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  1. JaySlay

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Honestly everybody on this server needs to just sit down and stay outta my wildy too while we're at it. If i clean one more kid who thinks they're safe because of a low player count (nice marketing btw), imma lose my shit. Someone give me a real challenge. Mark ass busters.
  2. JaySlay

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Kade and Finch yall are both better at avoiding pre-scape duties than either of you are at any video game, with yall inactive staff asses. Kade has a K/D ratio on league of .25 and Finch is so bad at CSGO his teammates would rather have a bot.
  3. JaySlay


    Wow, this intro was electrifying!
  4. JaySlay

    skilling master

    Definite support +1
  5. JaySlay

    Team boss

    This would be a nice addition to the server. The only boss worth grouping up to kill at the moment is nex so i feel this would give us much need variety in the PvMing area. +1
  6. JaySlay

    God Staffs

    It would be nice if Zaff at home sold the god staffs so we could cast the mage arena spells.
  7. PMW all a G needs ;)


  8. JaySlay

    PreScape Hunger Games

    I'll say the same thing I said in another post suggesting a hunger games type mode, we simply just do not have the player base for this at the moment. And if something were to be implemented like this, it'd be more like last man standing in osrs.
  9. JaySlay

    Hunger Games

    Yeah sorry but we just don't have the player base for it yet unfortunately. Also if something like this were to be implemented, it'd probably be more like last man standing in osrs.
  10. JaySlay

    Double everything week

    Like most here, I agree with almost all of it except the double donor points. Also, if we did a huge drop party every weekend, that would harm the server economy quite a bit. However, I think Nimerz idea of increased barrows drops on the day to replace double donor points would be a very good idea. All in all, I support this. +1
  11. JaySlay

    its nimerz

    Welcome to the server man, glad to have ya here. Hope your enjoying it so far
  12. JaySlay

    Slayer Tasks

    Check out thread 1459, I made some heavy suggestions about revenants and pvp armors a while back and I think you'd find it interesting.
  13. JaySlay

    Slayer Tasks

    If I could give this thread 100000 likes I would. It's very annoying when you're maxed combat and you get 70+ skeletons or anything else that is a low level and has a poor loot table as a task. And also if not already, add revenants to wilderness slayer tasks.
  14. JaySlay

    My first ever video :D v2

    Thanks guys I appreciate it I'm definitely am going to be doing a lot of research on editing and adding in effects for the future