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  1. Rob

    Server Updates 07/16/19

    Awesome updates, I can't wait for raids!
  2. Rob

    Complete 1-99 Prayer Guide - Astro

    My expectations for prayer guides are always very low. I was very pleasantly surprised with this guide. I didn't know the ape toll altar had that function. That's really going to help me a lot with prayer since I'm a Realism player. The guide is very well laid out and explains everything very well. The only thing you're missing is the iron man exp rates. Multiply the realism rate by 5 and you have the ironman exp rates. I'm really looking forward to seeing more guides from you. Props to all involved!
  3. Rob

    we finally did it

    Congrats on being the first to Max a hcim, keep the grind up
  4. Rob

    Hello Im Brid/Beast/Jay

    Welcome to Pre-Scape! I hope you enjoy the server. Looking forward to seeing you ingame
  5. Rob

    Experience Rates

    The are 3 experience types available. Knight mode is the easiest by far and is 500x osrs exp rates. Ironman/hardcore Ironman is 50x osrs exp. Realism, the most challenging mode is 10x osrs exp rates. Considerably more challenging than all other modes but the reward for this grind is 15% boosted drop chance. So it's worth the time investment. Hope you enjoy the server when it goes live! Shoot me a pm if you have any other questions.
  6. Awesome events, I can't wait to start fresh. It's going to be a proper competitive launch! Hard to believe the amount of work this servers gone though, its been a long road but we're just getting started.
  7. Rob

    Slayer Guide

    Brilliant guide as usual, keep up the great work!
  8. Below is a list of everything in-game that boost your drop rate. Boosting your drop rate increases your chances of getting rare drops when killing bosses or other NPC's. All drop rate items, pets and ranks will stack together. In-game Ranks: Realism account - 15% Regular donator (When killing instance bosses) - 5% Super donator - 5% Extreme donator - 10% Legendary donator - 20% Ultimate donator - 20% Premium donator - 30% Items: Ring of wealth - 5% Ring of wealth (i) - 10% Dragon full helm (or) - 5% Dragon platebody (or) - 5% Dragon platelegs (or) - 5% Dragon plateskirt (or) - 5% Dragon square shield (or) - 5% Dragon defender (or) - 5% Dragon scimitar (or) - 5% 15% Drop rate box - 15% Pets: ALL boss pets increase your drop rate when killing that designated pets boss by 15% Bloodhound pet - 5%
  9. Rob

    Farming Guide

    Great guide Lance, keep up the great work! For the video section, I recommend you speed up the parts of the video when you're just typing out what to do to shorten it down a bit.
  10. Rob

    Runecrafting Guide

    To add to this point, it's best to buy the pouches first with this method. Once you've obtained all the pouches you don't need to drop the essence anymore. Fill the pouches and bring an inventory of food or any other items to take up space. Make sure you have only 1 inventory slot free so you can simply withdraw the essence from the pouch without having to drop it. In the note you added @Lancelot you said to only drop one essence but it should advise you drop the full inventory of essence and pick them up and craft them one at a time. The fastest way to drop the inventory is while holding the shift key on your keyboard so you don't need to right click every essence to drop them individually. Excellent guide. They really do keep getting better and better with every one you release. Keep up the great work mate!
  11. Rob

    Cooking Guide

    Nice guide, as mentioned before the images are very large on desktop. As for the missing items; Monkfish Realism : 1,500 exp Ironman : 7,500 exp Knight : 75,000 exp Manta Ray Realism : 2162 exp Ironman : 10,810 exp Knight : 108,100 exp Keep up the good work with the guides!
  12. Happy new year everyone, I hope it's a good one!

    1. Jake


      And to you x

  13. Rob

    Cerberus guide

    Very detailed guide. You covered all the mechanics of the boss very well. The only thing I think you could change is making the icons for the notable drops section a bit smaller as they take up a lot of room on the page when viewing the guide on PC and mobile. Possibly add 1-2 gear setups you could use for the boss? There are players who would benefit a lot from being able to see a low tier and top tier gear layout. Keep these guides coming, this will help a lot of players out!
  14. Rob

    Crafting guide

    Nice guide, I really like that you've noted down exactly how many of each gem you need to get up to level 99 crafting for the Realism and Knight game modes. As for the ironman game mode, I think you should add a segment about the crafting thieving stall found in Ardougne as that's the easiest way - in my opinion - to get the gems to train crafting on an ironman account. Looking forward to seeing more guides in the future from you.
  15. Rob

    Woodcutting and Firemaking Guide

    Great guide, looking forward to seeing what guides you come out with next! The only things you missed are that the super donator zone gives an experience boost and how the beaver pet also gives a 50% experience boost. Keep up the great work.