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    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Welp, should delete mine. Very good guide, GJ Lance
  3. Andyplays

    RFD Guide (Barrows Gloves)

    Nice guide, this could be useful for newer players.
  4. Andyplays

    Trivia Questions Guide

    Pre-Scape Trivia Guide Firstly- To spend your Trivia points talk to Oziach at ::Home, Next to the General Store. This is the current Trivia shop Prices: Mystery Box: 20 Trivia Points Legendary Mboxes: 75 Trivia Points Boxing Gloves: 300 Trivia Points Colored Staff of Light: 800 Trivia Points Amulet of Fury (or): 200 Trivia Points Ring of wealth: 100 Trivia Points Imbue Scroll: 900 Trivia Points 15% Drop Rate Box: 1,250 Trivia points Ring of wealth (I): 1,000 Trivia Points Questions: For easy searching press CTRL + F If any of the question's are wrong, or missing PM me. and also Blame Lance
  5. Andyplays

    Completionist Guide

    Completionist Cape Guide Requirements: 99 in ALL skills (Summoning and Construction currently don't work) 120 Dungeoneering Recipe for Disaster Completed Completion of Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite diaries. If you need help with MAX Cape- Refer to this Guide directory by @Lancelot Easy Achievements: Medium Achievements: Hard Achievements: Elite Achievements: