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    Staff Feedback

    Owner Kade Manager Jake Forum Administrator Hades Administrator Operative Yor Global Moderator Rob Forum Moderator Tremor Server Moderator dzuma From the very start of the game you were the first person i talked to as a Server Support and basically taught me everything about this server. Always quick to explain anything i asked aswell as share ::threads-(XXXX)/ Very knowledgable within the game as well as forum links and guides. always a blast in Discord with you D and Jarred. A feature i look forward to every day i play. Best commuinity of staff ive had the chance to know im D Pretty well same as above, you are always helping and preforming your duties as a Mod. always helpful when i find bugs and reporting them. A huge benefit link between the players and the higher staff team members. A well rounded commuinity player. Server Support Lancelot Really wish i knew you more, or seen you on more. As of now i havent really had a chance to get to know you or experience you as a Server Support. Look forward to hopefully seeing you more in game and helping the commuinity. Gemini Great guy, When ever youre on and i have a question very fast to answer and always very descriptive in your answers. Look forward to getting to know you more. Jarred From the time i started the server Jarred has been incredibly helpful as well as an all around person both in game and discord. Always willing to help new and existing players with anything. A true role model of what it means to be a Server Support. Continue the great work and look forward to continuing my time playing and knowing you.
  2. Hello and thanks for following me on this journey to be the first HCIM on Pre-Scape to achieve the ultimate goal of fully completing everything on an account! Below is the list of goals/achievements i will be working on over the next coming months on my road to comping! ~~Skilling/Combats~~ Attack: 74/99 1,156,755xp Strength: 85/99 3,287,760xp Defence: 70/99 754,865xp Range: 1/99 0xp Prayer: 72/99 936,000xp Magic: 66/99 500,000xp Runcrafting: 79/99 1,917,838xp Constitution: 74/99 1,917,174xp Agility: 66/99 520,125xp Herblore: 66/99 500,00xp Thieving: 99/99 35,619,270xp Crafting: 66/99 500,000xp Fletching: 41/99 43,290xp Slayer: 77/99 1,500,000xp Hunter: 66/99 504,875xp Mining: 95/99 8,792,378xp Smithing: 66/99 540,936xp Fishing: 89/99 5,127,082xp Cooking: 70/99 740,350xp Firemaking: 84/99 3,172,888xp Woodcutting :99/99 1,000,000,000xp Farming: 1/99 0xp Dungeoneering: 1/99 0xp Total Level: 1509 Total Exp: 1,067,346,905 ~~Achievements Completed~~ 23/99 EASY Home Sweet Home Gravedigger Deadliest Catch Beginner Cook Taste of the Sea Beginner Miner Beginner Smelter Beginner Blacksmith Beginner Lumberjack Beginner Arsonist Potion Brewer Young Padawan Robin Hood Beginner Runecrafter Explorer Crab Lover Undead Killer Fur Collector Socialising Making Friends Slaying Time Spell Master Priest Melee Kill Ranged Kill Magic Kill Beginner Warrior Beginner Archer Beginner Mage Special Damage Falling in Love MEDIUM Dragon Burial Supreme Power Intermediate Lumberjack Intermediate Arsonist Intermediate Fisherman Intermediate Cook Intermediate Miner Intermediate Smetler Intermediate Explorer Intermediate Hunter Intermediate Slayer Intermediate Crafter Intermediate Blacksmith Intermediate Thief Intermediate Padawan Climber Runes of Nature Frost Dragon Burial Gold Rush Intermediate Warrior Intermediate Archer Intermediate Mage Dragon Slayer End of the Chaos Demon Hunter The Powerful Cook Player Killer Beginner Alchemist HARD Master Gravedigger Master Lumberjack Master Arsonist Master Fisherman Master Cook Master Miner Master Crafter Enchanter Master Alchemist Master Thief Master Smelter Power Overload Contract Killer Master Warrior Master Archer Master Mage The Cape of Fire Avatar of Failure Graardor Slayer Kree'arra Slayer Zilyana Slayer K'ril Slayer The end of the Beast God of Gods Master Player Killer ELITE Blood Crafter Grandmaster Lumberjack Grandmaster Arsonist Grandmaster Fisherman Grandmaster Cook Grandmaster Miner Grandmaster Smelter Grandmaster Explorer Grandmaster Hunter Grandmaster Fletcher The Grand Jewel Max Experience Hit 700 with a Special Attack Master Slayer Feared by All PETS Corporeal Beast Ganodermic Beast General Graardor Kree'arra Commander Zilyana K'ril Tsutsaroth Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme King Black Dragon Nex Kalphite Queen Phoenix Bandos Avatar Glacor Bork Tormented Demons Tzrek-Jad Scorpia Venenatis Vet'ion Cerberus TzKal-Zuk Zulrah Beaver Baby Chinchompa Giant Squirrel Heron Rift Guardian Rock Golem Rocky Tangleroot Bloodhound
  3. As Rec Pep

    Skiller Suggestions

    So far in the game ive noticed 3 different skiller uniforms, being woodcutting (lumberjack), Agility set and Runecrafting. It would be a great suggestion to add further ones such as rogues outfit obtainable from theiving stalls, Pyromancer from burning logs maybe with a higher chance to obtain while burning individual logs vs adding logs to a single fire. Anglers outfit obtainable from fishing. Prospector can be obtained from mining with a decreased chance while afk mining the crashed star. Smithing could have a small chance to spawn a golden hammer in inventory per item smithed when used would grant bonus experience. Farming have a chance to unearth magic sect's while harvesting crops. Crafting a chance to to spawn golden apron which can grant bonus exp while crafting. Also in regarded to Ironmen/HcIronmen maybe granting a shop in which a player needs to accomplish 100-200-500-1b exp in each skill which will allow them to purchase a Ironman supply chest with greater supply rewards than caskets and ruined backpacks. Not to say those are not already fantastic idea especially for those game modes but it helps give incentive to further train skills in which some people get 99 and stop. I hope you consider my suggestions and hope you all have a great day.
  4. As Rec Pep

    Christmas Special 2018 [GIVEAWAY] + More

    Hello Merry Christmas IGN: Dawnbringer
  5. As Rec Pep

    $50 Giveaway

    Whats up Leigh! Names Jacob, im 25 I work as a Safety Office and Reliner. I Reline SAG, AG, and Balls mills at different mines around the world. I found the server from a Youtuber named FPK Merk Id love to see a new minigame implemented A great way to improve the server would be adding more commuinity based Bosses/Raids Number i chose will be hmmmm lets see, 1 sec let me ask the fiance haha she knows best. "500 came to mind as soon as you said that" Well 500 it is haha Anyways here i am and good luck and Merry Christmas to all!
  6. As Rec Pep

    Server Update 12/20/18

    any idea on how long server will be down for? working on them HC grinds lol
  7. As Rec Pep

    Server Update 12/20/18

    Dope looking forward to it!