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  1. My goal is to completely max my account without training combat, while going for xp goals and skilling outfits. Mining: 99/99 79M xp Smithing: 99/99 13M xp Fishing: 99/99 13M xp Cooking: 99/99 22M xp FIremaking: 99/99 283M xp Woodcutting: 99/99 537M xp Farming: 99/99 88M xp Agility: 99/99 28M xp Herblore: 99/99 55M xp Thieving: 99/99 156M xp Crafting: 99/99 14M xp Slayer: 99/99 13M xp Hunter: 99/99 35M xp Runecrafting: 99/99 13M xp Dungeoneering: 93/99 7M xp Total level: 1595/1602 First level 3 to 99 Slayer that i am aware of I train Slayer and Dungeoneering with vote reward books, i do not train combat at all. Items: Red is unobtained, Green is obtained. Dragon Axe Fury Amulet Dragon Pickaxe Full Lumberjack Full Runecrafter Robes Small Pouch Medium Pouch Large Pouch