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  1. Yor

    Team boss

    This is a great idea, I would LOVE for something like this to be implemented.
  2. Yor

    Double everything week

    Cool ideas, not so sure about the donor points but everything else yeah! Maybe donor points can be like 10-20% bonus to give some incentive but I fully support this idea!
  3. Yor

    Server Update 09/08/2018

    Sweet updates, love the pets!
  4. Yor

    skilling master

    This is a pretty cool way to add a lot of incentive to Skilling. I like the idea of tasks.
  5. Yor


    This is pretty cool, I like these ideas tbh. Good for comp
  6. Yor

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    Great guide, thank you for posting this!
  7. Yor

    Announcement 08/25/18

    Congratulations, Finch! Well deserved!
  8. Yor

    Announcement 08/24/18

    Looking forward to those content updates!
  9. Yor

    End game boss instances

    I support paid instances. Really helps players grind out what they want to when they want to.
  10. Yor


    I don't support iron men being able to access the donor store, but I do like the idea of instances. I wouldn't say to lock the content behind Iron man though, I say make it available for everyone.
  11. Yor

    Server Updates 08/10/18

    Looks great, glad Sara and Sammy got rebalanced 😃
  13. Yor

    Server Updates 08/06/18

    Great stuff guys! Excited about the farming fix!
  14. Yor

    Server Updates 08/05/18

    Damn, putting in work. Not a single bug has been left unfixed. Good stuff guys, really looking forward to more content updates once the bugs get put out
  15. Yor

    Server Updates 08/02/18

    Great fixes Kade 😃 Thank you for this! Can't wait to see whats to come