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  1. YesMad

    Economy Reset

    so the people that rage quit and gave all there stuff away can complain they donated lost of money can complain to get their shit back, no thanks. then people moaning about ECO being fucked, I mean the player base of what 20 people ofcourse one person holding most of ECO looks bad, but when the server gets launched and has advertisement, and we have a stable amount of the 300+ players that was stated at the start, im sure there will be more people who will donate stupid amounts to get gear, and then stake other eco holders to take it, just like EVERY other server, a poxy reset wont change this
  2. YesMad


    I didn't know zammy was back up
  3. YesMad

    It's Content Time

    last two skills to be added (construction and summoning), Evil Tree's more dung floors more osrs items/bosses
  4. it's obvious, fix the server before brining in 100's of new players, so they don't join realise its buggy and then leave, get it near perfect, get some new content, then smash out advertisement. for the donor store, it should stay the way it is, skilling supplies/gambling stuff, imo the torva/nex set donations ruin the game, creating a bigger and bigger divide within the ECO, making it 100x times harder for people to make money/gamble/stake because those who already have 5b+ wont even look at the poorer players when it comes to staking etc.
  5. YesMad

    Name Change/ Custom Titles

    name changing rather pointless, if you picked a name ya don't like, sucks to be you, make a new account. custom donor tags "oh look at me ive got a red ultimate tag" honestly really pointless, I don't think it would benefit Pre-scape in anyway. I get it you guys donated for the rank, but if you want a custom title, why not donate for it, instead of trying to get it for free
  6. YesMad

    Staff Feedback

    I wasn't really trying to implement he needs to be in-game more, I was just simply saying it would be nice to see him log in more, nothing about his influence being directed to in-game only because that's not what I said.
  7. YesMad

    Staff Feedback

    Kade - Great to see an owner who's on almost every time I log on, I also like there's a bit more interaction with in the community but still could be a little better, but I understand how busy you guys are, also the fact you told everyone In-game you appreciate we have stayed, even though the player base has dropped due to no advertisement etc. Slayer - All round good guy, I enjoy the fact when ur messing about testing drop rates for mystery box's or what not, you'll do a challenge or something to try reward the community,also someone who has a lot of respect with in the Pre-scape community, which is always a good bonus. Finch - I know your the forum admin now, but I would like to see you in game a little more, someone who has a good influence on the community. Hades - Really good staff member, knows his stuff within the server, always there to help when someone needs, enjoys engaging with in the community Nivo - Same old Nivo, apart from the massive bank, honestly, its good to have an admin like youself who is on to always have a laugh and joke, but when the off-side whistle goes, you call it out where it is, no bull Sh*t when its serious matters. Yor - Great SS, always on the ball, always in help CC helping people with the same questions day in day out, keep up the good work man and I bet you'll get up the ranks in no time. Duke - Great SS, knows his sh*t about the server, always wanting to help, another person I see going high up in Pre-scape im D - I haven't really seen much or spoken to you man, maybe its just log in differences, but keep up the good work man. Vhalid - Newly promoted, would be unfair to criticise you right now, but from what I've seen, active, in help CC helping, and reply's to PM's, looking good man. Bane - you are doing one hek of a job man, always on the ball, getting updates pushed, fixing bugs when needing fixed, I don't think some players quite understand how much you do, but are happy to sit there and complain, my hat goes off to you brother!!! cant wait to see what the future brings us.
  8. YesMad

    Bandos Tasset

  9. YesMad

    Bandos Tasset

    Looking to purchase a bandos tasset offers are 45m+ IGN: Nomad
  10. YesMad

    Trivia Point Store

    maybe some XP lamps to help the realism players on harder grinding skills, maybe like 50 points each, maybe one or two skilling items, but I think the grand prize of say 5-10k points should be a Christmas cracker, how long would it take to get 10k points if its only 1 point a question, its a good challenge with a real healthy reward. I personally feel we add in a trivia store it'll have the same reoccurrence of the old project, santa hats being as popular as dragon boots sort of thing.
  11. YesMad

    Actual GE, not "Shops"

    I personally find the current system relevant and great for the position the server is in right now, you have to remember the G.E on runescape covers all worlds, so that's 100k+ players it is constantly monitoring and doing deals with and changing prices to the supply and demand of items in all worlds, member and non-members, whilst we are what a server with 200+ max currently right now with out advertising, maybe in the future when the server reaches 500+ players and the market is booming, but I don't mind searching 20 shops for the best deals, no support from me
  12. YesMad

    Yesmad/Nomads suggestions.

    as you know I'm not a massive PvP'r and I haven't really messed about with the titans etc for the summoning class, mostly only the skilling monsters, I guess you could disable them in the wilderness, to stop people fighting those who haven't trained in the skill, that's the only place where I could see it become unfair, but I wouldn't see the problem for PvM especially if we get bosses that need a team to kill it.
  13. YesMad

    Yesmad/Nomads suggestions.

    yup, would make things like clan wars, castle wars, multi PvP area's and PvM a lot more entertaining, and 100% its not like we would be forcing people to do summoning, just the option is there to do it.
  14. YesMad

    Yesmad/Nomads suggestions.

    Summoning: so recently there was a Poll on if summoning should be added or not, and it was voted no. if people don't want to do summoning then don't do it simple. Summoning is another skill that can benefit players in many ways, making boss runs longer, skilling easier, holding more supplies, helping against harder bosses, Summoning is a great skill once you know what to do, the charms etc are already in the game. It's crazy its not being added, if people don't like summoning, just simply don't train summoning, I don't see why the people who want the skill should have to suffer and lose out on something else to grind, keep people entertained. Clan wars: I'd personally love to see the server have proper clan wars, people fight it out to be the #1 clan in Pre-scape, obviously people are known to have small Pk clan battles, but Clan wars are for those who don't like to risk there best gear when fighting, I think it would be great for events, tournaments and other competitions.
  15. YesMad

    Remove degradation from PVP armor?

    I think they shouldn't degrade, from someone who only PvM, with the armour sets, from bandos, to torva is a huge jump, in stats and in price, whilst the PvP armour is the middle ground, but usually a lot harder to find, unless sold/bought in full sets, and not nearly as expensive as the nex sets.