Knights cape can only be worn by Knights, for some strange reason the code had it reversed. Fixed barrows npcs not giving the kill to the player if they leave too soon. Overload Flask's are now 100,000 in the Premium Donator Shop Adjusted Entangled Spell to hold for 15 seconds from 12 Entangle Spells will only work when the animation / gfx is shown Added more accurate storm of armadyl spells - Reported Blowpipe vanishing glitch has been fixed. Fixed misc issues with Amulet of Glory's teleport dialogue More Free for All Glitches have been fixed. We have finished the Multi Mini-game Event. Information regarding how it will work are listed below, and we will also be creating a separate thread to go in detail. Multi Events will be hosted on scheduled dates by Staff These events will have 1 winner who will take home the prize that is announced prior the event Before entering the multi event, you will be placed in a lobby where players will need to wait 10 minutes until the lobby closes and sends everyone into the arena. The Area will be multi, everything will be allowed, and players will have an immunity of 30 seconds before they can attack anyone to work with their teammates or clans they bring to win. Towards the last minute of the event players will experience Toxic Gas that will then slowly kill all players or the toxic gas will automatically begin once there are only 2 players left. Multi Events will last 10 minutes after the lobby closes, and the entire arena is large enough to hold up to 100 players scattered. I designed this and had Arithium put it into the game so that in the future when we begin to grow larger we can host these events weekly and hand out prizes as well. If all goes well and we begin to push out the other updates we have planned then this will be a weekly hosted event or every couple of days. I would like to apologize for the lack of update logs, majority of our bug fixes have been miscellaneous, and we've only been prioritizing the ones that leave a large negative impact on our game. But of course we want to resolve as many issues as possible, and that is the game plan. This week has been filled with the holiday time, and our developer Arithium has been taking time out to spend time IRL with his friends and family. We plan to continue where we left off within the next day or so, and after we knock out some more bugs that need our attention, we'll start balancing every week with new content and changes that will attract not only new players, but allow our current players to continue grinding and enjoying the game too. I must say Pre-Scape has been one of the most successful server launches I've experienced and am so thankful for each and every one of you who helped make this possible. I have been putting on average 10 hours a day communicating with all of you making sure the server continues to run possible, and for those who have spent time with me finding issues too, I am truly grateful for. Thank you for your love & support, Best Regards, Kade
  13. Greetings Pre-Scapers, The staff team and I would like to wish all of you a happy holidays! Although not everyone celebrates Christmas today, majority of our players are out celebrating time off with their friends & family, and we hope you all have an amazing time For this years Christmas Event we initially had planned to create an event in-game for all of you to enjoy, but because of our recent release, time was not in our favor in order to prepare something fast enough, due to prioritizing bugs, content, advertisements, etc. HOWEVER, This year we have decided to go ahead and offer a special deal for our players who are interested. As many of you know Party Hats & Christmas Crackers have quite the rarity on Pre-Scape. For only a limited time from December 25th, 11:00 AM CST - December 28th, 11:59 PM CST. Christmas Crackers will be 50% off via the https://pre-scape.com/index/store#rares and will permanently return back to their original price after the sale ends. During this time the crackers will hold the following party hats upon purchase. With the Lava, Aqua, & Rainbow Party Hat being the most rare, following Black and Pink, and then of course the most common regular 6 colors. For those are not able to participate in the special above we will be giving away $100 worth of in-game total donated credit to 5 lucky individuals. To participate all you have to do is enter the community discord visiting the following link, or type ::Discord in-game. https://discord.gg/aKgXpa2 The 5 Winners will be announced December 29th, 2018. AND TO TOP IT OFF, Throughout the Christmas day we will also be giving away Golden Scratch Cards randomly, so if you want to possibly win some, all you have to do login throughout the day. It will be completely random, so your chances are only increased if you're active This will only last from December 25th, 11:30 AM CST - 11:59 PM CST. Once again, happy holidays! Best Regards, Kade
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    stuff #3

    I've read all the suggestions, have some questions on a few but don't see anything there i can't get added / done
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    Server Update 12/20/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Thank you for staying patient and so dedicated with Pre-Scape. Today was our 4th day of release, and we are hitting new peaks everyday. As promised our developer has been working everyday, and we are together pushing out what the community has been requesting as fast as possible. Here are the changes made since the last update log. PVP Items will no longer Degrade. These include Morrigans, Statius, Vesta's, Zuriel, etc. Properly added the Prayer checks for Free-For-All so the prayers are actually usable this time Anti poison potions stop you from being venomed in Zulrah’s lair - (This will no longer happen) Multiple Infernal / Zuk bugs that were reported have been fixed. Your character will no longer accidentally move 2-3 tiles away from the spot that it is presented dead. Changed FFA Timer to 15 minutes instead of 30, to create an incentive to look forward to it more often. Full Slayer Helmet's strength bonus has been removed Re-Worked Accuracy for Melee Combat. Barrows Npcs at ::Di (1) will no longer despawn after killing them. Premium Donator Island has been released. Pking Hiscores bug regarding not displaying the right statistics has been fixed Storm of Armadyl has been added When you kill someone inside FFA there will be an immunity of 5 seconds where you cannot attack another opponent When Magic Attack Bonus is less than 0 the chances of you splashing is 95%. And if you do manage to land an attack, the highest hit will be a 10. Fixed a Diagonal Bug where if an opponent was frozen diagonally they could still attack with melee Your levels in Free For All will no longer change when earning XP Protection prayers are disabled for FFA except in the Brid Game Mode Announcement Speed has been reduced by 50% Adjusted FFA Modes to have correct Prayers & Stats from yesterdays update Free for all will now reset your prayer after you exit the game Oziach has been moved closer to Edgeville PvP Store prices have been adjusted to adequately match our economy and player base. These prices will increase over time. The $100 Donator Rank Island will no longer have npcs that are fully aggressive. Knight Lamp has been changed to Realism Lamp. For some strange reason I don't know why this was even designed this way to begin with. Apologies Thieving Bot Check has been adjusted to be more effective. We have also began working on a High Risk Multi Event Mini game. The multi event minigame is designed for the management team and I to host on demand events and reward players after. We wanted to make sure we had something that was unique to create an incentive for more activity regarding clans and building together teams for pking. The point of the minigame is that you are willing to risk what you brought, and bring home the prize from the event. These events will naturally be hyped up and scheduled in advance to prepare our community ahead of time. More Information for this minigame event, will be pushed in the next update. But we wanted to keep you in the loop of what's coming We also plan on adding a Skilling Point System, Iron Man Incentives, Realism perks, Hardcore Iron Man Incentive, wilderness hourly timed group boss, and of course more unique strategical bosses for PVM. Not even a week of Pre-Scape, and we are still staying strong. ❤️ Thank you for your love and support, Best Regards, Kade
  16. Greetings Pre-Scapers, To start off our first week here at Pre-Scape, I have decided to go ahead and host a $100 golden raffle event. To participate all you have to do is join our community discord via https://discord.gg/aKgXpa2 Or type ::Discord in-game to automatically join All members who are in the discord will automatically enter our community raffle, and at the end of the week I will be selecting 10 random users to win 1 golden scratch card. December 23rd, 2018 11:59 PM CST - End Date of Raffle Good luck to everyone Best Regards, Kade
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    Server Update 12/20/18

    Weapons prior to this update will not degrade, for any confusion.
  18. Kade

    Server Update 12/18/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made since the last update log. Donator Island Npcs should no longer agro players upon login Npcs at Edgeville are now re-named to represent their shops Dragon Claws have received a 50% accuracy buff as the ratio to ever land a spec before was so little. Arrows should no longer affect Blowpipe, Darts, or Knifes. The accuracy while Dharok Effect is activated has been buffed by 30%. Added the Old School Wilderness level interface Glacors will now be weak to Fire Spells Removed venom immunity from poison. Added venom immunity to anti venom. Realism Game Mode will now drain prayer 20% slower Free for all Minigame will now have proper set levels for combat and game modes. Your players stats will also reset upon dying of the minigame, and restore back to what they were. Expect another update tomorrow, these were suggestions that were asked of us to have pushed out as soon as possible. Thank you for your love & support. Best Regards, Kade
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    Nearly all of these will be added in to the game thanks!
  20. Kade

    Server Update 12/17/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, Our re-launch was as anticipated and I am so thankful to all of you who participated in making it happen. As promised, here at Pre-Scape we are going to dedicate our time to get your suggestions and reports handled. We focused the last 24 hours in fixing everything that was found at initial re-launch and are expecting the bug reports to slowly fall down so that we can continue to focus on content. Here are the changes made since the last update log. Monk Robes have been disabled till we fix the models for the next cache update Settings in the client will now save upon clicking them There was a bug report where players would stay stuck at 0 HP and remain nulled. This was simply a null pointer issue, and has been fixed Players should no longer be invincible during FFA randomly You can now type within interfaces You are able to withdraw x with no problems now You can now enter Dungeoneering with only a Ring of Kinship When you switch between weapons, it places the switched weapon on the top space of inventory - this is now fixed. "If Interface doesn't show up" for golden scratch cards has now been fixed When using a shop for a roaming NPC like the crafting NPC or the banker at the woodcutting teleport, your character follows the NPC while in the interface. - this is now fixed Bounty Hunter interface will now tell you what level your opponent is in. Iron man mode players will no longer get loot from loot share Donator Islands have now been re-worked. Information regarding these will be posted on the Donator Benefits Thread. So far we've heard nothing but positive feedback. We have now added a Drop Rate Increase Box to the Donator Tokens Shop The Drop Rate Increase Box will cost 30 points and grants a permanent DR increase of 15% to your account Loot share will now show your clan members what your loot was. The Healer at home will now heal you every 2 minutes (Spec / Prayer / Hitpoints / Run Energy) Referral Codes will only work one per account. The entire point of referrals is that, you were referred to the game. Added multiple bosses to be naturally aggressive Fixed a bug that caused extra damage to be added for certain ranged weapons. More updates will be pushed out tomorrow, there's still a good portion left, but this should take care of all the major issues we experienced on day one. Best Regards, Kade
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    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Where yall pussies at
  22. Kade

    Server Update 12/17/18

    Possibly a command that shows your drop rate chances or make the actual table change and show the right rates when you have the bonuses right?
  23. Kade

    Small QOL fix

    Thank you for this.
  24. Greetings Pre-Scapers, The server was released successfully at 1 PM CST. Thank you to so many of you sticking by my side and trusting the process these past few days. It truly means everything to me. With averaging 100+ players for almost two hours straight and going, this has been most definitely one of our best launches. Don't forget to say thanks to our developer Arithium for putting in immense amount of time and effort in improving the game play these past few weeks. I wanted to say a special thank you to those who have already donated to support the server and have started voting for us. You are the reason we're still pushing. A more in-depth update thread will be coming soon, so stay tuned. Best Regards, Kade
  25. Kade

    Server Update 12/15/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, As we continue to prepare for our launch here are the following things we have worked on. Thank you for your support, we ask you to continue to spread the word. We have added a referral system where players will receive rewards by entering the ::referral-code example (::referral-runelocus) This will be used within the next week when YouTubers launch their videos to help promote the server. Scorpia will now attack with melee when in melee range, and range when out of melee range. You can customize your F keys by speaking to the account manager in the Edgeville Bank Players will now have an immunity of 3 seconds before they can be re-frozen by Barrage. Re-Arranged some Npcs at home By default the escape button will now close any interface opened. Pker Game Mode will now be able to set their combat levels. By using ::setlevel-(1-8)-(-1-99) Added some more buffs to Cerberus Boots While fighting against players your experience drops will now be displayed to adequately match OSRS rates. Tormented Bracelet now has its missing 5% magic damage boost. While you attack an opponent mid teleport, the hit splat previously showed a "0" but now it will be "null" so it just does not show anything now. There is now a command to toggle bounty hunter interface ::togglebh Your experience lamp no longer continues running when you log out When using the exchange function with the tool leprechaun you can now note every farming ingredient. Glacors will now be weak to Fire spells. All Cerberus Boots have been slightly buffed. Kalphite Queen bug related to protection overheads has been fixed. Serpentine Helmet has been buffed. Slayer Helmet has been nerfed from players suggestions. Daily Challenges should work in the Wilderness now While withdrawing items from your Bank you will no longer have to re-click the item to bring up the interface back up again. (Problem Before: Best Regards, Kade