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  1. Juice

    Coloured full Slayer helm!

    Good idea, I dont like the order of the helms tho. imo the best looking helms have the worst stats atm. +1
  2. Juice

    New game mode, hardcore

    What? I probably suggested more than anyone else on this server, but whats the point of suggesting shit when theyre teasing a new content update? We dont know whats coming But answer this real quick do you honestly play this game? Whens the last time you logged in for more than an hour.. Everyone that talks in flame wars except 1-2 people dont actually play the game either btw.. The fact just is, at this point the game is nice, we're 1-2 content updates away from being ready for heavy advertisement. But untill then stop blaming the only active players (you know that really play this game) for disliking suggestions made by players who visit the forums now and then.. Edit: btw suggestions are always good, I've supported more suggestions than O I've disliked, hell if you checked 2min you can see clearly I always give in depth feedback. This one just isnt it chief, but if your next suggestion is lit ill praise you for it.
  3. Juice

    New game mode, hardcore

    why is it when people dislike an idea they're 'toxic' besides, I have never ever seen you ingame. you talk on these forums like you know everything, critisizing suggestions too etc. but I swear as an active player, some weird gamemode is not what we need our developer to focus on right now lmao. we have 5 gamemodes already
  4. Juice

    New game mode, hardcore

    It's not because we didnt have this weird gamemode lmfao
  5. Juice

    New game mode, hardcore

    -1 if you really want to add this many restrictions to gameplay, just play osrs lol.. Fun Idea, bad execution imo.
  6. Juice

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    I think you dont know what wanted means
  7. Juice

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Who cares about a server that went offline a year ago lmao, honestly how can you be so proud of being hated, toxic and retarded. You think I care about being 'random' to you honestly? I've said this 90 times, I'd rather be a random than have your reputation lmfao. Imagine being known for being hated, and knowing that too. Oh my god, how sad can your existence be. No matter how 'proud' you are of that, its just insanely sad. You really think you have fans too huh, it must be rough. I feel very bad for you. Also how fucking bad are you at roasting if half your posts are defending yourself lmfao, you must not know how this works. Big fonts and hashtags aren't going to make your point better, it just makes you come across more insecure and like the dumb girl that talks loud to seem interesting, which you are ironically.
  8. Juice

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Permedd logic "nobody wants me here but when I feel lonely I write some retarded shit on the flame wars thread, hey atleast its active right?' Nah, im sure if we polled 'no permedd' or 'not active' the poll would laugh. But if you have the balls (which you dont) make the poll!
  9. Juice

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    You dont actually think you didnt make spelling mistakes in what you typed to me do you? Damn, you're a bigger idiot than I thought.. Also, proof reading is for idiots. Normal people know how to spell words, they dont just puke over their keyboard and run with whatever it says.
  10. Juice

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    So embarrassing lmao. the worst part is he actually thinks he says profound stuff a walking contradiction thats proud of being one, how sad can it be
  11. Juice

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    1. I never told you my zammy name, as a matter of fact we haven't talked except that time I roasted you on discord. 2. Ofcourse me knowing your name makes you feel better, you're an attentionwhore, nobody wants you to be here (not even kade, stop lying or show proof), you dont play the game yet you keep coming back like an insecure stalker without friends. 3. You're known for being retarded, here's some permedd quotes: 'How do you swallow a kid thats not even possible' and 'stop talking about my bad teeth, you've never seen my tooth' Its so fucking funny how you switch ages so often, you literally said you were 18 in discord less than 2 weeks ago now you're telling people you're 21, dang lying about your age how insecure can you be. I really hope you learn alot at uni, because youuuu willlll neeeeeed itttt, I hope you realize you might be 'proud' of misspelling literally everything (EVERY SINGLE THING) you say but you need to be able to write flawless on exams and essays. But if you actually- and I mean ACTUALLY learn something at uni, I really hope you come back here and see how much of a fool you made of yourself, because now you dont seem to get it at all, but I really mean this, and Im not trying to roast you YOU COME ACROSS SO FUCKING DUMB ITS INSANE LITERALLY P.s. This is the last time responding to you, or even thinkinng about you for that matter, because you literally are the human form of aids, like if aids wasnt a disease but a person, it'd be you and your faggot dog. Go to the store, get some peanutbutter, and get your balls licked for the first time in your life, because you really-really need it. Pce faggot
  12. Juice

    Minor Suggestions

    Support all of these! although the dungeoneering token exchange and the achievement should have priority over the rest, I'd prefer them spending time on more content before the donator skilling zone! +1
  13. Juice

    Quality of life updates

    If that's the case we need a way to get the loot from it ingame, I think luck based donator only items are a bad thing to have..
  14. Juice

    Quality of life updates

    Hey! just some suggestions from an active player to make the overall game better (imo). Balancing Currently we have coexisting rs3 and osrs items, which just dont really work together properly. A 15% buff to all osrs items would already make a trememdous difference. Cerberus boots have the same stats as Glacor boots, occult necklace is underpowered, tormented bracelet is underpowered. etc. etc. (I could look into this and make a detailed proposition for new stats). Drygore longswords, offhand rapier and the mace set still seem underpowered in comparison to dry rap/ oh long Buffs Increase droprates of golden ticket scratchers a bit, or add them to crystal chest/ swap them for Lmboxes whatever. Its been a month since one has dropped and trust me I've tried. Realism droprate needs a change, the 'risk/reward' is just not worth it. Slayer store could use a rework, maybe add ckeys to the store and bandos items etc. Blood neck maybe change its heal to 10%, hitting an 80 and getting healed 4 hp is just a bit too weak. Poll While I feel like everybody is liking the updates, polling them might be a good idea, just because it gives players something to look forward to, and ofcourse this isnt needed for minor updates, but a good thing to poll might be the items in the zombies stores etc. Content Abyssal Sire (abby dagger, bludgeon, pet, cash pile drop?) The zamorak wildy key system was awesome in my opinion, while it was op in amnt of cash it brought into the game, maybe adding a 1/250 gold key drop to the current wildy keys that open a chest OR access to a boss with a 1/500 or 1/1000 chance of a tbow/elder maul might be a good idea. (more content suggestions coming soon) Visual Currently alot of osrs item are a lil misplaced (floating hands and head wearing ancestral etc.) while I know this might be really though to fix, I thought I'd throw it in there Death wings have layering issues when it comes to torva, the body has priority over the cape when looking from the back Change icons from shield slot to arrow slot Love, Juice
  15. Juice

    1000$ donor rank

    you do realize that it costs money to run a rsps too right? server upkeep, ddos protection, developer costs, advertising costs etc.