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  1. Maybe even some events inside the ffa. For example the winner gets an extra price, to make the ffa more active
  2. this and making protection prayers work
  3. PVP events would be amazing
  4. Blank

    Skillcape teleport

    Tremor not going for 1b XP? What a scrub
  5. Make it so you can make X (Whole invent). Where's dart tips? Could you add them?
  6. Blank


    Should have just edited lel
  7. Blank


    5 secounds should me more then enough.
  8. Blank


    Arround 30sec before they respawn. Way too long. Got a slayer task of 40 of then, just the spawn time in 20minutes..
  9. Blank


    Hello, with the new update to saradomin (and possibly all the other gwd rooms haven't tested) I think you should add a disclaimer that you need to kill all the minion + boss before they respawn. Aswell as lower the respawn time a bit, as you have to wait a bit after you've killed them all. Leave a reply of what you think should be done
  10. Blank

    Legendary m boxes

    Still, there are useless drops, that shouldn't be there. I didnt ask for higher droprate.
  11. Blank

    Legendary m boxes

    So i opend 25 LMB and this is what I got. For the price they cost, they should give better items. You get 100 sara brews from them, wich cost 12k in the store. That's nothing.. You get regular d bones, not even frost ones.. the super combat are nice,so maybe add another drop for it in place for sara brews, and replace d bones with frost bones. Remove the log drop and add reg m boxes? Not sure, please leave a comment with what you want them to contain so they can be re-worked. I dont think they should stay as they are.. Blank