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  1. YesMad

    What do you want to see?

    Hey there Apache!! theres a few things i'd like to see introduced/ brought back. my first major problem with Pre-Scape is the Drop rates, ive killed about 5-6k of bosses on 2 accounts, and only received one "rare" drop, and that's when Lizard Shaman was dropping DWH's every 10 kills, for me and I guess other people this could of happened to is that it's very unrewarding to constantly grind bosses and get zero back from it, I get it donate to get a better drop rate etc, but when a UDI gets like 30 drops a week, and I aint had 2 since server launch, it makes ya not want to play/come back. Minigames - I'd love to see the usuals come to the server, the likes of castle wars, clan wars, soul wars, and a good ol fav from zammy is the zombies game mode, game modes that are very grindy but yet reep big/good rewards equipment options and variety - I honestly don't think there is enough armour/weapons in the game get chaotic long or sir owens and that's basically you end game "apart from drygores* I feel PK armour needs to be made non-degradable, maybe the likes of primal/promethium, other max gears like Trickster and vanguard oh and most of all THE MAKEOVER MAGE
  2. YesMad

    200 Crystal Keys +

    isn't it against the rules to double log minigames and bosses?
  3. YesMad

    Dragon claws giveaway

    aye thats it, from one rich dude to another :)) shame no one plays anymore
  4. YesMad

    Community awards or to early?

    yeah we need a bit more of a community first before anything like this ends up running I think
  5. YesMad

    Few suggestions

    100% yes, currently barrows takes way to long, for such little chance of getting an item. I think this is also due to the lack of players/players actually Pking, ive never seen multiple people pking free willingly, usually just people organising events, or staff running events. also that they degrade, I don't think many people want to fork out 100m+ for a set that's gonna turn to dust in 30 mins. im 100% for this, just need to player base to be able to have clans. yeah I agree, but its a 50/50 for me, a lot of people donated, a lot of people also grinded the shit out the game had billions aswell, so to have that all removed and how tedious it can be to grind, unless you donate large amounts/then grind corp 24/7 it can be hard to become to the stage that they were at, imo this is whats ruined the reputation of the owners/devs here. Yeah this would be cool, I remember the old project had a command where you could see your max hit, but the dummy would be cool. I think this is for all bosses, ive said it since the server came out of "beta" stage, the drops feel scuffed, on the old launch which turned into a "beta" it felt like you could come on for a few hours, and get one or two drops, but now you can come on for a week, and get zero drops, grinding bosses etc just doesn't feel rewarding/nor worth it, I personally feel the eco isn't that good, if not worse than before the ECO reset at launch But all in all, I love these suggestions
  6. YesMad

    Secret santa

    Could also add in the "12 days of Christmas" where you get daily log in rewards of festive gear, hopefully an xmas event giving antlers or santa outfit or something, but it seems like a good idea, just be difficult pairing people together
  7. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    I mean, juice is claiming its beating him when using drygores, so I couldn't imagine even comparing it to chaotics, I mean sure, it should be a decent weapon, but it shouldn't be better than weapons that are needed to actually get or buy for stupid prices
  8. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    but how come, an easily obtained sir owns can out hit, chaotics and drygores when both of them are items that need time taken to actually get them, or having to donate for them, as said before, (apart from fixing the Dlong) drygores don't need messed with anymore, but its sir owens that neds the nerf or buff.
  9. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    it might have just been the ones I spawned in, as I wasn't told the donor note code, but duo drygore long, with torva, fury, steadfast boots and barrows glove, and max cape, I was hitting 100-120 with them, but again it might just be different stats on the spanwed in to the in game ones. also on the sir owens, I've always felt the weapon was overpowered, even when drygores weren't in game, and "chaotics" where the best option, people in full rune with the sir owens and a d defender where out hitting full bandos with d defender, steads, upgraded fire cape ( cant remember its name ), but I don't think upgrading the drygores would be an option as they seem good enough already, but I think, and have done for a while that sir owns needs a slight downgrade, like I get it, its meant to help the realism accounts level etc and be a good weapon to fight bosses etc with, but I don't think it should be better than items like chaotics/drygores or other weapons you need to grind or pay big for. ( I have no experience with Sir owens in rs or osrs or what ever version its in )
  10. YesMad

    Staff Updates - 09/13/2018

    congratz guys!! any more promotions there will be no player base left to manage lol!!
  11. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    I didn't even think the stats needed touched tbh, I was using the drygores in the beta before launch, and I was hitting over 100, and not on 10x setting, yet people where claiming they where only as good as chaotics, and started crying to get them OP, but yeah I guess, they need there differences from each other
  12. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    from what I remember about drygores is that they did have similar stats as chaotic weapons as you said they should be, but the players who spent donor points on them felt they where to weak for its price tag, so they "doubled" its stats.
  13. YesMad

    Hunger Games

    yeah it wasn't exactly something I thought should be implemented/worked on straight away, just thought this idea or something similar would be a really cool feature/minigame to have within the server and could be great fun for players involved, as I had tried this way back in the day on rs and the clan I was in loved it
  14. YesMad

    Hunger Games

    This could be another minigame or a Staff held event, So its basically like the hunger games, everyone starts with a bronze axe or pickaxe, having to grind to make better gear/whilst defending yourself from the other tributes in the arena, all fighting down to the last tribute standing. it could also be done in duo's or teams if we have enough players. I done this as an event on RS with my clan when I still played, we where an competitive clan wars team and we loved this little event/mini game we set up.
  15. YesMad

    Lizardman Shaman's Buff

    hey i'm famous, I agree though