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  1. Cheung


    Good luck. Might switch. ❤️
  2. Cheung

    First Infernal Cape?

    Very nice mate! I shall try to get one soon.
  3. Cheung

    Staff Updates - 08/29/18

    Wow lots of promotions. Congrats, and farewell to the others.
  4. I hope everyone is doing good. Ive been so busy IRL getting ready for my daughter to come. :) 

  5. Cheung

    Place Holders

    +1 to this, although its minor.
  6. Cheung

    Farming [URGENT]

    I can agree with the times 1000% !! +1
  7. Cheung

    Pathing [URGENT]

    When I get home, I will log on, and focus all my time toward helping. -Thanks for giving a fak.
  8. Cheung

    Farming [URGENT]

    Ill get right on it, as it is one off my last 99s to achieve.
  9. Cheung

    Loyal players?

    No more spawning! Stop asking for stuff. -I am Loyal, but I ain't begging.
  10. Cheung

    FortNite (Xbox 1/Cross Platform)

    Hello everyone, I love playing Pre-Scape. but while I am AFK, I play Fortnite! I play on Xbox One. I can play cross platform as well though. My Xbox gamertag is below, feel free to add me.! Xbox Live Gamertag - R3acti0n XD "R3acti0n XD"
  11. Cheung

    Exitiale - Gaming Clan

    Well we still live. Just most are inactive.. till server rises again. -Also, isn't this clan dead? Its own LEADER quit.
  12. Sad but true. I will forever be an efficiency member though.
  13. Cheung

    Its 1994k

    Welcome to Pre-Scape. Glad to have you here. Feel free to ask any questions your may have.
  14. Cheung


    LATELATE. But thanks for finally introducing your self. I guess I cant really say welcome. ?
  15. Cheung

    Yo Yo Yo, It's ya boy, JaySlay!

    HAHA, I didn't even realise this.