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  1. Rare

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Fuck. Kade. You went all 9/11 on him, chill bro. Permedd, you're the result of when Autism itself decided to possess a human body, but unbeknownst to Autism, he chose someone who was already severely autistic, causing some form of next-level autism, beyond what was previously ever imaginable.
  2. Rare


    There was indeed a Pain.
  3. Rare

    Gravediggers Recruitment Thread

    The banner is fucking amazing.
  4. Rare

    What would you NOT like to see?

    If I see ANYTHING remotely similar to the Anger Sword in terms of ridiculousness, you will be exterminated.
  5. Rare

    Forums God in the new forum!

    Hey again Legendary, I'll do my best to pretend you were the forums god
  6. Rare

    Clan UserBars on the forums

    True, but an incentive to promote clan activity is always welcomed in my book.
  7. Rare

    Hello All!

  8. Rare

    Clan UserBars on the forums

    I think a montly fee is much better. I doubt they will impletment the tools for measuring these type of metrics.
  9. Rare

    Clan UserBars on the forums

    I do like the idea of this, but there has to be some kind of system to back it up, could be like you mentioned, either paying a monthly fee to become an "official clan" (more perks can be added) or another system based on activity and members. I think it's very important that the userbars aren't custom made though, having 10-20 different designs of userbars will look terrible.
  10. Rare

    Who am i?

    Good to see you, buddy.
  11. Rare

    How did you get your ingame name?

    People like me aren't easy to find.
  12. Rare

    Patagonia's Introduction

    Welcome to the server.
  13. Rare


    I disagree, not really a fan of the stars on Zamorak. The entire UserInfoPane on Zamorak was a complete mess. Adding the stars on here would ruin the simple and sleek look. I'd say to either add the armor or the post count bars that already exists.
  14. Rare

    How To Add A Forums Signature.

    Quality content as always Enzo.
  15. Rare

    How Trusted MM should be managed

    Doesn't that apply to the current system as well to some extent? For the staff team to select a suitable member to be a trusted middleman, he must also have participated in middlemanning or gambling prior to submitting his application. If he has no previous gambling history, is he really a suitable match? This is always the case on a new server though. The payout proof is not limited to just middlemanning, it could be from hosting, dice dueling or whatever. The gambling scene always naturally evolves, but yes, it's always riskier in the start.