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  1. Knight

    The Chamber of Stones

    i like how welfare is full torva lol
  2. Knight


    Hello, I'm back, i've fixed my attitude and life, don ban.
  3. Knight

    Corporeal Beast guide

    Yeah, ty, took the same format, because cba.
  4. Knight

    Corporeal Beast guide

    There's nothing to show, just use a zammy/vesta spear, pray mage and afk, eat every now and then.
  5. Knight

    Corporeal Beast guide

    Corporeal Beast (Combat-785) Hitpoints: 2000 Location: Boss Teleports>1st Page Killing Corporeal Beast To kill Corporeal Beast you'll need to use Deflect from Magic/Protect from Magic, otherwise it will kill you in seconds. You will also need a Zamorakian or Vestas's spear to kill it if using melee. Turn on your Piety/Turmoil and just attack the monster, there are no mechanics to it, it just uses different attack styles, but prioritizes magic, so you should be good. Corporeal Beast will absorb any damage that's not taken from a Zamorakian or Vesta spear by 50% (Except for Ruby Bolt (e) spec.) Drops of interest Onyx bolts (e)(1/5) 2000x Cannonball (1/5) 2500x Pure essence (1/5) 10m Coins (1/25) Holy elixir (1/75) Spectral sigil (1/1000) Arcane sigil (1/1000) Elysian sigil (1/1000) Divine sigil (1/1500) Gear and inventory Inventory is about the same for all setups Melee Welfare Tank DPS Ranged Welfare Tank DPS Sigils To make a spirit shield with a sigil, you'll need a Blessed Spirit shield which can be acquired by using the Holy elixir on a regular Spirit shield, to make a sigil spirit shield, use the sigil on the blessed spirit shield.
  6. Knight

    Dungeoneering Guide

    Nice table of content.
  7. Knight

    Cooking Guide

  8. Knight

    Cooking Guide

    Huge pics
  9. Knight

    Cerberus guide

    Cerberus (Combat-318) Hitpoints: 600 Location: Boss Teleports>4th Page Killing Cerberus If you have good gear you can try to Soulsplit and Turmoil, though it's not recommended because Cerberus can combo high magic hits, it recommended to use Protect from Magic prayer, or Deflect Magic curse, You can kill it fast enough for no special phases to appear, but there are two. Cerberus will also occassionally hit you with a range and melee attacks, the melee attack will poison you so it's recommended to bring a antipoison or anti-venom, or a Serpentine helm. Special attack #1 If below 400 hitpoints Cerberus will howl Aaarrrooooooo and three spirits will appear These spirits attack with attacks that will deal 30 damage, to protect from these hits, you can flick through prayers in this order Melee>Magic>Ranged If successful you will take no damage and can continue to kill Cerberus After this attack Cerberus will not attack you for a few seconds so you can use Soulsplit to heal your hitpoints back up. Special attack #2 If below 200 hitpoints Cerberus will growl Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr and a exploding marker will appear under your character, dealing 10 damage per tick you can negate this special attack by moving 1 square or more to any location, and it will stop, you can't use protect prayers to negate this damage. After this special attack just keep on killing Cerberus. Drops of interest 10x Dragon bones (1/5) 1x Crystal key (1/5) 100x Cannonball (1/30) Eternal crystal (1/256) Pegasian crystal (1/256) Primordial crystal (1/256) Smouldering stone (1/256) Gear and inventory Inventory is about the same for all setups Welfare Tank DPS Use of crystals You can use Primordial crystal on Dragon boots to make Primordial boots You can use Eternal crystal on Infinity boots to make Eternal boots You can use Pegasian crystal on Ranger boots to make Pegasian boots All of these boots are BIS(best in slot) items on Pre-Scape. You can use Smouldering stone on Dragon hatchet or Dragon pickaxe to make Infernal axe or Infernal pickaxe (not implemented on Pre-Scape yet)
  10. Knight

    Woodcutting and Firemaking Guide

    its good
  11. hUZ5Ni5.png literally the only non p2w cunt on realism HS

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    2. Juice


      im 8'11 550 pounds ggwp

    3. Knight


      You joined the same time as me, and i quit after about a month of playing because of the shit updates and development at the time, sooo...

    4. Grey Salt

      Grey Salt

      I joined 2 weeks after you and only got super donor because Leigh donated through my account (I gave him the items he donated for as he requested). I bought my first 10$ scroll for 50M cash in-game. which bring me to my total of 50$ donated.

      No P2W here ;) 


      Also, I only got that donation from Leigh at around a 2150 total level.

      You may now return to talking shit as usual xo

  12. Knight

    Inferno Guide

    This is actually good, u have good vocabulary and speech.
  13. What's with the daily staff changes lmao

  14. A long tail with a dildo at the end

  15. Knight

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    Its not that new