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  1. Meradj

    The Love Store

    Glad you like it, I'm not so proud of it since I had no clue what to do with the theme lol. I might be working on some signatures that include "Death" to improve my experience for the future
  2. Meradj

    forum mod app

    The owners / developers shouldn't even focus on the Forums, they have some bigger things to work on. That's why we have Forum Admins / Mods . I swear I have seen you before @Baaail, something tells me you would be a great addition to the Pre-Scape staff team . Best of luck with your application. - Meradj ❤️
  3. Meradj

    The Love Store

    Hope you like it ❤️
  4. Meradj

    The Love Store

    Sorry for the delay, I have no experience with "Death" so hopefully you like it
  5. Meradj

    Economy Reset

    This ECO problem was exactly the same on Zamorak, It's just stupid if you would ECO reset thus far in the project. That will just make people quit the game instantly. It would have been smarter if you stayed in Private beta and actually tested the whole server out (Eco Wise included). 20-30 testers that are testing the game daily, playing it like it's the live server to find possible op loots and what not. "Where would we get so many testers?" The Discord had plenty of members who were willing to test the beta, there were more than enough applications from people who are able to put in many hours to test the game. There is also donations of course, people be donating $100+ on launch. Donations should have been opened later on in the project when you started Advertising. That's why you work on a project with a big budget to afford VPS, HOST, Advertisements etc. But to answer your question, I don't think it would be smart to reset the ECO, too many hours have been put in, too many people have been donating. It's time to think about a big money sink to clean up the ECO. And I'm not talking about something like the Wishing Well, but something way bigger that will benefit the people, but also clean the ECO at the same time. You can't stop the fact that people are willing to donate so much money to a server that is actually worth it, but this should have been planned out correctly. From reading all of these comments I can see everyone has a different aspect of the issue at hand here. I think the problem is not just the game, but also the team / developers. I know for a fact that @Kade is doing his absolute best to keep the server running, with Bane having IRL issues there is pretty much nothing he could do. I do respect him for putting in countless of hours into this server. @Kade ran Zamorak for a very long time on his own, and I believe that he is capable of doing the same thing with Pre-Scape. We just need to give him the time for it, until then we could all come up with some ideas to clean up this ECO. If you need some advise, guidance or w/e hmu. Willing to help an old friend out with his server . - Meradj ❤️
  6. Meradj

    The Love Store

    Tried my best fam, hope you like it <3
  7. Meradj


    Tried something different . Feel free to use any of them, @Bane
  8. Meradj


    Ofc bb <3
  9. Meradj


    I felt like making you one so here you go @Hades <3.
  10. Meradj

    The Love Store

    "Reveal hidden content" scroll to the bottom.
  11. Meradj

    The Love Store

    Oh hello there! Welcome to my store . Previous Work
  12. Meradj

    Latest GFX

    Glad you liked them
  13. Meradj

    Latest GFX

    Hope you like them, if you don't like it I can try do make something different out of it. HF
  14. Meradj

    Latest GFX

    Tried something new, I hope you like it. If not I can make something different for you :). Pick which one you want <3.
  15. Meradj

    Latest GFX

    I'll see what I can do for you :).