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  1. Nemesito007

    Where is this server going?

    Well i think they need to be more honest with us, the community, for me i been playing with my brother archi but i was almost ready to quit, then i read the news Bane is ill and thats what happened and i was oh ok i understand. But i also read the "We plan to be back in motion before the first of next month" part, and well today is October 1st and surprise no news at all. So i dont know u guys but i preffer an honest answer: We dont have a developer avaliable at the moment, rather than well be back before oct 1st, cause now im mad cause i hate when people lie. Ill be ok when they start to be honest about the real state of the game at the moment, because more lies make people get angry and mad and they just quit, but as i said thats my humble opinion about it.