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  1. Grimjo

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    @Rob- Kys you autistic fuck. Dickcheese where'd you get that one, From your own clucky juices?
  2. Grimjo

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    @Rob- You've been on 5mins where's that tea break. @Knight- There is a difference in crying and
  3. Grimjo

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    @Kade-All these updates must mean your compensating for that small dick. @Finch-Got to start avoiding better @Deathrow is taking your title of #1 avoider. @Knight-You cry more than my 8 month old, hence why you was banned on discord. No body could handle your incessive crying anymore. @Rob-What else could I say but biggest cunt I know. @LT SURGE- Wtf is this? Stop sucking the crybaby off. All I got to say [for now] love ya all. Duces.
  4. Grimjo


    Welcome back, so to speak. I hope you enjoy your time here. If there's anything you need help with don't hesitate to pm me in game or on discord "Grimjo"
  5. Grimjo

    Achievement Rewards

    You have my support, I believe this is a really good idea.
  6. Grimjo

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back.
  7. Grimjo

    group ironman?

    Support from me, this is a wonderful idea. Iron mans fun and all but being able to trade back and forth with a "partner" would be amazing!
  8. Congratulations again on your promotion bud.


    1. Grimjo


      Thank you main=] its a pleasure being on the team.

  9. Grimjo

    Inferno Guide

    great guide fam thanks a ton! mechanics made a lot more sense actually seeing it server side thanks!
  10. Grimjo

    Glory's Intro

    Welcome back, hope everything is going smoothly for you irl. Looking forward to meeting you in game.
  11. Grimjo

    Loyalty Cape

    LOL nah I just didn't realize I was logged out XD
  12. Grimjo

    Loyalty Cape

    im not suggesting to add both exp bonus and drop rate increase, im suggesting one or the other. With at maximum stat bonuses of a normal skill cape.
  13. Grimjo

    Loyalty Cape

    See I Knew some of you would have better ideas about the requirements. And yeah I'm not talking about implementing it now there's too many bugs that should be fixed at this time. As far as a rough I'm not very artistic so that's out XD but maybe it could look like the prayer cape [t], but instead of the prayer emblem have P-S for Pre-Scape idk lol just an idea. hopefully a new commenter will have a better idea of how the cape should look.
  14. Grimjo

    Loyalty Cape

    Sorry didn't realize I wasn't logged in when I posted this.
  15. Grimjo

    Red Chinchompas

    As of now if your a hunter "red chinchompas" are your best bet for exp, but hunter in general is a daunting task to most. Seeing as you could be trying to catch Dragon imps and Kingly imps for hours only to come up short finding only two or three a trip. I'm suggesting red chinchompas for wilderness resource area for a couple reasons. 1) EXP- Red chinchompas, with both well of exp and dragonkin lamp only give you 6k EXP, 3k EXP if only the well of EXP is active. The EXP boost from the wilderness would be wonderful. Giving the "hunter" a little more initiative to do the great skill. 2) Resource- Seeing as they are fully functional they are "technically" a resource so it shouldn't off set the environment around it. 3) Daunting- Like I said previously hunter is a very daunting task, most haven't passed level 50 hunter {in realism}. I feel that this might give the "hunters" more excitement and bring a little more life to the wilderness. Thank you for your time and consideration.