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  1. b o n e

    February 2020

    You got my respect for the hard work bro I’ll always support the server even tho I’m not active anymore but I’m willing to help on anything needed goodluck on the job and Zamorak my brother❤️❤️.
  2. b o n e

    Melee Weapons Tier List

    well done my man the guide is absolutely amazing and very informative!
  3. b o n e

    Magic Weapons Tier List

    nice tier list bud looking forward for the melee ones.
  4. b o n e


    i am sorry but i will have to disagree with that as it will make it so easy to get kills.comp cape is supposed to be challenging and free for all is just a minigame.
  5. b o n e

    Server Update 07/26/19 - Chamber of Stones

    You nailed it bro the mini game looks cool thank you for your hard work!
  6. b o n e

    Jake's Resignation

    Sad to see you leave the staff team I wish you the best of luck.
  7. b o n e

    Server Updates 07/16/19

    nice updates we appreciate ur hard work cant wait to check some of them out!