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  1. hUZ5Ni5.png literally the only non p2w cunt on realism HS

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    2. Juice


      im 8'11 550 pounds ggwp

    3. Knight


      You joined the same time as me, and i quit after about a month of playing because of the shit updates and development at the time, sooo...

    4. Grey Salt

      Grey Salt

      I joined 2 weeks after you and only got super donor because Leigh donated through my account (I gave him the items he donated for as he requested). I bought my first 10$ scroll for 50M cash in-game. which bring me to my total of 50$ donated.

      No P2W here ;) 


      Also, I only got that donation from Leigh at around a 2150 total level.

      You may now return to talking shit as usual xo