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  1. Vahvahybrid


    Didnt even make account on prrscape😂
  2. Vahvahybrid

    what is everyone's favorite pastimes?

    Must say fixing motorcycles (basically any bikes) really enjoy rebuilding them, specially 2stroke bikes
  3. Vahvahybrid

    Gravediggers Recruitment Thread

    Btw do u have new members? Or same aids fucks from loco?
  4. Vahvahybrid


    Im like youngest player😂
  5. Vahvahybrid


    Curious to see how old the playere are since I don't know most of u even tho i did play kade's previous project but u all so new (kappa) My bday is actually pretty soon.. 06/04/2001 (april 6th)
  6. Vahvahybrid

    Lets play a forum game guys!

    False The person below me is transgender.
  7. Vahvahybrid


    Global elite, played cs go professionally for few months, ill be more than happy to carry you shitter
  8. Vahvahybrid


    Ye sure ill carry you
  9. Vahvahybrid

    The Gambino Crime Family

    Lmao keep mentioning my name fanboy you or anyone in your clan will never be as fast as me
  10. Vahvahybrid


    Edit : most of us have quit rsps totally and gone to 07 so don't knpw how the Sri vs any clans would happen..
  11. Vahvahybrid

    Gravediggers Recruitment Thread

    Hi cutie gl witchu clan -daddy chaotixc
  12. Vahvahybrid

    What would you NOT like to see?

    Anger sword Blowpipe hitting 99 in pvp Void melee with dh axe max hp hitting 70s.... Leitz's fugly face
  13. Vahvahybrid

    Gambinos beta applications.

    Im chickenmeal2 from dawntained was in apegang,after it closed you recruited me to ur clan
  14. Vahvahybrid

    Gambinos beta applications.

    Gotta correct you abit.. Their clans dont have 200 active members.. The time i left their clan [because of the mass recruiting] they had aproxx 60 members.
  15. Vahvahybrid

    Gambinos beta applications.

    I just wanted everything to go well with this game, le magics post just surprised me and when i saw him getting the beta tester rank, it wven surprised me more.. Thx for letting me know whats up