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  1. Energi

    Yor’s Inactivity

    Return soon! I could need another ACB! :-)
  2. Energi

    It's Content Time

    Fantastic! Looking forward to camp zulrah again
  3. Energi

    PDI Overloads

    Keep in mind that the rank does cost 2500 USD. Should have some benefits.
  4. Energi

    PDI Overloads

    Quick suggestion here. The Overloads at pdi shop is way to expensive. I suggest you to lower them from 1 million each to 250k each. Thank you. @Poseidon @Genius
  5. Energi


    So I have been killing corp for a little while, and thougt I would share what i've gotten so far. At KC 140 I got a divine sigil! Insane luck, right? But wait, there's more! At KC 198 I got ANOTHER divine! How lucky is that? I have also gotten the smaller loots, like elixirs and spirit shields, but I haven't been keeping track of them. I will start from KC 200, and see what I get when I'm at kc 1200. UPDATE; Another divine sigil at kc 281!
  6. Energi

    Kade and Bane

    Hello! i just want to make this thread to acknovledge all the hard work @Bane and @Kade have done. They have done so much great stuff with this server, and I would love to see some love in the comment section! You all know they deserve it!
  7. Energi

    PDI Donator zone

    Thank you :-)
  8. Energi

    PDI Donator zone

    Hello! Here's some suggestion on the Premium donator zone! If possible, make the GWD boss room in the zone! Not only the boss its self, that would be too easy, if you're gonna add the boss, add the whole room if possible, so the drops wont be flooded. OR if possible, add a right klick option to the regular boss room (only for pdi donators) to enter the room. As said above, I would love if you did the same to corp and all the other bosses. If you can't please make a right klick option to join the room as PDI. PDI shop; super combat potions...More to come......
  9. Energi

    Trivia Point Store

    Peremdd get back to skilling on 07, you are banned for a reason....WE WANT ITEMS! PS: Luv u
  10. Energi

    Trivia Point Store

    We obviously need the regular M box for 100 points, aswell as the donator box for 1000 points. There's no way, as far as I know to gain an imbue scroll, so if you could add that, it would ba amazing! (500-1500 points?) Fury(100-200 pts), Dboots(100-200pts), all the glazors boots (500-1000 pts), Might be a little bit OP but Bandos and armadyl armoure? 5000-10000 pts. ROW 100 pts, ROW (I) 500-1600 pts.
  11. Energi


    I'm pretty young, sadly..:/ My bithday is on 15-07 and I'll turn 20!
  12. Athanasia AKA mystkitty?

    1. Jacob


      This would be correct. :D

  13. Energi

    Hello everyone

    Thank you all
  14. league act :0 hm picttures?

  15. Energi


    Yeah that would be awesome!