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  1. Devyn

    Devyns POV.

    Hello Pre-Scapers, Today I was demoted due to streaming on another game, which happened to be another RSPS. Yeah, I play other games, as do many gamers who enjoy competition and the challenge of climbing Highscores. So Naturally, once the game has been decreasing in activity and updates, of course I was drawn back to other games I use to play with this content I desired. I love all of you and i'm not going anywhere. <3 See ya on the flip sideeeeee
  2. Devyn

    simple hunter guide.

    Looks nice, only thing better would be with pictures, thanks for the addition.
  3. Devyn

    Just a heads up

    I won't be on much this next coming week, I have a lot going on irl with my living situation that I need to figure out.... Sorry in advance to everyone. Life got really complicated for me out of nowhere, Sorry I can't go into much detail but yeah, just wanted to let everyone know.
  4. Devyn


    Would need to have some kind of a instance fee, otherwise it's just creating more kills per hour on the boss and it'll just lead to a mass influx of that monsters drop at no cost.
  5. Devyn


    No hard feelings, just wish you kept in contact with ya boi.
  6. Devyn

    Ironmen $Scrolls

    Support, I don't see a issue with using a scroll on your ironman.
  7. Devyn

    Forum/GFX Giveaway!

    Good luck everyone, quite generous prize pools! My Entree:
  8. Devyn

    Max Cape.

    Well, It's done, time to move onto the achievments for that comp cape.
  9. Devyn

    dandan's goals

    I wish you the best of luck on your goals my friend.
  10. Devyn

    Commander Zilyana Guide

    Nice guide, good format and as always the pictures are quite helpful to new players so always a great addition.
  11. Devyn

    First Maxed Iron Man

    Congrats on your achievement man, good luck on the competitionist cape! We all know you can do it.