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    Tiny Change Big QOL Upgrade

    Support, not even gonna bother doing this achievement until something is done about it.
  2. Andyplays

    Potential Economy Fix

    It would make them less special, as it would be easier to obtain. Say you could sacrifice a pernix cowl for 1/100 chance at nex pet instead of grinding 1000 nex's.
  3. Andyplays

    Potential Economy Fix

    Don't think that's the best idea, don't want pets to become completely useless. Buyable pets are never a good idea IMO (Cough bloodhound....) I think a better idea would to readjust the donator store, 90% of the reason the economy is so bad is because of the pay to win donator store we current have. I understand the store is for advertisement and to pay Kade/maybe other admins? However, it is way too broken, it has practically every PvM item and rare you ever need, and people donate stupid amounts to get said items. Also, items need to be dropped on death. There is currently NO penalty when you die, meaning you can AFK and be completely fine no matter what, that should change. It wont matter too much in the long run, but I could see some items going out because people AFK too much or can't get back to the boss in time.
  4. Andyplays

    Maybe not so appealing to some...

    Honestly, it is probably necessary so that "rare" drops stay rare, to have the ability to get 100% drop rate bonus for wearing some gear and having a donator rank is pretty stupid, way too easy ATM. Support