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  1. Knight

    Challenge Scrolls

    damn you really are a special butterfly
  2. Knight


    There already is one, it's called Edgeville, you can get there by typing ::home, ::edge or by clicking home teleport in your magic tab
  3. Knight

    Staff Updates - 01/23/2019

    lol ok
  4. Knight

    Combined items

    I meant dragonbone melee set because it looks sick, but it could work for all combat styles.
  5. Knight

    Combined items

    Okay, this just came in my mind, i'd love to see items being able to be combined, since we have no hybrid sets. Heres my idea: trickster + vanguard + battle mage set = dragonbone set The stats would be of all combined for mage, range and strength, defence wise it would have something in the middle of them all. For a amulet slot maybe anguish + torture + occult = bis hybrid amulet with combined effects of all amulets. For a ring all 3 eyes + row (i) combined. This might sound a bit strong but a negative effect to this would be that the combined items would become untradeable.
  6. Knight

    Corporeal Beast guide

    Yeah, ty, took the same format, because cba.
  7. Knight

    Corporeal Beast guide

    There's nothing to show, just use a zammy/vesta spear, pray mage and afk, eat every now and then.
  8. Knight

    Corporeal Beast guide

    Corporeal Beast (Combat-785) Hitpoints: 2000 Location: Boss Teleports>1st Page Killing Corporeal Beast To kill Corporeal Beast you'll need to use Deflect from Magic/Protect from Magic, otherwise it will kill you in seconds. You will also need a Zamorakian or Vestas's spear to kill it if using melee. Turn on your Piety/Turmoil and just attack the monster, there are no mechanics to it, it just uses different attack styles, but prioritizes magic, so you should be good. Corporeal Beast will absorb any damage that's not taken from a Zamorakian or Vesta spear by 50% (Except for Ruby Bolt (e) spec.) Drops of interest Onyx bolts (e)(1/5) 2000x Cannonball (1/5) 2500x Pure essence (1/5) 10m Coins (1/25) Holy elixir (1/75) Spectral sigil (1/1000) Arcane sigil (1/1000) Elysian sigil (1/1000) Divine sigil (1/1500) Gear and inventory Inventory is about the same for all setups Melee Welfare Tank DPS Ranged Welfare Tank DPS Sigils To make a spirit shield with a sigil, you'll need a Blessed Spirit shield which can be acquired by using the Holy elixir on a regular Spirit shield, to make a sigil spirit shield, use the sigil on the blessed spirit shield.
  9. Knight

    Dungeoneering Guide

    Nice table of content.
  10. Knight

    Hello Pre-Scape

    Hi, welcome back.
  11. Knight

    Twisted bow peak performance.

    yes, its trash. Has no special effect to it.
  12. Knight

    Cooking Guide

  13. Knight

    Cooking Guide

    Huge pics