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  1. Mw2fan

    Black hween mask on ironman

    Haha. Just give my prize to a new player. Thanks.
  2. Mw2fan

    Black hween mask on ironman

    Tab 2, row 3, item 5.
  3. Mw2fan

    Black hween mask on ironman

    Congrats. What is my prize? 😀
  4. Do I get a prize? Edit: Can we have Arithium removed so I'm #1. 😁Or feel free to add summoning and construction XD.
  5. Mw2fan


    Yeah, I'm 25m xp away from 1b dung then I have 1b in every skill. I will have no use of lamps anymore so you can have my vote auths starting tomorrow.
  6. Mw2fan

    Minor Suggestions

    1) Fix the Master Gravedigger achievement. Currently, there is two kind of frost bones and one of them doesn't count towards the achievement. 2) Remove the extra well of execution from the quest tab. 3) Add dung tokens. Currently, I'm sitting at 2 million dung points and have nothing to do with them. I would like to be able to convert all these extra points to buy dung tokens from the dung shop which would then reward me with experience points in the skill, similar to the marks of grace that agility gives you. 4) Rework the donor skilling zone. Add a spot to fish rocktails, and maybe even create a thieving stall that is only accessible to donors that gives more XP than the other normal stalls. The key point here is to make additions that incentivize people wanting to donate for the skilling zone. As of right now, the only skill it really helped me with is smithing. 5) Make it so your double experience lamp does not continue running time when you log out. Thanks, as of right now these are the only suggestions I have.
  7. Mw2fan

    Server Updates 11/17/18

    Nice. Redeemable dung XP tokens in next update, please? It's the last 1b I need and I'm at 680m XP with 1.7 million extra useless dung points lol.
  8. Mw2fan

    Server Update 11/13/18

    Christmas coming early with all these updates. Thanks.
  9. Mw2fan

    Server Update 11/09/18

    Nice. Take back what you paid the other developer's minus Stan Can we perhaps have weekly behind the scene threads that detail some of the updates that are being worked on or what future updates will deliver? I believe it would be nice for the players to know about such details and it opens up even more transparency.
  10. Mw2fan

    Yes, I am back.

    Welcome back to the server.
  11. Mw2fan

    Staff Updates - 11/09/18

    Congrats to everyone. Sad to see @JaySlay leave.
  12. Mw2fan

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back to the RSPS scene. Sad to hear that your Runescape account got hacked.
  13. Mw2fan

    Focussing on studys

    Well wishes for your studies. Perhaps, you will drop by occasionally.
  14. Mw2fan

    New Player Here

    Welcome to the server Tremor. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  15. Mw2fan

    Small Halloween Event [TODAY]

    Thanks for hosting the event.