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  1. Rob


    Welcome back to the community, hope you enjoy the server mate, see you in-game!
  2. Rob

    Hey :)

    Hey Coby, welcome back the the community! Hope you enjoy your stay Looking forward to meeting you in-game, happy holidays!
  3. Rob

    Hi guys

    Welcome to the server, hope you enjoy your stay here mate! Shoot me a pm if you ever need anything in-game
  4. Rob

    Club Returns to Zamorak

    Welcome back to Zamorak! Hope you enjoy your stay even more than before! Pm me in-game if you need anything mate
  5. Rob

    The Return of Shoey!

    Welcome back Shoey, looking forward to meeting you in-game. Shoot me a pm if you need anything in-game!
  6. Rob

    Zulrah Guide - Viaz

    Nice guide, quite simple and straight forward which is always good for getting people stuck into the boss ASAP. Below I've listed a few minor tips you can add to the guide if you'd like to add them in; -While Zulrah starts in it's green form, it only shoots out toxic clouds in it's green form and will not attack with ranged when the boss first re-spawns so you can start the kill with protect from melee. You should show a couple other inventory set ups that include stat boosting potions as they will significantly increase your speed killing zulrah. Add a note about the Zulrah pet, as many newer players won't know that pets boost your drop rate and mention how they can access their pets. I'd love to see more guides like this in the future, we don't have enough PvM guides. Keep up the great work!
  7. Rob

    Banned without even making an account?

    Maybe your username was taken. Have you tried creating an account under a different name?
  8. Rob

    22/10/19 Staff Updates

    Greetings, as we've re-branded to Zamorak we've gone ahead and made some changes to the staff team which can be found below. Slayer has been promoted to Manager. Gemini has been promoted to Administrator. MrChristmas has been promoted to Moderator. Astro has been promoted to Moderator. Suslord has been promoted to Server support. None. Brid/beast has been demoted from Server support due to inactivity. As we expand and look to move forward with other forms of advertisements we're going to need to bring more players into the team. If you feel you're a suitable candidate and have a keen interest in joining our staff team, please submit an application here. Best regards, The Zamorak Team
  9. Rob

    Finally made a signature!

    I'd very happily pay for one of these too if you'd be interested in making some money
  10. Rob

    Most High's Introduction

    welcome back to the community, I hope you enjoy our stay here again! Feel free to pm me if you ever need anything, looking forward to meeting you in-game.
  11. Rob

    Range Weapon Tier List

    Dragonbone crossbow also currently only uses dragonbone bolts which are dropped at a 1 in 50 rate in stacks of 100 so even getting ammo for this weapon is a major grind. In the items current state, I think the placement is more than fair until some necessary changes are made.
  12. Rob

    Staff Updates 08/15/19

    Congrats to everyone who was promoted. All well deserved. Keep up the good work guys!
  13. Rob

    Magic Weapons Tier List

    Great guide, I really like how you described how all the items perform in the came currently too. You nailed this guide, good job. Looking forward to seeing the next guides too, keep up the great work!