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  1. Roan

    Server Update 03/31/19

    Guess I really need to work on getting up to 500$ donor. Thanks for the new boss Kade.
  2. Ldi: All 4 gwd1 bosses without minions + dks Udi: Drop down the osrs wildy bosses from pdi to udi + add callisto. Pdi: Barrage-able treasure island bosses to bring some 3rd age into the game or a soloable skotizo. Might edit this tomorrow, but wanted to throw this out there before I get off for the night.
  3. Roan

    Capes rework

    Support these Cape Suggestions. Not sure I'd ever go for Trim because I think white particles look better than gold, but it'd be a cool options and something I might go for just because.
  4. Roan

    Roan's Suggestions V2

    Inferno Cape gamble for Zuk Pet. I swear that I saw somewhere that the pet isn't that rare from completing Inferno, but Dslayer was telling me last night that it is infact 1 in 1k like the other pets. If so we really need a cape gamble. If there's no gamble and it really is 1 in 1k then I'm never going to get the pet, because Inferno makes me want to neck it more than training Agility. Make the imbue scroll from pkp store (300 points) work for making the Ring of Wealth imbued. I assume that it currently only works for the DKs rings, and that makes it worthless. People are constantly trying to buy Row (i)s but nobody ever sells. In my opinion, 300 pkp is comparable to 1k trivia or 1,250 slayer points, so I don't think that it would devalue the rings currently in game. Remove battle of gods ffa. There is literally 0 ko potential. It's legit just who can time their eating better. Nobody has ever told me they like this ffa. It's also the only ffa I refuse to do, and I probably do ffa more than most anyone else. Speaking of ffa. We need an FFA Pet. I prefer a mini version of the typical ROT character model. It wouldn't be one of my threads if I didn't suggest this. Some sort of boss title for Pet + 1k kc. You could just rip RS3 collection logs for these titles or come up with your own, even if they were basic as hell. Like General for General Graardor or Commander for Commander Zilyana. Or for ripping off RS3 titles like Queenslayer for KQ or The Last Rider for KBD. We need better Daily Challenges. Fishing Sardines or Fletching Oak Longbow (u)'s is a retarded Daily Challenge for a maxed player. Either scale it to levels, make it all higher leveled tasks (considering this is a private server and you reach higher tiered resources quickly), or give a choice to make your daily challenges x amount of boss kills instead of having skilling challenges. Mage Arena 2 Capes. Just throw the bosses that you kill for the hearts in OSRS into the wilderness and give them like a 1/50 chance to drop the untradable MA2 Capes. Give them Pet drops as well and make the Halos from vote store effect these drops. Hell, maybe make them drop the halos at like 1/250. Something to make Treasure Island more popular. There is almost no 3rd Age in the game besides wands and bows from the Crystal Key chest. I'd love to see some 3rd Age armour being worn, but nobody does this minigame at the moment. Therefore, something should be done to make it more popular. The 4 Treasure Island bosses are from Dungeoneering on RS2, so maybe combine it with Dungeoneering in some way. I have a few ideas for this. Have the Treasure Island bosses drop Dungeoneering tokens. This would allow players to gain either items or experience (Dungeoneering lamps) via the tokens while bringing in more clue items from Treasure Island. Mix the 2 together into some sort of wave based dungeon. Send out bosses from RS2 Dungeoneering in waves. Either bring in game food/gear or bring Dungeoneering binds + make the bosses drop supplies. Depending on how many waves you get through before dying you will receive Dungeoneering experience, tokens, and rolls on the Treasure Island chests drop table. The simplest way to make Treasure Island more popular would probably be to add pets to the Dungeoneering bosses there. Har'lak the Riftsplitter would be a great looking pet.
  5. Roan

    Forums Event

    My favourite thing about Pre-Scape is: FFA and Pet Hunting Something I'd like to see improved or added is: RoT Pet from FFA. Pic Included. My number is: 427
  6. Roan

    OMFG I Got The FFA Pet!

    Look at my Bullerik Pet following me.
  7. Roan

    Roan's Suggestions

    Add either the rooftop agility courses from osrs or the gnome/barbarian advanced courses from rs2. God Halos (the castle wars reward) to either the vote or trivia shop (or both) for fashionscape. Ability to use tree seeds from birds nests for farming, afaik you can only farm herb/allotment/flower seeds currently. Or let us gamble tree seeds to a farming npc for a 1/10k chance of Tangleroot to at least speed up farming a little bit. Make Skotizo only require 3 people to start the kill. It's annoying that we have to pause the kill until whoever dies gets back to the boss in a trio. Either that or make a ::skotizo command to teleport back there so that you don't have to go through 6 pages of options when you die. Skotizo and Glod Pets. Bloodhound Pet as a reward from Treasure Island instead of just from scratchers. Torture/Anguish Ornament Kits and Ale of the Gods as a reward from Treasure Island. Count either kills or wins from FFA towards the Completionst Cape player kills requirement and up the overall amount of kills/wins required. At least until the wilderness is more active, currently we get 0-3 players in the wilderness at any given time. This would also allow HC Ironmen to get the achievement easier. Possibly consider a chat option to buy noted logs/bars in bulk from the super donator store. Like 500 or 1k at a time for 3-5x the price. Keep the unnoted logs/bars inside of the shop for the current price so that the resale value isn't jacked up. Maybe do this with the gem shop at the crafting guild as well. Edit: I typed boss instead of pause when talking about Skotizo.
  8. Roan

    Suggestions Galore

    I support the pvp pet as long as it's a rot pet. FFA is like 4 times an hour (not even, but close enough to it). 96 times a day, and not all of them have enough people to start. If every single ffa started, it'd be about 3 weeks per drygore at 1/2000. More likely, it'd be 1 per month if that. That's not even counting the other half dozen cosmetics that are already on the 1/2000 table that you'd be just as likely to get. So more like 1 Drygore per 2+ months. I support the rest of the suggestions besides the drop rate item boss. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing another way besides scratchers to obtain the Bloodhound pet. Maybe from treasure island?
  9. According to Dzuma this is the first non-donated for Drygore Weapon, therefore it's an achievement and belongs here. Team consisting of Dmob, Dzuma, Hsmitty, and Roan. Hsmitty bought us out of our splits on the Longsword. We got another one a little bit after, lmfao.
  10. Roan

    Staff Updates - 02/02/2019

    Congratulations Cutie. Well deserved.
  11. Roan


    Yes, please. I'd love to see my name on top of the scoreboard.