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  1. Kowzy

    Re-Work Update Log #1 - 04/15/19

    really looking forward to getting stuck into these updates! amazing work once again by everyone involved! keep it up, much love.
  2. Kowzy

    Store history

    Spport this
  3. Kowzy

    Lancelot's Completionist Guide

    Once again Lance, you've outdone yourself! An amazing guide with great detail. Wish this was around when i was comping thats for sure! Keep up the great work bud, great asset to Prescape
  4. Kowzy

    Server Update 03/18/19

    amazing update. keep doing what your doing man! great work!
  5. Kowzy

    RFD Guide (Barrows Gloves)

    This is a short guide on how to Complete the Recipe for Disaster mini-quest which allows you obtain Barrows gloves. You also need to complete this if you want to obtain the Completionist Cape. The mini-quest itself isn't hard so follow these steps and you'll have those gloves in no time! This is the hut at the ::Home teleport on the West side. Head over there. Once here you'll want to speak to this NPC - Gypsy The Dialog here is very short, after this get ready to gear up! This is the gear and inventory setup I used but you can upgrade and downgrade items as you wish. The mini-quest is safe so if you die you won't lose your items. Feel free to experiment with different set ups until you find one that works for you. PLEASE NOTE! NO PRAYER IS ALLOWED! Once geared head back to the Gypsy. Step into The Portal and get ready for battle! In total you will have to defeat 6 NPC'S in order to obtain the Barrows gloves! They are as follows. in order! Once you have defeated all 6 NPC'S you'll receive this message in game. CONGRATULATIONS! You can now buy and use Barrows gloves. Just Click on the Chest in the hut to buy the gloves! Hope this helps! Good luck!
  6. Kowzy

    Staff Updates - 03/16/2019

    id like to say a massive personal well done to lance. hope to see you continue to do great things. andy to ive also thanked in game look forward to seeing you do well as mod Sorry to those who are leaving also a sad time. Prescapes doors are always open Much love
  7. Kowzy

    Two Ideas

    just two ideas real quick. Number 1 - Yell what FFA it is in chat, people dont want to tele in then out if its one they dont like! Number 2 - Add torag to the mage bank? i dont understand why he isnt there?
  8. Kowzy

    1000 Crystal Key Opening

    ok so the 1k keys have been finished and i have the 100 keys for the winner.. WELL DONE TO CREATION! Who was clostest with 65!
  9. Kowzy

    1000 Crystal Key Opening

    Bank after 500!
  10. Kowzy

    1000 Crystal Key Opening

    350 KEYS IN!
  11. Kowzy

    1000 Crystal Key Opening

  12. Well here it is, the 1000 crystal key opening. first off i would like to just say this has been one hell of a grind, thanks to those who made it fun along the way! now lets get down to business! im going to be opening 1000 crystal keys on a brand new account, and posting pictures here to update everyone on loots. i will however be transferring off the crystal keys i get back to another account. i will be expecting at least one rare drop, be it a cracker or nuts! Well without further ado lets get into it!
  13. Kowzy

    Slide Thru: Realism Grind

    Best of luck bud, keep up the good work!
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      ugh. hows that even a thing.