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  1. Jake

    Jake's Resignation

    Hi all, Due to some unforeseen circumstances I have decided to step down as acting manager for Pre-Scape. I feel that I no longer have the server's best interests in mind due to the motivation that I'm lacking. I have enjoyed my time here and I'm glad that I have managed to stick with my friends throughout this journey. It saddens me to leave but I feel my replacement, Operative, will do a superb job. I would like to take this time to thank Kade for the opportunity & the rest of the management and staff team who have made my long stay here a very welcome one. I will forever be grateful for the relationships that I have built and I wish everyone good health and fortune in the future. I want nothing but the best for Pre-Scape and I'm hoping that my decision to step down will make a positive impact on the server's success. All the best, Jake
  2. Jake

    Hi Fam

    Hey fella welcome to Pre-Scape
  3. I'm excited to see where this leads. Let's hope for the best
  4. We are currently not accepting applications for Forum Moderator You can only post an application if you meet all of the requirements You are not allowed to draw attention to your application or ask for support You are not allowed to post another application until you wait a minimum of 14 days after being declined You are not allowed to comment on other applications whilst you have one open You are not allowed to post troll applications. Doing so will result in suspensions from this board You are not allowed to provide false information in your application You must have a minimum of 100 hours time played You must be a member of the community for a minimum of 30 days before applying You must have a Skype account You must have two-factor authentication enabled on your account It is preferred that you use this template to the best of your ability Username(s): Timezone (GMT): Language(s): Do you have any staff experience? Server name(s): Your role and responsibilities: Reason why you no longer work there: Why would you like to join the staff team?: What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: How many hours can you put into Pre-Scape weekly?: Have you ever been sanctioned before? If yes, explain: Do you have Skype?: Time Played (screenshot):
  5. Congratulations on your promotion. Do us proud my man!

  6. This guide will show you how to enable 2-Factor Authentication for your account(s) Account Manager To begin the process of setting up 2-Factor Authentication, you will first need to speak to the Account Manger in-game, he can be found standing alongside the West wall of Edgeville bank: After speaking to him you will need to select the following option: The account manager will then give you the option to enable 2-FA, however the process does not end here. Next, you will have to download the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone. It can be found in the App Store on Apple devices, and the Google Play Store on Android devices. Once you have the application installed onto your device, you are ready to add your unique authentication key. This key will be generated by the account manager and should only ever be seen/stored by you. We also recommend that you create a safe and secure backup of this key - if the key is lost you will lose access to your account(s). Proceed through the dialogue until you are given your key, it should look something like this: You will need to add this key to your Google Authenticator application, you can do so by clicking the following icon(s) on your respective device: Apple Android Once the application asks for your key, you are ready to enter it. After entering your key and clicking 'Next', you should see a 6-Digit number which will change every 10seconds or so, this is the key that you will need to login into your account with. After proceeding through dialogue with the Account Manager, you will be asked to type in your 6-digit code. Once you have successfully done so, 2-Factor Authentication is ready to go! The next time you login into your account you will need to type in the 6-digit code on the following screen: You will need to repeat this final step upon every login.
  7. Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via redeeming the Golden Scratch Tickets Common: 15M GP Verac's set Dharok's set Guthan's set Torag's set Karil's set Ahrim's set Dragonfire Shield 5x Normal mbox 3x legendary mbox Dark bow Abyssal whip Warrior ring Berserker ring Archer's ring Seer's ring Super combat x100 Super restore x200 Saradomin Brew x200 Insta-Kill Dart x5 Uncommon: 50M Coins 1x Anger sword 1x Anger mace 1x Anger battleaxe 1x Anger spear 1x Armadyl godsword 1x Bandos godsword 1x Saradomin godsword 1x Zamorak godsword 1x Torva full helm 1x Torva platebody 1x Torva platelegs 1x Virtus mask 1x Virtus robe top 1x Virtus robe bottom 1x Pernix cowl 1x Pernix body 1x Pernix chaps 1x Arcane spirit shield 1x Spectral spirit shield 1x Elysian spirit shield 1x Steadfast boots 1x Ragefire boots 1x Glaiven boots 1x Dragon claws 1x Ganodermic visor 1x Ganodermic poncho 1x Ganodermic leggings 1x Monkey greegree 1x Ninja monkey greegree 1x Gorilla greegree 1x Zombie monkey greegree 1x Blood necklace 1x Serpentine helmet 1x Toxic blowpipe 1x Drop rate box 15% Rare: 150M Coins 1x Amulet of torture 1x Occult necklace 1x Necklace of anguish 1x Ring of suffering 1x Tormented bracelet 1x Bloodhound pet 1x Ring of wealth (i) 1x Demonic death cape 1x Heroic death cape 1x Elder Maul 1x Ancestral hat 1x Ancestral robe top 1x Ancestral robe bottom 1x Random Party Hat 1x Basket of eggs 1x Blue H'ween mask 1x Red H'ween mask 1x Green H'ween mask 1x Trickster helm 1x Trickster robe 1x Trickster robe legs 1x Trickster gloves 1x Trickster boots 1x Vanguard helm 1x Vanguard body 1x Vanguard legs 1x Vanguard gloves 1x Vanguard boots 1x Battle-mage helm 1x Battle-mage robe 1x Battle-mage robe legs 1x Battle-mage gloves 1x Battle-mage boots Legendary 1x Twisted bow 1x Kodai wand 1x Christmas cracker 1x Rainbow partyhat 1x Black partyhat 1x Partyhat & specs 1x Black santa 1x Sled 1x Aqua partyhat 1x Pink partyhat 1x Lava partyhat 1x Aqua santa hat 1x Pink santa hat 1x Lava santa hat 1x White santa hat 1x Lime santa hat 1x Purple santa hat 1x Yellow santa hat 1x Aqua h'ween mask 1x Pink h'ween mask 1x Lava h'ween mask 1x White h'ween mask 1x Lime h'ween mask 1x Purple h'ween mask 1x Yellow h'ween mask
  8. Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via opening the Crystal Key Chest Common (1/1): 1M Coins 20x Frost dragon bones 40x Dragon bones 100x Raw rocktails 3x Crystal keys 15x Super combat potions 20x Saradomin brew flasks 20x Super restore flasks 20x Super potion sets 1x Mystery box 200x Magic logs 40x Runite ore 1000x Coal 1x Monkey nuts Uncommon (1/30): 5M Coins 40x Frost dragon bones 500x Raw rocktails 3x Dragon boots 1x Treasure island key set 1x Abyssal whip 1x Dark bow 1x Uncut onyx 50x Super restore flasks 3x Mystery boxes Rare (1/150): 1x Legendary mystery box 10x Crystal keys 1x Ring of wealth 1x Archers ring 1x Warrior ring 1x Berserker ring 1x Seers ring 1x Dragon hatchet 1x Dragon pickaxe Super rare (1/750): 1x 3rd Age bow 1x 3rd Age wand 1x 3rd Age longsword 1x Omni-talisman staff Ultra rare (1/2000): 1x Christmas cracker 1x Monkey nuts ( ) When opening the chest, an uncut dragonstone will always be received alongside a drop from the above table.
  9. Jake


    Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via winning the FFA minigame Common (1/1): 100x Super restore potions 75x Super combat potions 100x Saradomin brews 250x Cooked rocktails 250x Cooked karambwans 1x Abyssal whip 1x Amulet of Fury 1x Fire cape 1x Dragon Defender 2x Mystery box 3x Crystal key 1x Dragon boots Uncommon (1/30): 1x Dharok's set 1x Ahrim's set 1x Torag's set 1x Karil's set 1x Verac's set 1x Guthan's set 1x Flameburst defender 1x Vesta's longsword 1x Vesta's chainbody 1x Vesta's chainskirt 1x Vesta's spear 1x Statius' platebody 1x Statius' platelegs 1x Statius' full helm 1x Statius' warhammer 1x Zuriel's staff 1x Zuriel's hood 1x Zuriel's robe top 1x Zuriel's robe bottom 1x TokHaar-Kal 1x Berserker ring 1x Warrior ring 1x Archers ring 1x Seers ring Rare (1/150): 1x Infernal cape 1x Legendary mystery box 1x Ragefire boots 1x Steadfast boots 1x Glaiven boots 1x Dragonfire shield 1x Abyssal vine whip 1x Berserker ring (i) 1x Warrior ring (i) 1x Archers ring (i) 1x Seers ring (i) 1x Amulet of Fury (or) 1x Bandos chestplate 1x Bandos tassets 1x Armadyl helmet 1x Armadyl chestplate 1x Armadyl chainskirt Very rare (1/500): 1x Dragon claws 1x Armadyl godsword 1x Korasi's sword 1x Spectral spirit shield 1x Arcane spirit shield 1x Elysian spirit shield 1x Zaryte bow Super rare (1/750): 1x Torva full helm 1x Torva platebody 1x Torva platelegs 1x Pernix coif 1x Pernix body 1x Pernix chaps 1x Virtus mask 1x Virtus robe top 1x Virtus robe legs Ultra rare (1/2000): 1x Christmas cracker 1x Black partyhat 1x Pink partyhat 1x Basket of eggs 1x Sled 1x Partyhat & specs Winners always receive 1M coins alongside a drop from the above table.
  10. Below is a list of all items obtained through opening Mystery Boxes Regular Mystery Boxes: Common: 30x Dragon Bones 15x Frost Dragon Bones 75x Magic Logs 150x Yew Logs 200x Coal 30x Adamant Bars 15x Rune Bars 50x Super Restores 50x Saradomin Brews 250x Rocktails 250x Karambwans 3x Loop half of a key 3x Tooth half of a key Uncommon: 1x Fire Cape 1x Ring of Wealth 1x Dark Bow 1x Abyssal Whip 1x Dragon Boots 1x Fighter Torso 1x Berserker Ring 1x Archers Ring 1x Warrior Ring 1x Seers Ring Rare: 1x Saradomin Hilt 1x Bandos Hilt 1x Zamorak Hilt 1x Draconic Visage 2x Legendary Mystery Boxes 1x Amulet of Fury Legendary Mystery Boxes: Common: 50x Dragon Bones 25x Frost Dragon Bones 200x Magic Logs 400x Yew Logs 500x Coal 100x Adamant Bars 50x Rune Bars 200x Super Restores 200x Saradomin Brews 100x Super Combat Potions 500x Rocktails 500x Karambwans 10x Loop half of a key 10x Tooth half of a key 2x Mystery Boxes Uncommon: 1x Tok-Haar-Kal 1x Vesta's Chainbody 1x Vesta's Plateskirt 1x Vesta's Longsword 1x Vesta's Spear 1x Statius' Platebody 1x Statius' Platelegs 1x Statius' Full Helm 1x Statius' Warhammer 1x Zuriel's Robe Top 1x Zuriel's Robe Bottom 1x Zuriel's Hood 1x Zuriel's Staff 1x Morrigan's Leather Body 1x Morrigan's Leather Chaps 1x Morrigan's Coif 500x Morrigan's Javelins 1x Berserker Ring (i) 1x Archers' Ring (i) 1x Seers' Ring (i) 1x Warrior's Ring (i) 1x Dharok's Set 1x Guthan's Set 1x Karil's Set 1x Torag's Set 1x Verac's Set 1x Ahrim's Set 1x Flameburst Defender 1x Bandos Chestplate 1x Bandos Tassets 1x Bandos Boots 1x Armadyl Helmet 1x Armadyl Chestplate 1x Armadyl Chainskirt Rare: 1x $10 Scroll 1x $50 Scroll 1x Spectral Spirit Shield 1x Arcane Spirit Shield 1x Elysian Spirit Shield Super Rare: 1x Christmas Cracker
  11. Owner Kade Manager Operative Forum Administrator Fawk Administrator Yor Rob Global Moderator Lancelot Gemini Forum Moderator N/A Server Moderator N/A Server Support B O N E Beast Astro MrChristmas
  12. Jake


    Below is a list of all commands available to players on Pre-Scape Official: ::vote - Opens Pre-Scape's voting hub ::donate / ::store - Opens Pre-Scape's donation page ::claimstore - Claims your donation ::discord - Invites you to join our Discord ::teamspeak - Connects you to our TeamSpeak server ::forums - Opens the forums ::report - Opens the report a player/staff page ::appeal - Opens the appeal a sanction page ::bug - Opens the report a bug page ::suggestion - Opens the suggestions page ::guides - Opens the guides page ::hiscores - Opens the hiscores ::reqrank - Opens the request a rank page ::thread-(topic number) - Used to open specific threads in a new window from in-game General: ::home / ::edge - Teleports the player to the centre of Edgeville ::train - Teleports the player to the low-level Rock Crab area ::market - Teleports the player to the Trading Post (PoS) ::duel - Teleports the player to the Duel Arena ::gamble - Teleports the player to the gambling area ::drops - Opens up the Drop-table interface ::getdrop-(NPC Name) - Opens up a specific NPC's drop table ::getitemdrop (item name) - allows players to identify all NPC's that drop a specific item ::changepassword - Allows you to change your password ::tracker - Opens up Monster Kill Tracker ::pets - Opens the pet interface menu to summon/track pets ::setlevel-(1-8)-(-1-99) - Allows players to set their combat stats (Pker Game Mode only) ::togglebh - Toggles Bounty Hunter interface PKing Teleports: ::mb - Teleports the player to the Mage Bank (Safe) ::easts - Teleports the player to east pking (Lv.22 Wild) ::wests - Teleports the player to west pking (Lv.10 Wild)
  13. Donating RSGP Donation Rates: 1.25m OSRS = $1 8m RS3 = $1 Minimum $10 donation. If you donate less than $10 worth of GP, you will only have the respective amount added to your total donated. No other rewards, such as donator points, will be applied to your account. If you donate more than $10 worth of GP, you will be given the respective amount in donator scrolls, which will allow you to redeem donator points. How to: In order to donate RSGP, you will need to contact a member of staff. The current staff members who can handle RSGP donations are: Kade Operative If neither Kade or Operative are online, please contact an Administrator or Forum Administrator. These staff members can also handle RSGP donations but should only be approached if Kade or Operative are offline. If none of the above staff are online, contact any member of staff who is online, telling them that you wish to donate RSGP. Bare in mind that these staff members CANNOT handle donations, but they can relay your request to someone who can. *DO NOT DONATE RSGP WITHOUT SPEAKING TO ONE OF THE LISTED STAFF MEMBERS FIRST* Donating Prepaid Cards We accept a variety of prepaid gift cards, such as iTunes, Amazon Gift Cards, etc Please contact Kade to move forward with these types of transactions.
  14. Communication Flaming, Harassment and Disrespect Flaming will not be tolerated within the help clan chat or over yell, any racist remarks or discrimination of any sort in any chat will be punishable also, continuous flaming or harassment could result in a punishment depending on the staff member(s) discretion. General toxic behaviour is also not tolerated. Disrespecting or harassing a staff member will not be tolerated, a staff member will be respective to the community and the same will be expected in return. Yell Chat & Help Clan Chat You are not allowed to flame, troll, flame-bait, discuss inappropriate topics or lure other players over yell. You aren't allowed to lure other players, use icons or troll in the help clan chat. Spamming Spamming will not be tolerated, acts of such feats will be acted upon accordingly by the staff members of Pre-Scape. We should all be acting as mature as we can while on Pre-Scape and respect others wishes as well, those who continue to do such feats will be removed from Pre-Scape if needed. Auto-typers are tolerated as long as there's at least 8 seconds delay. Advertising Advertising other servers in-game is strictly prohibited (Including Discord servers) Misleading Links Misleading links are not tolerated on the server or on forums. If you post a YouTube link, we expect it to lead to YouTube. Household Wide Spread Ban / Warning For users who have siblings within the same house hold, aka internet connection and computer address who actively play the game, each individual represents the other, therefore if one sibling breaks a rule and is punished the result of the users who live under the same house hold that are matching those connections will be banned as well. Players with siblings or friends that play the game must acknowledge these rules and know that the risk is equivalent for each individual. Threats DDoS threats, hacking threats and real-life threats will not be tolerated. DDoSing & DoSing DDoSing/DoSing is not tolerated and is a federal offence in many countries. False Accusations Falsely accusing someone of breaking a rule(s) may it be scamming, flaming or any other rule is not tolerated. Disruptive Text Using any type of disruptive text e.g. colour or crowns will not be tolerated. Luring As stated in above; luring isn't tolerated over yell or help cc. We do not tolerate luring or attempting to lure staff members via private message either. Botting, Macroing & Bug Abuse Third Party Software We do not tolerate any use of outside software to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This includes botting clients, cheat clients, auto clickers etc. Use of Mouse Keys is tolerated. Auto-typers Pre-Scape does allow players to use auto-typers to aide in selling & buying items. All auto-typers must be set to a 8 - 10 second delay. Bug Abuse Abusing any bug that is detrimental to the integrity of Pre-Scape's economy, harms players or ruins the game in anyway is not tolerated. In addition, safe spotting is not allowed. Duping Any player caught attempting to duplicate items will be punished severely. Threatening to dupe will also lead to action being taken. Please contact a staff member if you discover a dupe, you will be rewarded. Glitched Items Attempting to sell or buy any glitched item, whether from a minigame, achievement or elsewhere, is not tolerated. Accounts Selling & Buying Accounts Not under any circumstance is it tolerated to buy/sell or give away a Pre-Scape account. Hacking Hacking a players forum or in-game account will not be tolerated. Inappropriate Usernames We do not tolerate any inappropriate usernames, including racism. Starter Packs Abusing your starter pack you receive on creation of your account in any way will result in a permanent mass ban from the server. Real World Trading Trading Pre-Scape Currency You're not allowed to trade Pre-Scape currencies for anything other than Pre-Scape currencies, doing so would be considered real world trading, which is a permanent UID Ban. Attempting to do so will also result in a permanent UID ban. The only exceptions are if you are using an Administrator or Developer to donate RSGP. Impersonation Staff Impersonation Any player caught impersonating a member of the staff team will not be tolerated. Player Impersonation Any player caught impersonating another member will not be tolerated. Wilderness Ragging Ragging in/close to Edgeville is against the rules, if a player feels he is being harassed while trying to pk, it is up to the staff's discretion to handle the situation. PvP Farming Farming player kills in the Wilderness is not tolerated Refunds Scamming Refunds If you lose items due to a scam, you will only be refunded if you have solid evidence. Only video evidence is accepted as proof. Anything else will be leading the case to be dismissed and no action will be taken by staff. Glitch or Disconnection Refunds Glitch or disconnection refunds will only be granted if the member has a recording of him/her losing the items. Hacking Refunds Hacking refunds will not be granted as it's the players responsibility to make sure their account is secure. Lent Items Lending out items is at your own risk, we will not be refunding anyone who is scammed doing so. Misc Item Scamming Attempting to or scamming items will not be tolerated. Evading Bans/Mutes Evading a punishment will only result in an extension of the current punishment. Muling A low level account that has been barely trained that is caught with a large sum of value will be investigated and possible wiped. Abusing Voting Using any way to switch your IP to sell codes or receive multiple vote rewards is not tolerated. All items and XP gained from voting may be removed from your account, and a week-long ban will be applied to the account(s) involved. Prayer-flicking Prayer flicking in locations where prayers are not enabled is not tolerated and you will be punished. Multi Logging Multi-logging in any minigame, boss, or at the Star location is against the rules. If caught, ALL rewards/drops earned will be removed from your account(s). Repeat offenders will be banned. Having multiple accounts in the Wilderness for any PvM/PvP purpose is also forbidden. Having multiple accounts in the Wilderness performing different activities, however, is fine. Discord All applicable rules including (but not limited to) flaming, advertisement and ban evasion are enforced on our official voice servers. Anyone caught breaking these rules will face a possible ban. Communication Inappropriate Language and Flaming Topics, posts, PMs etc., that are directed at a single member, or group, to either defame them of their reputation, character or to simply insult, flame them directly etc., will also be considered harassment and disrespect. Since this is a simple rule, the first punishment will be two infractions the first time, next will be three, and the last will be a permanent ban from the forums. Racism Racism and Religious Intolerance found on Pre-Scape will not be tolerated at all. If you are found being Racist or religiously intolerant you will be banned. This is both illegal in the real world, and we will follow the laws. Racism and Religious Intolerance will not be tolerated and handled immediately. Post etiquette Spamming Spamming a lot just to gain post count. Posting content irrelevant to the topic. Posts that consist of single word (e.g "nice") which is not relevant to the topic in question will be considered spamming on the forums and a warning or infraction will be given per the staff's discretion; emoticons and pictures do not count as words. Videos and pictures are the only exceptions of this in their respective sections. Jibberish such as "asuhfunweufj" is also considered spam and will lead to a bigger punishment than stated above. This is not acceptable and your posts will be removed and you will be punished accordingly Grave digging When you post in a "dead thread", which is a thread that was not posted in for over 14 days. Trolling Trolling is not accepted on these forums, it's idiotic and immature, we do not accept this behavior and the member is eligible to be infracted on the spot depending on the staff member Posting in the correct board or section This is to be done at all times, a little infraction that WILL expire could be handed out if excessive posting in the wrong board or section is done. Misleading Links Misleading links are to never be posted on the forums, if posting a link to a YouTube video; we expect it to lead to YouTube. Otherwise your account will face action pertaining to being permanently banned from the forums. Threatening Threatening members with ANYTHING will be an instant-automatic ban from Pre-Scape FOREVER! You will NOT do such acts and it will NOT be tolerated. Bumping Topics Bumping topics that are older than 14 days old or two weeks will not be allowed. We do not want people posting under topics that have been bumped illegally. This makes the person who commented look as if they were grave digging, which is also not allowed. Forum accounts Reputation Cheating the amount of likes that has been given to a user will not be tolerated, the member will have his/her's likes amount restarted or locked. Self-Repping Self-repping is not tolerated on the Forums and if caught doing so your reputation points will be reset. If continued you will be removed from this community. Requesting reputation/likes Requesting reputation/likes is not allowed. Doing this can lead to restarting or locking the member's reputation points. Vouches Vouches are a way to prove your trustworthiness in the game and are often looked upon by players before they gamble with someone, etc. Posting links to your vouch threads over the forums is not allowed and will result in your vouch thread getting locked. Feel free to let others know about your vouch thread but you’re not allowed to link them to it over the forums. Inappropriate Usernames We will not tolerate inappropriate names that contain any vulgar language, hate crime, relationship to pornographic material, impersonations (mod, admin, owner etc.) or anything that would be considered inappropriate of any sort. Any member who is caught impersonating a staff members username whether or not the staff member is a present member or inactive / resigned / demoted staff, the user will be permanently banned off the community forums. Those who fail to comply with this rule will be requested to choose another username by a developer (the member will have 24 hours to respond). After he or she has not responded or refused the change, their IP will be banned and the account deleted. Evading Bans All punishments handed to members is the sole reason as to why a community remains stable. Those who evade their bans, and IP-Bans to cause more problems after being punished will simply be dealt with accordingly with harsher terms. You are allowed to create another account on the forums to appeal but do not bother to cause more problems than you already have prior, simply appeal the punishment and let us deal with it from there. Sharing Accounts Sharing your forum account with another person is not allowed. If we see suspicious activity on your account which lead to us thin you are sharing your account, your account will be terminated. Shoutbox Flaming Flaming will be an automatic mute from the shoutbox, we must respect ALL members that are using it and PROBABLY requesting assistance. Flame baiting Flame baiting will and can be a mute from the shoutbox, it is the act of starting/causing arguments for no apparent reason or starting drama for no apparent reason. Flame baiting also applies to the forums and in-game in general. Staff Impersonation Staff Impersonation is not tolerated on the shoutbox and will be dealt with harshly, member is eligible to being muted from the shoutbox. Advertisement Advertisement is an immediate ban from the shoutbox, server, and forums PERMANENTLY. Mentioning other servers fits into this category as well. Illegal Activity Hacking Hacking on the forums will never be tolerated, you will be instantly banned from the forum forever, and never allowed back on Pre-Scape again. DDoSing/DoSing DDoSing/DoSing is not allowed and is a federal offence in MANY if not ALL countries. It WILL be reported if we see fit and a webhost ban from the forums. Doxing Doxing is not allowed on Pre-Scape. If you're caught doxing one of our members you WILL be permanently banned. Leaking personal information Leaking critical personal data on the forums without permission is strictly prohibited. Personal information such as credit card details and other very personal details are not to be leaked. Misc Outsider Links All outsider links that are posted on the forums must be approved through a staff member. We do our best to maintain balance, and peace throughout this community. You must provide information about the link through a private message to the staff team and have it approved or declined. You will receive a warning if the link hasn't been approved. We expect all links to direct where they are supposed to be directed to. Note: This does not apply to: YouTube, Facebook, Google (Google itself, not a direct FROM Google) etc. Backseat Moderation Backseat moderation is something that we simply do not allow because it causes drama throughout the community and questions on whether or not we are an authority figure or if the members themselves are. While we are all equal, and should listen and learn from each other - that's simply how it is, we do not do this. Those who find something that needs to be reported or something of the sort, simply report it to a staff member, do not act like one and cause drama, this only causes an uproar. You shall receive infractions or have posting rights revoked if deemed fit by the moderating team. Pornographic Material and Inappropriate Content Discussion and or public display of any inappropriate images and or pornography are strictly prohibited. Inappropriate material such as half-naked women, men, or other forms of nudity or half sight of nudity will be classified as inappropriate content on the forums. This will be made for avatars, signatures, or any place that allows a user to "advertise" the content. We will not allow any form of drug related images on the forum in avatars, signatures, or any place that allows a user to "advertise" the content either. We will not tolerate these actions and will be enforced at all times, should discussion, photos, videos, avatars, signatures happen around Pre-Scape he or she will suffer the consequences. Staff Impersonation Staff Impersonation is not tolerated on the forums and will be dealt with harshly, member is eligible to being banned from the forums. Invading Invading other communities is a permanent ban from the forums, we do not tolerate this and want to remain peaceful throughout the RSPS community. Such things are cause of desperation and there's not going to be a time where the administration will stoop to that level of "stealing" other's members - it's unacceptable and will be dealt with. Advertisement Advertisement on the forums is strictly dealt with, and an automatic ban from the forums will be given. You will not be able to appeal this offence. Those who have other situations that do NOT relate to RuneScape Private Relations can private message an Administrator for permission to advertise, otherwise ALL advertisements will be dealt with as the same. Purchasing, Selling, or Trading Purchasing, selling, trading goods, or services (accounts, real life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, riot points, other private server items for Pre-Scape items etc.) will not be tolerated and action will be taken if it continues, we do not have the time for members to come to us and tell us that they've been scammed or hacked. We do want people coming at us as I said before, if we do not catch X member and end up being scammed. We will not be held responsible of the scam, or hacking. Note: Purchasing or Selling of any Pre-Scape account will not be allowed on the forums. The ban will be permanent the first time with no chance of appeal, the second will be an IP-Ban. Note: Purchasing or Selling of donator status on an existing account is not allowed on the forums. Advertising that you're going to do so will result in a ban. Please note that we are allowing members to donate for one another and a member can be pair for doing-so (purchasing status for a member and then being paid 300m as an example). GFX Purchasing/selling GFX You're not allowed to buy nor sell GFX work e.g signatures for any currency other than Pre-Scape GP Polls Manipulating poll votes in any way (such as paying people to vote for certain choices) is completely against the rules. Anyone caught doing so may face a ban. Shoutbox Only use English in the shoutbox. Flaming is not going to be tolerated in the shoutbox. It will result in either a temporary or permanent ban depending on the severity of the action(s) the individuals have committed. Flame-baiting is not going to be tolerated in the shoutbox. Flame-baiting is the action of trying to provoke someone through any means to just get them ticked off which usually results in flame. If anyone is seen provoking another person, they will be dealt with accordingly. Any talk about religion and or politics must be done within moderation and towards the rules. We understand that some people are really sensitive to certain topics therefore it is advised to just keep it civil when bringing about any sensitive topics. Pornographic material is not going to be tolerated in the shoutbox due the access of the shoutbox to certain age groups. Do not ask about any appeals on the shoutbox. You are to undergo normal procedure and await a response from an administrator after making the appeal Server bashing is not going to be tolerated on the shoutbox. If you have any suggestions or something you would like to change, take the appropriate action and make a thread in the suggestions section These rules are subject to change at any time deemed fit. Agreement By being on the forums (this being implied that you've already read the rules), you understand that you are responsible for your own actions. You understand that the rules stated above will be enforced at all times and the administration has the ability to further the punishment despite what it states above, this is the administration's discretion. We have permission to do what we want with your account as they are a property of ours and you are merely 'playing' on it. You understand that when a rule is broken, your account will be dealt with accordingly and fairly as possible through the system that we have made for the staff team and how people are dealt with. You understand that any sort-of attack (hacking, DDOS etc.) made against Pre-Scape will be dealt with accordingly, and you will be IP'd from the forums and server once found. If need-be your IP will be sent to the authorities. You understand that we the administration have the ability and authority to alter your account at any time should we have to or feel we must check something onto one's account and agree that requesting a refund after an administrator has made an X change is not made. You understand that the staff team is required to provide proof, however, we will not disclose a member's name (the one that reported you) if the member requests it. Many of the reports made in the report abuse board is hidden for a reason from others, however, we will do our best to provide the proof that we need. You understand that we are not responsible for what is posted on these forums (while we will take action after it's either reported or we see it) so therefore someone that has been infected through these forums by a third party or by someone of this community, it's not our responsibility but it will be dealt with. So this being said, we are not responsible for ANY damage made to personal property nor information being stolen. Per this section, you understand that inappropriate posts (as said above though, once it's reported or we see it - it will be dealt with) that a child MAY encounter such as pornographic material, promoting drug related topics etc., it's not our responsibility, this is solely the parent's role. All emails or PMs to us by parents will either be replied to with simple words, or ignored and deleted - make no mistake, we will take care of it once reported or seen. When reporting a member of the community you must provide a full screen picture of the client and computer. We will no longer be accepting reports that have been cut-out, cropped etc., we expect the entire picture to be there; if it's not then we will not deal with the report. If you happen to have a reason to report a staff member it needs to be video proof, we will no longer accept pictures as proof as it is very easy to falsify proof and we do not need unnecessary drama caused by that.
  15. Jake

    Official Price Guide

    Welcome to the Official Price Guide for Pre-Scape. We will try to stick to this thread as much as we can and keep it updated as much as possible to ensure that players are getting the most out of their items. We will regularly be checking up with members of the community to work alongside the staff team to ensure the prices listed in this thread are accurate. If you wish to give input on prices, please contact a member of Administration. Last updated: 20th of February, 2019. To search for your desired item, please use CRTL + F. Bandos chestplate 15-20m Bandos tassets 20m Statius’s full helm 30m Statius’s platebody 30m Statius’s platelegs 30m Vesta’s chainbody 40m Vesta’s plateskirt 40m Torva full helm 100m Torva platebody 100m Torva platelegs 100m 3rd age full helmet N/A 3rd age platebody N/A 3rd age platelegs N/A 3rd age kiteshield N/A Dragon full helm (g) 4-10m Dragon full helm 20m Dragon platebody (g) 4-10m Dragon platebody 10m Dragon platelegs (g) 4-10m Dragon plateskirt (g) 4-10m Dragon scimitar (g) 4-10m Dragon sq shield (g) 4-10m Dragon defender (g) 15-20m Serpentine helm 50m Magma helm 50-70m Tanzanite helm 50-70m Armadyl helmet 10m Armadyl chestplate 20m Armadyl chainskirt 20m Morrigan’s coif 30m Morrigan’s body 30m Morrigan’s chaps 30m 3rd age range coif N/A 3rd age range top N/A 3rd age range legs N/A 3rd age vambraces N/A Pernix cowl 70-100m Pernix body 70-100m Pernix chaps 70-100m Ganodermic visor 10m Ganodermic poncho 10m Ganodermic leggings 10m Zuriel’s hood 30m Zuriel’s robe top 30m Zuriel’s bottoms 30m Virtus mask 70-80m Virtus body 70-80m Virtus legs 70-80m Ancestral hat 150-200m Ancestral robe top 200-250m Ancestral robe bottom 200-250m 3rd age mage hat N/A 3rd age robe top N/A 3rd age robe N/A Infinity hat N/A Infinity top N/A Infinity bottoms N/A Infinity gloves N/A Infinity boots 30m Dharok’s helm 4-5m Dharok’s platebody 4-5m Dharok’s platelegs 4-5m Dharok’s greataxe 4-5m Guthan’s helm 4m Guthan’s platebody 4m Guthan’s chainskirt 4m Guthan’s warspear 4m Torag’s helm 3m Torag’s platebody 3m Torag’s platelegs 3m Torag’s hammers 3m Verac’s helm 4m Verac’s brassard 4m Verac’s plateskirt 4m Verac’s flail 4m Karil’s coif 3m Karil’s leathertop 5m Karil’s leatherskirt 5m Karil’s crossbow 3m Ahrim’s hood 3m Ahrim’s robetop 5m Ahrim’s robeskirt 5m Ahrim’s staff 3m Battle-mage helm 100-120m Battle-mage robe 100-120m Battle-mage legs 100-120m Battle-mage gloves 100-120m Battle-mage boots 100-120m Trickster helm 100-120m Trickster robe 100-120m Trickster robe legs 100-120m Trickster gloves 100-120m Trickster boots 100-120m Vanguard helm 100-120m Vanguard body 100-120m Vanguard legs 100-120m Vanguard gloves 100-120m Vanguard boots 100-120m Abyssal whip 2.5-5m Abyssal vine whip 15m Abyssal tentacle N/A Vesta's longsword 75-100m Vesta's spear 150-200m Statius's warhammer 60-80m Dragon warhammer 30-60m Armadyl godsword 45-60m Saradomin godsword 10m Bandos godsword 8-15m Zamorak godsword 7-10m Zamorakian spear 40-50m Korasi's sword 60-80m Drygore rapier 350-400m Drygore rapier (offhand) 350-400m Drygore longsword 300-325m Drygore longsword (offhand) 350-400m Drygore mace 300-325m Drygore mace (offhand) 300-325m Dragon claws 50-60m Elder maul 150-200m Dark bow 5m Armadyl crossbow 150-200m Zaryte bow 150-200m Hand cannon 3m Toxic blowpipe 150-180m Twisted bow N/A Dragon arrow 3k ea Dragon dart 8-10k ea Diamond bolts (e) N/A Ruby bolts (e) 5-7k ea Dragonstone bolts (e) 5k ea Onyx bolts (e) 10k ea Morrigan's javelin 100k ea Morrigan’s throwing axe 80-100k ea Master wand 10-15m Kodai wand N/A Staff of light 5-10m Staff of the dead 90-110m Toxic staff of the dead 150-200m Trident of the seas N/A Trident of the swamp N/A Armadyl battlestaff 450-500m Zuriel’s staff N/A Polypore staff N/A Divine spirit shield 800-1b Elysian spirit shield 110-125m Arcane spirit shield 80-100m Spectral spirit shield 50-75m Dragonfire shield 20-30m Dragon kiteshield NA Mage’s book 5-10m Malediction ward 5-10m Odium ward 5-10m Dragon boots 400k Bandos boots N/A Steadfast boots 25-30m Glaiven boots 25-30m Ragefire boots 25-30m Primordial boots 120-150m Pegasian boots 90-110m Eternal boots 80-100m Amulet of fury 5-7.5m Amulet of fury (or) 40-50m 3rd age amulet N/A Blood necklace 150-200m Necklace of anguish 150-200m Tormented bracelet 150-200m Amulet of torture 150-200m Ring of suffering 150-200m Berserker ring 10-15m Berserker ring (i) 30-40m Warriors ring 3-5m Warriors ring (i) 5-10m Seers ring 5-7m Seers ring (i) 5-10m Archers ring 5-7m Archers ring (i) 5-10m Ring of wealth 10m Ring of wealth (i) 100-150m Eye of the warrior 30m Eye of the ranger 20m Eye of the mage 30m Ring of the gods N/A Treasonous ring N/A Tyrannical ring N/A Dragon hatchet 7-10m Dragon pickaxe 6-8m Dragon pickaxe (or) 10m-13m Coal 700-1k ea Living mineral 5k ea Magic logs 3-5k ea Rune bar 15-20k ea Uncut ruby N/A Uncut diamond N/A Uncut dragonstone N/A Uncut onyx 7.5-10m ea Raw shark 3-4k ea Raw rocktail 8-10k ea Pure essence 1k ea Stardust 1k ea Dragon bones 50-100k ea Frost dragon bones 200-250k ea $10 Scroll 90-120m $50 Scroll 450-600m $100 Scroll 900-1.2b $500 Scroll 4.5-6b Scratch ticket 80-100m 3rd age bow ~150m 3rd age wand ~150m 3rd age longsword N/A Magic fang 20-50m Omni-talisman staff 50-70m Mystery box 2m ea Legendary mystery box 8-10m ea Auth codes 2-3m ea Crystal key 2-3m ea Godsword blade 3-5m Holy elixir 5-10m ea Rainbow partyhat 2-3b Christmas cracker 400m Pink partyhat 800-1b Black partyhat 800-1b Aqua partyhat N/A Lava partyhat N/A Red partyhat 400-500m Blue partyhat 400-500m Green partyhat 500m Yellow partyhat 500m Purple partyhat 500m White partyhat 500m Partyhat & specs 1b Black halloween mask N/A Red halloween mask 120-180m Blue halloween mask 120-180m Green halloween mask 120-180m Santa hat 150-200m Black santa hat 400-500m Third-age druidic set 800-1b Sled 600m Scythe 50m Bunny ears 200m Skeleton mask 20m Skeleton shirt 20m Skeleton leggings 20m Skeleton gloves 20m Skeleton boots 20m Web cloak 20m Jack lantern mask 80m Basket of eggs 600m Demonic death cape 300m Heroic death cape 300m Rubber chicken 75m Fox 75m Pink flippers 85m Black flippers 85m Aqua flippers 85m Red flippers 85m Lime flippers 85m White flippers 85m Purple flippers 85m Top hat 85m White top hat 85m Pink top hat 85m Purple top hat 85m Lime top hat 85m Aqua top hat 85m Red top hat 85m Anger sword 20m-40m Anger mace 20m-40m Anger spear 20m-40m Anger battleaxe 20m-40m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Abyssal whip (recolour) 20m Infinity hat (recolour) 40m Infinity top (recolour) 40m Infinity bottoms (recolour) 40m Monkey greegree 80-140m Ninja monkey greegree 80-140m Gorilla greegree 80-140m Zombie monkey greegree 80-140m Credits to Knight, im D, dzuma and Gemini for the help. Thanks, Gamble.