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    Hash Forum moderator

    I don't normally go back and fourth with someone, but as I have nothing better to do I may as well address your response. As I mentioned in my response, I'm not saying that you need to write a thousand word essay on why you should be promoted. I said that you should've put some thought into it instead of rushing it. A good first impression would be writing a semi-decent application, one that doesn't look like something that comes out of my asshole. You're implying that your aggressive comments are to help 'improve communication'. Spreading negativity in comments will not help improve something that is supposed to be positive. What sort of mindset is this? If you're trying to make a positive impact then you should approach it differently, for example talking in friendly manner. I'm fully aware that this is a game, and I'm not taking anything seriously. I'm simply giving my opinion on this application and you as a first impression. You can keep talking a lot and keep being yourself, but the attitude you have is unprofessional and not something I would expect to see on a staff team. How would being a staff member change this? If you charge for your work regardless of your status then the point in your application where you stated that you'd be able to help with graphics and such doesn't make much sense. I currently have 72 hours In-game playtime and actively train my stats, so I do have somewhat of a basis. You're basing the activity of the server by how many people answer the trivia? I rarely answer the trivia because I don't see a point in doing so, it doesn't appeal to make so I don't take an interest. Other people share this view, hence why the trivia isn't answered immediately. I'm not going to address the members online in the past 24 hours. Fyi, this was picture was taken just now. Hogging ranks aren't good as they give you a negative reputation. Also, that's quite an unrealistic multiplier. I was simply expressing that it comes across as unprofessional. This is a horrible mindset to have. Comments that you publicly make define who you are and show us how you act. Publicly acting in a respectful manner doesn't mean you're a staffhunter lol, it just gives a good first impression to people. Would you prefer having a first impression of "Oh hey, this guy seems alright" or "Wow, this guy seems like a bit of a dick". I was actually MAC banned I think, but it wasn't for being toxic it was for being an asshole towards the owner. My ban was necessary. You replying to my post proves my point even more. If you get promoted, which I doubt you will, I'll be severely shocked. Thank you, Jake // Gamble.
  2. Jake

    Hash Forum moderator

    As someone who isn't familiar with you as a person, you've given off the wrong impression. You come across as quite the arrogant type and someone who lets emotions cloud judgement. I'll be evaluating your application and the comments you've made to give you some constructive criticism. Firstly, your application is very weak and the answers you have provided us with aren't very in-depth. Now, I'm not saying that applications must have hundreds of words in order to be accepted, but they should at least be given some thought. Your application seems very rushed and isn't presented in a professional manner. Secondly, the comments that you have made on this thread and others lead me to believe that you're not a suitable candidate for a staff role. You come across as too argumentative n some of the things that you say are completely unnecessary, and let's be honest - there's really isn't a need for an additional member to join the Forum Moderation team. This makes absolutely no sense. If you would actually like to help the Forums regarding the photoshop aspect for graphics and such, then you can do that without a staff rank. The difference between In-game and the Forums is that people actually do stuff In-game. The Forums are extremely inactive right now, therefore it would be unnecessary for the management team to recruit a Forum Moderator. Let's say for a moment that you were promoted - then what? You wouldn't handle any reports because there most likely aren't any and won't be any for a while, and if there are then they would be handled by Finch, who is online pretty much all the time. You wouldn't have any responsibility other than, like you say, helping with the graphics aspect... but if that's all you're doing then what's the need of the staff rank? You would just be hogging the rank. You and Finch make a great team? Okay, but Finch and I also make a great team so does that mean I can get Forum Moderator as well? This was an unnecessary thing to add to your application. Reporting bugs, no matter the size of them, doesn't mean you are more qualified for a staff role. It just means that you're a nice person for reporting these bugs as opposed to abusing them. This is an unnecessary comment to make. Permedd is looking for a reaction here and as a staff member you need to remain calm and collected, and you must never let emotion get in the way of your responsibilities. For these reasons, I don't support your application and I would not feel comfortable seeing you in a position of power. If you take offence to this and choose to dislike me after reading this, then you do nothing but prove my point. Thank you, Jake // Gamble.
  3. Jake

    Jake: Origins

    Greetings, Pre-Scape community. As I have been quite bored recently, I thought I would create a thread going into detail of my origins and travelling through my RSPS journey. I have been forced to summarise my experiences as, if I wrote in as much detail as I do with most things, I would be here all night. If you don't like a lot of reading then I suggest you don't hurt your brain by reading this thread, but I think it would be cool if others did this as well. I'm interested to see how far you guys have come. Transparency is key. Contents Introduction Phase 1: The Beginning Phase 2: The Second Phase 3: The Third Phase 4: Small Servers Phase 5: The Comeback Phase 6: The Big One Phase 7: The Aftermath Phase 8: The Notorious Phase 9: The Second Chance Phase 10: The Lonely Period Phase 11: The Third Chance Phase 12: The Present Through The Years: Notable Achievements and Memories Introduction I have been in the RSPS scene since 2007 and have extensive experience in the community in general. As you would expect, now that I am 19 years of age, over the past couple of years my love for RuneScape has died out as I have matured and grown out of the RuneScape phase. I have always wondered about people's experiences within the RSPS scene, and as everyone must start somewhere, I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread based around my origins. Over the course of 11 years I have been a member of 50+ communities, so you wouldn't expect me to remember each and every one of them. However, one's journey must have a beginning, so I'm going to take you through my journey in the RSPS scene to the best of my knowledge. Phase 1: The Beginning After my love for the original RuneScape decreased, I decided to try out the RSPS scene (which was pretty new at the time). The first server that I ever laid my eyes on and played was named Rs3Server. Going by the alias "Jiblix", I started to love how private servers were run. I thought it was a great idea to have faster experience rates and to make everything easier to obtain. This is where my journey began. On this server, RuneScape gold trading was legal, therefore I was able to make some money from this server by selling it's gold for RuneScape gold, then selling that gold for IRL money. I made the majority of my money from gambling, as I didn't - and still don't - like the other aspects of the server such as PvMing, Pking, Skilling etc. I was a very rich player on this server and everything was going great... that was until the server was shutdown for a reason that I can't remember. It saddened me a lot as I dedicated a lot of time into the server, made some good friends and managed to rack in a decent amount of in-game money. Even though the server closed and I was quite upset that I had lost all of my progress, the love for RSPS continued so I decided to move onto another one. Phase 2: The Second The second server that I played, after Rs3Server, was named Grinderscape. I don't remember the alias that I went by as this was quite a long time ago, but I do remember being fond of the server as I played it for roughly an entire year. This was the first server that I donated to as in order to host gambling you must have a dicer account ($50). I paid for a dicer account, gambled all day long and managed to get quite rich. This was the first time getting into wiki editing. I was an editor for their wiki site and even though I didn't do a good job as I was very young, I found it very interesting and have loved being an editor over the past 9 or so years. In addition to this, it was also my first time where I helped a couple of staff members on the server catch some real world traders (via sythe.org). I didn't do this for that long but I thought it was pretty cool that I was doing something to assist the community to help keep it clean. I thought everything was going great and I thought I would be there for longer than I was, but it came to an end. After about a year of playing, I met a lot of people and had many friends. However, as I was very young and impressionable, I managed to get myself scammed and hacked. A few older gents pretended to be my friend as I was quite rich, and as I was young I allowed them to brainwash me, eventually leading to them hacking my account and stealing all of my items. At the young age of 9/10, I was very upset as you can probably imagine and ended up quitting the server. Phase 3: The Third After quitting Grinderscape in 2009, I still had a lot of passion for RSPS, even though I had been scammed out of all of my hard work and money. Later on in the year, I joined a server named Infinity-X and went by the alias "Jiblix" again. This was a much smaller community in comparison to Grinderscape as it only had roughly 100 players, but it was the third server I ever joined and I liked it in the beginning. Once again, I managed to get rich as hell in the server as I gambled a lot. However, this was the first server where I discovered that being a staff member was pretty cool. I was given the chance at Server Support to show that I can make it as a staff member and ensure player satisfaction. I managed to climb the ladder from Server Support all the way to Administrator, but as I was still very young I'm pretty sure I didn't do a good job as I had much to learn. I decided to step down and quit the server when I discovered that the owner of the server, named Ace, was doing very sketchy things. I wasn't okay with what he was doing and I didn't feel comfortable joining in or supporting the server in any way shape or form. So I quit the server and separated myself from all parties involved. The server shut down later that year due to unknown reasons, but at least I managed to get out while I had the option. Phase 4: Small Servers After quitting Insanity-X, I was getting pretty tired of the fact that something kept negatively impacting my RSPS experience. The servers that I had previously played had a big playerbase (100+ players) so I decided to switch it up and join smaller servers. These servers are too insignificant (not that I would be able to list them all anyway) but I thought what the hell and gave them a shot. I played about 20 small servers over the course of about 6 months, helping out the communities by being a wiki editor and holding small staff positions (Server Support - Server Moderator), but it got to the point where I was getting sick and tired of projects failing due to lack of playercount. It's my own fault for joining such small servers but I thought I would change up the environment a bit by doing so. After gaining more knowledge and experience in the RSPS community, I decided to give a big server another shot. Phase 5: The Comeback After contemplating joining another server for quite a while, I decided to join a server named DeviousPk (later renamed to ArteroPk). I viewed many, many servers and communities to see which one looked the most interesting, and DeviousPk caught my eye. I am unsure as to when I joined this server, but I wasn't there for that long as I found out that it wasn't for me. Going by the alias "Pentonix", I managed to make a small name for myself in the community as I helped moderate the wiki site for the server, alongside a member of the staff team and wiki founder - Thomas. There was a bit of controversy surrounding my name due to a reason that I can't remember, but I recall later changing my name and rejoining the server under a different alias, named "Kronix" (very hard to notice that I was the same person, I know). I helped on the wiki and played in-game a bit under this new alias, but I eventually found out that the server wasn't for me and I needed to find another place to call home. Phase 6: The Big One After leaving DeviousPk I decided to make my mark elsewhere, which is when a stumbled across a server named Ikov. I had minimal contact with the server and the community in 2014, the initial release, as I was concentrating on xbox (I liked playing Call of Duty at the time). However, I started to play the game and interact with the community when the server was re-released for the first time. When Ikov re-released, I knew this was the server that I wanted to play. I had been in the RSPS scene for a very long time, but I had never been a member of a community with a playercount of hundreds of players daily, eventually peaking at 2,000+. I went by the alias "KronixPk" on this server and, as always, I was quite the gambler. I managed to get rich once again. It was after a couple of months of playing when I thought I would give staff another shot, so I tried my hardest to get promoted to Server Support by grinding the clan chats and helping the community in the Forums section dedicated to player support. I had tried many, many times and was declined the chance all but one. After all of my hard work I was eventually given a shot at Server Support. I remember sitting in an R.E class in school when I was added into the staff Skype group chat, which obviously made my day a hell of a lot better. I managed to get promoted to Server Moderator and everything was going great until one day when I decided to lure a member of the community for their money. It obviously looks bad that a member of staff is luring members of the community, and even though it wasn't against the community or staff rules, it didn't occur to me that it's just not ethical to do something like that. After the event, I was reported by a member of the community and the Head Administrator, Fergus, relieved me from my Moderator duties. Phase 7: The Aftermath I was obviously very sad and confused at the time, as I thought I was doing nothing wrong (as I wasn't breaking any rules). There was a lot of controversy surrounding my name and the infamous alias KronixPk was never used again. I gambled all of my items and quit the server shortly after the fact, as I was getting a lot of hate from my ex-fellow staff members. After quitting Ikov, I moved over to another server named Runique. I wasn't a member of the community for too long but I did manage to get rich and make a small name for myself. I think I went by the alias Pentonix, but I can't be too sure as it was a while ago. This was the first time where I started creating YouTube videos, and I was quite the slick video editor. I used Camtasia and racked in about 200+ subscribers for hosting giveaways and creating general videos. However, as previous mentioned, my run at Runique only lasted for a couple months. I decided to quit the server when I discovered that Stuart, the infamous blackhat, was a website developer for the server. Phase 8: The Notorious Moving away from Runique and all of the other servers, I decided to join a server named RuneLive under the alias "Delivery". I was heavily involved in this community and played it for a very long time. I managed their wiki site and managed to grab a staff role at the same time. To no one's surprised, I gambled a lot and was quite the rich player. However, everything turned south quite quickly when I discovered that one of the owners of the server, Jonny, was a psychopath. When I quit the server due to me having differences with one of the developers, Jonny thought it was necessary to ask for me to transfer ownership of the wikia site to him. I had founded and managed this site for a very long time and was quite fond of it. However, not only is this not possible (to transfer ownership of a wiki), but I wouldn't do it even if I could. I founded that wiki and managed it for ages so why on Earth would I just give it to him? I wasn't planning on doing anything malicious and I even mentioned that I would still monitor the wiki to ensure that no one vandalises it (even though I was no longer an active member of the community). As I refused, the butthurt fucker decided to ban me from all RuneLive platforms, infect my computer with a virus, hack and delete my accounts (YouTube, Google) and to top it all off he thought it was a good idea to threaten me with hiring an assassin to put a bullet in my head. During this time I joined another server named Zamorak, and it was only until then when I made the decision to make Zamorak my new home (as, of course, RuneLive was not doing it for me). Phase 9: The Second Chance After everything that happened at RuneLive, I thought I was done with RSPS. That was until Zamorak came along and the owner, Abdul, managed to persuade me to stay in the scene and play his game under the alias "Delivery". I was thankful as I turned out to be heavily involved in the community. I managed to obtain a staff rank fairly quickly, climbing my way through the ranks: Server Support, Forum Moderator, Server Moderator, Global Moderator and eventually Administrator. It was exciting to be in an Administrate position again as it had been a very long time since my last encounter with ACP etc. I gambled a lot and, of course, managed to take the title as one of the richest in-game (for a certain period of time). I was a great supporter of Zamorak and ended up staying a great supporter of the owner's projects. However, my Zamorak journey wasn't all unicorns and rainbows. There was a bit of controversy between the owner and I as we had a disagreement. Before the argument, everything was great. It wasn't until the "Ikov Gang" showed up on Zamorak and started to play it. The members of the Ikov Gang were ex-fellow staff members from Ikov, and I thought all beef was squished between us and we were all there just to have a bit of fun. However, they fucked with my head a bit and turned me into an edgy fuckboy for a brief period. After resigning from Administrator due to lack of interest, I acted like an asshole to most people, especially the owner. This was when the argument between us got to another level and I don't think we did, and never will, fully recover. We used to have a very good and trusted friendship, but as I was an asshole we had a small argument and I made it much worse. All of my asshole-ness lead up to my ban on the server, and as a form of retaliation I decided to create a YouTube video to defend my (wrong) actions. I later deleted the video as, of course, I came to realise that I was in the wrong. It was unfortunately a bit too late and I pushed a bit too far and ruined the relationship between us. The Ikov people love drama and will do anything for it, and that's not what I'm looking for. Realisation hit me a bit too late and the damage was already done. Phase 10: The Lonely Period After being forcefully removed from Zamorak, I didn't have anywhere to go. I lost the majority of my Zamorak friends, and as I was a member of the community for quite some time I wasn't talking to anyone else, so all of my friends were in one place. I didn't know what to do so I took a little break. When I thought I would give RSPS another shot I couldn't think of anywhere to go. I couldn't go back to Zamorak and I didn't really have anywhere else to go, so I joined a server named Elkoy. I was there for like two days as this server was pretty much the same Ikov-people, and as I prefer friendship over drama I didn't see myself fitting into this community whatsoever. Phase 11: The Third Chance I took a break from RSPS for a while and stuck to gaming (League of Legends and CS:GO mainly), but eventually I returned to the RSPS scene as I was getting bored of the same game. I joined a server named Alora under the alias "Flowers", this was a server that lasted a very long time as I was a member of this community for about a year and a half. I dedicated a lot of time into this server, ended up obtaining a staff role, managing their wiki site and being pretty rich. I was heavily involved in this server and everything was going well until the owner decided to do something questionable. The owner of the server, Omicron, paid for my wiki service. I ended up doing hundreds of pages and dedicating hundreds of hours of work into the wiki, and it was all looking good and well until he decided that he no longer wanted a wiki site. Instead of coming to me and communicating with me, he decided to ban me from all Alora-related platforms and started telling people that I scammed him (lol). His thought process was that just because he cancelled the wiki service, he thought he deserved, and was entitled to, a full refund (even though he had already paid me for the work I had already put into the site). It wouldn't have mattered if he came to me asking for the money back as I wouldn't have given it back. What sort of delusional mindset must you have if you think just because you no longer want something you deserve a full refund of a service? Are you stupid? I put so much effort into the wiki and it was looking damn good, so why on Earth would I refund him something that he paid me for? If he no longer required my service then I wouldn't have worked on it anymore and let him know that if someone else wants to take over they can and I would give their account the permissions etc, but instead he decided to zip his mouth shut. I joined the server upon it's release and stuck with it for a very long time, and for him to fuck me over like this proves to me that he doesn't care about the players. I don't care that he banned me, he can do whatever the hell he wants as it's his server, I just hate how he handled the situation. For me to be treated like that after proving to be a loyal player to the server annoyed me a bit, and as you would expect I am still a little pissed off after the fact. Phase 12: The Present Putting aside my argument with Abdul, and even though we resolved our past differences, I decided to join Pre-Scape. Even if we never see eye to eye like we used to, I will always be a loyal supporter of his projects as he is the ideal owner of a server. He cares about the community and will do his best to ensure that the server succeeds. I hope success for Pre-Scape and this will most definitely be the last server that I ever play. I'm getting too old for this and I'm pretty much here just to support the project. Safe to say that I have matured beyond expectations, I have experienced a lot in my RSPS journey and I will be more than happy to end my journey with Pre-Scape. Through The Years: Notable Achievements and Memories I have been a member of the RSPS scene for 11+ Years I have been managing wiki sites for 9+ Years I have been a staff member on servers for 8+ Years I always find a way to get rich on a server I have been hacked I have been scammed I have been infected with a virus I have had my life threatened I have been an asshole I have been the coolest dude ever I have been a member of 50+ communities I have changed my alias far too many times No matter how good things get, something always ends up going wrong If you read all of this then you must be as bored as I am. Thank you, Jake // Gamble.
  4. I'm bored, so here's a thread. Two-Factor Authentication To my knowledge, Two-Factor Authentication isn't mandatory for anyone and is instead optional, even for staff members. However, I believe this should be mandatory for staff accounts. As much as I think it would be great to make everyone have 2FA, I think it is a necessity for accounts of high-importance. In addition to this, upon creating a new account and logging in for the first time, I think it would be good to provide the user with the option to secure their account beyond a bank pin via the option to enable 2FA. Yell Timer This is something small but it sort of annoys me a bit. I think it would be better if the message in the chatbox said how many seconds the user had remaining, as opposed to the message just saying "You must wait 30 seconds in between yell messages." Guides There are two parts to this suggestion: Pre-Scape having an information site (wiki) Pre-Scape having a clean and organised guides section Information Site This is pretty self explanatory as I'm sure you are all aware of what a wiki site is. It would be similar to the RuneScape wiki site but all of the information will be relevant only to Pre-Scape. This would obviously be a time-consuming process but I think it would be beneficial to the community. This information site would have all of the information a player would ever need. Guides Section An alternative to an information site would be for the Forums to dedicate the guides section to top-notch guides only. What tends to happen is the guides section gets tacky as members of the community all try to make their own guide. It's unnecessary as what will end up happening is there will be a number of the same guide on the same thing, one having more information than another, but all being pretty bad. It's pretty much gonna turn out to be a spam-fest so I think it would be good to start taking control now (perhaps having certain members of the community dedicating their time to creating in-depth guides for anything that is needed/requested by the community). This way, the guides section will look clean, organised and professional. Achievement Store I believe this has already been suggested before but I thought I may as well suggest it again. Pre-Scape needs to have an achievement store or members of the community aren't going to be interested in doing achievements. The sense of achievement would be having the capability of purchasing cosmetics and whatnot with the achievement points that they work so hard for. Some of the items in the achievement store could be as followed: Veteran Cape I think it would be cool if players were able to obtain a veteran cape in-game. It makes loyal and dedicated players stand out amongst others. The requirements could be something like "You must have X amount of hours played in order to obtain this cape" and whatnot, but the main concern with this is that your time played counter is currently afkable. This should be removed regardless if this veteran cape idea is implemented. Global Announcements To my knowledge, there are only global announcements if people get rare drops or achieve 99 in a skill (for realism+ accounts). However, I think 99's should be globally announced regardless of your game mode. It's a sense of achievement and I think it would be cool to be congratulated for achieving any 99. I have removed this suggestion. Money Sink As we all know, an economy of a server can get out of hand fairly quickly if it isn't catered. I'm suggesting for there to be better money sinks in place. I think it's great that there are individual wells that players can donate money into to get benefits, but I think there should be something else in place. A small example, the skill reset ticket sold by the shopkeeper could be more than 50k coins. Another example could be something like a lottery bot, where players in the community purchase tickets for X amount of money, in the end the winner gets the pot (the bot could take X% from the final cut to remove some gold from the server). "Yell Only" Option The what's-it-called at the bottom of the client doesn't have a yell only option and it sucks. If you want to toggle the yell chat you have to click on game only, but that shows announcements, trivia, warnings and everything. It gets annoying if all you want to do is read the yell chat. Appropriate Forum Moderation As of right now, a couple Forum sections look unprofessional and tacky. I think they should be moderated in a more appropriate manner, tidying them up to make it look more organised and clean. Take the "Suggestions" sub-forum for example, there are currently 176 threads in there, dating back from up to 6 months ago. It's so untidy and it makes me want to cry. Some of the threads have even been answered yet haven't been moved to the appropriate sections - handled. There are only 10 threads in handled... In addition to suggestions, the staff applications area is so messed up right now I'd rather look at an old man's pickled bollock. Applications that are definitely not going to get accepted should be closed and moved to the appropriate section. It's gonna end up like the suggestions area soon if you're not careful. You're gonna end up with hundreds of staff applications and it's gonna be too much for you to handle, then you're gonna spiral into depression because you don't know where to start and you're eventually going to close the server, all because of this. I'm not exaggerating. Game Mode Descriptions A thread should be created, listing all of the benefits and providing the user with a detailed description of what each game mode provides (ups and downs). In addition to this, upon creating a new account and logging in for the first time, the descriptions should be provided upon selecting a game mode so they know what options they have. Then, a confirmation screen should pop up to ensure that the player knows what they're picking, as they may accidentally select the wrong game mode, forcing themselves to contact the owner of the server to delete the account so they can create it again, this time selecting their desired game mode. Newspaper As of this moment, the newspaper section isn't being used for anything as there's no newspaper team and there are no editions of the newspaper being created. This section should either be hidden or removed until the time is right. If finding members to work on the newspaper is the issue then I'd be more than happy to dedicate some time each week/month/whatever to creating editions of the newspaper. Thanks, Jake // Gamble.

  6. Jake

    Making the server look more professional.

    Alright, I'll get right on it.
  7. Jake

    Jake's Introduction

    Good evening, Pre-Scape community. My name is Jake and have been a member of the RSPS scene for over 10 years now. I have known Kade for many years and have always been a great supporter of his projects. Not too long ago I made my departure from Pre-Scape as I needed to focus more on my personal life, but now that I've sorted a couple things out I think I'm ready to start dabbling in RSPS again. I've never been fond of playing in-game but I might as well give it another chance, seeing as I only do two things in my spare time: Watch movies/TV shows and play CS:GO. It's getting a bit repetitive and when I get bored of CS:GO I tend to browse YouTube, but I've pretty much seen every video ever on YouTube so I'm running out of things to do. I may as well try out Pre-Scape for the second time. Moving onto my intentions with Pre-Scape, I suppose my end goal will be to have a 'complete' account: Maxed stats, all achievements, then stuff like cosmetic sets along with other misc. items. I haven't been playing for too long but have managed to get (almost) 24 hours playtime. The image provided in the spoiler tracks my current progress and I will be sure to update this regularly. As mentioned in my departure thread, I sincerely hope that Pre-Scape succeeds and I'm looking forward to seeing what this server turns into. See you around, Jake.
  8. Jake

    Flowers' Departure

    Good evening, Pre-Scape community. Unfortunately it is not April 1st. Today is the day I make my departure from Pre-Scape and as much as I would love to stay and ride it out I don't think I'm going to be able to. It has nothing to do with the staff, content or community it's strictly due to personal reasons. I joined Pre-Scape a while ago with the intent to see it succeed, and I think it's great that Kade/Bane are making sure that the content is up to standard before advertisement starts on a bigger scale. I sincerely hope that Pre-Scape gets the recognition it deserves in the near future and I have no doubt it will be a successful run for Kade. The main reason for my departure is finance related. I am simply unable to give Pre-Scape any more attention as I need to focus on getting a more stable source of income. I need to start providing for my family now more than ever. In addition to this, I'm at the stage in my life where money is essential and I simply don't have enough of it to be in a comfortable position where I can relax on games and such. I've just started driving lessons etc at the age of 19 and it's bloody expensive, therefore the vast majority of the money I saved up went into that. My dog's health is also a concern to me and that stuff costs way more than it should, and to top it all off my brother is going through a tougher time than me so I need to support him financially as well (which I'm unable to do at this moment in time). I basically just need to get my priorities straight and I need to divert my attention to something that can provide for me and my loved ones. My interaction with this community will be close to nothing (Sorry, Finch. My CS:GO days are limited) and I will no longer be playing in-game or creating threads on the Forums. It sucks that it has to come to this as I'm really fond of this server and it's community but I must put myself and my needs above a game. The real world is scary. I plan to return in the future when I am in a more comfortable position. Thank you to Kade for, once again, creating a platform where we can all relax and form new relationships. It has been a pleasure being a member of this community and I wish the best for you and the server. I will always be a supporter and will always be here if you need anything. Thank you, Jake. P.S. Finch is hot
  9. Hi!!!! Forum Suggestions Questions Sub-forum: I think this sub-forum should be open to the public so they can answer questions as well. Not only would this allow members of staff to lay back a little bit so others can help but it would also be beneficial for members of the community who are trying to get recognised by management if they are going for a staff position. Of course this could lead to a lot of spam, which is why the rules should especially be enforced here to ensure the section isn't misused by people like Ext Baaail who would say "Hi good luck hopefully your question gets answered!!!". Marketplace Sub-forum: I think this section should have buy and sell sub-forums. This would make it easier for members of the community to search for things they're looking for, as opposed to scrolling through the entire marketplace section on the Forums not knowing if items are wanting to be purchased or sold. Introductions and Farewells: I think farewells should be broken off into a sub-forum and that Introductions should be renamed to Red Carpet. It doesn't matter that much and as it's just a matter of preference but I thought I would add this to the list because why not, you feel me? Rank Applications: I'm unsure as to why members of staff and the community have the capability to reply to rank applications. There is absolutely no point in allowing people to comment on these applications saying either "I'll let a Forum Administrator know!!" or "Handled!!!". Oh boy I'm so glad this person said "Handled" on my staff application, I didn't know I had the rank prior to them saying tha... Oh wait nevermind I could clearly see that I was given the rank as I have eyes XD. Suggestions: Kade, Bane or someone from the management team should regularly go through the suggestions area on the Forums to help ease congestion. Suggestions should be approved/declined each month so threads don't stack up. It will get to a point where the section will be filled with hundreds of unanswered suggestions and it will end up taking whoever eventually goes through the section a very long time. RSGP Donations: A thread should be created for RSGP donations with the rates, members of staff who can accept these donations and step-by-step instructions on how to go about donating RuneScape gold. This would save a lot of people asking the same questions and members of staff giving the same answer. It would be much easier to just redirect the user to the thread where all of their questions can be answered very quickly. In-game Suggestions Yell Filter: There is no way to filter yell messages in-game and I think there should be. The alternative to this is to click game messages only or something but that shows server messages as well which can get annoying if you just want to read yell chat, you feel me fam? Time played: You're able to afk your time played and it's quite flawed if you wish to go for the veteran title in-game. This could also affect people who apply for staff, where they have the capability to afk hundreds of hours and then say "Look I have been playing this game for ages I know what I'm doing!!!". Two-factor Authentication: This should be made mandatory as opposed to a bank pin as it's a much better form of security than a shit bank pin. As an alternative, the two-factor authentication should be recommended upon the creation of a new account, in a way such as the bank pin is. Additional Commands: Additional commands should be added into the game to aid player enjoyment and tend to their needs. I'm unsure if any of these commands have been added into the game as I haven't worked on this list in a while. The follow commands could be as followed: ::commands - show list of commands ::staff - show online staff ::report - redirects user to report section ::appeal - redirects user to appeal section ::support - redirects user to support section ::bug - redirects user to bug section ::help (currently broken) - redirects user to help section ::forums - redirects player to forums ::guides - redirects player to guide section ::hiscores - redirects player to hiscores ::suggest/suggestion - redirects player to suggestions section Capitalization in chatbox: This makes me unhappy. I love it when I type "Hello there my name's Jake and I like to breathe" and it displays as "Hello there my name's jake and i like to breathe". Account Manager: The account manager should have an option to remove your current title, instead of having the command ::resettitle (which doesn't even work). Vote Point Store: This store is pretty empty and is not encouraging me to vote, even though I don't play this game. More cosmetics n shit should be added into this store to try and encourage more people to vote. Usernames: Word filters should be implemented when attempting to create new accounts. Words such as "Admin", "Mod" etc should be disallowed to help stop staff impersonation. It should also be made so you're unable to have more than one space in one go if you know what I mean. For example "Flowers 3". This could lead to issues if someone were to be spam advertising with a username like "il l l i l i lil" (staff would have difficulty typing this out). I don't have time to proof read this thread as I have more pressing matters to attend to, like not working on this thread. Thanks, Bye.
  10. Jake

    1,000th Topic

    So it's not the 1,000th post. You liar.
  11. Jake

    prescape is virus?? ?

    jk its no virus i see alot of people complain that 'hey wat the hek my comp say viroz?' but no ur all wrong here is proof ur welcome stop makeing false ak(47)usations or i will ban u look at all of me extensiv reserch therr u r ur welcome prescape is safer than finchs virgininty no one is doin anythin anytime soon so donter worry it all safe kade is a safe person and like to safe others thank flowers/good cs player/really good cs player Credits to Permedd for writing this topic for me. I really appreciate how I have a friend like Permedd.
  12. Jake

    Staff Feedback

    Finch is a Forum Administrator therefore his priority is with the Forums, not in-game. This is why Forum Administrator shouldn't be a rank if people are going to complain that they don't see that particular staff member in-game as much as they would like. He's online regularly and interacts with the community via the community Discord server, maybe he just doesn't like playing in-game as much as he used to. I wouldn't know though as I don't play in-game so I can't comment on his in-game activity. I just replied to this thread cos you been talkin' about his in-game presence when he be a Forum Administrator. Get me? Thank.
  13. Jake

    Staffhunters need to chill!

    You shouldn't let this get to you. There will always be staff hunters no matter where you are. There's nothing you can do to stop this. If someone would like to help around, regardless of their intentions (e.g. if they're trying to get staff) then that's a good thing. The more people that offer to help the more positive the community looks as people are offering their services to assist new players. If they are indeed looking to get promoted then what's the big deal? A lot of people staff hunt on rsps and in the end it's only a game, if management deem them worthy of a promotion then they'll get promoted where they can 'officially' help people. Not everything is about 'hey look at me I can help people XD', hence why people don't get promoted just because they strictly yell 'Pm me for help'. There are many aspects that go into a staff member lol. If someone wants to get their 'name on the board' via staff hunting then so be it, it doesn't matter that much and if they want to spend their time helping people then you shouldn't care about it. If it's annoying you then just block them or something.
  14. Goals for 2018 Hello and welcome to my goals thread for 2018. I wasn't planning on playing this server as I don't really enjoy it as much as I used to but I have some friends here and I thought I might as well give it a shot - what better way to gain motivation than to create a goals thread and try to achieve them all! Skills 99 Agility 99 Attack 99 Cooking 99 Crafting 99 Defence 99 Dungeoneering 99 Farming 99 Firemaking 99 Fishing 99 Fletching 99 Herblore 99 Hitpoints 99 Hunter 99 Magic 99 Mining 99 Prayer 99 Ranged 99 Runecrafting 99 Slayer 99 Smithing 99 Strength 99 Thieving 99 Woodcutting Quests Recipe for Disaster Achievements Easy (13/31) Medium (4/28) Hard (0/25) Elite (0/15) Misc. Full Void Max Cape Completionist Cape Veteran Cape To be Finch's superior More than 1,672,198 coins Thanks, yuo'er mum gay.
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    Tell me joke

    My life