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  1. Grey Salt

    Inferno Guide

    Very nice guide, you did a great job at keeping the video short and to the point. This will help a lot of newer payers as this is a very frequently asked question ingame. I'll be linking to this guide in the future. I can't think of anything else you could add to improve it. I'm looking forward to seeing more guides from you in the future, keep up the good work!
  2. Grey Salt

    [In-game Trivia Guide]

    I don't think all the answers should be posted here.. I get that you're trying to help people answer the questions but it should be up to each person to do their research to answer the trivia and try remember it for next time. I know all the answers are on google.. Shouldn't that be good enough rather than an all inclusive list of every question that was recently added? Your call on whether you want to keep that segment at the end of the day I guess. Good guide though, I can't fault it apart from that.
  3. @Hash

    I'll @ you if I want

    k thnx bai

  4. Grey Salt

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    Because it's new content, Kade wanted it in the announcement section temporarily so more people see it.
  5. Grey Salt

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    Great guide for the new minigame! You didn't miss anything here. great job. I'm looking forward to seeing what other guides you'll be coming out with the the furute. Keep up the great work. P.S. Thanks for linking my thread ^.^