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  1. Thanks A, going to do my best to keep it updated as the dev team pushes out fixes/updates..
  2. Did you even bother to read the fucking 2nd sentence, holy fuck. "I hate the idea of having multiple threads everywhere so this was the best spot me and slayer could think of putting it." edit: I mean this might have been a harsh reply from myself.. but getting sick of the constant banter and dumb replies in this community.. Thanks for the support.
  3. 'oh he's good but ...' he had an extra 3 months over player b to grind to where he is. Last quote on the matter stuff like this will never be implemented anyways again it was for another member, that wanted me to mention it. Always good to see other opinions too
  4. This was actually a suggestion taken from a new player, I already have much more xp then I did in the beta, but it would show those new players who's accounts are months old, and who decided to start new or have joined new since the full release I guess?
  5. Below will be a list I am going to update as people throw new stuff at me, or as it's implemented/fixed.. I hate the idea of having multiple threads everywhere so this was the best spot me and slayer could think of putting it. Please move it if you feel it should go somewhere else but not to bug section (as community can't input anything). Below I have already made quite a list of things members on the server including myself would like to see changed, added, or fixed. Edit Log:: Aug 10th Patch notes, coloured things in green that have been fixed. Current Bugs/QOL changes:: [BUG]Drop rate really needs a full look into and test (making sure all proper bonuses are correctly adding up and working) [BUG]Prayer drains like nuts in wildy (only tested with curses) [FIXED][BUG]Serp helm doesn't prevent from venom, nor venom target - Aug 10th Patch [BUG]Decanter at home doesn't work for nearly any pots / maybe add decanting noted pots for donators [BUG]Losing potted stats when leveling up is not fixed at all [BUG]Blowpipe speed seems too slow [FIXED][BUG]Hand cannon doesn't seem to do proper damage, and very inaccurate could use a looking into - Aug 10th Patch [BUG]Sometimes in duel arena you can't see your oponent which really sucks if staking [BUG]Check into xp with making arrows, specifically adding the tips to the headless shafts xp is way off [BUG]When mining the star with over 20k dust in your inventory, you don't get dust just xp [BUG/QOL]http://puu.sh/B9ZRp/05ec2e5332.jpg [QOL]Move the dungoneering solo kills and deaths thing to the right side, cant see people pming or logging in [QOL]Putting secondaries into potions has too much of a delay [QOL]Any accounts stats that got carried over from previous "beta" should have their own category or symbol on highscores [FIXED][QOL]Being able to sell more then 300 at a time - Aug 10th Patch [QOL/IDEA]Some work on target system for wildy pking, currently when getting a target it shows your wilderness level and not theirs, Also maybe add BH target tabs in pk store? [QOL]All logs can make arrow shafts, the higher the tier of log the more shafts you get Current Suggestions/Additions to the server:: LEGEND:: ** - Looking for community input Imbued God Cape Inferno Cape Max cape + Avas Max cape + Imbued God Cape ^All above working for comp as well? Serp Helm/Blowpipe working properly (takes scales, uses darts, etc..) Be able to craft dart tips from bars, and maybe add dragon darts/tips to some drop tables Placeholders Make Jad/firecape an actual minigame not just 1 afk wave, not full cave either maybe 8-9 waves? Kraken(s) Clue scrolls (properly implemented balanced...) Rune pouch/Looting bag pkp store/bh point store (new addition) Add a command or line in quest tab to see how many votes you've claimed that day (good for people who buy auths etc) Add construction - self explanatory Donors make flasks when making pots? Add a feature for donators to put bulk herbs into vials to make unf pots Add feature to be able to make (4) pots into ovls and not just (3) Add a dummy at home to test max hits **Add small rewards for milestone achievements, and add more achievements - something for people to work towards after maxing **Make a shop inside warriors guild to straight up buy dragon defender, and maybe other things for tokens, for people who don't want to test their rng just want to farm tokens maybe? ideas (torso, d defender, fighter hat, penance gloves (pures barrows gloves with lower def bonuses then barrows) etc.. **Add a completionist store, ideas from community I currently have none **Something needs to be done to create an eco, im not an expert in this so I don't have much input, however in both beta and now this- cash is extremely hard to make which makes no one want to spend it to buy things, which creates like this impression that you just go grind for items you want instead of buying/selling etc.. Now if anyone wants to add anything, or has issues with stuff I have posted, please comment below or message me ingame. I will constantly add stuff as I figure it out, or get suggested to by people and add time stamps on new issues/items. Thanks, Y
  6. "Y"

    Announcement 08/02/18

    Ya well we went from 102 online on release to average 30-40.
  7. "Y"

    Announcement 08/02/18

    @Kade That's something about the previous release that bugged me as well, shit sat "fixed in next update" for like days or weeks sometimes until you were ready to release a big update with tons to write a thread about. Heres the thing with me for that, people come and find a bug or two that's ""major"" in their playing eyes, or not they decide to quit right then maybe, not always but let's say 2% which is very low. Why not just fix stuff and push it through, and keep like a live minor bug fixes thread, where you write days beside things as they are fixed, and make the big announcement type threads, for actual additions to the game and such.. Just my two cents.
  8. "Y"

    Dungeoneering bosses

    Its only a random chance, about 1 in every 10 dungeons that they don't fight back @Kade if that helps.
  9. "Y"

    VPN Voting Solution

    Before I vote I’d just like to clarify, the first option meaning the auth itself would expire in 10 minutes after being generated? Will accounts still have a 10 maximum per day?
  10. "Y"

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    Like I said, and everyone seems to be skipping over it. Make mage cape work and those who want to tb and barrage solo without having a friend or clan behind them can sacrifice inventory spots to carry both spells with them. Easy fix
  11. "Y"

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    Too hard to make friends to pk with? Lmao with that attitude I bet it is.
  12. "Y"

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    I think it would be cool to get mage cape working if it isn’t already and have people’s inventories be punished for wanting to tb and barrage at the same time. So they’d have to spell book swap..