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  1. PvP2Max

    Item Price Guide [UNOFFICIAL]

    Thanks Dude! I hope to have it as updated as possible so that way people can get a basic idea for prices!
  2. PvP2Max

    Item Price Guide [UNOFFICIAL]

    This price guide is kept up by PvP2Max and Community. If you wish to have an item updated/added please contact PvP2Max or Hc PvP2Max in-game or contact me in discord @PvP2Max #8538 Hint: Use CTRL+F to find the specific item your looking for! Last Updated Date: 8/11/2018 (12:30 PM US Central) Gear Bandos Boots: 1M-3M Bandos Chestplate: No Current Set Price/Not Seen Traded Bandos Tasset: No Current Set Price/Not seen traded Barrows: 3M-5M Dragon Boots: 250K-300K Dragon Fire Shield: 25M-30M Nex Armor: 100M+ (Each Piece) Serpentine Helmet: 20M-30M Steadfast/Glaiven/Ragefire Boots: 30M-40M Weapons Bandos God Sword: 45M Blow Pipe: 20M-30M Saradomin God Sword: 20M Staff of Light: 50M Whip: 4M-5M Accessories Amulet of Fury: 2.5M-3.5M Berserker Ring: 5M-7M Eye of Mage: 50M Eye of Ranger: 20M-30M Eye of Worrior: 50M Ring of Wealth (I): 100M+ Seers Ring: 3M-5M Warrior Ring: 3M-5M Others Onyx: 3M-8M Donations Items Currently 1$ = 3M-5M 10$ Scroll: 30M-50M 50$ Scroll: 150M-250M 100$ Scroll: 300M-500M 500$ Scroll: 1.5B-2.5B More items to be added soon!