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  1. Lancelot

    Major Re-Work / Temporary Downtime

    Looking forward to all these updates. Really exciting things in the works! Thanks for investing further Kade. @Everyone... get all of your suggestions put forward either on here or on the Discord 'suggestion' channel
  2. Lancelot

    mining star

    You can speak to Miner Magnus at the Mining teleport who will tell you the current location of the star.
  3. Lancelot

    Slide Thru: Realism Grind

    Making good progress buddy! Keep it up!
  4. Lancelot

    Ironman Bank Progress

    You actually have to play to get a bank mate 😉 CLRD
  5. Lancelot

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Bro it took me two days lmfao!
  6. Lancelot

    Ironman Bank Progress

    Damn dude! That's a pretty decent bank for an Ironman! Good job and welcome back!
  7. Lancelot

    Server Update 03/18/19

    Another update?? Damn Kade! Keep this momentum going man, I love it!! I like the new ::toggleprayer command!
  8. Lancelot

    Server Update 03/17/19

    Thanks for the update Kade. I'm still struggling to wrap my head around the amount of negativity you've had over the last few days about 'not pushing updates' despite you quite clearly stating what was going on in previous threads. That coupled with the fact that when you log in to the Server there is a message which states when the last update was. Nonetheless, thank you for not letting it get you down and pushing a whopper of an update. It's clear how much the server means to you and how much time and effort you put into it, so thank you. Don't lose that motivation!!
  9. Lancelot

    RFD Guide (Barrows Gloves)

    Thanks for this - I noticed we didn't have a guide on this! Very clear steps. I like that you included a recommended set up so newer players have some sort of idea what they can use. Good job!
  10. Lancelot

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    In order to achieve Completionist Status you must fulfil the following requirements: Obtain level 99 in all stats - Skilling Guides Directory Obtain level 120 Dungeoneering - Dungeoneering Guide Complete the Recipe for Disaster mini-quest - Recipe for Disaster Guide Complete all 99 achievements Use Ctrl + F to find the achievement you would like to know more about Easy: Home Sweet Home Gravedigger Deadliest Catch Beginner Cook Taste of the Sea Beginner Miner Beginner Smelter Beginner Blacksmith Beginner Lumberjack Beginner Arsonist Potion Brewer Young Padawan Robin Hood Beginner Runecrafter Explorer Crab Lover Undead Killer Fur Collector Socialising Making Friends Slaying Time Spell Master Priest Melee Kill Ranged Kill Magic Kill Beginner Warrior Beginner Archer Beginner Mage Special Damage Falling in Love Medium: Dragon Burial Supreme Power Intermediate Lumberjack Intermediate Arsonist Intermediate Fisherman Intermediate Cook Intermediate Miner Intermediate Smelter Intermediate Explorer Intermediate Hunter Intermediate Slayer Intermediate Crafter Intermediate Blacksmith Intermediate Thief Intermediate Padawan Climber Runes of Nature Frost Dragon Burial Gold rush Intermediate Warrior Intermediate Archer Intermediate Mage Dragon Slayer End of the Chaos Demon Hunter The Powerful Cook Player Killer Beginner Alchemist Hard: Master Gravedigger Master Lumberjack Master Arsonist Master Fisherman Master Cook Master Miner Master Crafter Enchanter Master Alchemist Master Thief Master Smelter Power Overload Contract Killer Master Warrior Master Archer Master Mage The Cape of Fire Avatar of Failure Graardor Slayer Kree'Arra Slayer Zilyana Slayer K'ril Slayer The End of the Beast Master Player Killer Elite: Blood Crafter Grandmaster Lumberjack Grandmaster Arsonist Grandmaster Fisherman Grandmaster Cook Grandmaster Miner Grandmaster Smelter Grandmaster Explorer Grandmaster Hunter Grandmaster Fletcher The Grand Jewel Max Experience Massive Damage Master Slayer Feared by All
  11. Lancelot

    Forums Event

    Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this event over the last week. It's been great to see what you love about the server and what you'd like to see added/improved. The winners are as follows: Poseidon chose 277 and the random number generator selected '267' Ebay chose 383 and the random number generator selected '370' Rockstar chose 212 and the random number generator selected '222' Miniorca17 chose 253 and the random number generator selected '270' Ext chose 96 and the random number generator selected '92' Congratulations to those of you who won and thank you to everyone for participating. Please contact me in-game to collect your winnings! Lancelot
  12. Lancelot

    Staff Updates - 03/16/2019

    Congratulations to Andyplays! You've been working hard mate, it's a well deserved promotion. Sad to see you go Creation. All the best with your future endeavours buddy! Shame to see you leave Dmob and Dan. Also Gz to the other guy.
  13. Lancelot

    700 Crystal Keys

    Just got finished opening 701 Crystal Keys and here are the results! Not bad if you ask me. Cracker drop without any announced Monkey Nuts
  14. Lancelot

    Two Ideas

    Yeah I agree - it would be better to see which FFA it is when the lobby opens. Support from me for both suggestions
  15. Lancelot

    Capes rework

    These are some great suggestions and I 100% agree with Rob that obtaining the trimmed completionist cape should be one hell of a grind. I couldn't agree more with the suggestions for achievements that he has put forward. Hope this gets added!