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  1. YesMad

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    Where do I begin? Some of the newly appointed staff members haven't got a clue, picking on players, punishing players without warnings ( not being online when supposed infringements are going on ). Publicly announcing that they are going to either help shorten punishment times, or extend it at their will just because they can. Constantly Seeing the same Staff members AFK at home. Saying they will do one thing, then do the other, and play the victim card when called out on it. The whole "fuck you I don't wanna listen to what you have to say, post it on the forums". on the other hand there are some staff members who are hugely under appreciated just because they don't show face as much, just because your on all the time doesn't mean your doing a good job nor means you get promoted so fast. People that actually make player feel welcome, and their opinions and thoughts matter, and that some staff members are actually listening. it's just weird how we can go from having amazing staff members from the last project get brought over here, being demoted for reasons that just don't make sense, and recruiting the complete opposite of what we had. and the staff reacting badly to the criticism, says it all.
  2. YesMad

    Server Update 09/18/2018

    welp, rip bandos etc, useless when it comes to bossing due to void being more accurate than any other gear sets... bossing takes way too long now for such little rewards, shame really. rest of the update is decent.
  3. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    I mean, juice is claiming its beating him when using drygores, so I couldn't imagine even comparing it to chaotics, I mean sure, it should be a decent weapon, but it shouldn't be better than weapons that are needed to actually get or buy for stupid prices
  4. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    but how come, an easily obtained sir owns can out hit, chaotics and drygores when both of them are items that need time taken to actually get them, or having to donate for them, as said before, (apart from fixing the Dlong) drygores don't need messed with anymore, but its sir owens that neds the nerf or buff.
  5. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    it might have just been the ones I spawned in, as I wasn't told the donor note code, but duo drygore long, with torva, fury, steadfast boots and barrows glove, and max cape, I was hitting 100-120 with them, but again it might just be different stats on the spanwed in to the in game ones. also on the sir owens, I've always felt the weapon was overpowered, even when drygores weren't in game, and "chaotics" where the best option, people in full rune with the sir owens and a d defender where out hitting full bandos with d defender, steads, upgraded fire cape ( cant remember its name ), but I don't think upgrading the drygores would be an option as they seem good enough already, but I think, and have done for a while that sir owns needs a slight downgrade, like I get it, its meant to help the realism accounts level etc and be a good weapon to fight bosses etc with, but I don't think it should be better than items like chaotics/drygores or other weapons you need to grind or pay big for. ( I have no experience with Sir owens in rs or osrs or what ever version its in )
  6. YesMad

    Staff Updates - 09/13/2018

    congratz guys!! any more promotions there will be no player base left to manage lol!!
  7. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    I didn't even think the stats needed touched tbh, I was using the drygores in the beta before launch, and I was hitting over 100, and not on 10x setting, yet people where claiming they where only as good as chaotics, and started crying to get them OP, but yeah I guess, they need there differences from each other
  8. YesMad

    Balance & Suggestions

    from what I remember about drygores is that they did have similar stats as chaotic weapons as you said they should be, but the players who spent donor points on them felt they where to weak for its price tag, so they "doubled" its stats.
  9. YesMad

    Hunger Games

    yeah it wasn't exactly something I thought should be implemented/worked on straight away, just thought this idea or something similar would be a really cool feature/minigame to have within the server and could be great fun for players involved, as I had tried this way back in the day on rs and the clan I was in loved it
  10. YesMad

    Hunger Games

    This could be another minigame or a Staff held event, So its basically like the hunger games, everyone starts with a bronze axe or pickaxe, having to grind to make better gear/whilst defending yourself from the other tributes in the arena, all fighting down to the last tribute standing. it could also be done in duo's or teams if we have enough players. I done this as an event on RS with my clan when I still played, we where an competitive clan wars team and we loved this little event/mini game we set up.
  11. YesMad

    Lizardman Shaman's Buff

    hey i'm famous, I agree though
  12. YesMad

    Server Update 08/20/18 (Announcement)

    I really hope this time it actually goes well, only time will tell, thanks for the info.
  13. YesMad

    Loyal players?

    No ones begging for shit, simply stating the truth mate, you cant say you'll do something, not do it/ half do it and expect the people who missed out on what was said was going to be done/given and not expect people to get pissed off.
  14. YesMad

    Loyal players?

    You told us you would speak to the players who stuck through the whole situation (full release back into beta stage, then to full release again) and give us a proper benefit and reward, then we get our accounts back after 10 days, with stats and points, to which it sounded like by this time we would have discussed the problems or what ever, and your "plan" to reward these players for sticking through the 1 step forward 2 steps back stuff. Then people are saying when they had gotten their accounts back with money and mboxes in their account as a "benefit and reward", then to be told that you have spoken to everyone who is a "loyal" player was a bit frustrating I will admit. I mean sure, I don't have the funds to donate for max gear, or spend $500 for unlimited prayer, but I'm on the server every day, voting, helping what is left of the player base, grinding my ass off to get no drops. yes, I am Nomad, and also YesMad, and if I remember every time someone brings up a problem whilst you are online you get real defensive and try to publicly humiliate the person, example: when I was bringing up about the p2w aspect of the game, you claimed in help CC 7 people PM'd you demanding you Ban me, like it was a threat of some sort, then I pm'd you about it, and you responded with, why would I ban someone for voicing their opinion and was really chill about it. also yes you are technically giving out false promises, people are on the server and forums everyday trying to help this community and server grow, you reset the full ECO pissing a lot of people off, some stayed, but most didn't which you could tell hurt the server, as the first launch had over 200 players, and this recent launch only hitting over 100 players, but when you tell them as the owner of the full thing, that you will contact then, speak to them about what happened and give them something to benefit them and reward them in-game, to satisfy both sides of the party. but it doesn't happen and when I messaged you, the response of "lol its been 18 days and this is the first your messaging me about it" I mean well yeah, you said youd speak to us within a few days of launch?, all you had to do is put an announcement out saying yeah ill message you guys once we have sorted these problems, or have one of your many staff members do it for you so you can concentrate on the main things, but I mean keeping a player base and players happy must not be that important or is it just keep the guys who donate money happy and screw everyone else? you've got to understand man, your saying one thing, and then not doing it or in this case doing it for some and not others, I mean sure the state the ECO is in right there's nothing to purchase man, its either you buy the gear you got, or boss for caskets until you can afford to buy max gear from the udi guys. Also why would I leave, I mean sure every time I speak my opinion/ have facts I get shat on by the staff here, but I have a lot people I would consider friends here, I aint played any other server since I started in Zamorak, i'm on here everyday, grinding, also if you guys wanna spawn in some money and gear and puff up the ECO it'd be rather nice since a lot of players are killing insane amount of bosses getting nothing from them, also the poor are to poor to buy from the rich and the rich don't want to buy any of the poors items.
  15. YesMad

    Loyal players?

    I don't know of any of the other "Loyal" players where sitting waiting on Kade or another member of staff contacting you to discuss/have a conversation about what ever was discussed. I logged into the server today and went to the Help CC and asked about the reward/compensation or what ever it shall be called, and I was informed some people where rewarded money and Legendary Mboxes to compensate the losses of Bank reset. I then messages kade questioning about this so called chat we where going to have, and the response was similar to : all the players have been talked to and rewarded, players got some money and donators get Mboxes, and then I was told its been 18 days, so why haven't I contacted me (kade) about it, also the chats weren't exactly chats. I'd just like to know what's happening? are false promises being made again, are players being favourited to others? are "loyal" players going to be pulled aside and have chats with kade or any other staff members to discuss what's in the picture ? was a plan ever made?