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  1. Rob

    Here to claim my previous donations..

    Send Kade or any admin+ a pm on discord and he will give you your rank
  2. Rob

    Re-Work Update Log #1 - 04/15/19

    At the price slayer suggested of 1m for void pieces, that's 4 Wiley bosses which is very easy to obtain in one Wildy boss run. I think 2m is a better price. Great updates overall!
  3. Rob

    Squirrel, Goals, and desires.

    These goals are going to take such a long time.. respect for dreaming big though and best of luck achieving your goals!
  4. Rob

    Slide Thru: Realism Grind

    Congrats on the latest achievements, keep up the great work!
  5. Rob

    Server Update 03/17/19

    Love these updates, keep up the great work as always! People so often just get tied up in the results that they forget there's a process behind the finished product. Don't let people's unquenchable thirst for more of the server get you down. You can't please everyone but you're not far off it with updates like this. What I need next in my life is an option to filter out content like this from my chatbox: I really really love that bonus resources gained from skilling are added to your bank - that update literally made my day. We all really appreciate your hard work and continuous dedication for this server ❤️
  6. Rob

    Ultimate Ironman mode

    Full support from me. I'd love to see how far people could go with a UIM account!
  7. Rob

    Capes rework

    Death capes have needed a nerf since before they were released. They're stupidly op and make it so the comp cape is completely pointless in obtaining unless you're the sort of person who likes going for comp. Few people are like that as things are now because comp is basically useless unless you like mixing and matching colours.. Having comp cape as best in slot (BIS) promotes grinding out the achievements which I only see as a positive personally. As for the inferno cape, I think having that capes stats tied with comp cape would be a nice benefit. I would like to see the trimmed comp cape have some slightly higher stats again but I'll get into that more in a minute. I 100% agree with adding more achievements to the comp cape. sure the grind is tedious but it's not insane unless you're on a realism account - the only thing that makes comp insane for realism is dungeoneering in my opinion. Trimmed comp is something I've always wanted to see in the game. I'd like to see it have BIS stats if it is added, slightly improved from comp cape (assuming comp cape will be changed to BIS) only if we make the requirements extremely challenging. The trimmed comp cape is supposed to represent absolute completion of the game. Therefore, it's only fitting that we make the requirements for it immensely difficult and time consuming. Below is my recommendation for some of the requirements - I've edited some of the ones you've listed above as I think some are too easy but I do like all of the ones you've put down: Achieve 40 Pets Complete all God Books (Add god pages/books to GWD bosses) Kill 10,000 Bosses Kill 50,000 NPC's Obtain the Infernal Cape/Kill Tzkal-Zuk Obtain a Christmas Cracker from the Crystal Key Chest Kill 50 Players in the Wilderness Create a Spirit Shield (Spectral/arcane/ely/divine) Create all Godswords (Armadyl,bandos,saradomin,zamorak) Open 100 Treasure Island Chests Use 5000 Zombie minigame points Purchase an item from Trivia & Vote & PkP stores Purchase an item from shooting star store Claim 100 Auth's (Incentive to vote u.u) Complete 100 Boss slayer tasks Have a total of 500 Hours played (if you're getting 40 pets, you'll have well over this time requirement) Win 50 ::FFA's Above are my edits to your list Andy. Below are some things I'd like to see added: Fill the well of goodness 50 times (any of the 3 wells) Purchase an item from pest control that costs 10,000 pest control points. There isn't such an item yet but we could add it. This would benefit new payers as it'll help them get a starter void set when they're beginning their journey at Pre-Scape. Open 10 golden scratch tickets Enchant 10,000 bolts Obtain a ring of wealth (i) from a birds nest [if this suggestion is implemented] Make 500 overload potions Craft 50 Amulets of fury Catch 250 dragon implings I'll add more to this list as I think of more suggestions. The list above may seem very daunting. It should be. The point of a trimmed completionist cape is to be the most challenging grind possible. I suggest we call the above tasks "Grandmaster Tasks". Bring on the grind.
  8. Rob

    Staff Updates - 03/01/2019

    Congrats on the promotion Creation, do us proud
  9. Rob

    Soulwar's suggestions

    As far as generating more gp into the game goes, I think we definitely need to look into some other methods for players to go about earning cash - not items. The reason most items don't sell is because not enough players have big cash piles to spend on such items. I 100% agree with your point about ::bank being op (personally I don't like that it's a donator benefit but that's the way it it.) I reckon if there was even a chance of you noting the items that increases as your donator rank goes up, that'd be a suitable solution because noting all the resources only get more op the higher your donator rank goes. Woodcutting is fast enough as it is right now, with all the benefits that can boost your experience, I don't see any need in adding magic trees in the wilderness resource area. Honestly I agree that realism master capes should have a lower experience requirement as currently they're too high and the majority of players hardly make it to max on a realism account, nevermind 500m. This would be a great incentive to motivate more players to grind skills past 99. With that said, if we're going to lower the realism master cape requirement, I think it would be fitting to increase the knight master cape requirement to 1b experience. The reason for this is because earning 1 billion experience on a knight account is the same as getting 20 million experience on a realism account. I don't think that's an insane requirement given that 500m experience on a knight account for a master cape is easier to obtain than level 99 on a realism account. Full support for adding a mining outfit however I'd like to see it align with the other skilling outfits. Currently the woodcutting, runecrafting and agility skilling sets all give an extra 50% experience boost. It would only be fitting that the mining outfit matches that should it be implemented.
  10. Rob

    Suggestion for skilling improvements

    Smithing : I would like to see this added to the server, currently smithing can be a real drag. It'd be great to see this as an alternative training method. Farming : Farming is by no means the worst skill in the game but the addition of trees would be a nice bonus. Hunter : If anything, kingly imps needs to have their respawn timer increased. They used to take 9 minutes to respawn but now they'll respawn in 1 minute tops. Their respawn time will not be lowered anymore. As for black chinchompas I think they'd be a great way to get players into the wilderness and could potentially be a good money maker in-game. Mining : As for the shooting star, I'd like to see it stay the way it is. If you can't mine the star at your current level, ask another player to start mining it for you or make a knight account to mine it. Getting level 90 mining on a knight will literally take you 45 minutes at the absolute most. I don't support ores giving multiple resources before depleting for mithril, adamant, rune etc. If you want to do some afk mining, go to the living rock caverns. Those rocks never deplete. I do agree that some skills can be a real pain in the ass for realism players, however I don't think that gives us grounds to make everything afk or as fast as woodcutting. Some skills are meant to be a grind, that's part of the deal when you choose a realism account. Best of luck maxing, it's a long road for sure but a rewarding one imo.
  11. Rob

    Miscellaneous Suggestions

    Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 have my support. Kade has cleared up why placeholders won't happen for the time being which is unfortunate but it is what it is. As for adding an increased drop rate for pets via master capes I am very against this addition because for the majority of players they will receive their pet before the cape as a knight as the drop chance for pets was decreased and most realism players will have the pet before level 99. I feel as though there should be some better benefits added to the capes that people can put to good use. This is something we're open to suggestions on.
  12. Rob

    Staff Updates - 02/25/2019

    Congrats to both Andyplays and Nivo. Best of luck with the position and welcome to the team!
  13. Rob

    Staff Updates - 02/21/2019

    Noooo Pls come back Blakey boo 💔
  14. Rob

    Tiny Change Big QOL Upgrade

    Given the latest change to overloads, I think this needs to be implemented. It's only been made more difficult to make overloads. I get they got a buff for donators but not everyone gets to benefit from that.
  15. Rob

    Extreme - Premium

    100000% support for this. If I'm trying to collect resources for skilling, the extra resources are great to have.. but the truth is I hardly ever go resource hunting and hate my inventory getting spam filled after cutting 8 logs. I really hope this one's implemented in the next update!