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  1. hey my client wont load? gets stuck at 40% then says error an closes itself why?

    1. Fawk


      It's more than likely an issue with the cache. You'll need to remove everything zamorak/pre-scape related and then re-download. If done correctly, the cache should re-download, resolving the issue.

  2. Titan

    February 2020

    Greetings, First and foremost I would like to apologize for the last 2 months of inactivity on my end. I have been spending most of my time trying to find a job IRL to be able to then use my funds and time on the recovery for the growth of our server. Zamorak is something I am just not willing to ever stop working on, or give up and because of my poor luck over the winter holidays my health was taken a toll on not allowing me to fully be committed to the project as much as I wanted to. However, starting this month I have successfully been able to commit to a job as a Software Engineer which will allow me to put my pay towards the server to get it back to the condition we all want and hope for it to be again. I am forever grateful that there are loyal players and especially donators who contribute to supporting the server and help where they can, but I wanted to make sure I did everything I possibly could that lead to an overall promising future. Although I will be working, my entire intention was to set some sort of foundation to get the ball moving again. With the help of you all, and of course my new stable income, I will be putting all my resources into purchasing content from other developers in the RSPS community to import to our game, alongside with working on development for the server again 3-5 hours a day with the rest of the team on importing your suggestions and fixing any reported bug reports. I will also be looking into further advertisement methods along the next few days. Our team here at Zamorak is more or less a family, we have been through countless lows but we have also experienced the highs together, this is just another low that we will need to get over and push towards success once more. Zamorak is my home, and I hope I can do my best this month to bring back the activity and life back to the server throughout the rest of this year starting this month. I'll be actively online again, alongside our community discord reaching out to those who want to share their opinions and suggestions, and working alongside our team to put things in motion. To all the supporters who continue to show their love to the server and believe in me, Thank you, I won't let you down. Best Regards, Titan
  3. Titan

    Server Update 11/23/19

    Greetings, As most of you know we have not been posting update logs regularly on the forums, as a large portion of our community members follow us via our discord, however it is important to make threads when things begin to accumulate over time. So here are some changes that have been made since the last update log. Multiple player owned shops bugs have been fixed. Original Zamorak V1 Content implemented into server base and models Client background and loading sequence handling has been adjusted. Sprite system enhanced to allow live updating processing to occur. Game Window reported bug crashing on Windows software that was outdated has been fixed. Configurations to resolve networking issues of players disconnecting themselves upon login when spam clicking the login button. Npc Definition Converter added to allow the implementation of animations and gfx of other revisions. Vorkath was officially pushed live, along with its drop table. Adjusted me to various values of items have been adjusted. Twisted Bow was disabled for pking in the wilderness. Reported issue with Toxic Blowpipe slowing down midway combat has been resolved. Summoning has been added to Zamorak, simply click the skill via the skill tab to teleport and begin. Familiar spawning has been disabled temporarily, until we decide how to revolve it correctly with our game play. AFK training bot check has been implemented for various monsters among the game to help prevent players to leave their accounts overnight to earn experience. Vorkath added to Slayer Tasks Wilderness key area reported issues with pathing, mapping, and boundary changes have been fixed. Added original commands for donators, ::di, ::sdi, ::edi, ::ldi, ::udi, ::pdi Added the option to allow players to obtain 25% Drop Rate Bonus for 1 Hour from the Dragonkin lamps. Adjustments made to various equipment such as vesta's, dragonbone, statius, torva, etc. to help balance them within the game. Dragonhunter crossbow has been added to to game. Hidden bonuses for certain items have been removed and added to the equipment tab, in the future, I will be writing a script that will simply showcase the bonus on a separate tab within the interface to help players understand certain weapons and their damage bonuses further. Began developing a fully functional anti safe spotting check, that will prevent the safe spots of multiple bosses and monsters within the game. Reported issue with Overloads have been fixed. Looting inside CoS issues resolved. Wilderness Bosses will no longer globally broadcast the wilderness drops, various points were given to make this change occur, perhaps in the future when there are active pkers we can look back at this and make adjustments. The community has only continued to grow these last few weeks, and I cannot be more thankful for all of you on making it happen. Thank you to everyone who has been showing nothing but love, whether it by voting everyday, logging in everyday, or even donating to support the server, none of this would be possible without all of you. Winter is around the corner, so that means a lot more time for me and my team to dedicate on the server. As always, Stay tuned for what's coming Best Regards, Titan Join the Discord https://discord.gg/HUS8Vb2
  4. Titan

    Player retention and further growth

    Also, I appreciate you taking the time to speak about this matter, although it is something that can easily go looked past, it's a key example that could help player retention if changed. I'll be changing this right now.
  5. Titan

    Player retention and further growth

    Maybe it's time to remove the wilderness broadcasting system, until further growth of the server is made. That way it allows the small amount of players a chance to grow their progress.
  6. Titan

    Best Suggestion Possible

    Already took the time to respond to that via Discord
  7. Greetings, Alongside the announcement earlier this week, I would like to follow up on something even larger that will aid us in not only marketing but also a prosperous growth in the coming days. As most of you know, prior to Pre-Scape we were once known as Zamorak RSPS. Without stroking my ego too much, I can confidently say that Zamorak was among one of the largest servers back in the day. The community, the marketing, the activity, and overall environment was at a level that we could only strive to reach now. However due to unforeseen circumstances, when reaching a certain level of success back then, situations were not so stable and under control as they are today. After an up-time of nearly 5 years straight and having over 800,000 character files created on our game, we had to switch directions and open under a new name. That name as you all know, for nearly the last 2 years, is Pre-Scape. The idea behind Pre-Scape was to advertise as one of the leading Pre-Eoc content packed Runescape Private servers. (Pre-Scape, hence the name. I know, "quite original"), and welcome our fellow users from Zamorak along the way to the best capability we could without altering the domain and registrars to the full extent. To say the least, Zamorak.Net has basically been unavailable for me to use legally for the last 2 years, to the full potential I wanted to. But after battling it out with the company behind my domain and name servers, I can finally market and use it to its full potential. During the last 1-2 years I have been completely focused on Pre-Scape and building the base to be as stable as possible and most importantly even more enjoyable than what Zamorak already was. Pre-Scape essentially became a working area for me to continue enjoying what I do and allowing players to continue their gameplay here. The handful of people who followed along the way definitely made their way here, but THOUSANDS of others have been unable to realize and understand that Pre-Scape has essentially been Zamorak this whole time. The main question that everyone will have is what's going to happen to Pre-Scape. Now, one thing I have is integrity, and I refuse to do this the way I have seen multiple servers do in the past. They would close their server down, and re-open their "Nostalgic" name completely fresh, and basically say "fuck you" to the players who played their game, donated, and dedicated endless amount of hours. I genuinely care about my community, and I love everything I have built these last 1-2 years within Pre-Scape. With that being said, nothing is changing aside from using and switching our brand to our Original "Zamorak" and use its full potential to finally hit the RSPS Community of the fact we are back. I believe everyone here would agree, it would be the smartest decision to use all our resources where we can to make sure that Quarter 4 of this year goes as planned. No one will lose their progress, in fact if you've noticed, I've already made the adjustments on the website practically everywhere, the server has still been online and running smoothly, and the only few changes that will occur are the names server wise and our client (will happen soon) Everyone on the website will remain functional, now the only thing moving forward is to set up advertisements, and let the RSPS Community know we are back. In fact, we have already started to see a growth in player base these last few days and that's only from word of mouth. For those who want an idea of how strong our community on Zamorak truly was, well go ahead and do some research on youtube and you'll see hundreds if not thousands of videos from content creators across the entire RSPS community uploaded over the last few years. In regards to some marketing stuff, I have gone ahead and re-uploaded our original Zamorak RSPS promotional video from 2016 to help bring some traffic back to our subscribers and other users across the community The link will be uploaded soon. The original video has been unlisted. I also cannot thank you all enough for sticking through everything, and I am so grateful for those of you who did not give up on me and the server. https://zamorak.net is now active and will be the main source of traffic for our website. However, https://pre-scape.com will remain functional and in use for our OG's. Best Regards, Titan / Kade
  8. Titan

    Server Information - Q4

    Greetings Pre-Scapers, First and foremost I wanted to take the time to give a big thank you to each and every single individual who has continued to show their support towards the server throughout this year. The fact the server is still here is only because of those who have believed in the project and continued to dedicate time to play it everyday. This thread will cover information that will help you understand and prepare for what changes are going to be made within the next few months in this last quarter of 2019. None of the progress we have made would of been possible without all of you. If you have been here with us since day one, you would know just as much as anyone else, how far we truly have came from the era of where not a single day could go by without the server breaking and running into major issues. These last two months for myself have took a lot out of me, and in regards to dedicated content development we haven't had anything new worked on or pushed other than Vorkath, that will be finalized and pushed out fully with a drop table here soon. However, the biggest blessing that came out of all of this is that the dedicated community of 30-50 players have still stayed by our side and logged in and enjoyed the game. They've continued to vote, they continued to grind, and every single person I've talked to has shown nothing but love towards our community. For that I am truly blessed and thankful for. This community to me is like a family, and although I've undergone a busy time these last few weeks, I owe it to my community to bounce back and get our gears back in motion, and continue on with Q4 to grow once more, and push out even more content than before. Expect things to look brighter for Pre-Scape in the coming days, and as all of you know advertisements play a big role in our game plan, so to those who have continously donated and shown their support, know that I cannot be more thankful to know I have such a strong community backing us up. Cheers to Quarter Four of 2019, Best Regards, Kade
  9. Titan

    New Player Information

    Everyday if you're on at the right times you'll see plenty of activity. We're one family, and literally we're always on grinding, as long as IRL is looking clear. I'll be much more active 1 week from now. But even myself, I am on everyday.
  10. Titan

    Staff Updates 08/15/19

    Greetings, Below is a list of the most recent changes made to our staff team. Promotions Operative has Been promoted as the new Manager of Pre-Scape. Rob has been promoted to Administrator. Gemini has been promoted to Global Moderator. Beast has been promoted to Server Support. b o n e has been promoted to Server Support. Astro has been promoted to Server Support. MrChristmas has been promoted to Server Support. Resignations Jake has resigned from his position as Manager. We would like to thank Jake for all his dedication to this community and wish him the best with his future endeavours. Demotions Squirrel has been demoted due to inactivity. We would like to thank Squirrel for his time on the staff team and hope he may return once he can increase his activity. As we expand and look to move forward with other forms of advertisements we're going to need to bring more players into the team. If you feel you're a suitable candidate and have a keen interest in joining our staff team, please submit an application here. Best regards, The Pre-Scape Team Kade Operative Fawk Yor Rob
  11. Titan

    Drop Logs

    another one..
  12. Titan


    I've been working with pkers such as Beast to figure out a way to come up with solutions
  13. Titan

    Server Update 08/06/19

    Greetings, Here are the changes made since the last update log. Implemented all 2018 OSRS Models / Cache / Animations / Gfx in preparation for future content. Successfully Created Vorkath Instancing Method Implemented Vorkath Map Data to continue working on it via live testing. Implemented Vorkath Model Data Implemented completely new drop rate system, explanation via discord was announced, and only positive feedback has been given back since the update. In short; Your hard work will be rewarded, the old system had certain flaws where players could go on insane dry streaks without receiving a rare drop. We noticed this needed to be changed, so I dedicated hours on resolving all the issues. Fixed multiple safe spot bugs and issues with CoS. Glory Teleport bug has been resolved King Black Dragon will no longer poison you Fixed the ::searchdrops command, and removed the ::getitemdrop command for any confusion for players Fixed multiple combat bugs, and more magic formula adjustments thanks to Beast Misc Changes: Infinity Robe Set Box will now work correctly. Removed Smouldering Stone from Drop Table Zaryte Bow -> 500 Pkp Vls -> 350 Pkp Imbue Scrolls -> 150 pkp Zulrah Scales bumped to 300-600 Korasi to 300 pkp Reduces Abyssal Whip protection value Fixed Typo for ultimate donator perk Fixed Daily Reward, so you are required to have 3 slots open rather than 2 Eye Rings lowered to 300 in Boss Store Glacor Boots, reduced to 200 Boss Points Ranger Boots reduced to 50 Boss Points Robin Hood Hat reduced to 15 Boss Points Staff of light reduced to 75 slayer points Ags / Claws reduced to 500 slayer points Ring of wealth reduced to 200 slayer points Ring of wealth i reduced to 1000 slayer points Armadyl Armor reduced to 100 slayer points Crystal key reduced to 20 slayer points Overall, this last week has been prioritized on being able to work with and implement content to our server. One of the biggest issues we had in our past was not being able to cater to our community members with updated content, so I have focused incredibly on being able to implement data and new content for all of you ❤️ A big thank you to everyone who has continued to support the server, it has officially been one entire month of our server release, and anyone who has been playing since the beginning can easily vouch that this release has been nothing but an overall incredible outcome. We're growing daily, and the analytics are only going up. Thank you, Best Regards, Kade Operative Yor Fawk
  14. Titan

    Max Grind......Finished

    Congratulations man, I am extremely proud of you. Keep up the great work!
  15. Greetings Pre-Scapers, Here are the changes made to the game since the last update log. I decided to spend these last couple of days focusing on something challenging and worth the grind for our community members to participate in. Many of the community members have suggested that they really wanted something new and appealing, so that's exactly what I've been working on ❤️ Today's update includes the Chamber of Stones. You may begin the Chamber of Stones (Mini-Raid) by teleporting via the Teleport interface. Once you have arrived you must speak to the Chamber Guardian What is this place? Triumph Room: The cost to enter is 10,000,000 M. Once you have began the mini-raid, you will be teleported to Room 1, where you will be required to obtain all 3 stones. You will then be teleported to the Triumph Room to begin killing the Chamber Boss Overall the entire mini-raid will require around 15-30 minutes and the loot drops are most definitely rewarding. After a few hours of testing, the update is now live. Here is also the drop table of the Mini-Raid Boss Everyone's fan favorite Twisted Bow is now obtainable to the public. Thank you to everyone who has supported this server the past few weeks, truly has been an amazing time working with everyone and especially hosting all these events. Can't wait to see all the positive feedback this one gets Misc Changes Server engine has been tweaked to hold more capacity and data. Fixed an exploit that caused players to go invisible Fixed a bug that was reported for Vetion vanishing Completionist Cape has stats have been adjusted Magic Formulas have been re-worked Multiple combat bugs have been fixed thanks to Beast Honorable Mentions: Gemini, Arkem, Hc Alex Next week our dedicated developer will be working on implementing OSRS content, so for those of you who have suggestions and feedback to give, be sure to join our discord and use #suggestions Thank you to everyone who has spent multiple hours with me in voice chat since the launch of the server, a lot of things happen behind the scenes and I wouldn't be able to keep pushing without all of you. Best Regards, Kade, Operative, Fawk, Yor