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  1. Flowers

    Flowers' Departure

    Good evening, Pre-Scape community. Unfortunately it is not April 1st. Today is the day I make my departure from Pre-Scape and as much as I would love to stay and ride it out I don't think I'm going to be able to. It has nothing to do with the staff, content or community it's strictly due to personal reasons. I joined Pre-Scape a while ago with the intent to see it succeed, and I think it's great that Kade/Bane are making sure that the content is up to standard before advertisement starts on a bigger scale. I sincerely hope that Pre-Scape gets the recognition it deserves in the near future and I have no doubt it will be a successful run for Kade. The main reason for my departure is finance related. I am simply unable to give Pre-Scape any more attention as I need to focus on getting a more stable source of income. I need to start providing for my family now more than ever. In addition to this, I'm at the stage in my life where money is essential and I simply don't have enough of it to be in a comfortable position where I can relax on games and such. I've just started driving lessons etc at the age of 19 and it's bloody expensive, therefore the vast majority of the money I saved up went into that. My dog's health is also a concern to me and that stuff costs way more than it should, and to top it all off my brother is going through a tougher time than me so I need to support him financially as well (which I'm unable to do at this moment in time). I basically just need to get my priorities straight and I need to divert my attention to something that can provide for me and my loved ones. My interaction with this community will be close to nothing (Sorry, Finch. My CS:GO days are limited) and I will no longer be playing in-game or creating threads on the Forums. It sucks that it has to come to this as I'm really fond of this server and it's community but I must put myself and my needs above a game. The real world is scary. I plan to return in the future when I am in a more comfortable position. Thank you to Kade for, once again, creating a platform where we can all relax and form new relationships. It has been a pleasure being a member of this community and I wish the best for you and the server. I will always be a supporter and will always be here if you need anything. Thank you, Jake. P.S. Finch is hot
  2. Flowers

    Suggestions (08/05/2018)

    Hi!!!! Forum Suggestions Questions Sub-forum: I think this sub-forum should be open to the public so they can answer questions as well. Not only would this allow members of staff to lay back a little bit so others can help but it would also be beneficial for members of the community who are trying to get recognised by management if they are going for a staff position. Of course this could lead to a lot of spam, which is why the rules should especially be enforced here to ensure the section isn't misused by people like Ext Baaail who would say "Hi good luck hopefully your question gets answered!!!". Marketplace Sub-forum: I think this section should have buy and sell sub-forums. This would make it easier for members of the community to search for things they're looking for, as opposed to scrolling through the entire marketplace section on the Forums not knowing if items are wanting to be purchased or sold. Introductions and Farewells: I think farewells should be broken off into a sub-forum and that Introductions should be renamed to Red Carpet. It doesn't matter that much and as it's just a matter of preference but I thought I would add this to the list because why not, you feel me? Rank Applications: I'm unsure as to why members of staff and the community have the capability to reply to rank applications. There is absolutely no point in allowing people to comment on these applications saying either "I'll let a Forum Administrator know!!" or "Handled!!!". Oh boy I'm so glad this person said "Handled" on my staff application, I didn't know I had the rank prior to them saying tha... Oh wait nevermind I could clearly see that I was given the rank as I have eyes XD. Suggestions: Kade, Bane or someone from the management team should regularly go through the suggestions area on the Forums to help ease congestion. Suggestions should be approved/declined each month so threads don't stack up. It will get to a point where the section will be filled with hundreds of unanswered suggestions and it will end up taking whoever eventually goes through the section a very long time. RSGP Donations: A thread should be created for RSGP donations with the rates, members of staff who can accept these donations and step-by-step instructions on how to go about donating RuneScape gold. This would save a lot of people asking the same questions and members of staff giving the same answer. It would be much easier to just redirect the user to the thread where all of their questions can be answered very quickly. In-game Suggestions Yell Filter: There is no way to filter yell messages in-game and I think there should be. The alternative to this is to click game messages only or something but that shows server messages as well which can get annoying if you just want to read yell chat, you feel me fam? Time played: You're able to afk your time played and it's quite flawed if you wish to go for the veteran title in-game. This could also affect people who apply for staff, where they have the capability to afk hundreds of hours and then say "Look I have been playing this game for ages I know what I'm doing!!!". Two-factor Authentication: This should be made mandatory as opposed to a bank pin as it's a much better form of security than a shit bank pin. As an alternative, the two-factor authentication should be recommended upon the creation of a new account, in a way such as the bank pin is. Additional Commands: Additional commands should be added into the game to aid player enjoyment and tend to their needs. I'm unsure if any of these commands have been added into the game as I haven't worked on this list in a while. The follow commands could be as followed: ::commands - show list of commands ::staff - show online staff ::report - redirects user to report section ::appeal - redirects user to appeal section ::support - redirects user to support section ::bug - redirects user to bug section ::help (currently broken) - redirects user to help section ::forums - redirects player to forums ::guides - redirects player to guide section ::hiscores - redirects player to hiscores ::suggest/suggestion - redirects player to suggestions section Capitalization in chatbox: This makes me unhappy. I love it when I type "Hello there my name's Jake and I like to breathe" and it displays as "Hello there my name's jake and i like to breathe". Account Manager: The account manager should have an option to remove your current title, instead of having the command ::resettitle (which doesn't even work). Vote Point Store: This store is pretty empty and is not encouraging me to vote, even though I don't play this game. More cosmetics n shit should be added into this store to try and encourage more people to vote. Usernames: Word filters should be implemented when attempting to create new accounts. Words such as "Admin", "Mod" etc should be disallowed to help stop staff impersonation. It should also be made so you're unable to have more than one space in one go if you know what I mean. For example "Flowers 3". This could lead to issues if someone were to be spam advertising with a username like "il l l i l i lil" (staff would have difficulty typing this out). I don't have time to proof read this thread as I have more pressing matters to attend to, like not working on this thread. Thanks, Bye.
  3. Flowers

    1,000th Topic

    So it's not the 1,000th post. You liar.
  4. Flowers

    prescape is virus?? ?

    jk its no virus i see alot of people complain that 'hey wat the hek my comp say viroz?' but no ur all wrong here is proof ur welcome stop makeing false ak(47)usations or i will ban u look at all of me extensiv reserch therr u r ur welcome prescape is safer than finchs virgininty no one is doin anythin anytime soon so donter worry it all safe kade is a safe person and like to safe others thank flowers/good cs player/really good cs player Credits to Permedd for writing this topic for me. I really appreciate how I have a friend like Permedd.
  5. Flowers

    Staff Feedback

    Finch is a Forum Administrator therefore his priority is with the Forums, not in-game. This is why Forum Administrator shouldn't be a rank if people are going to complain that they don't see that particular staff member in-game as much as they would like. He's online regularly and interacts with the community via the community Discord server, maybe he just doesn't like playing in-game as much as he used to. I wouldn't know though as I don't play in-game so I can't comment on his in-game activity. I just replied to this thread cos you been talkin' about his in-game presence when he be a Forum Administrator. Get me? Thank.
  6. Flowers

    Staffhunters need to chill!

    You shouldn't let this get to you. There will always be staff hunters no matter where you are. There's nothing you can do to stop this. If someone would like to help around, regardless of their intentions (e.g. if they're trying to get staff) then that's a good thing. The more people that offer to help the more positive the community looks as people are offering their services to assist new players. If they are indeed looking to get promoted then what's the big deal? A lot of people staff hunt on rsps and in the end it's only a game, if management deem them worthy of a promotion then they'll get promoted where they can 'officially' help people. Not everything is about 'hey look at me I can help people XD', hence why people don't get promoted just because they strictly yell 'Pm me for help'. There are many aspects that go into a staff member lol. If someone wants to get their 'name on the board' via staff hunting then so be it, it doesn't matter that much and if they want to spend their time helping people then you shouldn't care about it. If it's annoying you then just block them or something.
  7. Goals for 2018 Hello and welcome to my goals thread for 2018. I wasn't planning on playing this server as I don't really enjoy it as much as I used to but I have some friends here and I thought I might as well give it a shot - what better way to gain motivation than to create a goals thread and try to achieve them all! Skills 99 Agility 99 Attack 99 Cooking 99 Crafting 99 Defence 99 Dungeoneering 99 Farming 99 Firemaking 99 Fishing 99 Fletching 99 Herblore 99 Hitpoints 99 Hunter 99 Magic 99 Mining 99 Prayer 99 Ranged 99 Runecrafting 99 Slayer 99 Smithing 99 Strength 99 Thieving 99 Woodcutting Quests Recipe for Disaster Achievements Easy (13/31) Medium (4/28) Hard (0/25) Elite (0/15) Misc. Full Void Max Cape Completionist Cape Veteran Cape To be Finch's superior More than 1,672,198 coins Thanks, yuo'er mum gay.
  8. Flowers

    Tell me joke

    My life
  9. I'm suggesting for there to be an extra layer of security here on Pre-Scape, something that will make the use of bank pins and passwords useless. Two-Factor Authentication, more commonly known as 2fa, is widely known and used in the world as it provides excellent security for accounts. I'm not suggesting for bank pins to be removed, I'm simply suggesting to add another layer of protection - something that's more secure than what we currently have. I can't be bothered to give examples of why this extra piece of security would be good as, not only is it almost 6AM, but this suggestion is pretty much just for Kade to see, and I'm sure he knows how it works. Thanks, Jake.