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    Proper cooltext.com vibes
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    Jake's Resignation

    Hi all, Due to some unforeseen circumstances I have decided to step down as acting manager for Pre-Scape. I feel that I no longer have the server's best interests in mind due to the motivation that I'm lacking. I have enjoyed my time here and I'm glad that I have managed to stick with my friends throughout this journey. It saddens me to leave but I feel my replacement, Operative, will do a superb job. I would like to take this time to thank Kade for the opportunity & the rest of the management and staff team who have made my long stay here a very welcome one. I will forever be grateful for the relationships that I have built and I wish everyone good health and fortune in the future. I want nothing but the best for Pre-Scape and I'm hoping that my decision to step down will make a positive impact on the server's success. All the best, Jake
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    Hi Fam

    Hey fella welcome to Pre-Scape
  5. We are currently not accepting applications for Forum Moderator You can only post an application if you meet all of the requirements You are not allowed to draw attention to your application or ask for support You are not allowed to post another application until you wait a minimum of 14 days after being declined You are not allowed to comment on other applications whilst you have one open You are not allowed to post troll applications. Doing so will result in suspensions from this board You are not allowed to provide false information in your application You must have a minimum of 100 hours time played You must be a member of the community for a minimum of 30 days before applying You must have a Skype account You must have two-factor authentication enabled on your account It is preferred that you use this template to the best of your ability Username(s): Timezone (GMT): Language(s): Do you have any staff experience? Server name(s): Your role and responsibilities: Reason why you no longer work there: Why would you like to join the staff team?: What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: How many hours can you put into Pre-Scape weekly?: Have you ever been sanctioned before? If yes, explain: Do you have Discord?: Time Played (screenshot):
  6. Congratulations on your promotion. Do us proud my man!

  7. This guide will show you how to enable 2-Factor Authentication for your account(s) Account Manager To begin the process of setting up 2-Factor Authentication, you will first need to speak to the Account Manger in-game, he can be found standing alongside the West wall of Edgeville bank: After speaking to him you will need to select the following option: The account manager will then give you the option to enable 2-FA, however the process does not end here. Next, you will have to download the Google Authenticator application on your smartphone. It can be found in the App Store on Apple devices, and the Google Play Store on Android devices. Once you have the application installed onto your device, you are ready to add your unique authentication key. This key will be generated by the account manager and should only ever be seen/stored by you. We also recommend that you create a safe and secure backup of this key - if the key is lost you will lose access to your account(s). Proceed through the dialogue until you are given your key, it should look something like this: You will need to add this key to your Google Authenticator application, you can do so by clicking the following icon(s) on your respective device: Apple Android Once the application asks for your key, you are ready to enter it. After entering your key and clicking 'Next', you should see a 6-Digit number which will change every 10seconds or so, this is the key that you will need to login into your account with. After proceeding through dialogue with the Account Manager, you will be asked to type in your 6-digit code. Once you have successfully done so, 2-Factor Authentication is ready to go! The next time you login into your account you will need to type in the 6-digit code on the following screen: You will need to repeat this final step upon every login.
  8. Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via redeeming the Golden Scratch Tickets Common: 15M GP Verac's set Dharok's set Guthan's set Torag's set Karil's set Ahrim's set Dragonfire Shield 5x Normal mbox 3x legendary mbox Dark bow Abyssal whip Warrior ring Berserker ring Archer's ring Seer's ring Super combat x100 Super restore x200 Saradomin Brew x200 Insta-Kill Dart x5 Uncommon: 50M Coins 1x Armadyl godsword 1x Bandos godsword 1x Saradomin godsword 1x Zamorak godsword 1x Torva full helm 1x Torva platebody 1x Torva platelegs 1x Virtus mask 1x Virtus robe top 1x Virtus robe bottom 1x Pernix cowl 1x Pernix body 1x Pernix chaps 1x Arcane spirit shield 1x Spectral spirit shield 1x Elysian spirit shield 1x Steadfast boots 1x Ragefire boots 1x Glaiven boots 1x Dragon claws 1x Ganodermic visor 1x Ganodermic poncho 1x Ganodermic leggings 1x Monkey greegree 1x Ninja monkey greegree 1x Gorilla greegree 1x Zombie monkey greegree 1x Blood necklace 1x Serpentine helmet 1x Toxic blowpipe 1x Drop rate box 15% Rare: 150M Coins 1x Amulet of torture 1x Occult necklace 1x Necklace of anguish 1x Ring of suffering 1x Tormented bracelet 1x Bloodhound pet 1x Ring of wealth (i) 1x Demonic death cape 1x Heroic death cape 1x Elder Maul 1x Ancestral hat 1x Ancestral robe top 1x Ancestral robe bottom 1x Random Party Hat 1x Basket of eggs 1x Blue H'ween mask 1x Red H'ween mask 1x Green H'ween mask 1x Trickster helm 1x Trickster robe 1x Trickster robe legs 1x Trickster gloves 1x Trickster boots 1x Vanguard helm 1x Vanguard body 1x Vanguard legs 1x Vanguard gloves 1x Vanguard boots 1x Battle-mage helm 1x Battle-mage robe 1x Battle-mage robe legs 1x Battle-mage gloves 1x Battle-mage boots Legendary 1x Twisted bow 1x Kodai wand 1x Christmas cracker 1x Rainbow partyhat 1x Black partyhat 1x Partyhat & specs 1x Black santa 1x Sled 1x Aqua partyhat 1x Pink partyhat 1x Lava partyhat 1x Aqua santa hat 1x Pink santa hat 1x Lava santa hat 1x White santa hat 1x Lime santa hat 1x Purple santa hat 1x Yellow santa hat 1x Aqua h'ween mask 1x Pink h'ween mask 1x Lava h'ween mask 1x White h'ween mask 1x Lime h'ween mask 1x Purple h'ween mask 1x Yellow h'ween mask
  9. Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via opening the Crystal Key Chest Common (1/1): 1M Coins 20x Frost dragon bones 40x Dragon bones 100x Raw rocktails 3x Crystal keys 15x Super combat potions 20x Saradomin brew flasks 20x Super restore flasks 20x Super potion sets 1x Mystery box 200x Magic logs 40x Runite ore 1000x Coal 1x Monkey nuts Uncommon (1/30): 5M Coins 40x Frost dragon bones 500x Raw rocktails 3x Dragon boots 1x Treasure island key set 1x Abyssal whip 1x Dark bow 1x Uncut onyx 50x Super restore flasks 3x Mystery boxes Rare (1/150): 1x Legendary mystery box 10x Crystal keys 1x Ring of wealth 1x Archers ring 1x Warrior ring 1x Berserker ring 1x Seers ring 1x Dragon hatchet 1x Dragon pickaxe Super rare (1/750): 1x 3rd Age bow 1x 3rd Age wand 1x 3rd Age longsword 1x Omni-talisman staff Ultra rare (1/2000): 1x Christmas cracker 1x Monkey nuts ( ) When opening the chest, an uncut dragonstone will always be received alongside a drop from the above table.
  10. Jake


    Below is a list of all items that can be obtained via winning the FFA minigame Common (1/1): 100x Super restore potions 75x Super combat potions 100x Saradomin brews 250x Cooked rocktails 250x Cooked karambwans 1x Abyssal whip 1x Amulet of Fury 1x Fire cape 1x Dragon Defender 2x Mystery box 3x Crystal key 1x Dragon boots Uncommon (1/30): 1x Dharok's set 1x Ahrim's set 1x Torag's set 1x Karil's set 1x Verac's set 1x Guthan's set 1x Flameburst defender 1x Vesta's longsword 1x Vesta's chainbody 1x Vesta's chainskirt 1x Vesta's spear 1x Statius' platebody 1x Statius' platelegs 1x Statius' full helm 1x Statius' warhammer 1x Zuriel's staff 1x Zuriel's hood 1x Zuriel's robe top 1x Zuriel's robe bottom 1x TokHaar-Kal 1x Berserker ring 1x Warrior ring 1x Archers ring 1x Seers ring Rare (1/150): 1x Infernal cape 1x Legendary mystery box 1x Ragefire boots 1x Steadfast boots 1x Glaiven boots 1x Dragonfire shield 1x Abyssal vine whip 1x Berserker ring (i) 1x Warrior ring (i) 1x Archers ring (i) 1x Seers ring (i) 1x Amulet of Fury (or) 1x Bandos chestplate 1x Bandos tassets 1x Armadyl helmet 1x Armadyl chestplate 1x Armadyl chainskirt Very rare (1/500): 1x Dragon claws 1x Armadyl godsword 1x Korasi's sword 1x Spectral spirit shield 1x Arcane spirit shield 1x Elysian spirit shield 1x Zaryte bow Super rare (1/750): 1x Torva full helm 1x Torva platebody 1x Torva platelegs 1x Pernix coif 1x Pernix body 1x Pernix chaps 1x Virtus mask 1x Virtus robe top 1x Virtus robe legs Ultra rare (1/2000): 1x Christmas cracker 1x Black partyhat 1x Pink partyhat 1x Basket of eggs 1x Sled 1x Partyhat & specs Winners always receive 1M coins alongside a drop from the above table.
  11. Below is a list of all items obtained through opening Mystery Boxes Regular Mystery Boxes: Common: 30x Dragon Bones 15x Frost Dragon Bones 75x Magic Logs 150x Yew Logs 200x Coal 30x Adamant Bars 15x Rune Bars 50x Super Restores 50x Saradomin Brews 250x Rocktails 250x Karambwans 3x Loop half of a key 3x Tooth half of a key Uncommon: 1x Fire Cape 1x Ring of Wealth 1x Dark Bow 1x Abyssal Whip 1x Dragon Boots 1x Fighter Torso 1x Berserker Ring 1x Archers Ring 1x Warrior Ring 1x Seers Ring Rare: 1x Saradomin Hilt 1x Bandos Hilt 1x Zamorak Hilt 1x Draconic Visage 2x Legendary Mystery Boxes 1x Amulet of Fury Legendary Mystery Boxes: Common: 50x Dragon Bones 25x Frost Dragon Bones 200x Magic Logs 400x Yew Logs 500x Coal 100x Adamant Bars 50x Rune Bars 200x Super Restores 200x Saradomin Brews 100x Super Combat Potions 500x Rocktails 500x Karambwans 10x Loop half of a key 10x Tooth half of a key 2x Mystery Boxes Uncommon: 1x Tok-Haar-Kal 1x Vesta's Chainbody 1x Vesta's Plateskirt 1x Vesta's Longsword 1x Vesta's Spear 1x Statius' Platebody 1x Statius' Platelegs 1x Statius' Full Helm 1x Statius' Warhammer 1x Zuriel's Robe Top 1x Zuriel's Robe Bottom 1x Zuriel's Hood 1x Zuriel's Staff 1x Morrigan's Leather Body 1x Morrigan's Leather Chaps 1x Morrigan's Coif 500x Morrigan's Javelins 1x Berserker Ring (i) 1x Archers' Ring (i) 1x Seers' Ring (i) 1x Warrior's Ring (i) 1x Dharok's Set 1x Guthan's Set 1x Karil's Set 1x Torag's Set 1x Verac's Set 1x Ahrim's Set 1x Flameburst Defender 1x Bandos Chestplate 1x Bandos Tassets 1x Bandos Boots 1x Armadyl Helmet 1x Armadyl Chestplate 1x Armadyl Chainskirt Rare: 1x $10 Scroll 1x $50 Scroll 1x Spectral Spirit Shield 1x Arcane Spirit Shield 1x Elysian Spirit Shield Super Rare: 1x Christmas Cracker
  12. Owner Kade Manager Operative Forum Administrator Fawk Administrator Yor Rob Global Moderator Lancelot Gemini Forum Moderator N/A Server Moderator N/A Server Support B O N E Beast Astro MrChristmas
  13. Jake


    Below is a list of all commands available to players on Zamorak Official: ::vote - Opens Zamorak's voting hub ::donate / ::store - Opens Zamorak's donation page ::claimstore - Claims your donation ::discord - Invites you to join our Discord ::teamspeak - Connects you to our TeamSpeak server ::forums - Opens the forums ::report - Opens the report a player/staff page ::appeal - Opens the appeal a sanction page ::bug - Opens the report a bug page ::suggestion - Opens the suggestions page ::guides - Opens the guides page ::hiscores - Opens the hiscores ::reqrank - Opens the request a rank page ::thread-(topic number) - Used to open specific threads in a new window from in-game General: ::home / ::edge - Teleports the player to the centre of Edgeville ::train - Teleports the player to the low-level Rock Crab area ::market - Teleports the player to the Trading Post (PoS) ::duel - Teleports the player to the Duel Arena ::gamble - Teleports the player to the gambling area ::drops - Opens up the Drop-table interface ::getdrop-(NPC Name) - Opens up a specific NPC's drop table ::searchdrops (item name) - allows players to identify all NPC's that drop a specific item ::changepassword - Allows you to change your password ::tracker - Opens up Monster Kill Tracker ::pets - Opens the pet interface menu to summon/track pets ::setlevel-(1-8)-(-1-99) - Allows players to set their combat stats (Pker Game Mode only) ::togglebh - Toggles Bounty Hunter interface PKing Teleports: ::mb - Teleports the player to the Mage Bank (Safe) ::easts - Teleports the player to east pking (Lv.22 Wild) ::wests - Teleports the player to west pking (Lv.10 Wild)
  14. Donating RSGP Donation Rates: 1.5m OSRS = $1 9m RS3 = $1 Minimum $10 donation. If you donate less than $10 worth of GP, you will only have the respective amount added to your total donated. No other rewards, such as donator points, will be applied to your account. If you donate more than $10 worth of GP, you will be given the respective amount in donator scrolls, which will allow you to redeem donator points. How to: In order to donate RSGP, you will need to contact a member of staff. The current staff members who can handle RSGP donations are: Titan Operative Slayer @Yor If neither Titan, Operative or Slayer are online, please contact either an Administrator or Forum Administrator. These staff members can also handle RSGP donations but should only be approached if Titan, Operative and Slayer are offline. If none of the above staff are online, contact any member of staff who is online, telling them that you wish to donate RSGP. Bare in mind that these staff members CANNOT handle donations, but they can relay your request to someone who can. Given the constant fluctuations in the price of RSGP, please contact a member of the Administration Team for current prices - which may deviate a small amount from the listed price. *DO NOT DONATE RSGP WITHOUT SPEAKING TO ONE OF THE LISTED STAFF MEMBERS FIRST* Donating Prepaid Cards We accept a variety of prepaid gift cards, such as iTunes, Amazon Gift Cards, etc Please contact Titan to move forward with these types of transactions.