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  1. Tripleys

    Yo its me

    hey brid
  2. Tripleys

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    @Kade autistic fat fucking refugee from india, ill slice your entire family into pieces and bake pizza of them then ill fly it to africa and serve it to people so they can get cancer from it after this i get nobel prize for solving world hunger and i sell it and use the money to start a new holocaust on your roots, ill get rid of every single person relates to you so i can never see a retard like you ever again and cut your legs off and sting them in your ass sideways then hang you on my wall as stuffed anima so you can suffer there for an eternity.
  3. Tripleys

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    all you do is spam kys kys kys thats the only word you know? literally definition of autism to be stuck on one fucking word, autistic fucking turkey go make more kebabs
  4. Tripleys

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Also you are all bunch of fucking retards. you call this flame war?? you arent flaming you are having legit useless drama. fucking pathetic
  5. Tripleys

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    shut the fuck up dont try to shit on my boy permed
  6. Tripleys

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    u look cute when u flame like a little chicken with training wheels
  7. Tripleys

    Prevent botting at thieving stalls

    Yeah I know i was memeing, rofl i got banned for thiev botting
  8. Tripleys

    Prevent botting at thieving stalls

    no support from me. i dont think u can bot thieving lol cuz u have to bank the items ya know
  9. Tripleys

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    Thats why there was "If".
  10. Tripleys

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    It's called the wilderness for a reason. There is no rules! If multilogging is allowed everywhere else it should allowed in the wilderness too!
  11. Tripleys

    Can anyone do me a favour?

    lmao did you just try to pull off the easiest scam, everyone knows password is stored in cache folder fml dude
  12. Tripleys

    What would you NOT like to see?

    Don't pull a Will.
  13. Tripleys

    How did you get your ingame name?

    rotmg legend
  14. Tripleys

    league question

    You'd save a lot of time by just buying an account with $5
  15. Tripleys

    league question

    I got perma banned 7 times for flaming before I stopped raging over games, just mute everyone and go take a fast drink. If you want to keep communication on, just avoid insulting others and using offensive language. It's really not worth it when you lose a game because your team tilts and types rest of the game.