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  1. Hope to see you achieve your goals soon, good luck!
  2. Finch


    Wow, looks insane. Keep it up dude
  3. Finch

    Where is Nivo?

    Ugh... I thought we got rid of you already... Jk, weeeelcome back! I've missed you x
  4. Finch

    Flowers' Departure

    I wish you and your family all the best bro, especially the doge <3 Take your time, I look forward to your return. Yes, I am indeed hot
  5. Finch

    1,000 Casket Opening Vid

    Enjoyed watching this, I too am looking forward to the ruined backpack opening
  6. Finch

    Brawling gloves/completionist (t)

    I don't have a super strong preference for how they can be obtained, however if clue scrolls are added I can see them being a suitable reward. I think they should have limited charges as a permanent 50% increase in XP for the respective skill is fairly OP (However, if the 'droprate' of the gloves is super rare, and they are untradeable then the increase should be permanent). I don't have an idea of how the charges could be obtained, though. Full support on the addition of the trimmed completionist cape too.
  7. Finch

    Suggestions (08/05/2018)

    Update: I have made all of the changes that you suggested regarding the forums. Thank you once again for putting these forward
  8. Finch

    Donating RSGP

    Donating RSGP Donation Rates: 1m OSRS = $1 5m RS3 = $1 If you donate less than $10 worth of GP, you will only have the respective amount added to your total donated. No other rewards, such as donator points, will be applied to your account. If you donate more than $10 worth of GP, you will be given the respective amount in donator scrolls, which will allow you to redeem donator points. How to: In order to donate RSGP, you will need to contact a member of staff. The current staff members who can handle RSGP donations are: Kade Slayer If none of the above staff are online, contact any member of staff who is online, telling them that you wish to donate RSGP. Bare in mind that these staff members CANNOT handle donations, but they can relay your request to someone who can. *DO NOT DONATE RSGP WITHOUT SPEAKING TO ONE OF THE LISTED STAFF MEMBERS FIRST*
  9. Finch

    Suggestions (08/05/2018)

    I love you. I’ll make most, if not all, of the forum changes tomorrow morning. Thanks!
  10. Finch

    Latest GFX

    They both look dope, I'll take the second one. Tysm
  11. Finch

    Patch Notes 1.9

    A great bunch of updates alongside several bug fixes, awesome job. Looking forward to what this month holds for us
  12. Finch

    Staff feedback

    Thanks, appreciate the feedback
  13. Finchpuh when csgo?

    1. Finch


      DM me on Discord :D 

  14. Finch

    Staff Feedback

    Appreciate the feedback
  15. Finch

    Latest GFX

    These look pretty sweet man, wouldn't mind one myself