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  1. Vegeta

    Forum/GFX Giveaway!

    Size requirements?
  2. Vegeta

    VPN Voting Solution

    Before I vote I’d just like to clarify, the first option meaning the auth itself would expire in 10 minutes after being generated? Will accounts still have a 10 maximum per day?
  3. Vegeta

    Banks Server Support App

    But help cc is meant for new players, Supreme Pvm has nothing to do with helping people out, it's a cc for some people to hang out and pvm... I fully agree with permedd, however good luck with app.
  4. Vegeta

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    Like I said, and everyone seems to be skipping over it. Make mage cape work and those who want to tb and barrage solo without having a friend or clan behind them can sacrifice inventory spots to carry both spells with them. Easy fix
  5. Vegeta

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    I think it would be cool to get mage cape working if it isn’t already and have people’s inventories be punished for wanting to tb and barrage at the same time. So they’d have to spell book swap..