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  1. Mw2fan

    Inferno Guide

    I have seen many players ask in-game for a guide like this. Glad to see that there is finally one!
  2. Mw2fan

    [In-game Trivia Guide]

    Pre-Scape Trivia Questions & Answers *Please Note this is not the entire trivia list and will continue to be compiled. It is about 2/3rd of current questions as of 9/21/18. Commonly asked questions: 1) How do I answer the trivia question? -For instance, take the question below. "What's the smallest type of tree in the world??" Your answer would be in the format as illustrated in the picture. ::answer-dwarf willow 2) How can I view how many trivia points I currently have? -Hit the quest tab and scroll down. 3) How can I access the trivia point shop? -Go to ::home and go northwest to the little house that is left of the general store that contains Oziach and trade him. 4) What items are available for purchase in the trivia shop?