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  1. Gemini

    February 2020

    I love you buddy and I fully support you on whatever you desire. I am glad to hear the pleasant news and appreciate the presence of you moving forward. I’m fully invested in Zamorak and appreciate everyones thoughts and opinions. We are looking up boys. Strap it because we are headed up. love y’all @Gemini
  2. Gemini

    Range Weapon Tier List

    Good tier list buddy I commend you with your hard work and effort that’s has went into these guides. Keep it up astro you are doing a hell of a job.
  3. Gemini

    Drop Logs

  4. Gemini

    Magic Weapons Tier List

    Great tier list buddy, I’m hoping this will help players in the future. Time to get to work on melee and range ;).
  5. Chillin’ ❤️

  6. How is everyone doing on this fine evening?
    Today is Sunday which marks the end of the week, and the start of a new week. 15 days since the release and let me tell you I appreciate you all and everything Pre-Scape has accomplished in these past 2 weeks. Way to go guys and it is only up from , here so tell ya friends, ya mother , and even ya mother’s mother , we are the best RSPS release of the summer. Thank you all. I love y’all.

  7. Gemini


    Great video buddy not as entertaining as the first but I still enjoyed it. Cannot wait for the content in the future I love you buddy. @Gemini
  8. Gemini

    Goyolo's opinnions and suggestions.

    Weird suggestion mate. @Goyolo I thought this was gonna go into a different direction.
  9. Gemini

    Introduction Kaspeer

    You seem like a solid dude , cannot wait to see what you have in store for the community, Congratulations on the promotion, and I’ll see you in game buddy. @Gemini
  10. Gemini

    Events Poll + Event

    Way to go , I love you both and what a great idea to take a poll hope everything goes smooth and I’m here to assist whenever is necessary, great work! @Gemini
  11. Gemini

    Server Updates 07/16/19

    Great job boss man , you’ve really impressed me with you being a trick of all trades. For the most part every bug brought to your attention that could be fixed in a timely manner was. So I applaud you. Pre-Scape has come so far, and I cannot wait to see where it will go. @Gemini
  12. Gemini

    Complete 1-99 Fishing Guide - Astro

    Way to go buddy very informative guide,, and it looks pleasantly aesthetic. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer in the future. But I am impressed my man great job.
  13. Gemini


    Hell of a video my man keep it up , it was hilarious, and informative at the same time. I appreciate the hard work put in I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself.
  14. Gemini

    Hi Fam

    Welcome buddy already seen you a lot in game glad to have you on the server. I really hope you are enjoying ya buddy.
  15. Gemini

    Hello Im Brid/Beast/Jay

    Welcome back bby ❤️