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  1. Yor

    Economy Reset

    A donation is a gesture to help support the server, by providing in game benefits we're thanking the player for their donation. Regardless, I would be okay if tradeable items were reset and points were refunded, but I am strongly against stats, and untradeables being reset. I've personally put in close to 350 hours grinding, getting comp, etc and I don't think I'd be ready to do that again.
  2. Hey everyone, I meant to make this thread a lot sooner but I wasn’t sure if I was going to need to since I wasn’t planning on being gone for so long. I know players have been asking where I’ve gone as I haven’t been in game at all for the past week. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I don’t have access to my computer until the later part of this month. I’ll still be active on forums checking daily, so if you need me feel free to PM me here. Enjoy, and good luck! See you all soon, Yor
  3. Yor

    Staff feedback

    Thanks for the feedback brother!
  4. Yor

    Should this drop be like this? poll

    The drop rate you're getting here isn't the true drop rate, its the projected rate based on how many loots you got I believe. That whole system itself is a bit wacky and needs a bit of fine-tuning so I would take it with a grain of salt for now
  5. Yor

    daily tasks

    I like the first suggestion, seems like a good motive to do them. I suggest that it would have to be 10 days in a row though, not just 10 tasks.
  6. Yor

    Toolbelt (skilling)

    I feel like this is a good idea, but much much down the road. Right now theres far more important things for our developers to work on and they need to be prioritized. Since banks are really easy to access anyways, I don't see this as a pressing issue for now.
  7. Yor

    PDI Overloads

    It wouldn't destroy the core of the game making something already accessible to players more convenient. Ultimate donors get unlimited prayer, which is essentially the same concept, making something easily achievable more convenient.
  8. Yor

    PDI Overloads

    Premium doesn't really have much over Ultimate, for $2000 more I think a slightly lowered price of overloads is fair. I support this, as overloads are untradeable and can't ruin the eco.
  9. Yor

    simple hunter guide.

    Thanks for the addition Miksi, a bit hard to read but could be helpful to some.
  10. Yor

    Completionist Cape Effect

    Don't think it needs an effect, its best cape in game stats wise
  11. Yor

    the miksi suggest

    I support these, why not? Gives players more of a motive to play the mini game rather than the armor they get once and never play again after.
  12. Yor

    Patch Notes 1.6

    Dungeoneering update looks great, can't wait =)
  13. Yor

    Bring this back.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct6BUPvE2sM lets bring this back
  14. Yor

    Kade and Bane

    Agreed. They're putting in a lot of hard work and the server is looking great!