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  1. JaySlay

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Honestly everybody on this server needs to just sit down and stay outta my wildy too while we're at it. If i clean one more kid who thinks they're safe because of a low player count (nice marketing btw), imma lose my shit. Someone give me a real challenge. Mark ass busters.
  2. JaySlay

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Kade and Finch yall are both better at avoiding pre-scape duties than either of you are at any video game, with yall inactive staff asses. Kade has a K/D ratio on league of .25 and Finch is so bad at CSGO his teammates would rather have a bot.
  3. JaySlay


    Wow, this intro was electrifying!
  4. JaySlay

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    Let's calm things down here. This thread is not to take shots at specific members of staff, please refrain from doing so. So let's please tone it down? If you want to use this thread to go after a specific member of management, I highly advise you not to. On the other hand, I cannot stress this enough, please use the report function when you see staff members not following rules, otherwise there's no way for us to keep any sort of documentation of what's happening. Also, to address when we ask players to take their frustrations to the forums, it's as like Mod Gamble says; it keeps things organized and that way we have documentation for staff to discuss. If you direct any issues you're having with the server to a staff in-game, it does not give us enough details and we cannot keep the issue on-hand for future reference. We do not advise you to use forums as means of sweeping your issues under the rug. Let's please keep this thread civil and not turn it into a bashing thread.
  5. JaySlay

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    What would you think would entice people to use the discord more often? I've tried doing giveaways to people who were on discord but no on would join unfortunately. And also, which kind of events did you have in mind? Would love to hear some ideas.
  6. JaySlay

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    Thank you for the feedback, I'll discuss setting up an event in the future with my fellow staff
  7. JaySlay

    skilling master

    Definite support +1
  8. JaySlay

    Team boss

    This would be a nice addition to the server. The only boss worth grouping up to kill at the moment is nex so i feel this would give us much need variety in the PvMing area. +1
  9. Hi Pre-Scapers, I am looking to gain insight on the opinions of how the staff team here at Pre-Scape have been doing. I would like to know what you guys think we do well with and what areas you'd like to see us improve in. I hope by making this thread we can get to know our players better and hear your thoughts
  10. JaySlay

    God Staffs

    It would be nice if Zaff at home sold the god staffs so we could cast the mage arena spells.
  11. PMW all a G needs ;)


  12. JaySlay

    PreScape Hunger Games

    I'll say the same thing I said in another post suggesting a hunger games type mode, we simply just do not have the player base for this at the moment. And if something were to be implemented like this, it'd be more like last man standing in osrs.
  13. JaySlay

    Hunger Games

    Yeah sorry but we just don't have the player base for it yet unfortunately. Also if something like this were to be implemented, it'd probably be more like last man standing in osrs.
  14. JaySlay

    Double everything week

    Like most here, I agree with almost all of it except the double donor points. Also, if we did a huge drop party every weekend, that would harm the server economy quite a bit. However, I think Nimerz idea of increased barrows drops on the day to replace double donor points would be a very good idea. All in all, I support this. +1