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    Wrath Of THC Staff Application

    absolutely brotha! i was playing few months ago on and off before my assignment got switched, but now its all gooood
  2. Wrath Of THC

    Wrath Of THC Staff Application

    I said i can, i just recently started playing again. my position at work changed so now i have the available time.
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    Wrath Of THC Staff Application

    Username(s): Wrath Of THC, Devy, Dev, Deathlysoul Timezone (GMT): Eastern Time USA Language(s): English (but i can speak any with google translate ;) ) Do you have any staff experience? Yes i do. I have been staff on numerous servers. Server name(s): Lonelysouls (ss, mod then admin) bloodscape (mod) nightmarescape (admin) Your role and responsibilities: as a mod i just overseen the community and helped kept it friendly. as a admin i helped deal with donations and custom community events. Reason why you no longer work there: I ended up getting a job after highschool in 2014 then just got too busy. my job now allows me to have time to myself to use for whatever. i play a lot throughout the evenings and nights. Why would you like to join the staff team?: i would love to join the staff team because i have played this server since the beta release back in 2014-2015. i have donated to this server as well, and i dont donate to any servers unless i am loyal and wish to see it grow big and steady. What qualities could you offer to the staff team?: i could offer great team leadership, organization, fun, and activites. I took purdue extension classes at my day job so i know how to handle all sorts of personalities. im not the type to jump the gun, i like to investigate into the depths of any situation. How many hours can you put into Pre-Scape weekly?: i can put around 20 hours weekly. Have you ever been sanctioned before? If yes, explain: no i have not. Do you have Skype?: i do not, but i can make one. Time Played (screenshot): my only account "wrath of thc" doesnt have over 100 hours played, but i have been playing this server since beta and have players that can vouch.