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  1. Dan

    Server Update - 02/24/19

    Great update, thanks again for your continuous efforts Kade
  2. Dan

    Donator Shop

  3. Dan

    Maybe not so appealing to some...

    +1 for this, seen alot of people complaining about the eco recently, it's already in a state and anything to reduce it from getting worse is a support from me
  4. Dan

    Sins Day Off 1

    Thank you for your kind comment. We'll leave it there now thank you
  5. Dan

    Sins Day Off 1

    Everyone knows my comments made about the wilderness are 100% a joke. I never have and never will take pking seriously. Like i said, welcome to the server and gz on smiting an ely
  6. Dan

    Staff Updates - 02/11/2019

    Very well deserved promotions imo. congrats Lancelot and welcome to the team Dmob
  7. Dan

    Sins Day Off 1

    tl;dr you got an ely from 2 pkers who don't take it seriously. good job and welcome to the server
  8. Dan

    Server Update 02/10/19

    Thanks for the update Kade. we love u
  9. Dan

    Sweet Karma Cutie

    You're welcome.
  10. Dan

    Server Update 02/03/19

    Amazing Update as always @Kade. Nice to see some new Wildy content! And as a pet hunter I love those new aditions. Good luck to everyone grinding the gear and I hope to see you in the wild
  11. Dan

    HC Cutie | Post Max Goals

    Finally hit 1b total xp! 93/99 achievements completed, getting very close now.
  12. Dan

    Suggestions Galore

    Mass Suggestions List Brimstone Ring (i) - Normal Brimstone Ring stats with Row + Recoil effect added Infernal Axe + Infernal Pickaxe (As smouldering stone currently has no use) ::toggleextra - Option to toggle Extra ores/logs/fish etc to make comping a little easier for higher donators Bounty Hunter pet to increase wilderness activity (Only a chance when killing your target): Timed Wilderness boss event (Something like a Wildy Wyrm) to increase wilderness activity Add Drygores to ::ffa as Ultra-Rare reward (1/2000) Drop-rate Boss for Ultimate+ that drops the following: Dragon (or) Pieces: 1/50 Ring of Wealth: 1/50 Ring of Wealth (i): 1/500 15% Drop Rate Box: 1/1500 Also possibly a chance for Bloodhound pet 1/2500? Change the PKP Weapons shop as the items are too expensive (750 for zbow etc) Add 'Change Spellbook' Option to Max Cape like the Magic Cape (t) perk in 07. - I will be adding more soon
  13. Dan

    Staff Updates - 02/02/2019

    Happy to be part of the team Thank you to @im D and @As Rec Pep for your previous contributions.
  14. Dan

    QOL Suggestions

    +1 to all of these, also would be nice to see Smoldering Stone given a use, such as Infernal Axe/Pickaxe
  15. Dan

    Fix Ironman mode!

    Not going to +1 this. I maxed herb with ease, just camp bandits for a bit and you'll be good. Although I do think that creating Overloads is a bit of a task as limpwurt roots aren't obtainable in bulk unless you do farming.