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  1. @Kade your major is computer science but you still can't code for shit
  2. Hey I'd try to appreciate your roast but could you try that one more time but this time in English? I don't speak retard
  3. Is that because you're used to getting your balls hit by girls who are way out of your league?
  4. Why don't you go? They'll both follow you since they ride your dick harder than their dads used to hit them for touching their sisters when they were kids. Raise it by 3.
  5. 1 developer for each girl you've been friend zoned by?
  6. Yor

    200 Crystal Keys +

    Nice cracker loot! I think you got the first drop of one in game!
  7. Yor

    Team boss

    This is a great idea, I would LOVE for something like this to be implemented.
  8. Yor

    Double everything week

    Cool ideas, not so sure about the donor points but everything else yeah! Maybe donor points can be like 10-20% bonus to give some incentive but I fully support this idea!
  9. Yor

    skilling master

    This is a pretty cool way to add a lot of incentive to Skilling. I like the idea of tasks.
  10. Yor


    This is pretty cool, I like these ideas tbh. Good for comp
  11. Yor

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    Great guide, thank you for posting this!
  12. Yor

    End game boss instances

    I support paid instances. Really helps players grind out what they want to when they want to.
  13. Yor


    I don't support iron men being able to access the donor store, but I do like the idea of instances. I wouldn't say to lock the content behind Iron man though, I say make it available for everyone.
  14. Yor

    Economy Reset

    A donation is a gesture to help support the server, by providing in game benefits we're thanking the player for their donation. Regardless, I would be okay if tradeable items were reset and points were refunded, but I am strongly against stats, and untradeables being reset. I've personally put in close to 350 hours grinding, getting comp, etc and I don't think I'd be ready to do that again.