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  1. Andyplays

    Re-Work Update Log #1 - 04/15/19

    Loving the Grim Reaper. Can't wait to play the game again : )
  2. Andyplays

    Boss rework

    I don't like adding a unique boss, especially bosses intended for the wilderness to donator zones. IMO callisto, venenatis and the rest should be wilderness ONLY. For skotizo, I wouldn't mind the drop rates being lowered, I think generally all drop rates are waaay to high.
  3. Andyplays

    Major Re-Work / Temporary Downtime

    Excited for the upcoming updates, and the updates that have already been pushed. Hope to see some big improvements to Pre-scape and the player base
  4. Andyplays

    Staff Updates - 03/31/2019

    Was fun... until it wasn't. Hope pre-scape blows up : )
  5. Andyplays

    Wilderness Rejuvenation Suggestions

    Yeah I get that, maybe the achievements wouldn't be required for completionist, but instead give a different reward(s) to make it still worth doing, such as every achievement done, you get x amount of PkP.
  6. Andyplays

    Squirrel, Goals, and desires.

    Those are some insane goals, dunno how you're going to complete any of the elites or grand masters but good luck
  7. Andyplays

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Welp, should delete mine. Very good guide, GJ Lance
  8. Andyplays

    Soulwar at it

    Then don't buy it. If you think its overpriced and not worth it, don't buy it, let the price go down to what it should be, or until a mage only boss comes out. Not everything needs to be overpowered and make PvM AFK.
  9. Andyplays

    Soulwar at it

    No support, barrage isn't meant to be hitting 50+ anyway.
  10. Andyplays

    Server Update 03/18/19

    2 updates in 2 days? damn, we're getting spoiled now. Thanks for the updates Kade!
  11. Andyplays

    RFD Guide (Barrows Gloves)

    Nice guide, this could be useful for newer players.
  12. Andyplays

    Daily Task Point Store Input

    Dragon pickaxe/hatchet. New cosmetics, not skilling outfits (Those should be reserved for the skills themselves). But items such as gnome scarves, bauble hats/scarves, elegant, afros etc. Mboxes/Lmboxes/Ckeys (The usual) New boxes such as skilling box (Random supply or cosmetic item), and XP box (Random xp lamp for any skill) / Dragonkin lamps. Bag of GP- Random amount of GP, ranging from 1-10m? possibly more. Achievement gear (Kandarian headpieces and things like that). Unless there is also a achievement store coming soon? IDK If I think of any more, I'll add, but this is already a pretty decent amount of things.
  13. Andyplays

    Server Update 03/17/19

    Thanks for the updates Kade, excited for the future of the server : )
  14. Andyplays

    Lady Varrock's Suggestions

    1. Support, the teleport system is still awful. 2. Don't really see a need for this. Would be cool, but don't think its worth the time. 3. Support a better iron man store and methods of obtaining things. 4. Treasure Island already has clue scroll rewards, so I don't think this is too necessary, at least it shouldn't be the main focus as of now. 5. I like the idea, however the problem with the economy right now is the lack of GP going around, this would just make this problem worse. Perhaps in the future if/when GP becomes too common I would support it.
  15. Andyplays

    Slide Thru: Some skilling suggestions

    Fairly certain I've already seen all of these suggested before. Support though.