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  1. Trymzy

    Flower Poker Tournament

    ign light, gl
  2. Trymzy

    Server Update 01/16/19

    itsss 2019 ^^
  3. Trymzy

    transfer don rank

    can my legendary don rank from -slaying- get removed and be placed on -light-
  4. Trymzy

    Christmas Special 2018 [GIVEAWAY] + More

    merry xmas! ign slaying
  5. Trymzy

    $50 Giveaway

    Hey man whats up Im 22 years old and i live in the netherlands i'm still in college and studying commercial economics. As most of us here i like to game in my free time along with watching some streams and anime I found this server thanks to vihtic's youtube channel, im a OG and joined the server as it came out. I think adding diaries which gives decent rewards after being completed for both new and experienced players would be ideal for the Pre-Scape. Fixing some droprates and dps buffs might improve the server a bit, such as buffing blood barrage and whip's dps. 307 ign trym,