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  1. Nivo

    Staff Updates - 03/16/2019

    Congratulations to Andyplays and Lancelot, both very well deserved promotions. Sorry to see you three go, Creation, Dmob and Dan hope everything goes well!
  2. Nivo

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    @Permedd What happened to those 2 girls you were starting to talk to? Pussied out yeah? Also, mentioned it before but, paying to lose your v? Beta af. In context of what everyone else is flaming you for, why the fuck do you think you're hard as fuck for being an Admin on a RSPS? Imagine trying to flex daily that you were once Admin and that "everyone knows me" fuck off. 96% of people have no fucking clue who you are, stick to uni and stay irrelevant.
  3. Nivo

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    @Permedd Who did you lose your virginity to again?
  4. Nivo

    Nivo's Holiday

    Hello Pre-Scape, This is just a thread to say that as of 11th of August (tomorrow) I will be on holiday (vacation for you Americans) for two weeks, i'll try my best to keep up with the forums and answer any pms I receive during that time, if I receive any. Today and yesterday have consisted of mainly packing everything ready to head off tomorrow morning which explains why I haven't been on. I hope you all keep grinding the server and make some insane progression whilst i'm gone for the time being. Can't wait to see the changes to your banks/stats and also the changes to come for the server. See you all in two weeks! Take care, Nivo
  5. Nivo

    Economy Reset

    People who have donated for stuff will receive their status and donator points back onto their accounts. People who got cleaned to staking would come back to a clean economy and are again able to purchase the items they may have purchased previously before the server got reset (IF they donated for them, if not, then obviously they won't receive any donator points etc.). I cannot see how this could be a problem whatsoever? Sure people gambled and earned b0nk, but with a reset, everyone is back on a level playing field? I understand that people donated for gear etc. but I believe that there's a solid 75% of people i've asked that fully agree that the "Pay to Win" aspect should be removed, Poseidon (Our current eco holder) also agreed with this. Donator's would be refunded with their statuses and points and able to purchase anything from the cosmetic donation store, which I feel is more than fair. I know a few servers that have reset their economies and not thought about previous donators whatsoever, they just reset the server and make people donate for their benefits again. Currently there is a 150+ Player economy within like an 8-20 playerbase, which is ridiculous. As I previously stated, having a reset within the economy would put everyone back to an equal playing field. I agree completely with Yor that maybe stats for Realism/HCIM (Perhaps Ironmen too) should maybe not be reset? As I, along with players who have taken on these different gamemodes and spent hundreds of hours on them and losing all of that progress would be extremely annoying and very demotivating. Knight accounts maxed within the first 2 days previously and take near to no effort to get maxed so I feel these should still be reset, stat-wise. In contrast to this and the eco reset, high level HCIM and Ironmen have both had to grind incredible amounts in order to obtain the items and gold they have, which losing could also cause them to become demotivated and annoyed and I personally do not know if it is possible for these to not be reset whilst resetting other character files. People may quit either way, resetting the eco could help bring in newer players who either haven't played or want to come back to a fresh server. Keeping the eco the same could cause less people to rejoin as there is already a lot of wealth in-game and the majority of it is in 2-3 players banks. If ANYONE can come up with a completely valid reason other than pretty much complaining that you'll lose a little bit of wealth a lot of you donated for (WHICH YOU WOULD BE REFUNDED VIA DONATION STATUS AND POINTS) then go for it, please enlighten me and change my decision on the whole situation. (I along with a lot of you guys also worked at killing bosses and trying to obtain better gear, but for a better future for the server, i'm 1000000% happy for this progress to be lost to help the server grow further).
  6. Nivo


    Thank you for holding my bank for me Pos, i'd like to take one of my Torva sets and one of my Elysians back for now if you don't mind? Jokes aside, nice bank bro, can't wait to win it from you
  7. Nivo

    Where is Nivo?

    A question that's probably been on plenty of peoples minds and i'm here to clear everything up. As a lot of you may know (If you were here during our launch etc.) that I played a ridiculous amount of hours on Pre-Scape within those initial few weeks and unfortunately, because I spent the majority of my time logged in and playing Pre-Scape I got a little burnt out and I do sincerely apologise for that. Recently my time has been spent doing alternative things such as playing different games and spending time with friends (Night's out etc. etc.). I would like to confirm that I will be returning to regular activity literally as soon as possible (perhaps now, perhaps a few days from now) and I can return to my usual hours online and hang out with you guys a lot more. As previously stated, I am honestly very apologetic for letting my activity slip for a while but I can promise you that i'll be returning, Thank-you, Nivo
  8. Nivo

    Trivia Point Store

    We're looking for ideas for a Trivia Store, what you spend the points on.
  9. Nivo

    Yesmad/Nomads suggestions.

    Someone earlier made the suggestion of the skill actually being trainable but only things like the Yak etc. being able to be used and the other ones that attack to be diasbled, I feel like that could work quite well, what do you think?
  10. Nivo

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    The majority of you may know that i'm not a Pker in basically any sense whatsoever and am a huge PvMer (and gambler) BUT, I believe that multilogging within the wilderness should be allowed. If a Pker can multilog vs you, you can just as easily multilog against them in order to defend yourself if you are pvming etc. Also, Multilogging within the wilderness is allowed on Runescape itself so why not here? People may not have many other friends or people to play with so can help themselves out with TB's and freezes if necessary and you can counter those by logging into multiple accounts yourself, I see no problem with it.
  11. Nivo

    Realism - Prayer

    Personally the feel of Realism as it is, is perfect for me. I feel as though the Drop rate increase and starting xp lamp AND Sir Owen's sword are more than enough benefits for a Realism account and that there should be nothing extra to be added.
  12. Nivo


    Another Ex-Eco Holder huh? We're in this race together Welcome to Pre-Scape, hope to see you in-game.
  13. Nivo

    Mystery boxes

    I honestly feel like these are great ideas, seem pretty balanced imo
  14. Nivo

    Lets play a forum game guys!

    False. The person below me has a crusty top lip.
  15. Nivo


    27th of September, 20 turning 21 this year.