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  1. Kowzy


    maybe its because im UK time zone but whenever im on the only people in the wildy if there are any at all are PVMers.
  2. Kowzy


    easy to get kills? so ive been "trying" to pk for like 3 days. 99% of kids use zbow which as we know is hideous to pk against. heres the problem with the player killer achievement, there are 0 pks. most people do wildy pvm and i have to kill a guy for what loot? i get 0 reward and he has to spend 5m buying back his shit? most players get salty af when they die anyway. something needs to be done, what though? im really unsure.
  3. Kowzy

    Events Poll + Event

    id really like to see some boss masses. staff and players killing all the bosses together. maybe this gives new players the chance to see wildy bosses for the first time without fear of being attacked. also its a good time to show boss mechanics to neweer players. a skiller based comp is a little harder. maybe a hide and seek but bring items you have to make? eg 5 coal and 3 iron ore? or a potion that you need to make? as for pvp kade put on the DH fight in multi the other day and i thought that was pretty amazing. pvp events where players dont have to use their own items would draw in a bigger crowd imo.
  4. Kowzy

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Once again Lance, you've outdone yourself! An amazing guide with great detail. Wish this was around when i was comping thats for sure! Keep up the great work bud, great asset to Prescape
  5. Kowzy

    RFD Guide (Barrows Gloves)

    This is a short guide on how to Complete the Recipe for Disaster mini-quest which allows you obtain Barrows gloves. You also need to complete this if you want to obtain the Completionist Cape. The mini-quest itself isn't hard so follow these steps and you'll have those gloves in no time! This is the hut at the ::Home teleport on the West side. Head over there. Once here you'll want to speak to this NPC - Gypsy The Dialog here is very short, after this get ready to gear up! This is the gear and inventory setup I used but you can upgrade and downgrade items as you wish. The mini-quest is safe so if you die you won't lose your items. Feel free to experiment with different set ups until you find one that works for you. PLEASE NOTE! NO PRAYER IS ALLOWED! Once geared head back to the Gypsy. Step into The Portal and get ready for battle! In total you will have to defeat 6 NPC'S in order to obtain the Barrows gloves! They are as follows. in order! Once you have defeated all 6 NPC'S you'll receive this message in game. CONGRATULATIONS! You can now buy and use Barrows gloves. Just Click on the Chest in the hut to buy the gloves! Hope this helps! Good luck!
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      ugh. hows that even a thing.