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  1. Excited for a fresh start!!
  2. Lancelot

    Prelaunch Updates

    I think this is a really neat way to show exactly just how much work has been put into the server to better it and encourage growth. Thank you for all your hard work!
  3. Lancelot

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Bro it took me two days lmfao!
  4. Lancelot

    RFD Guide (Barrows Gloves)

    Thanks for this - I noticed we didn't have a guide on this! Very clear steps. I like that you included a recommended set up so newer players have some sort of idea what they can use. Good job!
  5. Lancelot

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    In order to achieve Completionist Status you must fulfil the following requirements: Obtain level 99 in all stats - Skilling Guides Directory Obtain level 120 Dungeoneering - Dungeoneering Guide Complete the Recipe for Disaster mini-quest - Recipe for Disaster Guide Complete all 99 achievements Use Ctrl + F to find the achievement you would like to know more about Easy: Home Sweet Home Gravedigger Deadliest Catch Beginner Cook Taste of the Sea Beginner Miner Beginner Smelter Beginner Blacksmith Beginner Lumberjack Beginner Arsonist Potion Brewer Young Padawan Robin Hood Beginner Runecrafter Explorer Crab Lover Undead Killer Fur Collector Socialising Making Friends Slaying Time Spell Master Priest Melee Kill Ranged Kill Magic Kill Beginner Warrior Beginner Archer Beginner Mage Special Damage Falling in Love Medium: Dragon Burial Supreme Power Intermediate Lumberjack Intermediate Arsonist Intermediate Fisherman Intermediate Cook Intermediate Miner Intermediate Smelter Intermediate Explorer Intermediate Hunter Intermediate Slayer Intermediate Crafter Intermediate Blacksmith Intermediate Thief Intermediate Padawan Climber Runes of Nature Frost Dragon Burial Gold rush Intermediate Warrior Intermediate Archer Intermediate Mage Dragon Slayer End of the Chaos Demon Hunter The Powerful Cook Player Killer Beginner Alchemist Hard: Master Gravedigger Master Lumberjack Master Arsonist Master Fisherman Master Cook Master Miner Master Crafter Enchanter Master Alchemist Master Thief Master Smelter Power Overload Contract Killer Master Warrior Master Archer Master Mage The Cape of Fire Avatar of Failure Graardor Slayer Kree'Arra Slayer Zilyana Slayer K'ril Slayer The End of the Beast Master Player Killer Elite: Blood Crafter Grandmaster Lumberjack Grandmaster Arsonist Grandmaster Fisherman Grandmaster Cook Grandmaster Miner Grandmaster Smelter Grandmaster Explorer Grandmaster Hunter Grandmaster Fletcher The Grand Jewel Max Experience Massive Damage Master Slayer Feared by All
  6. Hey Kowzy...


    1. Kowzy


      ugh. hows that even a thing. 

  7. Lancelot

    Wilderness NPC Locations

    Thanks for this - it will be helpful for people using the Wilderness Slayer Master. I'll add it into my Slayer Guide. I particularly like the map you've created. A little hard to read but I think you'd done a good job considering the vastness of the wilderness and the amount of NPC's that are located within it.
  8. Lancelot

    Barrows Guide- By Creation

    Another very thorough guide - well done! This will help players that are new to the RSPS scene and don't know the mechanics of the Barrows minigame. What guide will you make next?
  9. Lancelot

    Thieving Guide

    Table of Contents Bonus Experience Location Level Requirements Item Values Bot Checker Bonus Experience Location You can find the Thieving stalls along the external wall to the north of the bank at Edgeville. Teleport here by typing ::home or ::edge. Level Requirements Item Values Whilst thieving, you have a chance of receiving a Toolkit which can be sold to the General Store for 8.5k. You also have a chance of stealing a cash bonus which increases in line with the Donator Tiers. Bot Checker Whilst Thieving there is a chance of being teleported away from the stalls. This is to protect the server against people using auto-clickers or bots.
  10. I'll never kill another Greater Demon...


    1. Poseidon


      Haha, the "perfect" number :P 

  11. Lancelot

    Slayer Guide

    How To Start Slayer Masters Rewards NPC Locations Tips You can start Slayer by speaking to the Slayer Mage who is located at Edgeville, just outside the bank. Click the Spoiler to see what he looks like. Right clicking the Slayer Mage presents you with the following options: Selecting 'Talk-to' will start a chat dialog where the Slayer Mage assigns you a Task based on which Slayer Master you have elected. Selecting 'Assignment' will open the following interface: You can change your Slayer Master by selecting one from the list on the left-hand side. You can opt to cancel your current task for a cost of 30 Slayer Points and also Block a task so that you do not get that task again for a cost of 150 Slayer Points. As you can see, you can block up to 5 different tasks provided you have fulfilled the requirements. You can also access the Rewards store from this interface, where you can spend your hard earned Slayer Points. Selecting 'Rewards' opens up the Rewards store (who knew?). Selecting 'Trade' opens a shop where you can purchase a Slayer Gem for 1gp. ** You receive bonus Slayer Points dependant on your Donator Rank ** Turael (Low level) - Level 3 Combat Level Required (2 Slayer Points per task) Mazchna (Low-Mid level) - Level 20 Combat Level Required (2 Slayer Points per task) Vannaka (Mid level) - Level 40 Combat Level Required (4 Slayer Points per task) Chaeldar (Mid-High level) - Level 70 Combat Level Required Duradel (Bosses) - Level 120 Combat Level Required (15 Slayer Points per task) Kuradal (High level) - Level 110 Combat Level Required (18 Slayer Points per task) Speak to the Wilderness Slayer NPC next to the altars at home to receive a Wilderness Slayer Task. You have a Combat Level of at least 90 to begin Wilderness Slayer. (30 Slayer Points per task) As you can see, the Slayer Rewards Store is a great way to get some good starter gear. Recommendations: Slayer Helm - 250 points This provide a 16.67% accuracy boost on Slayer tasks when using melee which really speeds things along. Hexcrest + Focus Sight - 125 points each (250 total) Adding this to the Slayer Helm creates a Full Slayer Helm. This provides a 16.67% accuracy boost when using melee, range and mage on Slayer Tasks. Ring of Wealth - 500 points Provides a 5% increased drop rate boost Ring of Wealth (i) - 1,250 points Provides a 10% increased drop rate boost Ring of Slaying (8) - 5 points Teleports you directly to your slayer task 8 times. The locations of all Wilderness NPC's can be found by clicking here The guide includes a map of all Wilderness NPC's Use vote points to buy a Cannon from the Vote Point Shop in the bank at home. Each piece is 5 Vote Points each. You can buy cannonballs from other players or buy them from the Super Donator Store. Using a Cannon whilst slaying speeds tasks up massively which means you get faster experience and Slayer Points. PLUS it's easy ranging experience. For every 10 tasks completed in a row, you'll receive bonus Slayer Points. To get faster points, you can complete 9 easy tasks and then on the 10th task, switch to a task from Kuradel to get more bonus points. Selling loots from Caskets obtained from Slayer is a good way to make some cash as a beginner. If you're wanting to make money - use Duradel as your Slayer Master. If you're wanting fast experience - use Kuradel as your Slayer Master (and use a cannon!). You can check the progress of your Slayer Task, including who your current Slayer Master is, by checking the Quest Tab.
  12. Lancelot

    Farming Guide

    Bonus Exp Location Video (Method) Guide Level Requirements Herbs required for Overload Potions Money Making Bonus exp Location You can access the area for training farming by selecting Skilling Teleports - Last page - Farming Here you can access: Falador Catherby Ardougne Canifis At each of the farming teleports you will find two NPC's. Farmer Fromund - The farming shop NPC who sells everything you need to train farming Tool Leprechaun - Can note grimy herbs by selecting 'Exchange' and has fast access to the farming teleports. Video (Method) Guide Level Requirements Guam - Level 9-14 Marrentil - Level 14-19 Tarromin - Level 19-26 Harralander - Level 26-32 Ranarr - Level 32-38 Toadflax - Level -38-44 Irit - Level 44-50 Avantoe - Level 50-56 Kwarm - Level 56-62 Snapdragon - Level 62-67 Cadantine - Level 67-73 Lantadyme - Level 73-79 Dwarf Weed - Level 79-85 Torstol - Level 85-99+ ALWAYS plant the highest level herb that you can plant to ensure you get the most experience. Herbs required for Overload Potions It's a good idea to spend a bit of time making sure that you've got at least 100 of the following herbs if you're aiming to comp. One of the achievements requires you to make 100 overload potions. Therefore you need 100 of each of the following herbs: Avantoes (to create Extreme Attack potions) Dwarf Weeds (to create Extreme Strength potions) Lantadymes (to create Extreme Defence potions) Money Making Wait, what? Making money? With farming? Correct. ** Level 52 Farming required ** At each of the Farming teleports there is a Flower patch at the centre. If you buy and plant White Lily seeds from Farmer Fromund for just 3124 gp each you can turn over a tidy profit. Once they're grown and harvested, White Lillies sell to the General Store at home for 27k each, and you can get a good yield of Lillies from each patch. Not only can you make money from planting White Lillies, but they're also the best farming experience you can gain. You'll gain even more experience from planting White Lillies at 52 Farming that you will from planting Torstol Seeds at 85 Farming.
  13. Lancelot

    Runecrafting Guide

    @Rob Got ya! Thanks for clearing that up. I have amended it.
  14. Lancelot

    Runecrafting Guide

    Thanks for this. I've added it in
  15. Lancelot

    Runecrafting Guide

    Bonus exp Dragonkin Lamps You can gain double experience for one hour by using a Dragonkin lamp. These are untradeable but obtainable by voting and by completing daily tasks. Well of Experience You can also obtain a further 30% increase in experienced gained by filling the Well of Experience. The well is located on Entrana which is on page 3 of the City Teleports. It costs 7.5m to fill it but mulitple people can contribute to cover this cost. Runecrafting Robes You can purchase the Runecrafter Robes from the Zamorakian Runecrafter at the Runecrafting Teleport with energy fragments which are obtained whilst crafting runes. The whole set costs 3250 energy fragments and provides a 50% experience boost. Please note, there is no experience boost from wearing individual items. The boost only applies when the whole set is worn. Rift Guardian Pet You have a 1/2500 chance of receiving the Rift Guardian Pet whilst training Runecrafting. If used whilst training, it provides a 50% experience boost. This stacks with the bonus gained from wearing the full Runecrafting Robe set. Location The Runecrafting training teleport is located on Page 1 of the Skilling Teleports. Using the teleport will take you to the Zamorakian Runecrafter, just north of Edgeville. Selecting Teleport will teleport you to the pure essence mine. Selecting Talisman Shop will open a shop where you can purchase Talismans. These are required for accessing the various rune altars. Selecting Reward Shop will open a shop where you can spend energy fragments which are obtained when you craft runes. The Rewards Shop I would recommend buying the Pouches first as when you've got all three you can craft three inventories of pure essence on each trip, saving you a lot of time. Method Please watch the video below, created by Rob to see the best inventory set up for Runecrafting. Rob also demonstrates the mechanics of Runecrafting on Pre-Scape by crafting runes at the Blood altar. Please note that Runecrafting works in the exact same way at each of the altars. Fast Energy Fragments To maximise the amount of energy fragments you gain per trip, drop all but one rune essence before you click craft on the altar. Then pick up one essence and craft one at a time. Repeat this until you have used up all of the essence. The fastest way to drop the essence is with the shift+click drop method. Once you've obtained all of the pouches you don't need to do this method anymore. You can simply fill the pouches and take an inventory of food or other items to fill up space. Make sure you have one inventory slot free so that you can simply withdraw essence from the pouch one at a time, without having to drop it. The amount of energy fragments you get when you craft runes is random so in theory you could get the same amount of fragments for one essence as you could for say 27. This means you'll get your fragments quicker, and therefore closer to that 50% experience boost from the Runecrafting robes! ** Click the spoiler below to see how this works ** Pure essence You can obtain pure essence by mining it at the pure essence mine. You can get here by selecting 'Teleport' at the Zamorakian Runecrafter at the Runecrafting Teleport. Please note that there are banks here so you don't have to teleport out and go back. You can also obtain pure essence from bossing. Chaos Fanatic - 500 Pure essence (1/30 chance) Corporeal Beast - 2500 Pure essence (1/5 chance) Glod - 2500 Pure essence (1/5 chance) Skotizo - 2500 Pure essence (1/5 chance) Experience Please note that the below experience rates are assuming you're using the inventory set up in the video above, which equates to 22 pure essence per inventory. Achievements Easy Beginner Runecrafter - Runecraft any elemental rune Medium Runes of Nature - Runecraft 500 Nature Runes Elite Bloodcrafter - Runecraft 6,000 Blood Runes Huge props and credit to Rob for his help with creating this guide. 10/10