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  1. Knight

    Pre-Scape Re-Launch

    All of the 3 active players are hyped to play 😮
  2. Knight

    Pre-Scape Re-Launch

    Will the DXP stack with lamps? Could have a reason to max finally.
  3. Knight

    Server Update 12/11/18

    The server is unplayable at this point?
  4. Knight

    Server Update 12/07/18

    okay, see ya in about a month then.
  5. Knight

    Server Update 12/07/18

    Still can't make or get darts? :DDDD edit: figured how to get steel darts just to see that BP doesnt even work edit: it works just need darts, quite buggy but w/e
  6. hUZ5Ni5.png literally the only non p2w cunt on realism HS

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Juice


      im 8'11 550 pounds ggwp

    3. Knight


      You joined the same time as me, and i quit after about a month of playing because of the shit updates and development at the time, sooo...

    4. Rob


      I joined 2 weeks after you and only got super donor because Leigh donated through my account (I gave him the items he donated for as he requested). I bought my first 10$ scroll for 50M cash in-game. which bring me to my total of 50$ donated.

      No P2W here ;) 


      Also, I only got that donation from Leigh at around a 2150 total level.

      You may now return to talking shit as usual xo

  7. Knight

    New game mode, hardcore

    Perma death with this piece of trash combat system xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  8. Knight

    Quality of life updates

    Support everything except drygore bullshit, theyre too overpowered already.
  9. Knight

    1000$ donor rank

    just saying...
  10. Knight

    1000$ donor rank

    Yeah, that's what my point is, people now run rspses as businesses not as a fun thing to do anymore, i mean it's literally a stolen game used for getting money nowdays.
  11. Knight

    1000$ donor rank

    Only reason most servers exist is because all they want is donations.
  12. Knight

    1000$ donor rank

    don't care since no rsps is permanent and in my eyes is just a waste of money, but everyone has their opinions right
  13. Knight

    Server Update 11/13/18

    lul pking based updates with the wilderness activity of 0, well thanks anyway.
  14. Knight

    Realism mode.

    In my opinion Realism mode feels underwhelming, since the addition of drygores the sir owens longsword isn't that good anymore, because of its low attack bonus which makes it incredibly inaccurate. Also the 15% drop rate bonus is like nothing, the drop rates from bosses are so low that it you don't even think the droprate bonus is there. It takes days to even max combat stats on realism, while you can do that in like 2 hours on regular mode. I feel like wasting time at this point because the donators have as high drop rate on regular mode as Realism, and they outdamage realism with drygores easily because you hit 50s pretty much most of the time if not more, and since there are no instances some of the bosses are camped and you get crashed by those people. In my whole playtime i've had 2 or 3 announced drops. Idk exactly what kind of buff it requires, but it's something, write your ideas down, at this point i find it worthless to make a Realism account, and the only reason im still playing one is because i've invested nearly 200 hours in the account.
  15. Knight

    Serpentine/Tanzanite/Magma Helms.

    u sure? i've played like hundreds of servers and i've never seen it wth.