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  1. Yor

    Staff Updates - 02/11/2019

    What does this mean? Gratz guys! Well Deserved
  2. Yor

    Staff Updates - 12/21/2018

    We can pick and choose who we need and when because we’re experience enough in the process to know what will and won’t benefit us in the long run. If we allowed staff to be chosen by players or purely based on applications and community feedback it would quickly turn into a popularity contest and lead to corruption and chaos. Veteran players are often considered for staff positions more often as they’re more likely to stick around and be a part of the team, if you’d like to apply for a position you can feel free to and you will always be considered for it.
  3. Yor

    Staff Updates - 12/21/2018

    Applications are a way of showing interest in the position and a way to let us know your past experience and motives. However, when we see certain individuals going above and beyond whom we feel may be a valuable addition to our team we contact them and offer them a position. The management team has been handling staff for several years and have developed a strong sense of who would and wouldn’t make a valuable staff member.
  4. Yor

    I am back ;)

    Hey D! Good to see you bro!
  5. Hey everyone! As we’re less than 6 hours from the re-launch what’s re you’re plans for when the server goes live? I’d love to know what content everyone is looking forward to the most! I’m planning on playing some iron man and going for comp cape! Feel free to add me in game and PM me if you ha e any questions, concerns, or just wanna chat.
  6. @Kade your major is computer science but you still can't code for shit
  7. Hey I'd try to appreciate your roast but could you try that one more time but this time in English? I don't speak retard
  8. Is that because you're used to getting your balls hit by girls who are way out of your league?
  9. Why don't you go? They'll both follow you since they ride your dick harder than their dads used to hit them for touching their sisters when they were kids. Raise it by 3.
  10. 1 developer for each girl you've been friend zoned by?
  11. Yor

    200 Crystal Keys +

    Nice cracker loot! I think you got the first drop of one in game!
  12. Yor

    Team boss

    This is a great idea, I would LOVE for something like this to be implemented.
  13. Yor

    Double everything week

    Cool ideas, not so sure about the donor points but everything else yeah! Maybe donor points can be like 10-20% bonus to give some incentive but I fully support this idea!
  14. Yor

    skilling master

    This is a pretty cool way to add a lot of incentive to Skilling. I like the idea of tasks.