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  1. Chris

    Skillcape Perks

    I see good to know
  2. Chris

    Skillcape Perks

    I don't necessarily play but here are my thought on these ones: Attack - Maybe instead of negates Warrior's guild tokens. Maybe they can get x2 or x3 tokens for each kills. (If it's how you normally get tokens.) Defence - I like this idea as it's the same as old-school, but with how fast you can get to boss any everything maybe add like a 3 minute cool-down when activated. Magic - Good idea, don't know about including the wilderness though, and maybe add it to where you can use this while in combat. Slayer - If the player chooses to repeat task, they will only receive 70-75% of normal slayer points. Strength - Add an activation with this; When you equip strength cape player must right-click "activate" to get super strength bonus.
  3. Chris

    Staff Updates - 12/21/2018

    I understand were you are coming from but I still think you can come up with a better system for picking staff. I agree that applications can become biased when someone friend applying for a position; I also think that they are useful as well for understanding the person that's applying. Even in the past I think there should of been a better system when staff needed was needed as well. You're a smart man, but you make some stupid choices sometimes, I believe if you thought about it you could come up with a better system👺👺. 😎