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  1. dzuma

    Staff Updates - 02/11/2019

    Great work Lancelot that’s a very well deserved promotion. Welcome to the staff ream dmob K3
  2. dzuma

    Slayer Guide

    a very much needed guide, this is going to help new players tremendously. thank you for taking time to make this. ❤️
  3. dzuma

    Server Update 02/03/19

    this Is beautiful. truly beautiful. thank you so much for all the hard work.
  4. dzuma

    Staff Updates - 02/02/2019

    Congratulations to Hc Cutie on his promotion. It was well deserved and im glad you are a part of the team. im D Best of luck to you until your return. ❤️ As Rec Pep hope you decide to return to the server one day and hope all is well irl.
  5. dzuma

    Mass Suggestion List

    I like a lot of these suggestions. duo slayer and duo ironman would be a game changer though. I would love it so much to have another iron to grind with and be able to trade items with. I feel a lot more people would want to grind it as well. the 1/100 5 shards suggestion I also agree with because right now its very difficult to get shards for a staff that isn't even BIS.
  6. dzuma

    Server Update 1/25/19

    this is honestly one of the best updates ive seen. everything I could ask for is in it basically. thanks a lot guys
  7. dzuma

    Staff Updates - 01/23/2019

    when are you coming back man????
  8. dzuma

    Rob's Realism Goals

    you are my dad and I wish you the best of luck. congratulations on being the first realism comp. ily K3
  9. dzuma

    Staff Feedback

    we appreciate your feedback a lot dawnbringer.
  10. dzuma

    forums suggestion

    I think that would be a cool addition to the webpage
  11. dzuma

    As Rec Pep's HC Road to 23B Comp

    I hope the best for you on your journey and I hope when we get new players they will see this and would like to accomplish the same thing. but let it be know I will be the first hcim to comp K3
  12. dzuma

    Server Update 12/29/18

    thanks for the update and most of all thank you for putting rock cake in the ironman shop!
  13. dzuma

    Some suggestions

    ya the timer would help people a lot. maybe not trivia though because people the memorize the question will watch the timer and pre put ::answer- and eliminate the chance of new players being able to answer the question. for the star and the tree im neutral on these things because they can be good or they can make it too easy to get 1-99 on smithing/woodcutting on realism. which smithing wouldn't be too bad because its slow on realism but woodcutting is fast on all game modes.
  14. dzuma

    Crafting guide

    this is a very detailed and well written guide. thanks for giving the players something they can use to help them to 99. I didn't realize it was that many dragonstones from 55-99 though, that's crazy.
  15. dzuma

    Skilling Guides Directory

    this is really awesome hopefully people make the guides that are missing soon. great job on this it looks good