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  1. Grey Salt

    dungeoneering tokens

    I like the premise, but with how fast knight accounts level up, this doesn't make sense. After 2 dungeons on a knight account you will hit over level 80 dungeoneering. This renders all lower tier levels already completely invalid. The only way this system would work would be if we lowered the experience gained per dungeon - this will not happen. A dungeoneering re-work is coming down the line, unfortunately we have other priorities before this so the current system will have to do. Right now it takes roughly 20 dungeons to get a chaotic and I personally feel that's perfectly fair considering how strong chaotic weapons are.
  2. Grey Salt

    Jarred's Back!

    Welcome back Jarred, glad to see you're back on the server!
  3. Grey Salt

    QoL Suggestions & Changes.

    You can say that about any gear in the game. In case you didn't realize, all the PvP gear has a 1 in 1,000 drop chance from all revs and you don't get them very commonly from wilderness keys either. We could have it so in PvP the gear turns to coins to add a sink alternatively. Lol???? Try being active before you blatantly ignore the solution to an issue that caused a bug for a LOT of people. Nobody in their right mind wants to save up 2,500 pk points for 1 piece of bandos. Just because you had some input with the prices doesn't mean they're perfect. They're not. You're not special. Log in and check it the wildy activity next time before you pretend to know what's going on. Have you ever done slayer before? Go get 50 kuradel tasks from normal slayer. I PROMISE you won't see any npc anywhere close to the level of skeletons. Please log in to the game and actually actively play the game next time before being so negative. You gave almost no constructive criticism on this topic. I asked for feedback, not ignorance.
  4. Grey Salt

    QoL Suggestions & Changes.

    Here's a list of my suggestions to improve the game. Any and all feedback is welcome. If you feel like you've an idea of how any of these suggestions could be further improved, please leave a reply below. 1. Make it so PvP armour (such as Vesta's, Zuriel's, Morrigans and Statius') doesn't degrade to nothing - add an NPC at Edgeville that allows you to fix the gear for a set price once you die while having the gear equipped and/or after a set amount of time in combat with the gear. I suggest 10M but this figure is open for discussion. 2. Show the Ironman & Hardcore Ironman icon beside a players name when they receive a yell drop. 3. Add a filter option for the "Game" tab below the chatbox to filter out usless spam messages. 4. Add an NPC that you can reset your KDR with. Many old players have 50+ deaths on their accounts from when the free for all mini-game was initially launched. 5. Add more Dungeoneering floors that require different dung levels to complete for solo & a team dungeon. 6. Add experience lamps to the Dungeoneering shop that give you a set amount of experience in Dungeoneering. 7. Reduce the price for items in the PvP point shop. Currently the prices are way too high. 8. Add prayer renewals to the game - curse prayers still seem to drain your prayer very fast. I don't think reducing the prayer drain further is the solution we need. 9. Add a rune pouch for pking. 10. Change the wilderness slayer task system so you can choose easy and hard tasks. Getting 150 skeletons for a slayer task at level 99 is not how the slayer system should work. 11. Make it so the wilderness slayer master shows you how many NPC's you have to kill for your task when you receive the task. Currently you need to check the quest tab to view your task amount. 12. Move the donator shop keeper found at the normal donor zone into an area away from the bosses. You currently can't view the shop because you're instantly being attacked by the NPC's at the zone.
  5. Grey Salt

    Server Update 12/17/18

    Fantastic work keeping on top of all these issues so quickly. This rate of work is a huge reason as to why the server's re-launch went as smoothly as it did and although we're not fully there yet, we're definitely well on our way to having a better running server. I'm looking forward to seeing what suggestions the community has for the server. Keep up the amazing work guys!
  6. Grey Salt

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome back to Pre-Scape! I'm looking forward to seeing your first Pre-Scape video. What series are you planning on doing?
  7. Grey Salt

    Small QOL fix

    This is a verrrry badly needed QOL update. +1,000,000 support for this one!
  8. Grey Salt

    Pre-Scape Has Re-Launched

    Amazing launch so far, so many issues have been resolved so quickly from when we went live. Very very impressive work Arithium. We genuinely wouldn't be here now without you. So far the community has been doing a great job at reporting the issues they've found. Keep it up, without the reports, we wouldn't have all the improvements we have right now. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the tournaments over the coming days go! Very exciting times at Pre-Scape!
  9. Grey Salt

    What are your plans?

    I'm probably going to try and comp my hardcore ironman. Still a good ways to go with maxing it but I'm looking forward to the challenge. Best of luck with your ironman @Yor
  10. Grey Salt

    I am back ;)

    Welcome back to Pre-Scape! I hope you enjoy the re-launch. A lot has changed on the server since you were last here. It's always nice seeing realism skillers, if you've got any suggestions on how we can improve skilling once we re-launch, let us know in the suggestion section of the forums
  11. Grey Salt

    Server Update 12/15/18

    Slayer helm had +9 strength before the nerf. Torva helm has +3 strength and serp has +3 strength. It was very OP. An adjustment was badly needed as all other helmets were a waste of money. It was also very well rounded and had very strong range and magic bonuses unlike anything else.
  12. Grey Salt

    Server Update 12/15/18

    Great fixes! Fingers crossed the launch goes smoothly with all the fixes over the last couple days and weeks!
  13. Grey Salt

    Server Update 12/12/18

    There's 2 tournaments, I'm not sure what they're gonna be but if one is brid, I've worse hopes than you. Trust me. I struggle to gear up when I'm at the bank, never mind multiple times in a fight..
  14. Grey Salt

    Server Update 12/12/18

    Great fixes for the tournament. It will be well worth the extra couple days wait. Keep up the great work!
  15. Grey Salt

    Server Update 12/11/18

    Long overdue buffs to so many items. I'm glad to see these changes have finally been implemented. Great work guys!