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  1. dzuma

    Server Update 11/09/18

    thanks so much to kade and the staff team for this update. its been a long time coming and im glad I stuck around. cant wait to see whats next for PS
  2. dzuma

    Focussing on studys

    hope to see you back here in the future, its been fun man. GL with your studies.
  3. I will pay 60m cash per scratch card that is directly donated to my Ironman account. I can pay in items as well. Pm me if you are interested
  4. dzuma

    Loyalty Cape

    +1 for me. I like this idea and think it should be implemented in the future once more critical updates are completed. If you are free you should design a rough draft showing what you think the “loyalty cape” should look like. Really good idea grimjo. Maybe it could also have a “must be active everyday for x amount of days” in order to receive cape. I’m not sure if it should be a drop item though. There are very loyal players that are strictly skillers. I feel it should be accessible from max at home once you meet requirements.
  5. dzuma

    200 Crystal Keys +

    Awesome video hoshi gz
  6. dzuma

    Owl's 1-99 Fishing Guide

    thanks for the guide
  7. dzuma

    Double everything week

    this sounds like a good idea. but maybe not double donator points. have to be careful not to crash eco
  8. dzuma

    skilling master

    great idea, extremely unique. I would love to see this.
  9. dzuma

    126 Combat Mode for Pkers

    I like this because it doesn't affect anyone negatively. it doesn't take long to get 126 on normal mode anyway. but this will bump our number up and pk community which is great.