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  1. Rob

    Server Update 12/15/18

    Great fixes! Fingers crossed the launch goes smoothly with all the fixes over the last couple days and weeks!
  2. Rob

    Server Update 12/12/18

    There's 2 tournaments, I'm not sure what they're gonna be but if one is brid, I've worse hopes than you. Trust me. I struggle to gear up when I'm at the bank, never mind multiple times in a fight..
  3. Rob

    Server Update 12/12/18

    Great fixes for the tournament. It will be well worth the extra couple days wait. Keep up the great work!
  4. Rob

    Server Update 12/11/18

    Long overdue buffs to so many items. I'm glad to see these changes have finally been implemented. Great work guys!
  5. Rob

    Pre-Scape Re-Launch

    I agree with this to be honest, the farther ahead of time people know all the tournament info, the better! If anybody wants to drop some new suggestions, the sooner the better. See you all on the flip side.
  6. Rob

    Server Update 12/07/18

    Next update darts will be fixed and easier to obtain. Great updates overall. Looking forward to seeing what's next!
  7. Rob

    Black hween mask on ironman

    Congrats on the black h'ween! Lookin' slick
  8. Congrats! You'll forever be the first the get max exp (until summoning and construction are added hopefully)! Great achievement, what's next for you?
  9. Rob

    Minor Suggestions

    Great suggestions, these are things that a lot of people have had issue with for a long time. Can't wait for these to be added.
  10. Rob

    Server Updates 11/17/18

    Another brilliant update, keep up the fantastic work!
  11. Rob

    Realism mode.

    Realism is meant to be a challenge. If you don't think the 15% drop rate is worth it, then you should consider donating for an increased drop chance or get items in-game what will further increase your drop rate. Sir Owen's longsword was never intended to be a best in-slot item. It would be completely unfair to the rest of the community having a game mode exclusive item as a best in-slot. Drygores are now dropped by Skotizo and are no longer a donator-only obtained item. The only thing I think that could be added is a small amount of drop chance added to the Max Cape / Completionist Cape for the realism game mode only. This would promote the grind for players who otherwise would see no value in training their skills up on the most challenging game mode in the game. During the beta, numerous people maxed and even after having accounts reset, numerous accounts have grinded very close to maxing (again in some cases) with 2 being maxed since the official release. You could say that the realism game mode is too hard and that's why only 2 accounts have maxed but the real reason is because the player base has been so inconsistent due to us having a new dev every couple of weeks. That has also been resolved. Overall, I don't think the game mode should be altered because you've had some shitty luck killing bosses so far and want things easier.
  12. Rob

    Server Update 11/13/18

    Awesome updates, combat is well on the way to perfection now. Only a couple more tweaks and we'll hopefully be there! Keep up the great work!
  13. Rob

    Serpentine/Tanzanite/Magma Helms.

    Fair enough, I've seen it on a couple before here. When I first joined the server I thought that was how it worked since I've seen it more often the case than not
  14. Can you decide on a point to attack me with? Seriosuly. You're saying I'm ugly and shit, then turn around and straight up say you've no idea who I am along side everyone on the server apparently? So nobody knows what I look like. Ok, cool. Nice try. Up your game. You're still embarrassing yourself. Simply making your reply a longer version of the same dumb shit doesn't count as you taking a decent shot. Also as I explained previously, I have a life and don't spend my time trying to please people like you who say "get on ts, your a pussy". If I had to rate the quality of your replies so far, I wouldn't. It'd even be an insult to @Baaail.
  15. Still waiting for proof of me being the grammar police all the time. Hit me up when you got something you can stick with to try and burn me with.