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    Announcement 08/17/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, As we reach the end of our second week here at Pre-Scape, I want to say as always thank you for your love and support towards the server. We are aware that there is still quite a few things within the game that need our attention, and believe me when I say this we know. However keep in mind that we have done already so so much, and we only plan to keep getting work done. We don't want to burn ourselves out like last time, where we just lose motivation to work, so we're taking things slow and steady. We're not going to throw everything away and just give up, for some odd reason a lot of you have this odd impression. Our goal isn't to have 100+ players on right now, so telling us the server is "dead" does not really bring a reaction up to us. That would be absolutely ridiculous to think so. We're going to take our time with the server, and hopefully we continue to get funds to support the server through donations, so that we can pay for development and also maximize advertisement when the time comes. I am not asking anyone to donate, however know that your funds are being used to only benefit the server. I can go ahead and start racking up advertisements, paid promotion videos, emails, facebook ads, etc, But all of this would only lead to temporarily players, as eventually they'd leave when they see the server still needs work on. If you think after reading all the update logs that "nothing" is getting done, and how we are "failing" to bring out updates, then please go ahead and just leave the server. If you are not willing to stay patient and truly support & watch this server grow, that'd be the best route for you to take right now. Operative and I have been putting in hours a day within the community specifically gathering as much as detailed bug reports as possible. Along with a handful of community members who are assisting us which we are so grateful for. Hopefully you all see the good in Pre-Scape and stick for the long run. As always thank you for your love & support. Best Regards, Kade
  2. Greetings Pre-Scapers, With the release coming up in just around 48 hours, I wanted to do something special for first week of Pre-Scape to possibly attract users to our community. I will be hosting a 500m OSRS GP giveaway, and will be handpicking 10 users with the most interesting introductions. If you would like to participate in this event, the only thing you have to do is register on our forum and leave an introduction about yourself, something unique, and a reason why you are looking forward to playing Pre-Scape. At the end of the first week, we want everyone who participated to respond back to their thread, and show us their first week progress as well The Pre-Scape Team and I will be giving each winner 50m OSRS once we reach the end of the event and you will be contacted accordingly. Requirements Post an introduction thread https://pre-scape.com/forum/index.php?/forum/72-introductions/ Be a member of our Discord Be unique, tell us something you're looking forward to about Pre-Scape At the end of the 7 day mark, show us a screenshot of your progress. This can showcase anything related to your account, ( statistics, achievements, bank value, accomplishments, goals, etc) We're looking for at least 100 introductions before we choose winners and we'll probably pick out the winners when we reach a milestone of success (*100 Players + Consistent) It's good to be back on track again, and we are hoping you are all as excited as the team and I are. Pre-Scape will be releasing August 1st, 2018, 2 PM CST. Register today to stay updated with all the latest announcements. Best Regards, Kade
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    Farewell Everyone.

    Hey man it's really sad to see you go. Let me clarify a few things. Not sure how you're going to say all I care about is making money, you can compare my activity and my connection with the community with any other owner in the RSPS Scene, I am almost certain you'll see I am different than most. In terms of money, I nearly paid for everything out my own pocket for the past 3 months to keep the server up and running during offline beta, and I also took a full on loss of nearly 90% of charge backs, yet I did not vanish, yet I did not close the server, I worked harder so that this time we could prosper and continue to bring out updates steadily. You can make arguments about how I only care about is "money" all you want, but the truth will stand, and you can have your own opinion which I can't stop you from speaking. In regards to your thread that you are so so "upset" about being locked, the only reason it was locked so players can stop arguing back and forth with what was within it. Your thread spoke purpose, your thread definitely had value, why would it not? It is just a fact, that if we did not have the our store the way it was set up right now, no one would have donated and if anything the server would have been shut down right now, because we wouldn't even have funds to run for another month. That is just how the RSPS scene works. You won't find a server that isn't "pay to win", it's an option there for players who want to support the server, but also benefit themselves. If I didn't care about the thread, I would've deleted it, not lock it. But then again, everyone has their own way of seeing things. You saw everything the way you did, not going to sit here and beg you to give us a second chance. Goodbye and maybe one day you'll return. Kade
  4. Kade

    Quality uppdate (Smithing)

    Thank you for this.
  5. Kade

    Yo Yo Yo, It's ya boy, JaySlay!

    Wait, how did you join July 14th ?
  6. Kade

    Save Input

    I'll note it down in our suggestions.
  7. Kade

    Hi Choas here,

    Welcome to Pre-Scape Hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. Kade

    Rob's Intro

    Welcome to the server
  9. Kade

    POS.. Back Button + More

    Thanks for suggesting this. Will be added soon.
  10. Kade

    Suggestions for all

    Thank you for these suggestions. I have taken note of the ones I will possibly move forward towards the server.
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    Server Updates 08/10/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, These are the latest updates and changes for today's log, made by the development team of Pre-Scape. Thank you for taking the time to create bug reports, and suggestions, as this truly does help our server prosper. You will need to reload your launcher "Force Update" if it does not already update it by itself. Scrolling within the latest client push will have fixed the following interfaces Player Owned Shops Drop Table Interfaces Added Multi Scrolling Support System Auto Retaliate sometimes glitching out while fighting npcs should now be fixed. Increased Sell Amount limit for Donators Donator - 1000 Super - 1500 Extreme - 2000 Legendary - 2500 Ultimate - 3000 Premium - 5000 Proper effects have been added to the Zulrah Helmets, based off OSRS Wiki. Serp helm doesn't prevent from venom, nor venom target Added Added a voting check, where a maximum of only 24 Auth codes can be claimed on one IP Address and Account (suggested by the community) Removed nulled object names from object interaction menu Slayers Tasks will now correctly be blocked. General Graardor and Zilyana are now non-aggro and their minions aggro. Dungeoneering Requirement has been removed from Drygores. When fishing Rocktails anywhere, the player flashes invisible making them untargetable, this will be fixed with the latest cache update. Missing Npcs added to the Drop Table You should be able to craft all Zulrah Items correctly now. Hand Cannon was not delivering enough damage, it now has a ranging strength bonus of 40. We'll see how the damage goes from there. Corrected issues with Wilderness Slayer Another big update that will be hitting the live server is the brand new MYSQL System. Stan does a good job explaining what the goal for this is, and what it will achieve. Be sure to take a read. Thank you for your love & support. Best Regards, Kade, Stan, Bane
  12. Kade

    Server Updates 08/06/18

    Thankfully we are not running into as many bugs as before. These are the changes made since the last update log, by the development team and I. We are currently aware that item interaction is not working correctly after this update was pushed, the developers are currently offline, and I am sorry for the inconvenience, this issue will be resolved by tomorrow, once they are back online. In the meantime all the wells are turned on. Thank you for your support. Leveling up issue where you would need to drink a restore potion every time you trained has now been fixed. Admins have now been removed from the Hiscores. Players will now accurately hit as hard as what their levels actually are. There was a bug where if you had arrows or bolts equipped while attacking with Blowpipe or Zaryte Bow, it would cap how hard you hit, this portrayed the idea that these two weapons were weaker than they appeared. This has now been fixed. More checks have been added towards Wilderness Agility course to prevent players from getting stuck. Cerberus will now correctly respawn. Reported Animations regarding NPCS and Player Updating has been fixed. Wilderness Ditch in Edgeville will now properly work. Some Pathing checks have been added for the Wilderness and while in combat. Red Chincompas were not correctly dealing damage, this has been fixed. There was a nasty auto retaliate bug where players and opponents were getting skulled incorrectly this has now been fixed. Stan has re-written the way it was being handled, and now this issue should most definitely be resolved. Max Hit Queue formulas were not being registered properly, checks regarding this have been added. Formulas, (Range, Mage, Melee), have been adjusted to be more accurate Cash Drop for Corporal Beast has been added of 8-10m Clicking outside the Bank Interface in Resizable / Full Screen will now close the interface. Stan is re-writing farming, we understand this has been a concern for most people, and we're doing what we can to properly fix it, without just cheap fixing, stay patient This update will require you to reload your Launcher, and or download the new manual client. Best Regards, Kade, Stan, Bane
  13. Kade

    Beta Users

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, We will be returning back the beta accounts with their donator ranks and skills tomorrow at around 4:00 PM CST. August 11th, 2018. Thank you for staying patient. Best Regards, Kade
  14. Kade

    Announcement 08/09/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, We have completed the first week of our release and we could not have done it without all of you. We plan to branch out to marketing here soon, but we want to make sure we knock out as many bugs as possible. We expect to start launching some advertisement campaigns towards the end of the week, and have already paid and scheduled some content creators to upload videos regarding our game. I want to say thank you to anyone who has donated the first week, your funds are most definitely being put back into the server, and it will show soon enough. Thank you for your trust, and thank you so very much for your support. Below are the updates we were able to get out within the first week of release, and this would not be possible without Stan, Bane. We still have a long way to go, no server out there is perfect, but we plan to get as close as possible. I have appointed Operative who will be going in-game and gathering information from the community and creating a list for me to work on with the rest of the development team. If I am not on, message him directly. If he is not on, do not hesitate to message anyone else on the staff team of Pre-Scape. Focuses on the next week Minor to Major Bug Fixes (any that are left) Pathing PvP Updates Wilderness Updates Begin to implement suggestions posted by the community Best Regards, Kade
  15. Kade

    Announcement 08/02/18

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, After a very successful day of our launch, I would like to thank everyone who participated and was there from the beginning. I can confidentially say that yesterday's release was one of the most promising launches I have witnessed and been part of. I am so blessed to be part of such a community as you all, in which I promise I will stay on top of, and keep everything running as smoothly as possible. The development team Bane, Stan and I are taking note of everything you all have reported so far, including suggestions. It would be best to assume an update log pushed out towards every end of the week, as this will give the team and I adequate time to make a list of everything and work on them accordingly. Make use of the sections below, as I personally am going through and taking note of what needs to be worked on https://pre-scape.com/forum/index.php?/forum/36-report-a-bug/ (Report a bug) https://pre-scape.com/forum/index.php?/forum/14-suggestions/ (Suggest an update) Thank you so much for all your love and support, Best Regards, Kade
  16. Kade

    Beta Users

    Anyone who still needs their account returned, message me on Discord.
  17. Kade

    Server Updates 08/10/18

    Fixed this.
  18. Kade

    Play Now Links

    Hello, Please choose from one of the two links below to login and play Pre-Scape. Launcher (automatically updates your client and keeps you with the latest version) http://cdn.pre-scape.com/download/launcher.jar Manual Client (Does NOT automatically update) http://cdn.pre-scape.com/download/client.jar Download and play Pre-Scape RSPS for free, the Java jar launcher requires your system to have Java downloaded. If the jar doesn't work please try one of the installers for your system. You can download java here: https://java.com/en/download/ If you're having issues with the game client try reading this thread Best Regards, Kade
  19. Kade

    Sell item increase

    Implemented in the next update.
  20. Kade

    Hi I'm Kade

    Hey there guys, So I'm not participating in my own event hah, I just decided maybe I would take the time to introduce myself to the community again I like to go by the name Kade, and I've been in the rsps scene for well over 10 years now. Getting a little old to be honest, but RSPS is something that I seem to make time for every now and then. I have really good experience when it comes to leading projects, and overall leaving a positive impact. A couple months back I tried to get this on board, but due to the development team being preoccupied and overall the entire team including myself being busy, we were not able to adequately invest time in the server. But 5 months later, we're here to change that, as we have plenty of time now, and we've been dedicating ample amount of time into turning this into something long lasting and successful. I love to be interactive with the community, so I'll be using Discord and Teamspeak, to speak to anyone who is interested. I'm expecting to be on my computer about 8-12 hours a day being there for whoever needs me. Alongside in-game See you guys online in-game and around forums. Best Regards, Kade
  21. Kade

    Donation Store 2 Shenanigans.. c'mon now

    We had a huge debate and discussion regarding this, but unfortunately, most servers these days include the P2W aspect, and we decided to keep the store as it is. In regards to those who are concerned about their donations, in a few days those players will be spoken to and I've already gone ahead and talked to a couple of previous donators as well. Everything should balance out once we grow in player count, and we'll be taking steps to improving the overall game play. You've stayed patient with us regarding all the bugs and updates, I'm sure you can give us some time to figure out what the correct approach to this will be too. I only want what's best for the server too, but there are just some things that need to be done to keep us up. Thank you for your concerns.
  22. Kade

    Sell item increase

    Thank you for making this suggestion. I'll keep you posted.
  23. Kade

    Server Updates 08/06/18

    Thank you for all the support ❤️
  24. Kade

    Server Updates 08/05/18

    As promised to all of you in the last thread, and through my announcements this update log was to focus on everything that majority of the community had concerns about and reported to me. I have been taking the time to speak to a lot of you personally in-game and on Discord, and wanted to say thank you so much for your support and staying patient. Our goal is to stay productive and keep pushing out logs that keep you satisfied. Here are the changes the development team Bane & Stan & I have worked on for this update log. Hell hounds are no longer safe spottable, we are aware that this was a concern as it really defeats the purpose of the grind, when players can just afk and train. We are thankful for your patience, and this has now been resolved. Your client will no longer crash or freeze when attempting to remove a friend from your friendslist. Your client will no longer freeze when attempting to message someone back whom you do not have added. You should be able to add and message someone through your chat box with no longer running into issues. Chaos elemental was loading the wrong data, this has now been resolved, and the NPC should appear correctly. Lava Dragons were loading the wrong data, this has now been resolved, and the NPC should appear correctly. Jad has been redone, and should work more efficiently. Bane went ahead and re-wrote some parts of it. Jad is a large part of an RSPS in general, and we wanted to make sure it was properly done. Jads delayed attacks have been properly managed. Bandos Boss ranged attack has been reduced, we are aware that before it was reported that it was dealing far too much damage, so this has been taken care of. Your potion effects will no longer wear off upon leveling up the skill. Before if a player drank a potion, and leveled through skilling, the effect would revert itself. Barrows at ::Di would sometimes not drop anything, this has been investigated, and the issue has been resolved. If you run into any issues similar to this, be sure to let us know. Legendary Mystery Boxes, will announce all the items that appear to be in the rare table now, instead of only certain items. Zulrah will now correctly poison its opponents. You are now able to firemake at the Donator Island, and Donator Skilling Zones. Pathing and movement when stealing from the thieving stalls was a bit messy, this has now been cleaned up so it faces the right direction. When dying in mini-games with hardcore iron man, the status will not be removed. We understand this is a crucial part of the game mode, so we wanted to get it fixed as soon as possible. Drygores have been slightly buffed to be worth the value of their price. However keep in mind, they are still PvM based Only. (A boss regarding Drygores will be released in the future, considering the fact only being able to obtain an item through donating is pretty questionable. Glacors and Ice Strykewyrms will now be weaker to fire spells. Pest Control will now give players double points with the Well of Goodness active. (Well of Wealth) Ancient Burst / Barrage Spells will now properly give players experience when attacking multiple targets. Zulrah's safe spot has now been fixed, also added a check for multiple variations where this could be an issue. The Lever inside King Black Dragon's Lair will now teleport the player back to Edgeville. Saradomin / Bandos GWD bosses should no longer be "afkable" when using SoulSplit & Turmoil. The Bosses will not re-spawn until all the minions have been killed and the minions no longer auto attack their opponents. Wilderness Obelisks are now functioning properly. The player will be teleported to the correct wilderness levels without any issues, and all freezes regarding the obelisk should have been resolved with the latest map issues resolved. When creating a new account, players will now be notified that realism offers 15% Drop Rate. Vet'ion will now have the entire stage for players. The correct algorithm will be used when fighting its opponents. The Drop Table Interface has been re-worked, and all the npcs have now been added to the system. Missing Bosses have been added along with their drop table. The Npcs in the drop interface are now alphabetically organized so players can easily locate the monster they are searching for, until we can find time to add a search option for the client interface The command ::getdrop will now work so you can search specifics such as ::getdrop-zulrah We have removed all NPCs from the ::drops that were not in the game. Crazy Archaeologist will now give Boss Points. Crazy Archaeologist's Health has been increased to 2500, as that is its requirement to be considered a boss. Zamorak God Boss now drops Staff of the Dead Burning Logs would be counted towards the daily task" You need to cut X amount of X Logs", this has now been fixed. You can now answer trivia questions while doing Zulrah (As commands were disabled before) You are now able to Yell while doing Zulrah. (As commands were disabled before) Toxic Blowpipe will now deal 20% more damage. Zaryte Bow will now deal 20% more damage. Zulrah will now be aggressive when entering its arena. Red Chinchompas will now give ranged experience Red Chinchompas interface is now fixed so it doesn't show Vetion will respawn after 30 seconds once it has been killed. The original respawn time was incredibly delayed. Thank you again for your love and support. Best Regards, Kade