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  1. Fanz

    Server Update 01/16/19

    Thanks man, sound like some good updates, good to hear from you!
  2. Fanz


    Would also like to suggest when it announced that a FFA has started to say which type as people ofcourse have preferences but you only find out is if someone tells you which FFA it is as it only says when you join. Would it be possible to be able to join it with gear on and just put a bank on the island or something like that as there’s times where I have wanted to join but been doing something and seems a lot of hassle to firstly go ::home then bank all inventory and items equipped then go to ::FFA. Hopefully some of these suggestions get listened to. thanks ☺️
  3. Fanz

    Hello Pre-Scape

    Hi I’m fanzxx probably the most recent player but glad I have something in common as I like making new friends too! So hi, hopefully see you in game at some point and can have a chat 😃
  4. Fanz


    Thanks guys, would be good to get some people behind this already unique feature and get a video from it I think people would really enjoy it.
  5. Fanz


    Riot wars 🤔 I’m already intrigued! Thanks for the support hopefully we can get the ideas put forward ☺️
  6. Fanz


    Hi thanks for introducing yourself! I like how the girlfriend is a hobby haha! I can appreciate that myself lol. cool job we do a lot with gps at my work too with autonomous tractors. It’s weird to think how far away we are from eachother! But hope to see you in game cheers!
  7. Fanz


    So not been here that long but thought I’d put this idea forward it can only go one way or the other I suppose. oke of the things I find really enjoyable on this server is the FFA mini game which actually if I’m honest is the whole reason I came to this server in the first place. I saw an advertisement on Facebook with this server name and I went straight to YouTube to see what videos I could find and I saw one I think by vihtic or something along the lines of that name and to be totally honest I can’t remember the video at all apart from when he entered the FFA mini game which really got my attention and this is the thing. It may not appeal to everyone but I think if we can expand this unique idea we could advertise it more and I’m sure there will be more people like me who enjoy that. so a few ideas I want to just put forward are; a FFA leaderboard - make it more challenging to see who’s best! FFA events - because events are something to look forward to a team version of FFA - the more the merrier! - I personally love things like castle wars on osrs probably because I’m no good a pking or just prefer to do things as a team if we had something where you had one team v another team with the modes there are now and even add an extra one where you can pick so you could have 2 mages and 2 Charolais lets say so you could work together. and potentially something like a token each time you play FFA because sometimes it does get a bit lonely in there and not many people go to it, potentially they may not enjoy it, however, if you earned a ticket each time you played and when you win you get maybe 5 which you could then use in a ‘FFA Store’ which has good items in more people may participate. I know this focus’s on one mini game but I feel it has the potential to be much more and I think a video of all the chaos going on will bring more people who enjoy that kind of stuff to the server along with all the other amazing stuff to offer as this is only a small part of it. Thanks for reading!
  8. Fanz


    Absolutely not, just a new person trying to get to know people. The real people behind all those pixels, the questions are just to break the ice 😃
  9. Fanz


    Hi tremor thank you! fair enough, ooh a world away! And a big time difference! See I probably won’t see you in game that much which is why forums is a good idea to get to know people 😃, thank you for posting!
  10. Fanz


    Thank you! I’ve only been on one day this week so no we haven’t met in game yet. But look forward to doing so and will keep an eye out for your name. ah vacation sounds like a good thing currently! Haha. it’s good to see people my sort of age and interesting to know more about people! thank you for taking time to answer my questions! I’ll do the same. im 22 I live in United Kingdom, England. I work as an agricultural engineer and my hobbies are basically cars haha, I have an off-roader and my project cars I’m a big petrol head. when I was younger I used to play lots of private servers and runescape a lot but due to my job I don’t get much time I also work away a lot so it’s difficult as I don’t always have access to a laptop or computer. But I can be active on forums so lots of stuff like this and getting to know people hopefully! thank you 😃
  11. Fanz


    So slightly different to my first post. I want to get to know everyone, we all know we like runescape/private servers we have that in common or else we wouldn’t be here. But what else does everyone do? Like what jobs do people have? Also what hobbies do people have? anyone from the uk too? i like to meet new people and I feel I’m one of the newest members one that’s going to be around a while too! So let’s get to know eachother a little better. Thanks 😃
  12. Fanz


    Didn’t know there was a treasure island mini game rob so will definitely check that one out when I can! lota of things to learn but as said this server seems to have a really nice and helpful community so I’m sure you will all teach me. Hopefully I meet some good friends at the end of the day were all here for the same reason. Can’t wait to get to know everyone more. thanks for taking the time to read this too, it’s all much appreciated 😃
  13. Fanz


    Yeah lots of questions being asked currently by me so sorry if that does annoy anyone but that’s one thing I like also is the help clan chat you can talk in and everyone is helpful. cant wait to build a decent account up and get more involved. Thanks everyone.
  14. Fanz


    Hi all so I’m jack 22 from United Kingdom aka “fanz” in game/discord. So I joined the server yesterday and got into it, starting with iron man and I couldn’t get on with the whole no trading thing so made another account settled down in realism eventually on “fanzxx” nothing exciting so far just been doing thieving as suggested to get some money behind my account but I can say Just from standing there clicking away I’ve met some nice people already I haven’t even seen the server fully yet to what I eventually want to do things such as pvm and pvp, with that said i have been joining some ffa now and then and that is something that really entertains me a very good mini game going on there also the trivia keeps the brain ticking whilst I’m sat clicking haha. but yeah hopefully I can make some money, get some skills going and Just team with some people and just have fun. really like the idea of the discord hopefully can get talking a bit more to people and finding some friends. cheers all!